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29 Dec

well said.

I have LONG argued this, and in fact often use Patton as my example. There are people who I don’t want as a fishing buddy who are nevertheless very┬áskilled at other things. Important things. And those “faults” that make a person unlikeable (and even insupportable in certain settings) make that same person so dang good at other stuff they do. In other words, it is the fault┬áthat makes them valuable–you can’t separate the “fault” from the elevated performance. They are part and parcel of the very same thing.

I very strongly suspect that I would not have liked George Patton, at all. I really doubt that I would have wanted to spend time with him. I certainly would not have wanted him around my wife and kids–he was a vulgar, mean, mercurial, and crass man.

One of my good friends (a roommate in Officer’s School) years ago was a Navy SEaL. We actually got along quite well, and got to be good friends. He drove me home from that school and stayed for a very short time at my house with me, my wife, and my kids. But he was a beer-swilling, tom-catting, vulgar guy. He was totally unlike me. He was generally a jerk, and his wife left him (for good reasons). I would not want ANY of my kids to be like him. Yet I slept safe in my bed at night because he was happy to put a bullet in bad guys’ heads.

Think about that for a minute.

I was innocent of killing someone because he wasn’t. Was this some kind of a salvation by proxy?

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