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Like bad crotch rot,

14 Feb

she just won’t go away. The monster always comes back after you think it is finally dead, at least in the movies. But I think that she won’t be able to run again. She is entirely likely to be dead by by 2020, or at least so feeble that running would be just too much for her.

She will just have no current record by that time. And if she becomes mayor of NYC, ALL her actions there become fodder for the general election. So she has to run a HUGE city and be responsible for any bad outcomes. And it is a tough job, and I don’t think she is up to it. Democrats don’t exclusively control the media anymore, and there would be plenty of unflattering coverage by alternative media. So will she run? Uh, no. It would be WAAAAY too much effort for her, regardless of her strong desire (bordering on mania). The Presidency is her white whale.

Trump is older, too, but Mike Pence is a solid replacement. Very solid.

But there is another issue. I think the country has moved on, and Hillary certainly hasn’t. Nothing says, “Progressive” like running a 73-year-old has-been from the 90s! Is the Democrat Party really so weak and bereft of new ideas that they would run Hillary? REALLY? Talk about backward-looking! That would be the Left admitting that they got nothing but a pair of 3s. Running Hillary again would be admitting you were just bluffing and then folding before the call.

No, they need someone to step up. And someone will. Sure, the bench is a bit sparse, but there is no shortage of Democrats with Presidential ambitions. Al Franken will do it. Trust me, someone will step up. And if Democrats are wise it won’t be some old turd like Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren.


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Oh please, oh please,

13 Feb


After 4 years of Sessions purging the voter roles and otherwise addressing voter fraud, she doesn’t have a chance. What, are you going to laminate her so she looks oh so very life-like?

Plus, if Trump’s policies are bearing fruit (and they very likely will), she will only lose again. Bigly. Actually, I would bet that she won’t live until the next election. Then again, there are advances in mummication… In any case, she would be hosed.

This is delusion.

I find it hilarious  that the Left is so backward-looking that this is even a rumor! How about they get some new talent?

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You may like

30 Jan

your Democrat Senator. But understand that by voting for him or her you are in fact endorsing, aiding, and abetting the national Democrat agenda. You are not the “trigger man,” but you are a nodding collaborator. Think about that.  Are you sure you want to do that?

You may decide to vote for a person you don’t like even though you like the other side! I personally have certainly done that—voting against a close boyhood friend because I didn’t want to give aid and comfort to the party he represented. It is not easy, but to quote a famous philosopher (Ursula the Sea-Witch), life is full of tough choices, idn’t it?

The Democrats are in a world of hurt for the 2018 elections. Don’t squander this opportunity.

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20 Jan

you can believe in!

It is a HUGE issue. People are spitting mad, and it’s not just in the United States. Great Britain has already voted to leave the EU. Several Eastern European countries are making noise. If Marine LePen is elected, France will leave the EU, too. And if that happens, the EU is fried, dried, and laid on the side. Stick a fork in them–they’re done.

Even now they are looking pretty shaky, but France leaving would bring it all to an immediate end. Germany simply could not heft the whole thing onto its back and just move on. Nor would the German people stand for the attempt. Already, Angela Merkel is seriously on the ropes.

I think that conventional politicians are in real trouble. Real people are mightily torqued with them, and in several different very important EU countries.  The MSM has shown themselves to be totally untrustworthy. The world has changed, my friend.

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27 Dec

if there’s a way to make a buck

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Yeah, take away

22 Dec

the Leftist enclaves of NYC and parts of CA, and he also wins the popular vote.

Do YOU want to be ruled by NYC and LA? Thank the electoral college for your deliverance!

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Well, that is

20 Dec

good news. I mean, we ALL knew that this was going to happen, but I wasn’t sure how much of a fuss the crybaby whiner garbage babies would put up. To speak up they would have had to have taken the binky out of their mouths. I guess THAT was pretty dang unlikely!

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As we look at it,

19 Dec

the electoral college was pure genius.

The founders didn’t want the elections dominated by one population, and it worked just as intended. Pure genius.

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I mean, honestly,

19 Dec

is there any wonder at all why the Libertarians lost? They are very obviously just stupid.

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Don’t be confused!

17 Dec

I want to make sure we all understand. The Russians didn’t (allegedly) hack the vote. No voting machine was tampered with by them. That is not even alleged. It was ONLY that Podesta’s email was breached and scaly Hillary behavior was revealed. She really did the behaviors, it’s just that efforts to hide them from the public failed.

Look carefully at the language–there is NO assertion that the results were in any way incorrect. The only assertion is that the Russians hacked Podesta’s emails and showed that Hillary was disgustingly crooked.

So don’t be fooled! While there is no doubt in my mind that Putin has no problem doing nefarious things, that did NOT happen in this case–he (allegedly) just told people what was actually going on.

Don’t be confused. The point of the media and Clinton machine (though I repeat myself) is to confuse you.


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