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22 Nov

this is a bit of a warning shot. Don’t be fooled by the, “Well, the Democrat won” argument.


So what do you think is

15 Nov

going on here? I think it is all about the 2020 elections.

I think this is actually a way to kick Hillary to the curb without enraging the rabid Hillary voters. The DNC knows very well that they cannot win with her and the top of the ticket, but as is her wont she doesn’t care that her pursuing what she wants will damage the DNC. She pursues what she wants and just doesn’t care who is hurt in the process. Her loyalty is only to her own desires. And you can rest assured that this leopard ain’t changing her spots. She is far too elderly and rigid to change now.

I know that the story is nominally about Bill, but in fact it is there only to prevent Hillary from running again. We need to understand what is happening, here. This is yet another incident of Hillary being thrown under the bus. The first was the Donna Brazile body check. Donna Brazile! That didn’t completely work, so this is the second volley. It almost for sure won’t be the last.

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I think it’s

08 Nov

a really good idea.

This may take a few years to pay off (maybe 10), but let’s get started. As a person who used to live in Boston (and was at Harvard medical), I can tell you from first-hand experience that there is indeed an untapped strain of Conservatism there. One you get out of the environs of Harvard, people are generally pretty conservative, though they are totally accustomed to voting Democrat. It is more of an unthinking tradition rather than a cogent choice.

This is an area where Conservatives could make inroads. MA recently elected a GOP governor (Romney). Is it the same strain of Conservatism as Wyoming or Utah? No. But it is Conservatism nonetheless. It’s just a different flavor.

And it is important to fight the entrenched power even if you lose. Make Elizabeth Warren defend her stances! I’m not one for moral victories, but MA may be an exception to that rule.

And there is another, longer-term issue: If you get a subset of the population to go GOP, they already have in mind that voting GOP is a real option.  And so do others. You normalize voting GOP. Then the Left has to start arguing policy rather than merely being the traditional Lefty offering.

It also makes being Conservative rather counter-culture and subversive. THAT is important. I think the GOP should run ads among the Harvard youth, for example, saying, “Be different. Be counter-culture. Don’t be a sheep. Vote GOP.”

Boston is no Cody, Wyoming. But may still turn “red.”


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It would

05 Nov

really be a treat to see the Democrat be defeated in VA. Of course, many in northern VA live off the fat of the government, so these blood-suckers are quite likely to vote for the Democrat. The rest of VA absolutely doesn’t (I used to live in VA).  Northern VA (the densely-populated DC suburbs) is very different from the rest of VA. I’ve been or lived in both, and trust me, Tyson’s corner is quite a different world than the Tidewater area.


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Yeah, the VA

30 Oct

race has truly exposed a big problem for the Democrats.

The Democrats just have no answer for the Republican criticisms. Now the problem may not mean immediate crushing of the Democrats,  but it is a real vulnerability for them.

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24 Oct

are in a HUGE bind.

I think we misunderstand at times. The money raising is a HUGE deal. It shows the level of support in a very real and important way. By this measure, Democrats are in trouble. I sure hope so. But with my luck the will pull their heads out and do well in November.

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20 Oct

good news!

Let’s hope the trend intensifies.

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17 Oct

Hillary is full of crap.

I know that really isn’t news. But she frantically tries to blame others, but she is at fault. It’s just too hard for her to look in the mirror.

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This just

02 Oct

never gets old:


Yeah, I sure

09 Aug

hope so. I mean, it all totally makes sense. It’s just that I have been burned so many times in the past that I am gun shy.

But understand that if the Democrats actually lose seats (or even fail to gain much) in this election, there is a real question of when they will ever win. NOW is the time for them to make up ground, because later would not be good for them. At all. In 2020 Illinois is likely to lose House seats, while Texas is likely to gain them. They are 0 for 4 so far in elections since Trump came to office. 0 for 4. Pretty much, all the Republicans have to do is hold the states that Trump won and they maintain their majority, and a Senate supermajority is not out of the question.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That rattler is dead, but it can still reflexively inject poison.

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