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See, Romney

19 Aug

needs to shut the frack up. He has always been a RINO squish, and this just puts his disgusting McCain-ism on display. Really bad move on his part. And this from a guy who doesn’t often make really bad moves.

This just hardens the battle lines. It certainly does Conservatives no favors, and it absolutely does not win over any Leftists. All you hear is him sniff, “Not our kind, dear.” THIS is why Trump won, and Romney is showing a real tone deafness, here. He needs to jump at this chance to close his yapper.

Romney’s high-minded superciliousness didn’t help him against Obama, and it is not helping him here. At all.

Romney would have been an extremely competent President, and MILES better than what Obama was. He would have been honest and honorable and reliably good. But he was never a transformative figure. He was a very competent worker bee (and that has immense value), but he was not transformative. He has always been a little too hide-bound for that. Hence, the irrational McCain-ism.

I personally value Romney for his competence. But that’s about it.

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It’s really quite obvious to anyone but the terminally stupid.

17 Aug

Obama was a terrible negotiator, and others chronically ate his lunch. And he was too hide-bound and narcissistic to notice. The Iran deal is perhaps the worst of all. And that’s saying something! Either Obama was a total idiot or he sold us down the pike. So moron or traitor. but there simply are no other logical explanations. Or he is a bit of both (and that is indeed the most likely explanation).

This is why you never vote for a Democrat. Because they do stupid crap like this.

You may have a pathological dislike for Trump. OK, there’s no law against irrationality. But there is no doubt that he was the best option available. And the overwhelming proportion of people realized it, which is why Hillary got beaten like a rented, old mule. She WAS an old mule!

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16 Aug

never mind. Kim Jong-Un has finally realized that he is no longer dealing with the feckless Obama.

After years of ineffectual and downright wimpy (non) action by Obama, it is refreshing to see Trump kick butt and take names. You may carp about Trump’s moral failings (and I may agree with you) but there is NO question that he is better, waaaay better, at foreign policy. We are far worse off because Obama was President.

Obama, like almost all bullies, had no problem being tough when it came to “safe” victims, like Republicans. They were never going to bomb him. But he was a spineless wimp when it came to other countries, who might actually hurt him! Now we are facing the wages of weakness. And like almost all bullies, Obama was all hat and no cattle–and our enemies knew it.

We can just hope that Trump continues to be tough. I may not like everything he does, but very often he does the correct thing, and I have to recognize and trust that. It is a welcome change.


Look, the

15 Aug

Trump/Russia thing was always a steaming pile of crap. It’s a travesty that Mueller hasn’t wrapped this up yet. It is now abundantly clear that he is NOT a fair judge. It is also very clear that there is NOTHING here. Go home, Mueller! Don’t be a freakin’ leech!

So get done, already, Mueller! Sheesh!  If, as it very much appears, there is no “collaboration,” then go home. Time to show what you got. We’re sick to death of you dog-and-pony show. Time to put up or go home.

From what has been reported, there is NOTHING there. This latest report also shows that there was nothing. This is just more irrational sore loser whining from the Left. And they deserve to be absolutely hammered for it in the 2018 elections. They really do deserve it. I really hope they get what the so richly deserve…


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I think we

11 Aug

fail to realize just how disastrous the Obama reign was.

History will NOT be kind to this guy. There is very good reason to never vote for a Democrat again. I think wise people have already jumped that divide, and others are belatedly coming to the realization that it’s not the 1970s era of “comity” anymore. We are increasingly forced to choose a side. The era of polite waffling and papering over differences is, and has, rapidly come to an end.

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I think Japan (and the U.S.)

09 Aug

are learning the age-old lesson said again in “The Lord of the Rings” from North Korea: “Those who do not have swords can still die upon them.”

It’s a lesson we better understand, and quickly. The silly days of the Obama fecklessness are over. A President with a selfie stick. Is there a more symbolic representation of Obama? And THESE are the wages of weakness. He ought to be ashamed!

Time to get SERIOUS. And this idiot is NOT serious. Yet we ALL get to partake of his stupidity! Yeah, it’s because of him that we are now in a mess.

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Hey! Mueller!

07 Aug

Leave that man alone!

Kinda catchy eh? At least to people of a certain age…

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The truth is,

07 Aug

Conway is totally right. The Trump/Russia thing is just a diversion. It is just meant to cheat voters out of what they voted for and enthrone the Democrats. There are a TON of people out there that need to wake up to the facts. These people are (again) being snookered. Let’s just hope that they are more wise now than they have been in the past. Far more. And some will be. But, they have been snookered before, and they probably (mainly) will be again <sigh>. They have shown that they are easy marks. Their track record doesn’t exactly vouch FOR them. Their judgment has NOT been good. That lame horse won’t win the race. It will almost for sure continue to be… lame. Until it is shot and replaced. And it will be. Oh, it will be. All it has to do is lose a few more races…

I mean, this whole Russia/Trump thing is just dumb. It is an incarnation of a revenge fantasy. THERE IS NOTHING THERE! DUH! If Muller or any of the foaming-at-the-mouth Trump antagonists had anything, we would have heard it by now. I mean, the Mueller cabal leaks like a sieve! If there were anything, we wouldn’t see the current unfair witch-hunt. The low-hanging fruit is just not there, and that’s why there is now a frenetic race to the top of the tree. “Gee, I know there is a pony in here somewhere!” So they look at past financial dealings. Wow. See, I no longer care WHAT that partisan hack Mueller finds. He is just NOT a reliable source.

Again, let me give you a peek into the Democrat strategy: This has nothing to do with Trump–not really. This is about cheating people out of what they voted for. This is a frantic effort to preserve Obamacare. This is about winning in the 2018 elections. And to do that you weaken Trump so he cannot get much done. Then you hammer him for being ineffective. This is a frantic effort to preserve the relevance and the electoral chances of the Democrats. This is a frantic effort to sustain an old and discredited Leftism in the face of contrary facts. This is about retaining power, and has absolutely nothing to do with serving the public. It has nothing to do with morality or justice.

Voters, rise up and vote these bums out of office! Because Trump being successful is the Democrats’ worst nightmare. They desperately want Trump and the US to fail (that is where their loyalties lie). If Trump succeeded, it would totally discredit them–they can’t afford to have good things happen to the country. THAT is why they are doing this. It is an existential threat and they need to strangle it in its crib! Otherwise, they go the way of the Whigs and another party rises up to take their place. They have already disposed of the more conservative “Blue Dog” Democrats, so this is their only path toward survival.

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As Jim Treacher said,

07 Aug

the Left wants the Right to shut up. The Right wants the Left to keep on talking…

And THAT is a fundamental truth, and it tells you that the Right is conceptually strong and the Left is conceptually weak. You want an intellectually weak debate foe to keep on yakking. But you want a conceptually strong debate foe to shut up. You interrupt (à la what Leftists are doing to Donald Trump) a debate foe with a strong conceptual point. You want a person with a weak conceptual case to keep talking. We are seeing Trump, interrupted. And THAT is the real reason. The left just can’t afford to have Trump be successful–it would irretrievably discredit them.

Yes, Trump is often vulgar and quite often impulsive. But have you read a history of LBJ? Has there ever been someone as crude as he was in the White House? Hey dems, clean out your own drawers before you go about calling someone “poopy pants.”

The Lefty “shut up” response that is SO common these days is an unequivocal marker of theoretical weakness. You KNOW it is conceptually weak because they ARE saying “shut up” to those who disagree. They don’t have Gulags and re-education camps, instead. Yet. “Shut up” is the frantic last resort of the intellectually weak.

Gulags and re-education camps and cultural revolutions are intrinsically bound up with Leftism. There is NO way to conceptually separate them. But that is a discussion for another day.

Strong positions don’t resort to such avoidance, and they welcome debate. Those with weak positions run. Look at Al Gore-he famously runs away from any debate. It is because his position is weak.  And (ahem!) the tighter the Left’s grip, the more people will slip between their fingers, to coin a phrase. Force has limited effectiveness, and only for a short time.

See, it’s the exact same thing with Donald Trump. The Left has to strangle the baby in its crib, because it is very likely to work–we are already seeing a massive boom in the stock market. Imagine what things would be like without the Democrat obstructionism! And that would totally discredit both them and their boyfriend, Obama.

So the stakes are very high for the Left. It is an existential threat. So they must throttle it in the crib. They need it to fail in order to retain a shred of putative competency. And THAT is the most important thing for them. We can talk about how that is related to Narcissistic Personality Disorder another day. Think about it–they dearly want the U.S. and its President to fail miserably. That make them… what?

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05 Aug

pretty much

I have long thought McCain was an idiot.

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