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For the good of the country

24 May

and for the people in the state, California should be split up.

There is just no question. Let the LA and SF enclaves do what they want.

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I do think that Republicans

17 May

have a serious uphill battle. But they’re not the only ones. It is typical for the party that has the White House to lose seats in the House and Senate in off-year elections, so one would expect Democrats to make gains–maybe even gain the House.

But these numbers are an anchor tied around the Democrats’ necks. No amount of carping and whining will help them–it only hurts them and energizes the opposition. I mean that’s how they lost 2016!

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Why I want Trump to “win.”

16 May

It is not because I am a huge Trump fan. He has done very well with SCOTUS, and that was what I wanted out of him. It has been a very pleasant surprise. Tax reform is a close second. Obamacare is right there, as well. And foriegn policy is a total mess, thanks to Obama. But I am not a Trumpkin. He doesn’t seem to really have a philosophical “core” at all, let alone one I can buy into.

I want Trump to “win” because politics is a zero-sum game, and if Trump loses it means that the despicable Left wins. That’s it. The Left is virulently anti-American (they certainly lean hard that way) and simply won’t do what is good for the country. They have the “tame” minions in the MSM in their hip pocket and so there is a constant barrage of negativity from those Lefties-with-bylines. They want the USA to become congenial losers–Belgium with a bigger land mass. So there is simply no way I can be a Democrat and also want the USA to do well. Not really. Maybe 30 years ago it was possible, but not now.

I really hate the Lefty MSM. They suck. They are neither trustworthy nor believable. Only a great fool buys what they are selling. A HUUUUGE fool.

I think the general population is only now coming to that realization. It is slowly dawning on them that they have been rolled. Such a realization has certainly been a long time coming. But THIS is the reason Trump was elected. And in polls people lied, leaving the pollsters sputtering. Polls are just no longer reliable or predictive. Not in the USA, anyway. They may give hints, but like bikinis they reveal much that is interesting while hiding that which is essential.

So yes, I want Trump to do well. He has all the right enemies. A lot is riding on this…

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I feel a

15 May

disturbance in the Force.

If Republicans were smart, this would be a HUGE part, the cornerstone of the 2018 campaign. I would hammer the crap out of them with this.

Think about it: “THIS is what they think of you! They may pretend otherwise, but the mask has slipped…” THAT is a devastating ad. And it is exactly what most normal people already feel, so it is likely to be met with head nods.

People voted for Trump because of this kind of crap. THIS is how you get more Trump.

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I think there are

03 May

some real issues that face Democrats.

I think it really is true that Democrats have become the party of fat cats and “posse.”

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As Glenn Reynolds said,

02 May

the anti-Trump stuff is just boring. I mean how many times can you hear an oh-so-earnest 22-year-old dweeb impart the wisdom that Trump is the antichrist? Let’s see how “fresh” it is to say GWB is Hitler!

Look, it’s trite and boring.

I think the vast majority of us just roll our eyes and say, “Yeah, whatever…”

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It’s a good

02 May

article. Very good. Though I think the first section is by far the best.

But at root of this is an overweening narcissism. Rather than take an unflinching look at themselves, they seek to avoid personal blame by concocting a fairy tale conspiracy theory. And this “precious snowflake” narcissism is indeed the sickness of our time. They embody this ethos.

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30 Apr

this is by no means a surprise. At all.

It’s not like it’s optimism, really. It’s more like a mugger putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger, only to have it jam and not fire. THAT was the 2016 general election.

So yes, small businesses are more optimistic, They just can’t believe that they are still alive. Against all odds, against all probability, they are still alive. Yes, they lost all bowel control when their life was threatened and it appeared to be all over, but now they are alive to go change their pants. And they are very happy about having to go change their britches.

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Yes, Democrats

27 Apr

are making some very significant errors.

And I think that is more tantrum than reason. It is more “having a fit” than rationality. The problem is that this could very well lead to the end of the Democrat party if they don’t pull up, and soon. And I think that it is best for the country to have two robust parties that debate actual ideas. Maybe something more intellectually legitimate will take their place. I sure hope so.

But the Democrats no longer actually debate ideas–they are just into coercion. It is not reason, but brute force. They just get violent and call names and then leave. So maybe their demise is not a huge deal. But we only stay sharp when we are challenged. You only gain muscle by lifting heavy weights. Conservatives need Liberals to challenge them. Democrats no longer have any intellectual heft, and that is a real potential problem for Conservatives.

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Who is next?

18 Apr

So who is the democratic candidate that will face Trump next election? Quick, name a likely (or even possible) person off the top of your head.  And if you cannot, that should tell you a lot. It usually takes more than one election cycle in the public eye to become popular and well-known enough to make a serious run.

In past years I have had some idea of what is coming down the pike.  But not this time.  OK, name one up-and-coming democrat. Now take Cory Booker out of the running. Tim Kaine? (It took me a half hour to even think of his name! And it’s only been six months…) Maybe you can come up with a 1 or possibly even 2, but almost for sure not any more than that, and very likely not even that!

I mean, last time the Democrats had to revert to ancient relics like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (and Fauxcahontis)!  And they did so for a very good reason–there were simply no other decent choices.

Now, I am quite certain that more will bubble up as time goes on. There is no way the Republican will run unopposed. But what non-political-junkie can even name a single possibility now? Hillary will probably not be alive for the next election, anyway. And Fauxcahontis is a total loser and a sick joke. And either one would be a sure loss for the Democrats in any case.

That tells you just how weak the Democrat bench is.  It also speaks to the fact that their ideas are old and tired and nonsensical and do not resonate.  It is the party of grandmas who remember their parents talking about how cool hippies were. They love throwbacks like  Crosby, Stills, and Nash. They gush about the days when The Beatles were still together and had a new hit, “Come Together.” The Viet Nam war was a big deal.

I agree, there is a kind of frenzied intensity among many run-of-the-mill leftists today, but there really is no good logical argument for their leaders’ positions. And the fact that Trump is doing things that help out the country in terms of the economy and foreign policy means that he is a pretty sure bet for the presidency again. And if not him (becauase of age or desire), then certainly Mike Pence.

But if Republicans hold the presidency for the next 16 years, the Democrats are finished.  A new party will arise and replace the Democrats.

Plus, understand that there is a “pull” for Democrats to become even more extreme, so what replaces them may well be ever worse! The chasm between the parties will then continue to get wider and wider, in a recapitulation of the “Rekhabite Principle” that we have seen over and over in history. At some point groups within a population get so far apart philosophically that they can no longer stay together physically. That is the “Rekhabite Principle” in a nutshell. And that is what I am talking about.


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