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Gee, Trump

20 Nov

sure is unpopular! I mean, look at his ratings. If only he were as popular as Merkel, Macron, and May (heroes to the Left, all)! I guess the Europeans are just more enlightened…

Yeah, whatever, you fool.

See. the Left just loves to bash Trump. It’s the only tool they have in their shed. Of course, that only makes us normals like him more–we realize that THEY are the tools. But if you think Trump is unusually unpopular, you just don’t know much about the rest of the world–you are an ignoramus. Left, ignoramus–I guess I repeat myself…

The Left lives in a fantasy world. Now I agree that it is a dangerous fantasy world, but it is a fantasy world just the same. And the Left has changed the rules–but you can be sure that they won’t be at all happy if the Right starts playing by those rules instead of the Marquess de Queensbury rules…

The Left is just dang lucky that the Right doesn’t play by the Left’s rules! Yet. You can poke a rabbit because you know there is no danger in that. But what if you think you are poking a rabbit and you are actually poking a good-natured and long-suffering tiger?

As Tolkien said, “Not all who wander are lost.” Well, all who suffer repeated poking without retaliating are not rabbits…

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08 Nov

that’s no shock.

There is a TON of talk about how incompetent and unpopular the GOP is. And that is to a large (though greatly exaggerated) extent true. But our media masters conveniently ignore the fact that the Democrats are also exceedingly unpopular. At least as much!

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So is Trump cratering

24 Aug

in the polls? I dunno.

It is not clear to me that things are much different than they long have been. Plus, how many are, as I and others have urged, lying? See, I have real question about whether traditionalist polling outfits are getting reliable results. They don’t really “swim in the waters” of the Trump crowd, or even reluctant Trump voters. They are counting the “die-hard” Trumpkins, but many of us are NOT die-hard Trumpkins. Yet when push comes to shove, we choose hope over sure despair.

See, the Hillary/Trump race was incredibly polarizing. But it’s pretty clear to me that morally I should shy away from those who Antifa and Schumer and Pelosi like. THAT is a pretty good gauge, and it tells me what is crucial. They promote immorality. Trump is a symptom, NOT a cause. Given what we have seen, we know the crack has become a ditch. It is widening and we will soon be unable to straddle it. It will become a canal, and then a raging river. You’re gonna have to choose where YOU stand. I know not what others may choose, but as for me…

I wish I could blithely go along being in the thoughtless and “mushy” middle. I wish none of this had ever happened, that this had never come to me. But then, so does everyone who faces such things and lives in such times…

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I’m telling

26 Jul

you. As a person who has worked as a telephone poll-taker, as a social scientist, as a college professor who has taught polling, and as a person who has designed and run his own phone polls, if you knew what chickens eat you wouldn’t eat chicken. “Tweaking” polls to get the results you want is easy, profitable, and very unlikely to be discovered. The buyer of the poll is certainly not likely to look very deeply into it if he or she likes the results! And it is real work to debunk bad polls. Who wants to pay for that? And sometimes you just can’t debunk a poll–you don’t have the key information.

I would advise Conservatives to lie to poll-takers. I think that in the broad picture that is the moral thing to do. It is not often true that lying is moral, but we can think of cases, and this is one.


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As a person

19 Jul

who has repeatedly taught the Philosophy of Science and Research Design and Analysis at the University level and has run my own phone surveys, (I did ALL the design and analysis) let me assure you that this article is fundamentally correct. I’m not saying that it is impossible to do well, I’m saying it is easy to get the result you want.

Yeah, if you knew what chickens ate, you wouldn’t eat chicken…

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I do think that Republicans

17 May

have a serious uphill battle. But they’re not the only ones. It is typical for the party that has the White House to lose seats in the House and Senate in off-year elections, so one would expect Democrats to make gains–maybe even gain the House.

But these numbers are an anchor tied around the Democrats’ necks. No amount of carping and whining will help them–it only hurts them and energizes the opposition. I mean that’s how they lost 2016!

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Yes there

16 Mar

is optimism in the air. And for good reason.

The question I have is why the doofy Left wants to kill such optimism! Are they freakin’ nuts? They do all they can to damage Trump and any Conservative policy. Why on earth?

Look, people are far more optimistic than they have been for the last decade or so. The economy has been going gangbusters (so much so that Yellen is raising the interest rate). Businesses have started to move out of the defensive crouch that Obama and his crappy economy caused. Things are just much better all around.

So why would Democrats want to undo all this? There is ONLY 1 reason: They would prefer that we all suffer in order for their cherished beliefs to go unchallenged. They simply can’t afford for Conservatism to work–it would totally discredit them. So they must strangle it in its cradle.

In short, they don’t have the best interests of the country as the ultimate priority. No, their political/religious beliefs and their overweening narcisism take precedence. I’m not saying they don’t care at all about the country, at least in the abstract, I’m saying it is not primary for them. When faced with the choice between Leftism and the country, they choose Leftism. Just so you know where they stand…

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Obama’s popularity

25 Jan

is a myth.

People may like the fact that we had a Black President, but Obama himself was just not very popular.


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So Hillary

01 Nov

is now as unlikeable as Trump, according to new polls. Wow, what a country!

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Look, I’m not saying

30 Sep

that this poll is accurate. I very much doubt that it is. I oppose Hillary as much as the next guy, but I am very skeptical.

But this is a very Lefty blog. So the results should tell us something. I mean, there could be a mass of people deliberately distorting the poll–just messing with people. Possible. But I’m not sure many conservatives even visit BuzzFeed. So where did all these votes come from? Let’s see if this is a pattern.

What is funny is the BuzzFeed freakout. They have totally dropped the mask. Before, you just had to be a fool to think there was no media bias. But now you have to be a total idiot.

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