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14 Dec

a glimpse into Mueller’s investigation? Well okay, but it is ugly in there. Really ugly.

Be aware that this is what Mueller’s investigation really looks like. It’s what it is. You may think that this will all somehow shake out correctly in the end, but that is a very naïve and Pollyanna-ish position.

I understand and even agree that there are some significant political repercussions for firing Mueller that may not be worth enduring, but it is still richly deserved. From a purely moral perspective, this guy is a total dirtbag and ought to be fired immediately. But we all know that the world is not always fair or moral…



20 Nov

hypocrisy much?

She is a disgusting old harridan. No wonder she lost. Before the election someone said that she is every man’s ex wife. Yeah, pretty much.

During the campaign  she lambasted Trump for not not saying he would unquestionably accept the outcome of the election. Now she is (wait for it!)… not accepting the outcome of the election.

What a nasty old harpy! What a bleedin’ hypocrite! She is a piece of work. Again, no wonder she lost! (and for that we should all be grateful)

So, why does Bill stay with her? It certainly is not her good looks or her charming personality or the dulcet tones of her voice. My guess is that THIS is the reason: Bill Clinton is a notorious moral midget, and Hillary knows where the bodies are hidden (both literally and figuratively). His is a net gain in staying with her–she certainly doesn’t care that he has sexual relations with other women. And he always does what is a net gain for him–that is his north star and the only guiding principle he has ever had.

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