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It’s not that often that

19 Nov

I agree with the Huffington Post. But I do on this.

Having “creepy uncle Joe” be the face of the party is a terrible idea for the Democrats. Absolutely terrible. Almost as bad as having Hag Hillary. Now I would totally love it if the Democrats actually did run creepy uncle Joe (or Hag Hillary), but that is for other reasons. In Biden’s case it would be a slam-dunk win for his opponent. It would also solidify the Democrats as the party of sexual abuse. Hillary does that same thing to a large extent,  given her craven Bill Clinton suck-up-ism.

But Huffpo ran this for the same reason Lefties have published articles hammering Hillary–they know that both Hillary and Joe are a) very ambitious, b) don’t care who they hurt, and c) are sure electoral losers. This is all about frantic Democrat efforts to keep them out of the public view.


The attacks

17 Nov

on Biden are certainly not an accident. They are a carefully organized campaign against him. Same with Hillary. The Left wants no part of either of them. I think we need to be quite clear about that.

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11 Nov

the majority is not wrong, here.

The process was far from fair.

But let’s do a thought experiment: Let’s say that things had played out fairly and Bernie had won the nomination. Then, as is quite predictable, he gets crushed in the general. But then Socialist fever has broken, and the Democrats are forever after immune.

In that case, Socialism is totally discredited. The Democrats lost, but they move on, away from an old and tired 1960s style of thought. They are immune to this stupid and outdated school of thought.

But because of Hillary’s morally despicable actions, the Democrats have the worst of all possible worlds: They get rooked and run a crappy candidate in Hillary and then get beaten like a rented mule. Hey, they would have gotten beaten with Bernie, too, but now it is worse.

Trump then drastically changes the judiciary and very possibly (hopefully) the tax system. Neither of those things would be easily changed back. The judiciary is certainly unchangeable for at least a generation. Trump is not a real sympathetic character, but his policies have been very good. He has certainly changed the “comity above all else” tradition of the Senate.

There are two issues, here: Policies and personal likability. Reagan had them both. Trump only has good policies. Still, the stock market is WAY up. Businesses are hiring again. Foreign policy is waaaay better. There is light breaking in the east and the long night of the Democrat Orc is drawing to a close. Everyone (almost) is relieved. They are a bit shaky because they narrowly missed that oncoming semi truck and a fatal crash seemed inevitable, but now they are really relieved–they just need to pull over to the side of the road to catch their breath.

Then, Bernie tries to run again in 2020. He is both physically and philosophically old and tired. The Democrats will almost certainly lose yet again if he runs. So they are again discredited. SCOTUS is Conservative for at least a generation, and many people who are kids now grow up to choose Conservatism both as voters and as judges–it is far more “in the air.” This is, perhaps, the turning of the tide. Sure, there will be losses and disappointments. But there is certainly a whiff of change in the air.

Can Democrats really recover? The Republicans have been unreliable to the extent that they have been “squishy.” There is a housecleaning going on, and rightfully so. But we need to understand that it is not the Republicans who are at risk of going away–riding off into oblivion. It is the Democrats. The Democrats are NOT cleaning house, and that is a real problem for them. Unless they do, they are doomed.



06 Nov

the dam is indeed starting to break.

See, if alive, Hillary will again run unless she is thrown under the bus now, by her own party. It is simply not in her nature to bow out gracefully. If at all possible, she will run again. The best interests of her party be damned.

So the party is going to put the proverbial bullet in her head right now. They may well not be able to later, and she is a sure loser. Kill the monster now when you have a chance, because if you don’t it will come back again later and try again to kill YOU. She must not try to run again so as to avoid a very public rift. But Hillary thinks the third time will be a charm…

THAT is what you are seeing now. Donna Brazile was the “forward” person to fire the first shot, but she almost for sure won’t be the last. You can bet that Hillary won’t go softly into that good night, either. No, she will rage, rage against the dying of the light. So the party leaders will have to (figuratively) kill her and very publicly dump her body on the side of the road.

They can’t count on this sick old woman dying. The monster never dies of natural causes…

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03 Nov

is thrown under the bus. It’s been weird that Hillary had escaped so far. But that is really changing, now.

Here we have Elizabeth Warren doing the same thing. Even Piers Morgan is noting that Warren says that Hillary’s nomination was rigged.

THIS is the moment when it was really over for Hillary. If she is alive for the next general (possible, but not all that likely) there is simply no way she could run again, let alone get the nomination. The Democrats have turned on her and it’s OVAH! You are seeing them turn on her and rip her apart. She knows better than anyone that there is no loyalty in the Democrat party.

Ho-lee crap!


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02 Nov

lots of anger. Yeah, he’s right, but he’s angry.

And it’s not just him. The electorate is angry, and for good reason.

Always remember, as Andrew Breitbart said, politics is downstream from culture.

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I’ve tried

31 Oct

being nice. It doesn’t work with the Left. Romney was a truly nice guy. I didn’t always agree with him, but always agreed that he was a good guy.

Well, you know where nice guys finish? Last. And that is exactly where Romney finished. Last.

I’m not into nice guys anymore. If the Left were going to play by Marquess de Queensberry rules, it would be a different story. But they’re not. That ship has sailed. I want a fighter.


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I gotta tell you,

30 Oct

I’m really not surprised. At all.

I was driving around town with a friend and he said he was shocked at how many “Help Wanted” signs he was seeing everywhere around town. Also, in my area we are seeing a TON of new housing developments go up. This was a fast-growing area a decade ago, and construction totally died about a year after Obama took office, and it kept getting worse. 10 years ago I sold my home and built another one. The guy who bought my old home was a painter and he depended on new construction to make a living.

He lost the house. It went into foreclosure.

Things are a lot better now, economically, now that we don’t have Obama’s boot on our throats. My son just got a job at a new place that just built a store and opened up. The sky is lightening in the East and the long night of the Orc, with all it’s fears, is rapidly coming to a close. I’m just glad (relieved, really) that the country turned away from the Uber-Orc that ran against Trump in the general election.

Now we just need to get rid of the RINO Orcs left in congress (Left, heh). Jeff Flake is going, and that’s a very good thing. Flake is just bowing out because he is immensely unpopular and would have lost, anyway. He can’t leave too soon.

Flake pretends that he “fell on his sword” and will nobly will leave the Senate because of Trump. He tells us he is a “good guy” who was destroyed because of his principled opposition to Trump. Maybe he is so deluded that he actually believes it.

But it is horse hockey. Utter malarkey.

Flake was a reliable Conservative in the House, but once he got into the Senate (1 term) he voted for all sorts of Lefty stupidity. He was the prototypical “Swamp Dweller” who got to DC and his goal and then happily screwed over his constituents for a scrap from the NY Times table. He was going to be primaried, and he would have lost. THAT is the truth. His approval rating is like 19%. THAT is why Flake is leaving. Trust me, if it were 60% he would NOT move on. He won’t stay and fight Trump because he can’t. If he were really noble, he would stay and fight on principle. But no. To quote an old movie, “He bravely ran away.” See ya! (cough <loser!>cough)

This is NOT nobility. It’s just a weak excuse. Really weak. He was going to be beaten like a rented mule in the primaries and he knew it. He now hopes his nonstop bleating will obscure the facts, but the truth that he is leaving because he knows he would get pounded and he is a coward. If he were a man of principle, he would stay in the race. But he is just a low-life worm. HE is the kind of person who gives politicians a bad name!

And I would say to him, “Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.” Good riddance, Jeff “Freakin’ Pansy” Flake.

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That is

27 Oct

only too true.

But more important is why it is true.

For a lot of people, they feel that they have repeatedly been hosed over by traditional politicians. They hear people like Jeff Flake talk and they roll their eyes. They are angry. They have been taken advantage of. The high-minded rhetoric sounds like the crap-on-a-cracker pontificating of the abuser. They feel that Jeff Flake and his ilk can go directly to Hell, without passing “Go.” They see the manifest corruption in DC and realize that Flake and those “comity dinosaurs” seem to be defending it–and yet it is indefensible.

They are angry, and rightfully so. Democrats and delusional “never-trumpets” need to really understand that anger.

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Not even Jimmy and Roslyn Carter voted for Hillary

24 Oct

in the primaries! Wow. When you’ve lost the Carters…

Now granted, the Carters are total idiots. But I guess they are also sexists! I mean, there is no other reason not to vote for Hillary, right?


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