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The Lefty “collusion” nonsense collapses:

16 Dec

And a Lefty congressman has a sad:

Schiff is having a bit of a meltdown. His collusion narrative collapsed, his obstruction narrative collapsed, and top executive branch investigators are being revealed as Hillary partisans and as friends of Fusion GPS. So now Schiff is introducing a new narrative: the reason why Democrats have no evidence to prove their collusion claims is because a year-long investigation wasn’t nearly long enough. It’s objectively an absurd argument, but that’s all he’s got left.

Tell me again just why Mueller is still there? It’s utter foolishness. Yes, he is dangerous. And he will make some low-level Scooter Libby-esque charges in order to try and justify both his own existence and the millions upon millions of dollars this stupid witch-hunt has cost the taxpayers. At some point, though, enough is enough. <sheesh!>

Look, there is just nothing to the Trump/Russia collusion nonsense. There never was! Trust me, if there had been one iota of evidence for that Hillary never would have conceded. She only did so because she had nothing. And it wasn’t even close. THAT is why the old Harpy conceded.

If there had been anything, Mueller would have had something in TEN months! But he has…NOTHING. Maybe someone who was once associated with Trump did something wrong 12 years ago, before he had actually ever worked for Trump. But that’s it. EAT IT, LEFTIES!

Ever since the demise of Felonia von Pantsuit the thumb-sucker Lefty losers have been in a perpetual snit. The crybaby “Never-Trump” republicans have also stamped their feet and held their breath until they turned blue. Grow the heck up, both of you! You guys need to lose a lot so you can learn how to deal with it. Well, I really hope you have plenty of time to learn…

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Just 3 Pinocchios?

14 Dec

REALLY? We are waaaaay into “Pants On Fire” territory, here.

See, the scale is NOT for the author to rate how much he likes the remarks. The scale is on how truthful the remarks are. It’s pretty clear that Kessler has lost that particular thread.

So, we know:

a) He didn’t want to bring it up and only did because Kessler got enough “heat” from the relatively normal people who wrote him in protest demanded it. And

b) When Kessler did finally address it, he let his Lefty freak flag fly–he said he waffled between two and three (when that was laughably too low).


See, the problem (for the Left) is

12 Dec

that Mueller has NO evidence that would justify even the start of an investigation! If there is no Russian collusion, the case must be closed. Yes, Mueller could stumble upon OTHER crimes (many of which allegedly happened in the distant past and were totally unrelated to the allegations at hand). but these are fruit from a corrupt tree, so to speak. If I investigate you for murder and in fact, you provably were far away when it happened and we just got the wrong guy, the prosecutor can’t say, “Well, but in the course of the investigation we discovered that you shoplifted when you were 16 so we will charge you with THAT! See, this wasn’t a total waste! Those shoplifters deserve to be punished!”

And if you disagree, the response is, “Ooooh, so you morally justify shoplifting! Perhaps we should look into YOUR past…”

That is logically the “fruit of a poisoned tree.” While the evidence in this case was not necessarily illegally obtained (as is generally the case when this is brought up in legal contexts), the issue here is exactly the same. The investigation itself was bogus from the get-go and initiated on spurious and false grounds, so there is no legal validity to any of the subsequent findings. The investigation NEVER should have taken place, originally.

I’m telling you, this is a witch-hunt.

Don’t confuse moral with legal. And don’t try to impose legal sanctions on thing you find morally reprehensible, especially things in the distant past. Those are two very different things!


Dana Loesch absolutely

12 Dec

thrashes Chelsea Handler, Watch the video. Loech says handler “Looks like [she] crawled out of the bottom of an ashtray.” A brutal take-down. Brutal. Just brutal. And totally true.

And hilarious.


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11 Dec

trust the MSM because they make errors.

Honestly, that’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve heard in decades–maybe my whole life! I mean, that is dumb on a cosmic level! I’m rendered speechless by the stupidity. I’m just gobsmacked by this level of moron-ness.


Yet another

10 Dec

CNN fail.

What, are these folks total idiots? And you are dumb enough to put a stupid grin on your face and lap up what they put in your bowl? REALLY?

Here is what will happen: Trump will run for re-election, and CNN and the rest of the MSM will have an apoplectic fit, but no wise person will give a flying fig as to what they say, in terms of truth-value. Some of what they say might even be true, though there’s just no way to know.

The end result is that you are guided by your internal moral compass. That has been the case for some time, but it is now quite obvious. So the issue then is not facts, but conversion. Yes, we live in a post-modern world.


So the Roy Moore

09 Dec

inscription is at least partly an admitted forgery. And there is real question about the other part. Was it just copied from a court document and therefore had the clerk’s initials?  It sure seems so! I mean, just why would those initials be there? If it were your signature, would you attach your secretary’s initials? Well, a young and inexperienced forger might! The initials DA were there, but Moore was NOT a District Attorney! Those were the initials of his secretary. But it is very likely something a naive young girl would copy from a court order and then want to brag about to her friends. It sure looks like a forgery!

And anyway, doesn’t this show a real willingness on Nelson’s part to lie about Moore? She lied and then kept quiet about it in an effort to harm Moore. SHE knew about the forgery! Yet she did not volunteer this crucial piece of information. Yeah, NOT reliable.

Are you really going to argue that she lied about one thing but didn’t lie about others, that this whole thing was not just a vindictive ploy meant to damage Moore? Are you really going to argue that Nelson is a liar, sure, but others are pure as the driven snow? Just how do you know? You were bamboozled in this case, so what would make you more accurate in others? Just what makes you so sure of yourself? I mean, it was only yesterday that you thought Nelson was a reliable source! You were dead wrong, and I tried to tell you so.

So honestly, why should I believe YOU over a dog-faced baboon? I mean, the baboon has preferences, too. Just what makes you think yours are any better? Upon what grounds are you standing? And your track record is really bad. Trust your judgment on such things? Yeah, I don’t think so.

Admit it. Come clean on this. You let your petty preferences cloud your better judgment. Time to ‘fess up! Now go, and do better…

And if this strongest charge against Moore was bogus, what about the weaker ones? I mean, your anti-Moore attack is not even the stupidest political move you have made! Own it!

So, haters, what do you have to say for yourselves?

Yeah, let me guess: “Yeah, part was a forgery, but part was not! And besides, there is another 40-year-old allegation that he can’t get hard evidence to refute! Sure, he couldn’t refute this one until today, but…”

“So, Conservatives, vote for a baby-killing Leftist who will try and vindictively impeach (if possible) or at least thwart Trump because of these decades-old and unprovable and (probably) false allegations, some of which have been proven to be dishonest frauds and others are quite dubious!

Yeah, that’s the ticket! Whatever… As one children’s book says, “Thanks for sharing. Now put your head down.”

You knew (or should have known) when the person (though her camera-chasing attorney) refused to make the original available for scrutiny by experts that they were hiding something BIG. Now, what else are they hiding, huh? They just have no credibility.

Welcome to the Senate, Mr. Moore!

And welcome to Hell, haters.

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On what grounds, sir?

08 Dec

On what grounds? This is just a temper tantrum. SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP! Sheesh! Panty-waist morons…

Voting for this is ipso facto proof that you are too stupid to be in congress.

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Only a fool

07 Dec

and a buffoon doesn’t recognize that the whole Mueller investigation was a “hit” job from the start.

Oh, I’ve been telling you, and yet again I was right. Yet again. You’d think you’d have learned by now: Gregor Mendel is almost always right. Honestly, when will you ever learn?

This should give you pause, eh? About Trump, about Moore, and about the cavalcade of Democrat sexual abusers. Just admit it–you were WRONG. It’s time you came clean!


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Just in case you were REALLY stupid,

07 Dec

there’s something not right with the Mueller investigation.

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