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So why do we have

24 Mar

the filibuster, anyway. Harry Reid was right (now THERE’s a sentence I never thought I would say), it is time to get rid of the filibuster.

I know there is some heartburn about getting rid of the filibuster and worries about what the GOP will do when THEY are in the minority, but I think that now is the time to do it, just the same. There is NO question that the Democrats will do that as soon as it benefits them.

For Democrats it is,”Heads I win and tails you lose.”

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24 Mar

what has happened with the health care bill, it very much seems to me that Paul Ryan is in serious jeopardy. Maybe we actually need a new Speaker. Rand Paul would do well, but he’s in the Senate.

And Trump needs to be very careful in aligning himself with Ryan. Right now, Ryan can take the fall. He is expendable, and he has been an old-school RINO. But this runs the risk of taking the shine off the Trump apple. That would be a very bad thing for the country. There is a lot of repair to do, and this internecine warfare only interferes with that.

We KNOW the Democrats are totally irrational and will throw Trump to the wolves if at all possible. They are lying in wait… Trump simply cannot afford to alienate conservatives, since he will get no mercy (or even fairness) from Democrats. I hope he gets that–I think he does, but we’ll see what he does over the next week. That will tell us a lot.

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Paul Ryan

22 Mar

is getting creamed. He’s looking more like a RINO squish every day. He must really be doing what he thinks is right, because this crap sure doesn’t make him popular! He is very much looking like a Boehner with hair…

It’s too bad–he was so promising. Even more reason to primary him. See ya!


Well, the truth is

17 Mar

that McCain is indeed the poster child for term limits. Rand Paul is entirely correct on that point.

I may disagree with Rand Paul in many areas and yet recognize that he is totally correct here.

Let’s face it–Mcain is a mean old man that should have left the public stage many years ago. I personally didn’t sully myself by voting for him when he ran for President. I wrote in. There is just some dog food I won’t eat. McCain should simply go away. He is a dinosaur, a denizen of the land time forgot. But he won’t go because he is too full of himself. He will die in the well of the Senate. It is all he has left.

I voted for Trump. I voted for Romney. I had significant reservations about each. But I simply would not pull the lever for McCain. And this even when the alternative was a looming Obama, who even then was a clear backward Leftist. But McCain was an inveterate butt-head who would discredit the GOP for a generation. He would have been a catastrophe. The country might survive Obama, but McCain as a GOP President would have been utterly catastrophic. Again, there is just some dog food I won’t eat and I’ve got to live with myself…

So when McCain ran, I wrote in.

And subsequent events have totally justified me. McCain would not even sniff the nomination now! He is a HUGE loser and no one with two brain cells to rub together is a McCain booster. You could be a hired hand on his staff, but you are not really a booster. Not if you have any wisdom whatsoever.


I’m pretty firmly

17 Mar

in the Tom Cotton corner. Ryan really does not seem particularly conservative to me. Not instinctively. Better than Boehner, yes,  but not at all ideal. He has rather become the face of the Ancien Regime.

The winds are shifting, and if Ryan cannot figure out which way the winds are blowing, he is a fool that will soon lose the Speakership. I think Ryan will indeed do the right thing eventually, but only when cornered like a filthy rat. And THAT dooms his Speakership–you just can’t trust him. Well, that is not leadership. You want someone you trust to lead you into battle. And not surprisingly given his background, Tom Cotton can do that. He has certainly done it before.

If Trump turns on Ryan now, it is OVAH! And Trump needs to play his cards wisely, here. I think that Trump is, at heart, a businessman and he won’t invest in Paul Ryan. He knows a loser of a cause when he sees it. He seems to have a real intinct for self-preservation—and he is a great judge of talent. For those reasons, Ryan’s days are almost for sure numbered.

The question is how much damage will Trump do to himself by delaying this decision. My guess? Not much. I think there is likely to be a different Speaker pretty dang soon unless we see some very drastic changes in Paul Ryan. And the new Speaker will be far more like Tom Cotton than Boehner.

Paul Ryan is the “old guard.” Tom Cotton is the cool new kid in town.

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14 Mar

I sure hope so. An even better idea.

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2024 candidate?

13 Mar

Maybe. Of course, it’s waaaaay to early to tell.

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OK, time for me

12 Mar

to come clean. Trump was not my first choice (that was Carly Fiorina) or my second (Ted Cruz). But I have to give credit where credit is due—Trump has been very, very good. His cabinet picks have been astoundingly good. His SCOTUS pick is unbelievably good. He showed great wisdom in choosing Mike Pence as his V.P. He has done everything well as POTUS so far. Jobs are way, way up. Business is perking up rapidly. The stock market has rallied well into record territory. There really is not much but good news. I am not yet tired of winning yet, though. He makes me want to say, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?” (but in a serious way)

And we should note that all the bad news stems from Obama. It is his legacy.

Yes, the foreign issues are a real concern, but they have been horrible (and made much worse) under Obama, so of course they are bad right now. We’ve had an incompetent clown running foreign relations for eight years.

Obamacare sucks, and it will be both painful and tricky to negotiate those particular waters. Danagerous. It was designed that way. So we need to cut Trump a little slack. Not a ton, but a little.

Obamacare is like a hook lodged in your arm–it is painful and you want it out, but the barb will tear tissue and cause more damage if you impulsively try to rip it out. The idea that you can remove the hook without pain and further injury is pure delusion. If you can, you push the hook through rather than tearing it out backward. That is both painful and counter-intuitive. It’s certainly not easy to avoid the impulse to just tear it out, though that may not be the wisest course.

And I’m not at all sure the others could have pulled it off as Trump is doing. I would be a small man indeed if I didn’t acknowledge that I was wrong. So I am willing to minimize my criticisms about Trump’s handling of Obamacare–he has been extremely competent in other areas and maybe I should just trust him. The long night of the Orc seems to be over and we are seeing the first of the lights bursting forth from the East.


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The Democrats are

10 Mar

really having a hard time learning the lesson of Hillary Clinton.

Look, let’s be brutally honest about this: She sucked as a candidate, OK? She was a horrible, unlikeable shrew. She walked around with her colostomy bag tucked into her baggy designer pantsuits. The recent gender-switching debates only showed how bad a candidate Hillary was. She was horrible as a candidate.

Now I know the Democrats have little to no bench, but you would think that once they have drunk from the bitter cup of Clintonism, they would not be eager to stain their lips again.

Yeah, you’d think that. And you would be wrong. This is mania, truly a mental illness. Chelsea is another sure loser, and even a horse learns after a few trials…

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I think the Republicans would be

08 Mar

incredibly foolish to waffle on Obamacare:

I think the Rs are also facing an existential threat, just like the Ds are. We see that with their waffling on Obamacare. If they substantially go along with it, another party will arise and the Rs will merge with the Ds. I give it 10 years, max. And you would see a shift in the upcoming mid-term elections. The “Conservative Party” will arise if the Rs don’t get on the stick.

Either the Rs get rid of the odious Obamacare or they are toast. They control all 3 branches of government now, so there are no more freakin’ excuses. The sun is shining—they need to make hay while the sun shines… The time for bluffing and whining is over. This is an existential issue for the GOP.

They die as a party if they don’t make substantial changes–it is that simple. And this just shines a blazing spotlight on the glaring weakness.

In past days it was seen as good to get along and make concessions to the other party. Those days are over, in large part due to the Democrats. Republicans need to wise up, here.

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