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Who is next?

18 Apr

So who is the democratic candidate that will face Trump next election? Quick, name a likely (or even possible) person off the top of your head.  And if you cannot, that should tell you a lot. It usually takes more than one election cycle in the public eye to become popular and well-known enough to make a serious run.

In past years I have had some idea of what is coming down the pike.  But not this time.  OK, name one up-and-coming democrat. Now take Cory Booker out of the running. Tim Kaine? (It took me a half hour to even think of his name! And it’s only been six months…) Maybe you can come up with a 1 or possibly even 2, but almost for sure not any more than that, and very likely not even that!

I mean, last time the Democrats had to revert to ancient relics like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (and Fauxcahontis)!  And they did so for a very good reason–there were simply no other decent choices.

Now, I am quite certain that more will bubble up as time goes on. There is no way the Republican will run unopposed. But what non-political-junkie can even name a single possibility now? Hillary will probably not be alive for the next election, anyway. And Fauxcahontis is a total loser and a sick joke. And either one would be a sure loss for the Democrats in any case.

That tells you just how weak the Democrat bench is.  It also speaks to the fact that their ideas are old and tired and nonsensical and do not resonate.  It is the party of grandmas who remember their parents talking about how cool hippies were. They love throwbacks like  Crosby, Stills, and Nash. They gush about the days when The Beatles were still together and had a new hit, “Come Together.” The Viet Nam war was a big deal.

I agree, there is a kind of frenzied intensity among many run-of-the-mill leftists today, but there really is no good logical argument for their leaders’ positions. And the fact that Trump is doing things that help out the country in terms of the economy and foreign policy means that he is a pretty sure bet for the presidency again. And if not him (becauase of age or desire), then certainly Mike Pence.

But if Republicans hold the presidency for the next 16 years, the Democrats are finished.  A new party will arise and replace the Democrats.

Plus, understand that there is a “pull” for Democrats to become even more extreme, so what replaces them may well be ever worse! The chasm between the parties will then continue to get wider and wider, in a recapitulation of the “Rekhabite Principle” that we have seen over and over in history. At some point groups within a population get so far apart philosophically that they can no longer stay together physically. That is the “Rekhabite Principle” in a nutshell. And that is what I am talking about.


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All this

15 Apr

I very much hope.

Obama was SO terrible and so incompetent that it is a sure thing that Trump will be better. Even now he already is.

The fact that Hillary is not President makes me feel that I had a near-death experience. I feel I need to pull off the freeway, gasping and shaking.

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Well, I for one

14 Apr

really hope that Ryan comes around. Mitch McConnell could teach him a few things…

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This map

12 Apr

really tells you a ton.

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I think

05 Apr

this is very important. Not only because McCain is at best an unreliable ally and we need him on board with this, but because it gives other fence-sitters permission to go nuclear. Now Collins and others can vote their conscience with a little cover. McCain has given cover, here.

Let’s say that ideologically you are in the mushy middle. You think the Conservativism is probably correct, but you also value the Georgetown cocktail parties and the favorable NYT articles.

Then a squish like McCain, who has always been a rather hide-bound traditionalist, says that he is willing to get rid of the filibuster. Suddenly, you are free. You can vote for the “nuclear option” totally unimpeded by your social desires. McCain gave you permission. If there is a problem, you can just point to McCain.

It is the end of the filibuster.

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Look, Trump

30 Mar

was never a Conservative. I don’t think he ever pretended to be. I think that he leans toward conservativeism just out of good sense, but he is certainly not an identity or a “movement” Conservative. He is not really a political philosophy sort of guy

What he is is a guy who will go to RINOs and Dems and shake them by the ears until they get something beneficial done. He is an iconoclast. He is a demolition artist. He is a “My way or the highway” sort of guy.

We need to know what we’re dealing with. Now he is very likely to make good, Conservative picks for SCOTUS. And THAT, IMHO is as important an issue as there is–almost for sure the most important one. He is also likely to inject some good sense into the tax code. But let’s not be confused that he himself is a conservative. He is not.

I think he is more like a modern day “Scoop” Jackson in terms of where he falls in the Left/Right continuum. As a Conservative, I am just fine with that. Conservatives would and should be thrilled to death with a “Scoop” Jackson.

I think Trump has some very Conservative instincts. He is not a scholar, and he might not know the provenance of some of his ideas, but he is Conservative in some areas (especially foreign policy). In domestic issues, he seems to be far more traditional liberal. But he jives with Conservatives in that he does not want a Lefty activist Supreme Court.

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Yeah, all these

29 Mar

Lefties got defeated. To quote Wodehouse, I give no damns…

Maybe the long night of the Lefty Orc really is ending, at least for now. I sure hope so. The night has been very dark, and now we see the first glimmers of the dawn in the East. And unlike those new ones in the famous story, these Orcs really can’t survive sunlight.

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So what do we know

27 Mar

from the Goresuch hearings? Well, several things.

I think #4 is really important, at least for me. And maybe for others.

The bald truth is that Lefty carping just cannot stand toe-to-toe with rational argument. It simply can’t survive rational debate. See, in the past there could be a fairies-and-unicorn approach from the Left that sounded good, at least on the surface–and the superficial take was the only explanation even available. It gained adherents the way a weight loss program that promises drastic and immediate weight loss from eating candy does. Gee, sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it is a sham.

Yeah, I would like a pancakes and candy bar diet that would turn me into a buff 25-year-old after only 2 days, but that is, again, the fairies-and-unicorns bullcrap. And such is Leftism.

Leftism is just not rational, and it can’t remain for long. We are seeing that, now. Of course, I’m willing to bet that something worse will come about, but Leftism is an old, tired philosophy from last century whose days are numbered.

Well, a Cockatrice will emerge from the Asp’s hole…

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Yet another

27 Mar

great thing.

If these folks truly believe that Neil Goresuch is the antichrist and they therefore they must vote against him, they would be more than happy to stake their jobs on it. After all, it’s not like they are staking their life, liberty, and sacred honor…

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So why do we have

24 Mar

the filibuster, anyway. Harry Reid was right (now THERE’s a sentence I never thought I would say), it is time to get rid of the filibuster.

I know there is some heartburn about getting rid of the filibuster and worries about what the GOP will do when THEY are in the minority, but I think that now is the time to do it, just the same. There is NO question that the Democrats will do that as soon as it benefits them.

For Democrats it is,”Heads I win and tails you lose.”

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