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It’s a great question.

22 Sep

But almost for sure that is just wishful thinking. Like Hillary Clinton and bad crotch rot, the monster always comes back after you think it’s gone for good. So I’m not convinced, though I am hopeful.

But I have said for some time that the Democrats are on political life support. They have no “bench,” they have very few fresh faces, they have lost almost all legislatures at the state level, they don’t have the Presidency, they don’t have either the House or the Senate, they don’t have the Supreme Court, and they don’t have a cogent and coherent message. The SJW crowd is taking a serious whipping, and there is less and less faith in the Universities in particular and public school in general. There is little to no rational argument there. They really only have shrill anti-Trump squealings and not much more.

So I wonder, will they be replaced by something else? I think the next couple of elections will tell the tale.

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A really good article

18 Sep

on politicians as used car salesmen.

See, THAT is the problem with viewing politics as a profession. If it’s your profession you need to make some, uh, allowances in order to get ahead. The really  important thing is that you win the next election and thus keep your job. And if you have to lie and cheat to do that, then so be it.

The other model is the traditional one from the 1800s and first half the 1900s: You are successful in your line of work and so you leave that for a short time to SERVE your country in Congress. SERVE. It’s not a profession, it is a charity. You do it out of love for country, not out of love for money, power, and status.

See, that’s a big part of why Trump won. He wasn’t a career barnacle with lips stuck firmly to the public teat, like Hillary was. He had already  been successful and had plenty of money to live out the rest of his life. Moving to the White House was a step down for him, in terms of luxury. He didn’t need the Presidency like Hillary did, either psychologically or financially (though even in financial terms her “need” was transparently psychological). And her neediness was totally in-your-face all the time. Not surprisingly, it was all about her. Trump may be a bit self-centered, but we don’t see the actual personality pathology that Hillary is famous for!

As Ann Coulter said (I know that many of you have an irrational and truly ignorant–and irrational–hatred of her):

The common wisdom holds that “both parties” have to appeal to the extremes during the primary and then move to the center for the general election. To the contrary, both parties run for office as conservatives. Once they have fooled the voters and are safely in office, Republicans sometimes double-cross the voters. Democrats always do.


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From what I understand,

14 Sep

Mike Pence would be the next R candidate. Maybe that will change.

In any case, I would be very pleased to see her as President, if I understand things well. I think Mike Pence should probably pick her for VP in 2024.


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Stick to the issues!

04 Sep

Many times you hear that one should “stick to the issues” and not engage in personal attacks, that logic is what wins elections, not invective.

Total and complete poppycock. Only a great fool sticks to the issues.

That is merely what the Left says in order to trash you. It sounds good, but it is a lie. It makes you play the wrong game entirely, and of course you lose. You think they want to debate and may the best ideas win? Silly you.

This is long. Sorry. But I can’t explain this concept without some length.

Donald Trump famously is devoid of a strong philosophical base, yet he absolutely crushed Hillary, who did have a strong philosophical base. He beat a large number of very established Republicans, too. Why?

Because he didn’t stick to the issues. He was a huge underdog. He focused on mocking the other rather than putting forth a plan of government. He hung memorable monikers on the opposition, like “Little Marco” and “Crooked Hillary.” There was at least a grain of truth there. And they never recovered.

Reagan instinctively did that, too. Yes, Reagan was firmly grounded in facts and good sense, but do you recall anything about his race with Jimmy Carter? If you do, it is almost for sure Reagan’s line in the debate of, “There you go again!” That was not policy. Yet Reagan was losing before and ended up winning big—it was the pivot point of the entire election. I would argue that it was the most important thing Reagan ever said. This man (Reagan) was extraordinarily well-versed in policy and was intellectually brilliant, yet the most important thing he ever said (at least electorally) was NOT substantive, it was hammering Jimmy Carter in a very personal way. Think about it.

I am in a wheelchair. But maybe you don’t understand the power of being a cripple. The joke I have with a good friend of mine at one place I work shows this. She is solidly mid-management. We often talk. She is pretty no-nonsense and is, in fact, an Administrative Law Judge.

One day I said something funny but rather cutting to her in private (not about her). It was rather “dark humor.” She laughed and then said, “Others should know how horrible you are!” I said to her, “You should tell them, but the question I have is this: Why do you hate cripples so? Is it that I remind you of your own frailties and mortality?”

I told her to go ahead and tell on me. That will only make people think she is a brute and that I am the real victim, here. Go ahead. I told her,”See, I will win any contest with you because I am in a wheelchair. So go right ahead. Tell on me. See if that helps you. See if saying the cripple is a liar and a jerk will be good for you (spoiler: It won’t).” She laughed and laughed, but it is true.

The fact is that I may well be a liar and a jerk, but if you say that I will just put on a “sad puppy” face and with a hitch in my voice say, “I’m sorry I am a cripple—I must be a constant reminder to you of your own weaknesses and mortality. I’ll try to do better!” Then let’s see how people react. Stick a fork in you, you’re done!

Note that I am NOT challenging the substance of the criticism. No, not at all. But understand that the hand that wrings the hanky rules the world. The power is in the subtle (and not) name-calling by the “victim,” not in the policy. It is in the moniker, “Crooked Hillary,” not in the particular assertion! And it is buttressed and made believable by the fact that Hillary is indeed crooked.  But the power is in asking, “Why do you hate cripples so?” There is real power in victimhood. Why do you think the Democrats play that card so regularly? Power.

You can deny, but people will just sadly shake their heads and turn away. The problem was that Hillary could not plausibly claim to be a victim. Oh, she tried–she was “flat broke” after leaving the White house, everyone is mean because she’s a woman and they are stinking’ misogynists, etc. But it was all way too unbelievable. Even a total moron instantly saw that these things were false and/or very misleading. She was an obvious crook. She was obviously extremely privileged. And therefore her assertions just threw another log onto Hillary’s load of being a congenital liar, as well as a criminal who lies to avoid jail.

Think of the Left and its electoral strategy and what has worked for them. See what Hillary tried to do. They do NOT want to argue issues—their political philosophy stinks and is very weak and on logical grounds they lose badly. They get crushed. So they say, “Why do you hate poor people and other races?” THAT is the route they take. They play the victim (sometimes vicariously). Conservatives are then left spluttering. Or whining. Neither is a winning approach–and the MSM continually covered for the Democrats, to boot! Those things are almost insurmountable problems for Republicans. But Donald Trump surmounted them…

Now of course Conservatives usually don’t “get” this, and they certainly are not “haters” of any kind, but after the Left makes accusations they are stuck explaining that they are not racists and misogynists and demons from Hell and Scrooge McDuck rather than discussing the policy issues. Game, set, and match to the Democrats. Here is the lesson: Don’t argue facts, put on the sad puppy face and ask why they hate cripples so.

And that’s why Greg Abbot will almost for sure be President. My bet: he will eventually be Mike Pence’s VP. We are looking at at least 20 years of Republicans in the White House.

Republicans NEED a candidate in a wheelchair, so to speak. And that wheelchair bound-ness needs to be quite open for the Republican. That is an overwhelming strength, not a weakness. No, by no means is it a detriment.

I am in a wheelchair, and I would by no means hide that fact if I were an elected official. If used correctly, it would make me bullet-proof.

And if the other side points out that you are a manipulative jerk? Just get a quivering lip and say, “Why do you hate cripples so? I guess it constantly reminds you of your own weakness and mortality. I’ll try [hitch] to do better.”

Don’t kid yourself, the hand that wrings the hanky rules the world.

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Some eclipses

27 Aug

are nothing but good:


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So is Trump cratering

24 Aug

in the polls? I dunno.

It is not clear to me that things are much different than they long have been. Plus, how many are, as I and others have urged, lying? See, I have real question about whether traditionalist polling outfits are getting reliable results. They don’t really “swim in the waters” of the Trump crowd, or even reluctant Trump voters. They are counting the “die-hard” Trumpkins, but many of us are NOT die-hard Trumpkins. Yet when push comes to shove, we choose hope over sure despair.

See, the Hillary/Trump race was incredibly polarizing. But it’s pretty clear to me that morally I should shy away from those who Antifa and Schumer and Pelosi like. THAT is a pretty good gauge, and it tells me what is crucial. They promote immorality. Trump is a symptom, NOT a cause. Given what we have seen, we know the crack has become a ditch. It is widening and we will soon be unable to straddle it. It will become a canal, and then a raging river. You’re gonna have to choose where YOU stand. I know not what others may choose, but as for me…

I wish I could blithely go along being in the thoughtless and “mushy” middle. I wish none of this had ever happened, that this had never come to me. But then, so does everyone who faces such things and lives in such times…

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The irrational Trump rage

24 Aug

is hilarious.

It is time to stop whining, grow up, and be responsible. Stamping your feet and gnashing your teeth about Trump is NOT a good solution. THAT is exactly why Trump is there in the first place!

So no more, Conservatives. Trump was not my first choice, either. But after the primaries he was and is now the best option we have. To have voted for anyone other than Trump in November of 2016 was a de facto vote for Hillary. Own it! And get off your high horse on this–you are wrong.


Here is something

23 Aug

written last year. It was true then. It is still true.

See, THIS is the kind of stuff that knee-jerk carping about how Trump is “not our kind, dear” act just doesn’t touch. One can sniff and turn up one’s nose, but regular people are torqued and have had just about enough. The “smarter-than-thou” set really don’t get that. There is a “Shut up, proles, and tote that load” know-your-place-ism about them, and regular people are sick of it…

Part of that is borne of sheer personality pathology (you can thank crappy parenting à la the “special snowflake” self-esteem crap for this generation of narcissists), but part of it is that these elites have directed things for so long that they just assume that is the natural order of things. As said in a movie (significantly paraphrased), “The ants gather the food and the grasshoppers swoop in and take the food–it is the circle of life.”

Well, the ants are rising up. We have had enough. Good.

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Trump is President.

15 Aug

Grow up and deal with it!

You lost, OK? You freakin’ LOST. Now (as goes to old school-yard taunt) it’s time to act your age rather the your shoe size. Just grow up an kwithcher infernal whining. Sometimes in politics you get your butt handed to you. I know you are not used to it, but get off the floor and stop kicking your legs and holding your breath. Put on your big-boy pants because we adults are all sick to death of your tantrums. Just grow up, shut up, and give me fries with that.

We’re not your mommy and we expect you to act like adults. So get a grip and put your head down. Act your age. <sheesh!>

NEWFLASH! You are not a “special snowflake,” and we all don’t have to kowtow to you.


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And I think that

14 Aug

this is exactly the Leftists’ worst fear. And not just on North Korea.

What if, after all their whining a carping, it becomes clear that Trump was right? What if the country does very well with Obamacare repeal and tax cuts and North Korea and China? Where does that leave the Democrats and the very similar never-trumpers?

It totally discredits them.

Don’t be confused. THAT is the reason for Mueller and Maxine Waters and Bill Kristol. There is a frantic effort on the Left to make it so Trump won’t succeed. The Left just can’t afford it–they would be out of power for a generation. The lackey MSM will do their best to discredit Trump and make him look bad (hey, they do their part).

We need to understand the goal, here. It all makes sense once you understand the goal. These folks don’t give a rat’s patoot that Trump is vulgar and brash–I mean, he doesn’t hold a candle to LBJ! And you think Hillary Clinton was not profane and vulgar when she was in the White House as first lady? You think Bill was a model of rectitude?

You fool. I know for a FACT much of what happened in the Clinton White House (though some was told to me in confidence, so I won’t go into detail–I had a top-secret clearance, and dealt with nuclear stuff as well). From first-hand witnesses. And I had more than one source. Far more.


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