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25 May

no one is going to indict Trump. Sorry, Lefties.  In six months there have been not a shred of evidence of misdoing on Trump’s part. Nothing. If there was anything, it would be bruited about incessantly.

Trust me, if Hillary was not indicted even with her very obvious violations of the law, some farcical charges (which have NO basis in fact) against Trump will go exactly nowhere. This is just Lefty delusion.

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Hillary put out a tweet

24 May

saying how outraged she is about the recent terror attack. But who gives a flying fig about WHAT she thinks? She’s a freakin’ idiot.

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White House leakers

23 May

to get  sacked. Good.

They richly deserve to be fired. And it should be made as public as possible. Let’s roll the cameras as they trudge out of the White House carrying a cardboard box of their belongings that were in their desk.

And this may help put and end to the leaks. Folks will be afraid to leak, so they will be far more careful from here on–they may well feel that they have dodged a bullet and decide to fly straight. That is particularly true if some folks go to jail for leaking secret or top secret information.

Nothing is so encouraging to others as seeing colleagues narrowly avoiding jail (or going to jail) for their past behaviors.


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The MSM are hacks.

23 May

There is just no reason to believe them.

And that is really too bad. The press could have played a productive role, here. But they are just playing the part of the loony Left opposition. It’s a shame. It’s a sham. We could really use a free and unbiased and reliable press, and we don’t have one.

They have sold their proverbial birthright for the proverbial mess of pottage. And we ALL suffer for that bad choice. And worse, there’s no way to un-ring that bell. The genie is well and truly out of the bottle, and it will never go back in…

So now we really can know nothing. We live in a post-modern world where there are no facts–only opinions. And my opinion is just as valid and “truthy” as the NY Times. There is no reliable way to separate fact from fantasy.

For Truth, one has to look for a Truth-Teller, which is well beyond the scope of this blog.



22 May


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Uh, yeah.

19 May

No evidence.

I’m not surprised.

The ONLY reason a Special Prosecutor was named was to exonerate Trump and put this baby to bed. It truly is Democrat mental illness…

Even if Trump were driven out of office (extremely unlikely), Mike Pence would then be President. I could certainly live with that. I like Pence better, anyway.

Democrats need to just get over the fact that they lost and that Hillary was an abysmally bad candidate. Abysmally bad.

I doubt she’ll even be alive in 2020, though I could be surprised. Amazing stuff in plastics and prosthetics these days. There have been real improvements in colostomy bags. In any case, I would love it if she tried to run again in 2020. Nothing says, “The party of new ideas” like an octogenarian old bat who has lost twice before!

Where are the up-and-coming Democrats? I’m sure they will come to the surface eventually. But if Hillary tries to run again, she will just damage the pipeline even more. She would suck all the oxygen out of the room. Yeah, she sucks. And running and losing again would be virtually catastrophic for the party (though I am pretty sure that Hillary doesn’t care one bit about THAT).

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Please understand,

18 May

the “Trump-Russians” story originated with Hillary’s frantic attempts to explain away her loss. It just was not an issue before.

There is NO evidence to support this opium dream. It is a creation of the whining losers, plain and simple. We are seeing the thrashing of a gaffed shark in its death throes. And that shark richly deserves to die.

The worst Hillary has is that someone (perhaps, but by no means certainly, the Russians hacked into John Podesta’s emails–which had laughably crappy security; they tried unsuccessfully to get into the RNC–and made public actual emails from Hillary that showed she was a turd. That’s it. No messing with the election totals or anything. So the “hacking” had nothing to do with election integrity and only lifted the cover on Hillary’s actual emails to John Podesta. That’s it.

Notice how there’s almost never an MSM explanation of that? That’s because they are in bed (shudder) with Hillary.


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Trump was not

17 May

my first (or second) choice in the primaries. Nevertheless, he is President. That kind of acceptance of reality is beyond the ken of the loony left and their MSM minions. Trump is winning, and will continue to win, because the Left is made up of transparently vicious jerks. I personally am no “Trumpkin,” but he is far better than the deranged lickspittle Left–let’s be completely honest about that. So because of the stupid antics of the crybaby Left, I am far more in Trump’s corner than I ever was. This is NOT because Trump has changed and I found I was wrong; it is because the crybabies on the Left (led by the whining butt-headed morons of the MSM) have made such total asses of themselves.

The Left is clearly deranged, unhinged. I want nothing to do with them. They have managed to alienate me, along with every thinking person of good morals. They just don’t represent who I am. And this is coming from a guy who has voted for Democrats in the past! No more. They can go take a flying leap. And if polled, I will lie. I think that’s my moral duty.

No wonder normal people say, “Kiss my butt” to the MSM and to pollsters. I would vote for Trump just to hack off the lickspittle Left. And like most people, I will be happy as a clam to do so again. And I will. Then I will vote for Mike Pence. Twice.

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I really shy away

15 May

from using the term, “crazy,” but it is true the the Democrats are looking more and more unhinged.

But you just have to wonder if they are taking crazy pills.

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The problem is that

15 May

Lefty protestors truly are delusional.

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