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05 Dec

just keeps happening! Well, among Leftists, anyway.

Here’s the issue: As a relatively normal man, it’s really hard for me to see why masturbating in front of an willing victim would be at all arousing. I just don’t understand.

Oh, and have you noticed that these pervs are all Democrats? That is no accident. Remember, force is a foundational aspect of Leftism. This is, to a large extent, about power and force, as well as sexual gratification. So no wonder Leftists are particularly prone to such behavior.

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27 Nov

a list of men accused of sexual abuse in the pervnado of 2017.

But notice that not a single one is Conservative. THAT is no accident. Far from it. The Left at least tacitly condones sexual abuse. It is an abuse of power, and Leftism is based on the exertion of power and the concomitant destruction of moral agency. That’s what Leftism is. From NAZIs to Pol Pot to Stalin to Hillary Clinton, ALL Leftism has been about force and an abrogation of moral agency.

So it is certainly not at all a shock to see Leftists act in this way. This is totally in accord with the foundations of Leftism itself!

Understand that choosing between Left and Right is NOT a morally neutral choice. It is NOT just choosing between green and yellow. No, this choice is fraught with moral implications.

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