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06 Nov


So, two questions for you, one far easier than the other. Brazile has described a clear violation. Here are my question:

  1. Will this be looked into by legal authorities?
  2. If there is a violation, will there be actual charges filed?

My guess is that the answer is “no” on both, but you can bet that #2 won’t happen, even if there are obvious criminal activities.

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Look, it’s clear

20 Mar

that the “Greens” by no means are rooting for America. They are batting for the other team, so to speak. You think Putin is not pleased as punch about this? REALLY?

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Barone notes that

10 Jun

it’s not gov’t intervention that leads to vast improvements, it is innovation by the private sector. There are lessons here. One take-home lesson is that the ideology Obama is so enamored with is just wrong. Folks, we need to look at the facts!

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Just shut your Pie Hole!

27 May

You’re gonna love $5 gas! And shots and major surgery and root canals and every good thing!

The other night I filled up my Honda Accord. It cost me $62.50, and that was at the cheapest gas in town! (Costco). Oh, and gas was about $3.67 a gallon, which is far cheaper. Yes, the Accord has a big tank, but still…

If gas went to $5 a gallon, it would cost me about $80 to fill up that car. Welcome to the world of Obama!

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