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Uh, winning

18 Jan

Don’t be a total fool and a rube and try to get rid of Donald Trump or try to lessen his impact. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

Honestly, only a great fool opposes Trump. Democrats WANT misery for you! They would rather you be miserable than for them to be proven wrong beyond doubt. THAT’s where their priorities lie. And  THAT is why they frantically oppose Trump. I find that immoral. Truly despicable. That’s why aiding and abetting them is not only logically hosed up, but morally wrong, as well.

It’s time for the people to rise up and throw the bums out. Yeah, don’t let the bastards win…


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This makes me love Scott Adams (Dilbert)

17 Jan

even more.

Makes me want to go buy a “Dilbert” book.

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I’m not

17 Jan

the only one to note this. This is a serious vulnerability for the Democrats. Serious.

They have had no ideas for a long time. So they have depended on celebrity and identity politics in order to hide the vacuity of their positions–certainly since Bill Clinton. But I’m not sure how much longer they can go on like that.

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I think we underestimate

16 Jan

the scale of the Republican victories in 2017. It has been HUGE! YOOOGE!

And we need to remember this in November. We really have made a lot of progress, and Democrats, out of venal love of power, want to turn the clock back. Don’t let them. Don’t let the bastards win! From their constant obstructionism to Mueller, there has been a frantic effort on their part to turn back the clock on progress.

Every Conservative needs to vote come November. A lot is riding on this, and the Evil Empire of the Democrats is trying to strike back. Go vote. Bring a friend. Don’t let the bastards win.


I think it’s

15 Jan

really true: Democrats as of yet really DON’T have a strong candidate for 2020.

Now that could change, but who? Kamala Harris? Cory Booker? Just who?

Oprah is a bad joke (a desperation “hail Mary,” if I ever saw one), and would not even get through the primaries without getting badly beaten around the head and shoulders! So who? And then even if Oprah won, Trump would very likely destroy her in the general. And how much of her audience is there because she is not trying to ram a socio-political agenda down their throats. But if that changed… No, it is financially MUCH better for Oprah not to run. And she is a very sharp businesswoman who knows that. Yeah, she could complete that 70-yard bomb on the last play of the game, but don’t bet the farm on it!

It is true that some unknown “dark horse” could materialize, but that is pretty uncommon. Yes, it happened with Trump, but I wouldn’t put any money on it for the future! That is a very unusual and uncommon event. Unless some Democrat becomes really well known NOW they are toast–it’s hard to see a successful Johnny-come-lately candidacy.

And THAT is why there is such an effort to discredit Trump. Mueller is a BIG part of that effort.

Biden and Warren should be in old-folks homes, and for several reasons they are entirely likely to be trounced. And THAT is something Democrats can ill afford. If great swaths of traditional Democrats “break the mold” and vote Republican, it will both be easier to do that the next time and it will show the rising generation that voting Republican is a viable option. So they have to keep Black voters “on the reservation.” So it will be Booker. That is their only chance of staying both relevant and viable.

I’m calling it right now–Cory Booker. I think that right now he is the only even half-viable option.

Democrats are reading from the Republican play book and running hundreds of candidates for minor office. But that strategy takes a decade or so to bear fruit.

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I know the Left

12 Jan

is wetting themselves in excitement over the prospect of an Oprah! Presidency, but they need to get a grip. Oprah has said some pretty dang extreme things, like saying that old people just need to die in order to achieve her racial dream. Watch the video. Holy crap she is scary when she says that! Look, you can say things as a celebrity that you just can’t as a politician.

But I’m not at all sure that she would be that formidable as a candidate.  Still, the problem is that the cupboard is pretty bare for the Democrats. Trump was a celebrity, yes. But he was unusual in several different ways. The lesson here is NOT that celebrity is an overriding factor. So Oprah has shown some real Hollywood chops. It is really unknown whether she also has political chops (that’s why you usually hold multiple elected offices first). The mistake is not to realize that Trump had both, and just to assume that Trump’s celebrity chops and his political chops were the same thing is to go far astray.

Oprah has feet of clay. She is rich and famous because she is vacuously sympathetic and charming and gives cars away. She is quite skilled in some important ways, and her businesses have done extraordinarily well. I don’t doubt her business acumen. Dolly Parton is much the same way. It is admirable.

But the first time she takes a stand that is less popular than giving someone a car, what will happen? And what will happen when she has to go “off script” for a left-field “Joe-the-Plumber question while at the same time being under attack? How will she respond to substantive criticism after a lifetime of being lauded?

Actually, being a talk-show host is not bad training for politics. But her show is far too predictable and scripted and not at all challenging, least of all to her. Being a radio talk-show host who takes whatever caller gets through is much better, but this is a continuum.

You only grow when you are challenged. And I really don’t think Oprah has been challenged much in the last 30 years.


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One thing you can

12 Jan

bet on: The Left eventually eats its own. Ask Robespierre. The Left is hungry and you are made of meat…

Hoyer has been one of Pelosi’s loyal lieutenants. The fact that even he is now joining in the Pelosi beating means that she is not long for this world. She is meat on the hoof, and Hoyer knows it. She would have known what is happening 10 years ago–I mean, she told us she was a “master legislator” and all!

It used to be advantageous for Hoyer to be Pelosi’s right-hand man. But no longer. And Hoyer knows what side of the bread is buttered! It also shows that Pelosi has lost control of the trolley. I mean, not only was she not part of the negations, but she very obviously was not able to exert the influence necessary to place her preferred team there! And remember, she is the nominal leader of the caucus. Yeah, something’s going down.

If there ever was a sign that Pelosi is done for, this is it. Now there will be rumors that she will not run again in 2018. You know, she suddenly wants to spend her time being a grammaw and all that!

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You like the economic boom?

12 Jan

Well, there is a very good reason for it.

Some of the blithering idiots at the NY Times and other Lefty sources are unable to deny the stinky smell that emanates from their britches, so they give oh-so-astute explanations on how the President really doesn’t affect the economy.

Well, and their boyfriend Obama made such a dog’s breakfast of things that they don’t dare say that the Trump Economy is good because of Trump. If they did so it would both boost Trump and totally discredit Obama. And the 2018 elections are rapidly approaching. THAT is why we are seeing this “The President Has No Control Over The Economy” claptrap.

It is just a Lefty excuse, meant to fool the rubes. Don’t be taken in. You gotta wise up–it is utter, self-serving nonsense.

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So did Wolff

11 Jan

do Trump a big favor?

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It’s absolutely

09 Jan

TRUE that the scariest thing in the world for Leftist is that Donald Trump will be successful. Hence, Mueller.

For him to be successful would mean the their boyfriend and Leftism itself would be discredited.


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