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So did Wolff

11 Jan

do Trump a big favor?

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It’s absolutely

09 Jan

TRUE that the scariest thing in the world for Leftist is that Donald Trump will be successful. Hence, Mueller.

For him to be successful would mean the their boyfriend and Leftism itself would be discredited.


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I think it is quite

08 Jan

clear that Trump is not legally guilty of crimes. And Mueller has done absolutely nothing to change that. I’ve heard people say that they don’t like him, but that is certainly not a violation of the law. Yeah, you don’t like him. Whatever.

But remember, Impeachment has nothing to do with legality. You can impeach a President for clearing his throat the wrong way if you have the House votes. Legality has nothing to do with it.

So, whether or not Trump is impeached and removed from office depends entirely on whether Democrats take the House and Senate in 2018! Please understand, this is a political issue, not a legal one. Legally, it would be laughed out of court. And rightly so. This is about political power, and that only. This is not about legality.

That brings us to the 2018 mid-terms. NOW is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country. You like tax cuts? Vote Republican. You like a booming economy? Vote Republican. You like good foreign policy? Vote Republican. You like fairness and justice? Vote Republican. You like Black unemployment getting waaaay better? Vote Republican. And bring friends to the polls. Let’s protect what we have, Because given half a chance the Democrats will take it away.

You may like the Democrat. He may be your buddy and family friend from way back. By all means, go fishing with him. But for the good of the country don’t vote for him!


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The battle has just begun.

04 Jan

Yes, we have Trump as President and Felonia von Pantsuit seems to be forever banished to the island of misfit toys. I feel like I have dodged a bullet. What a great victory!

OK, that is a good start. But understand that this is only the preliminary stage, stage one of four, if you will. The good guys have won–the first quarter. The task is far from over.

Understand well that if Democrats take back the House this year they will impeach Trump (for Heaven knows what) and progress will creep to a stop. The stock market will stop rising. Business will stop growing. If they take back the Senate, there will be no more Conservative SCOTUS members. If they gain both, Trump will be forced to step down and the country will face a real crisis. And ALL progress totally will stop and will go in reverse.

So, it’s time NOW to rise up. Yes, there tends to be some apathy by those who supported the party with the Presidency during mid-terms. But we just can’t afford that this time. GET OUT AND VOTE! Take a friend with you. Don’t let the Lefty bastards win. Because if they win, YOU lose.


If you are getting into

01 Jan

politics, you better be lily-white!

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Ammo grrrrrl is

31 Dec


I resolve to eschew political discussion with anyone who hates President Trump. It is like trying to convince a mental patient who believes that he is Napoleon that he is not; it will not convince him and will only irritate him.

And the truth is, many of the Never-Trumpers truly are mental!

Yeah, Evan “Mental” McMuffin, will you PU-LEEZE go now? At long last, will you just go?



29 Dec

on modern Democrats:

They [Democrats] don’t care if we starve to death out here, because they don’t care the first thing about anybody other than their pockets being full,” he believes. “Donald Trump doesn’t care about that because Donald Trump’s pockets are already full. That’s the reason I’ve stuck with him


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I really DO think

28 Dec

that Democrats are in real danger.

They have whined up a storm that they were prevented (by Trump and the Republicans) from stealing even more from you. They want to impeach Trump (on what grounds is totally unknown and probably unknowable without a crack pipe). And they will, if given any chance. So voters need to rise up again. The “game” is only in the first quarter, and Democrats and their lackey MSM co-conspirators need YOU to be so discouraged you stay home and not vote in 2018. Please, don’t do it! THAT is what they will try to do–run so many negative stories that you stay home and just don’t vote.

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I agree that

27 Dec

the “resistance” is indeed weak. Democrats have been very unwise to mindlessly and reflexively oppose Trump. They could have gotten more, but they were irrational in the extreme. They are therefore just losers.

See, here we see the irrationality of the Left on full display. They think that by being a total butt they will eventually get what they want. No, others will just see them as a total butt. Ask Bill Kristal and Evan McMuffin.

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The Left

24 Dec

has to hope for economic misery. Think about that for a moment. They really want people to be miserable. Obama’s policies were manifestly terrible in light of the Trump economic juggernaut that we are seeing. THAT is painful for Democrats, and they are doing everything in their power to halt it (from voting to Mueller). But how is hope for misery a winning position? Well, it’s covered and hidden with all kinds of fancy talk. But at heart, this is what it is.

Remember THAT when you go to the polls next November. The Democrats did NOT want you to keep more of your money and they want YOU to be economically miserable. Their policies have led to that and they are doubling down on the very same thing! On the other hand, Conservative policies have led to a HUGE economic boom.

This is no accident. Why on earth would anyone vote for any Democrat? They harbor ill intent, and it would be very unwise to enable them. Very. Keep the recovery going. Vote Conservative.

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