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22 Jul

it won’t last. It is most likely just a common “ebb” in the ebb and flow of the DNC money cycle.

Still, it’s nice to see.

Democrats Delenda Est.

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There actually was a quid pro quo

20 Jul

with the Trump Jr. “scandal.”

Here is the quid pro quo: We  (the Russians) will give you dirt on grandma if you help repeal the Magnitsky act should you actually get elected. We will give you a hamburger today if you promise that in the unlikely event that you are actually elected you pay us back someday. The promise of dirt on grandma was the foot in the door.

That’s it. And there’s no evidence that Don Jr. agreed to that deal, let alone that Donald Trump himself did. I mean, the meeting lasted like 20 minutes. And that same thing was tried over and over with many different people. Likely with Hillary, too (though that shoe has yet to drop).

The Magnitsky act is named after a guy Putin imprisoned. The US objected and applied sanctions and so Russia put a stop to all adoptions from Russia to the US.

But the story is way too complex to spread. It takes a long explanation to even make it understandable, and so no one will follow. If it doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker, it just won’t “stick.” It is incredibly convoluted. Don Jr. was not even a public official at the time. Case closed. This is just politics. It doesn’t touch the lives of normal people. And there is no clear-cut end for the Left.


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17 Jul

is a trade I would be happy to make!

But I am sensing a shift in the wind. Traditional button-down Conservatives are having the rug pulled out from under them, while Leftists are continually getting hammered. The culture seems to be changing.

Being a nerd is turning into “nerd-chic.” To be counter-culture is to be conservative in many instances–not socially conservative, but politically and fiscally. You are seeing the Kid Rock sort of Conservatives–vulgar and with stringy long hair and politically conservative. THAT is a sea-change. Suddenly, to be counter-culture is to be in many ways conservative. Not Joe Scarborough, but Kid Rock. Hmmm.

Donald Trump is the embodiment of this change. He is certainly NOT a “core Conservative” in the way Reagan was. But his personnel and policies certainly are conservative! So he is flamboyantly not superficially Conservative, but when you look at policy and personnel he is more conservative than Reagan!

There is a shift from Republicans to a pseudo-libertarianism. Not the Libertarianism of stupid foreign policy and smoking dope. This is the much more cogent libertarianism of good domestic policy. And Republicans are far closer to that than Democrats.

This is something the Left should fear. They have held the cultural high ground for generations, and there is a real possibility now that it is starting to slip away from their grasping claws. You are starting to see their white knuckles. The problem is that it is all they have. They long ago stopped arguing their points with any reason or rationality. In a fair fight, they lose, and badly. So they have long turned to culture (and specifically counter-culture) to replace rationality. If they lose THAT there truly is nothing left.

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Wow, I sure hope so.

17 Jul

I mean, I really, really hope so. I want our long national nightmare to be over soon.

If a decent result comes from this, if Trump manages to make cookies from the pile of crap Obama left him, he is on a glide path to be re-elected in 2020, and the Republicans will crush in 2018. And then to rub salt in the wound, Pence will win handily in 2024.

And THAT is why Democrats are squealing so bad–this is their death-bell tolling. It is not merely that they have always dreamed of gov’t health care and don’t want it to go–they won’t have a chance again in 100 years.

No, it is that this is an existential issue for them. Their base then hates them and they have no gov’t power. The Democrats go the way of the Whigs and a different Lefty party takes their place. It already started with Bernie Sanders. They will, at the very least, continue to lose gov’t power for a generation. People won’t talk about FDR, they will talk about DJT.

Think about 2018. You are a Democrat (or a goofed-up Republican in a primary) who has stymied Trump’s program and who has whined incessantly about the Russians and Trump’s bad character. During a crucial moment 2018, Trump comes to your district and says that he could have done things to help people and relieve their pain and indeed he tried, but YOU did all you could to put roadblocks in his path. It’s time for you to get fired. Then he leaves on Air Force One. How do you like THAT idea?

You may well be seeing the tectonic plates starting to shift, here. Things may not be universally better after the shift, but they will certainly be different!

Oh, and Democrats delenda est.

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17 Jul

I think the Democrats are in grave danger of totally alienating regular people with this Trump/Russia crap. We normals are just sick of it. Totally. Sick. Of. It. I’ve got a belly full, and I want to see some serious butt kicking! We see it for what it is–a desperate ploy by the Democrats to hang on by their fingernails to power. Let’s face it–that’s all this is. It is disgusting. Let’s have the news media talk about news. This is just mental illness.

I, for one, am pretty torqued off about it, and I am most certainly not the only one. Nor am I the most extreme one. You would expect the Republicans to lose seats in the mid-term. But don’t be surprised if they kick some serious Democrat butt in 2018.  Now I hope they do–the Democrats have really ticked me off. The Democrats now just suck. Get rid of them all!

I am starting now. I am going to paraphrase Cato The Elder and end each post with Democrats delenda est.

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It really IS

10 Jul

a great question: Where do you stand?

The time is rapidly approaching or is already here that one cannot just mill around mindlessly in the mushy middle. At some point you have to rise up and declare where you stand. Our parents didn’t have to make that call. But we do.

Choose wisely. The gap between the two sides is widening. When in college I voted for a Democrat because I thought he was a far better choice (and indeed he was) than the Republican. Even in a very solid GOP area he won handily. But now I would have to wonder if he would side with Nancy Pelosi. That alters the equation considerably.

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I think it is a

04 Jul

really good question the Professor Reynolds asks: How much longer can she last?

Like Hillary, this woman is NOT well.  But you expect there to be some age-related declines. Still, this is disturbing. This is a very public cognitive decline.

The problems are that a) the Democrats have little “bench,” and b) the geriatric wing of the Democrats is unwilling to cede control to a new generation–they are hanging on by their long, sharp fingernails, cackling all the while.

See, the Dems are in a bind. Their political philosophy is old and tired, as are their leaders. But they can’t change because that would be an admission that they were wrong before–they have a wolf by the ears. They don’t like the position, but they don’t dare let go. There are a few (two) up-and-comers, but very few and even they have glaring weaknesses that can be fairly easily exploited by the Republicans. And the Democrats are NOT into idealogical diversity. They have driven away the “Blue Dogs” entirely–the public Bill Clinton would not last five minutes in the modern Democrat party.

And, as it appears very possible right now, the Democrats are in grave danger of disappearing entirely–they go the way of the Whigs–what then? It can’t be that they focus entirely on abortion and sexual libertinism. They would be the overwhelming loser for two generations. Another party would rise to take its place.

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03 Jul

pretty much.

I think hoity-toity Leftists are making a HUGE mistake, here. People are sick to death of the MSM’s overweening arrogance, and the correct response for the MSM is NOT to double down on overweening arrogance. They are alienating the masses.

The disparagement here is stunning, and the MSM would be wise to pay attention to it. Alas, if they were wise the wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place…

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Does it seems to you

02 Jul

that there has been a cultural sea-change? I mean, I see the anti-Trump crap, but it just feels like there is no longer any “heft” to the protests. What you have now is only the loony Left protesting–“led” by doofy spoiled babies who are about done sponging off parents and loser celebritards.

The Mueller investigation is rightly seen as a meaningless witch-hunt. No one freakin’ cares what he eventually says–I know I sure don’t. This is a massive waste of money.

Yes, there is the Kathy Griffen contingent, but most rightly see her as a know-nothing, obscure trained monkey who doesn’t know her butt from a hole in the ground and who has grossly overestimated her own importance (I had to look up how to even spell her name!). The clock on her fifteen minutes of fame is at 14.5.

But the emotional power of “the opposition” just seems to have dissipated. Those who are still worked up are the “Occupy Wall Street” anarchists and usual thugs. Not exactly an attractive bunch. Even their shameful appropriating of “The Resistance” is seen as repugnant to many of us who know history. They are starting to be seen as spoiled whiners and this is the equivalent of them lying on the floor, kicking their legs and holding their breath.

I think most of us see them as idiots and see that Trump is doing a pretty good job and we just want to get back to our lives. We see them and don’t think we need to protest Trump–we think that they just need to go the heck away.


Why is

30 Jun

this guy so funny? I mean, it seems unfair–I would like to be funny, too.

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