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Yeah, I sure

09 Aug

hope so. I mean, it all totally makes sense. It’s just that I have been burned so many times in the past that I am gun shy.

But understand that if the Democrats actually lose seats (or even fail to gain much) in this election, there is a real question of when they will ever win. NOW is the time for them to make up ground, because later would not be good for them. At all. In 2020 Illinois is likely to lose House seats, while Texas is likely to gain them. They are 0 for 4 so far in elections since Trump came to office. 0 for 4. Pretty much, all the Republicans have to do is hold the states that Trump won and they maintain their majority, and a Senate supermajority is not out of the question.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That rattler is dead, but it can still reflexively inject poison.

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I gotta say,

07 Aug

I really hope Pelosi stays where she is. Yes, she is an ancient relic, often confused, and toxic to many voters. And for those very reasons, I want her to continue to be the face of the Democrat party.

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I just NEVER

26 Jun

get tired of that photo! Lefty tears are DELICIOUS! But the truth is that Republicans keep winning and Democrats keep losing because Democrats have a really crappy product. Yeah, Democrats are popular in snooty (and wannabe snooty) places–they will always do well with Manhattenites and their mindless myrmidons as well as the soi-disant “smart set” in almost all places across the country. They appeal to those who think they are just smarter than the average bear.

But normal people know a) that Democrats in LA and Manhattan have little in common with typical people and b) that these uppity Democrat narcissists are totally full of crap. The Dems can whine and moan about what a jerk Donald Trump is (and that is somewhat true) but when one “calls” the cards, they just have a pair of 4s with eight high. It was all a bluff. And they are totally emotionally ill-equipped to be shown categorically that they are full of crap and that the “stupid rubes” in flyover country were actually wiser than they have been. THAT is why they are so desperate to “get” Donald Trump. For them this is a existential issue. It goes directly at their core identity.

And you can easily see the intellectual and theoretical deficit in this crowd if you take even a passing non-emotionanal look. The Democrats simply have no solutions to offer. They are bereft of any idea of how to make things better. They are all tactics and no strategy. Strategy is doing the right things. Tactics is just doing things right.

In my lifetime, Democrats have often been tactically skilled. Their problem has always been strategy. Republicans have been good strategically, but poor tactically. But they can quickly get the tactical skills, while Democrats have almost no way to get a decent strategy. That’s why Democrats resort to name calling rather than debating issues.

I have rarely been so motivated to see Republicans kick the crap out of the hoity-toity Democrats in 2018. The Democrats richly deserve to go the way of the Whigs.

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IF (and that is an if) Black employment

26 Jun

gets drastically better under Trump, the Democrats are well and truly hosed. Dems need the economy to be bad in order to get re-elected. In the words of a famous song, “They’ll make us all beggars ‘cuz they’re easier to please.” Perverse incentive, eh? That’s why the Dems will fight Obamacare repeal, tax reform, etc. The more miserable people are, the more Democrats benefit. Think about that for a moment!

The Dems have depended on those Black votes for many years, and they would simply never win another general election without them, The Democrats have always (in the last 80 years) gotten nearly 100% of those votes, Even if the Rs got 15% instead of 5% of that vote the Democrats would be goners. And once that dam starts to crumble, the total collapse may happen very rapidly. I mean, even if existing Blacks don’t change much, if their children do…

And I think Trump is just the man to attract these voters. He is certainly not a traditional Republican, so the cultural barrier may be perceived to be a little lower.

But if even a small shift happens, Democrats are gone. They have certainly taken Black voters for granted, and if there is a change, the Dems are in a world of hurt. And there are starting to be prominent Black Conservatives…

See, every new Black Republican voter represents a net two votes: One less for the Democrats and one more for Republicans.

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As I write now (late Tuesday night), it appears

21 Jun

very much that Karen Handel, the Republican, has defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff. The Dems voted their non-resident Ossoff, and yet they failed to “flip” the seat. AP and CNN have both called it for Handel.

Here is my question: If Dems can’t win here, where can they win? They lost another race last night, too (though that one wasn’t close). I hear Dems boasting about how all these races were closer than usual. Yeah, but they are still losses. So when do they start actually winning?

Republicans are 4 for 4 in elections since Trump got in. 4 for 4.

Here’s a quote: Mr. Ossoff’s defeat will likely prompt soul-searching among Democrats about what it will take to flip Republican-held seats in the 2018 midterm fight for control of the House, given that such a vast effort in Georgia fell short. More than $31 million was poured into the Ossoff campaign by donors and outside groups, compared with more than $23 million spent by Ms. Handel’s campaign and its allies.

Are the Dems finally dead? Probably not–I very much doubt it. ALL monsters come back after you think they are dead and you have let your guard down. You know, like Hillary. But the monster is grievously wounded. Grievously. Now dying monsters thrash around and destroy things, so let’s not think the danger is over. As I well know from experience, even a newly-dead rattler can still reflexively bite and inject venom–it can still kill. You can cut the head off with a shovel, but for Heaven’s sake don’t get near that head for a few hours! Just imagine what one who is alive but mortally wounded can still do.

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See, I really doubt

06 Jun

that the Democrats will nominate a mainstream candidate next time. Hillary was not a mainstream candidate, though she acted the part. Bernie certainly wasn’t–he wasn’t even close and didn’t even try to appear to be one! But there is little “pull” now toward the mainstream.

And the Democrats have gotten way more extreme. They are in most ways “captured” by the most radical sliver of Democrats. No more “reasonable” Bill Clinton.

So do they nominate someone very hard Left so they can keep the Bernie types even if it alienates huge swaths of regular workers/voters? That didn’t work so well for them in 2016.

See, I think they are in a pickle. They stand to lose someone, and that loss is almost inevitable. If they go hard Left they lose the Rust Belt. If they don’t, they lose the Sanderkins and the cities. If they try to split the difference, they drain all intensity–absolutely no one is thrilled and motivated and they have to rely mainly on personality politics.

I think you ditch the Sanderkins–they don’t vote, anyway. But those folks next time will be older, and perhaps more likely to vote. It is indeed a puzzle.

So the Dems focus on what a monster Trump is–that is the safe course for now. But what if he shows that he is not a monster? What then? Or what if he shows that he IS a monster and the country desperately needs one? Just look at recent events in London!

In the immortal words of Billy Joel, he (Trump) may be crazy, but it just might be a lunatic we’re looking for. The horror for the Democrats is that Trump and the country will do well. That should tell you something…

And even in the very unlikely event that they get rid of Trump, they have to deal with an angry Mike Pence, who even without being angry is a far stronger candidate than Trump. Out of the frying pan and into the fire…

See, I think the Democrats are in a world of hurt in this way. In addition, they have no bench, and the question of who they will run brings up…. nothing. Keith Ellison is a clear no-go. Cory Booker is quite vulnerable (though he will almost for sure try). Kamala Harris is a sure loser (plus, she has a stupid first name). Tim Kaine is the obvious candidate, though he has already been shown to be a loser and is just not very “shiny.”

So who?

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That is

02 Jun

very unfortunate for Republicans.

For several reasons, Hillary running again would have been an epic coup for the Republicans. Good luck on a cosmic scale. It was too good to hope for.

Because not only would she lose, but she would discourage anyone more palatable from running–it would sink the Democrats for 20 years. It’s a win-win! But alas, she has ruled it out. Then again, she is a liar so there is still some hope.

But who else is there?

So make your call. Who will the Democrats run in 2020? I think that now the odds-on favorite is Cory Booker, though he faces some significant headwinds. Are there even other possibilities that we know of now? Warren is too old and not at all mainstream. John McCain is too obviously nuts, as well as a cranky old man. Tim Cain, perhaps, but he was the weaker partner with the losing Hillary/Cain ticket. And he was certainly not known at all before he became Hillary’s pet go-fer. He has dropped completely out of sight–perhaps he is planning a roaring comeback for 2020.

Schumer is old and nasty, Pelosi is old and a total idiot. Democrat House leadership is extremely elderly. Bernie was too old last time, and it’s not like he would have a snowball’s chance in Hell, anyway.

So who?

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So why did Trump win?

31 May

First of all, Hillary Clinton was a wretched candidate. Let’s be quite clear about that. She totally sucked as a candidate. She had all the charming personality of a pit viper along with the demonstrated judgment of one of the Three Stooges. Of course Trump won!

DT gets lots of criticism about how he is a neophyte and a non-traditional candidate and really doesn’t know his way around and talks mean to other world leaders, but that is exactly why he won! This was NOT a time to be running as a status quo Presidential candidate. And that is exactly what Hillary was (at best). That, and she was clearly and obviously totally dishonest and interpersonally repulsive, to boot.

Sure, Trump makes mistakes, but that is only proof of his “outsider” status! Instead of that hurting him. it helps him. The Lefties whining and blathering on about Russia and impeachment only underlines the fact of his outsider status as well as the Democrat (and their toadies’) own mendacity, hypocrisy, overweening hubris, and essential distastefulness. That helps Trump. If the stupid Democrats continue, they may well solidify a Republican House and Senate in 2020. They have nothing to offer other than not being Donald Trump. I just don’t think that’s enough.

With Trump, it’s the classic schoolyard reply to being called “fat.” “Sure I’m fat but you are ugly and I can lose weight!” If  Trump “loses weight” and learns in office the Dems are well and truly hosed. Already, they have not won a single special election. They only lost by six in Montana when the Republican in the race assaulted a reporter, so I guess that is kind of a moral victory for them. Yeah, some groundswell…

And at times Trump’s skill is nothing short of breathtaking. But his performance is spotty. With experience he will get consistency. Then look out, Lefties! There is indeed a learning curve, here. Regular people understand that and don’t join the chorus of Lefty nattering wig-outs over early mis-steps. Trump just needs to learn the ropes. And he seems to be a quick study.

Trump’s election is rightly seen as a rejection of the corrupt House of Clinton. But what is less obvious is that it was also a rejection of “mainstream” Republican candidates (of which there were many in the Primaries). Hey, I liked Fiorina best, followed by Cruz. But I sure like what Trump has done so far. Really, I could not be happier.


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Here is the bottom line:

29 May

Democrats are not winning.

Now I assume that Republicans will lose some House and maybe even Senate seats in 2018. It has been that way in virtually all elections over the last 35 years or so. Two exceptions, as I recall. So it is a safe bet that they will lose some in 2018. In a usual cycle, one can assume they would lose the majority in at least one of the two bodies. Maybe both, if it is a “wave” election.

But as of now, Democrats are not winning. They are getting loss after loss after loss. And this with a Republican President who is just not very popular (according to the polls, which I have my doubts about). If Donald Trump cleans up his act just a bit, they are well and truly hosed. Like, if he stops the tweets or manages them better. If the Democrats don’t win in GA, they may well be seen as losers in general. That is their best chance, and they better hope they don’t blow it. Winning in GA is not proof that they will win all the time, but losing would be crushing. They need to win in order to stay in the game. I think that if they lose, the hill is then just too steep for them to climb.

The issue is that the Democrats have to have a platform beyond a harpie-esque whinging about Trump. But what? Anything they do runs the risk of alienating SOME group they need. Do something for Hispanics and it alienates Blacks, for instance. Do something for feminists and you may well alienate blue-collar men.

And they run a very real risk of us all getting sick of their infernal whining! As of now, they just don’t have a single thing other than bawling about Trump. They look like total crybabies who have just had a beloved rattle taken from them. That is not exactly a reason for electing them that most people will buy…

And the impeachment talk only makes things much worse. While that plays to the rabid and loony Left, most sober people see it as an example of sore loser whining. They don’t want that! They certainly are reticent to elect a House that would climb into that hole. Nancy Pelosi is an idiot, and most people are rightly horrified at the idea of her becoming Speaker of the House again.

All this puts a serious drag on Democrat hopes for 2018. Plus, though the media will incessantly shill for Democrats, this will likely be taken as proof that one should never vote for a Democrat. If the MSM likes them, they must be bad for the country. That’s what most normal people think.

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18 Apr

the Dem in today’s special election (Georgia) doesn’t even live in the district. Wow. Poseur. I wish this would have come out a week ago…

He says that he grew up in the district and moved out 10 miles to “support” his girlfriend in medical school. Wait, isn’t this girlfriend an adult? Does she need him there to help her get through med school? And 10 miles makes a difference? So she is mature enough to have graduated from college and have gone to med school but is not mature enough to live 10 miles further away? You have got to be joking!

Heaven help us.

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