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Heard nationwide:

20 Feb

Democrats saying, “Ruh-Ro Shaggy!”


Eventually, you

15 Feb

get enough “crumbs” to make a loaf of bread!

Yes, I am well aware the Democrats have recently won some seats, and I think that is indeed worrying. And yes, I think voters have be mind-numbingly stupid in many of these cases. Totally stupid. But you know, sometimes people are stupid rubes. I have seen that many times before in other situations, too. And yeah, you have to be a ┬ástupid rube to for Democrat in virtually all these cases. But there is a reason con-men steal–because people are fooled by fancy talk.

Still, I don’t see how such idiocy takes hold on a national scale. And as people see improved personal finances and the import of their actions becomes clear over the next few months, I doubt that we will be seeing a lot of Democrat gains. People are too smart for that.

So make sure you get out and vote in the mid-terms. Don’t let the bastards win. NOW is the time for all good and moral people to come to the aid of their country!


Oh please, oh please,

14 Feb



Even more bad news

12 Feb

for Democrats. Public works laborers have traditionally been in the Democrat camp. But this is a stake to the heart…

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As Glenn Reynolds says,

12 Feb

Don’t get cocky, kid!”

Don’t run to the tape, run through the tape. Go vote. Bring a friend. Don’t let the bastards win!

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Yeah, I wonder what “Gentry Liberal”

10 Feb

the Democrats will run for President THIS time! They have not learned. Things have changed.

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So just who

10 Feb

do you believe?

I sure know who I believe!

And you know dang well how I will vote in November. I will vote for the moral side. And so should you! Let’s get these moral turds out of office!

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The SOTU speech

02 Feb

was undeniably good. But it did put Democrats in a quandary. It beat them backwards and forward, and it seems that no matter their response they were hosed. It was masterful on Trump’s part! The Democrats had their lunch stolen while they turned and looked at a squirrel running by. They got WORKED!

Remember this come November. Get out and vote!

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I don’t think the Democrat message

02 Feb

for the 2018 elections is all that good. Seems like wishful thinking. And hey, it might happen!

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We need to understand,

02 Feb

money is a good proxy for popularity. So the fact that the DNC is tanking while the RNC is raising huge wads of cash should tell you something important.

This story has not been written yet.  The Dems may still rise from the grave, stagger over to your house, and while you are sleeping eat your brains.

Now is NOT the time for a little nappy! Get out and vote in November. Because Democrats want what is bad for YOU because it benefits THEM. Don’t let the bastards win….

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