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21 Mar


This was ALWAYS a crock of Lefty crap.

There is NO evidence of collusion because (wait for it, wait for it) THERE WAS NO COLLUSION!

Even the Lefty accusations were NOT that the vote totals were interfered with, but that by hacking into her emails and revealing THE TRUTH it may have hurt Hillary. Please don’t be confused (and the Lefty shill media has worked hard to confuse you), there was NEVER a hint of the actual election being hacked. It was ONLY that Hillary’s emails were hacked and they revealed some very unflattering things about her, which may have led to her losing some votes. So let’s not be confused, now, at least. There’s just no excuse for it.

And Trump won the cited states by tens of thousands of votes (IIRC the one with the lowest Trump margin of victory was just over 70,000 votes). And she would have had to have won a half-dozen more states to even sniff victory. So you are telling me that many hundreds of thousands of voters in several different states would have voted for Hillary if her dishonesty had not be revealed by Wikileaks or whoever?

Oh Puh-Leeze! Only a complete and total moron would believe that. Even Hillary and her campaign didn’t believe that, which is why they didn’t challenge the results! If there had been a credible way to challenge the outcome of the election, don’t you think Hillary would have done so? Hillary is evil, but she is not a complete and total moron. THAT is why she didn’t challenge the results.


Google is a total

20 Mar

fool for doing this. If it wasn’t the CEO, the idiot who did this ought to be fired. If is was the CEO, the board should fire him. Probably he should be fired anyway–this happened on his watch.

This is just stupider than crap. Google Home is already rather intrusive, and having it play ads is a sure-fire way to make sure that current users get rid of it (there was one such post in the comments) or never get it in the first place.

In any case, a firing for gross incompetence is called for. This was just stupid. Who was the idiot who thought this was a good idea?


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20 Mar

pretty much. 

The truth is that there is NO evidence for this crap. It is the death rattle of losers.

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A couple of

20 Mar

great ones from Powerline’s “The Week in Pictures:”



A great

19 Mar

new book:

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Well, the truth is

17 Mar

that McCain is indeed the poster child for term limits. Rand Paul is entirely correct on that point.

I may disagree with Rand Paul in many areas and yet recognize that he is totally correct here.

Let’s face it–Mcain is a mean old man that should have left the public stage many years ago. I personally didn’t sully myself by voting for him when he ran for President. I wrote in. There is just some dog food I won’t eat. McCain should simply go away. He is a dinosaur, a denizen of the land time forgot. But he won’t go because he is too full of himself. He will die in the well of the Senate. It is all he has left.

I voted for Trump. I voted for Romney. I had significant reservations about each. But I simply would not pull the lever for McCain. And this even when the alternative was a looming Obama, who even then was a clear backward Leftist. But McCain was an inveterate butt-head who would discredit the GOP for a generation. He would have been a catastrophe. The country might survive Obama, but McCain as a GOP President would have been utterly catastrophic. Again, there is just some dog food I won’t eat and I’ve got to live with myself…

So when McCain ran, I wrote in.

And subsequent events have totally justified me. McCain would not even sniff the nomination now! He is a HUGE loser and no one with two brain cells to rub together is a McCain booster. You could be a hired hand on his staff, but you are not really a booster. Not if you have any wisdom whatsoever.


Maddow should ask

16 Mar

Geraldo Rivera if they can team up and reveal Al Capone’s secret vault,

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Old man

16 Mar

yells at clouds. I don’t think he is reading scientific studies, I think he is responding to internal stimuli. Uh, Bernie, no one else can hear those voices…

This guy is a total moron. He is nonsensical.

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Sorry, McCain is a total moron.

13 Mar

When he ran, I refused to vote for him. He has long been a total idiot. He did well in Vietnam, but he has been a total loser and an idiot in the Senate and as a GOP Presidential candidate.

I wish he would just go away. He is a crotchety old bird that no one likes. And he is pathetically wrong most of the time. If I were in politics, I would hope that something I did was opposed by McCain. That way I would know that I had done something right.


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Yeah, Warren

13 Mar

is just not very relevant.

Of course, she is freakin’ old. But more than that, her ideology is freakin’ old. There is a reason that the old codgers such as Warren, Sanders, and Hillary Clinton are hardcore Leftists. Leftism is old and stale.

I’m sure there will be valiant efforts to resuscitate it, but those efforts will ultimately fail. There are a few people who are very hidebound who hew to the old Lefty ideas, but they are clinging to the vestiges of old ideology.

Gee, that is in many ways, uh, Conservative. Methinks there is a large section of Leftists that are within reach.

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