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This is wrong on so many levels…

24 Apr

She recounts screaming “Zero! You get a f*cking zero!” at the computer screen as she graded the student’s two-page paper, saying that she also felt that simply by writing the paper, he had undermined her authority as an instructor.

Of course, there is the overweening narcissism. The very idea that a student should be both aware and solicitous of the professor’s personal history is nothing short of breathtaking. Is she a professor and yet so unbelievably sensitive? Unreal.

And then there is the force. Of course this has a very strong issue about force. The professor says outright that because someone wrote something that offends her she will give him the worst grade possible. Not mechanics, but “wrongthink.” In other words, she will use force to “punish” someone who offended her. And immediately she talks about seeing this as an affront to her authority. She is the King and the student is the peon.

Wow. Leftism in action. Violence and authoritarianism wrapped up together. Yep, that is Leftism in a nutshell. In this (to quote that great philosopher Monty Python), “Now we see the violence inherent in the system!” We also see the gross authoritarianism.

Vee haff vays of making you wish you had complied…



In case you wondered

24 Apr

just how stupid the MSM meme of Trump being a Russian stooge is, all you have to do is look at the facts.

We now know that this was a smarmy, self-serving excuse concocted the the LOSER Hillary Clinton within 24 hours of her losing to Trump and then promulgated by the Wormtongue-esque toady MSM. It is amazingly doofy, and backed by not a shred of evidence. Not even a hint of evidence. It is merely Leftist whimpering as they lay curled up on the floor mumbling to themselves. It is an old man yelling at the clouds and screaming at imaginary teens to get off his freakin’ lawn. It is madness.

And when one sees it, one has to wonder if the meds need to be adjusted. At the very least, one backs away very slowly and carefully–no sudden moves…


Slick Willy

24 Apr

looks stoned. I think they need to lighten up a bit on the neuroleptic…


Classic Hillary:

24 Apr

I don’t understand what’s happening in the country.”

I can’t tell you how lucky we are that Hillary is not President. Trump is a FAR better choice.

I really wish Hillary would just go away. She is a horrible human being.

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Please understand,

24 Apr

there was never any reasonable evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians. It was a Democrat dodge from the get-go. It was always a frantic effort to draw attention away from how crappy a candidate Hillary was.

It was always a lie and a dodge.

The fact that it gained traction and currency among the more gullible and hide-bound parts of the population is merely a demonstration of the credulous nature of the people. Those people expected the MSM to tell the truth. Foolish move. Welcome to 2017, you unsophisticated hick.

Times have changed.

There are other sources of information now, and the MSM no longer has a stranglehold on information. Now they must confront alternative accounts of events, and do so creditably. See, the key word here is, “creditably.”

But that brings up another issue: the MSM has “shot their wad” on this and now there is little left. They have hyped a theme that is simply not true, and now they reap the predictable result now that we know for a fact that it is not true–no one believes them anymore. Even my Lefty friends are more skeptical, now.

I mean, the MSM said over and over that Trump was a monster who couldn’t win and couldn’t govern if he did. Then they said he was a Russian stooge Yet they were wrong. On all counts. They have, shall we say, pooped in the soup. And now it can never be right again.

They have endorsed the trendy Post-Modernism of the Academy in order to attack their idealogical opponents, but Post-Modernism (certainly in the hands of rubes) is a vicious dog that now turns and rends its owners. Now they are on the recieving end of the whip that they themselves crafted and gleefully used on others. It was great when they held the handle of the whip…

As a great philosopher once said, “Welcome to the party, pal!”

See, if there is no truth as the Post-Modernists gleefully argue, why on earth should I believe them? Let’s see them answer that simple question.



23 Apr

Trump is discreet.

Eat it, Lefties!

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You would hope that

22 Apr

Chelsea Clinton would not be as big of a butt as her parents. Yes, hope. But that is not the way things actually are. But PUH-LEEZE God, don’t let her run!

And tell me that she is NOT Web Hubble’s daughter. The resemblance is extreme. Any fool with eyes knows very well what happened. It’s pretty dang obvious that Web, not Bill, is the father.


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All this

15 Apr

I very much hope.

Obama was SO terrible and so incompetent that it is a sure thing that Trump will be better. Even now he already is.

The fact that Hillary is not President makes me feel that I had a near-death experience. I feel I need to pull off the freeway, gasping and shaking.

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You know,

14 Apr

I am certainly glad to see the change.

This was stupidity and incompetence, a very bad combination…

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Oh, so Donald Trump

13 Apr

was right and the MSM, like usual, was a pack of lying jackals and propagandists. Gee, what a surprise. If you are totally stupid, that is.

No wonder thinking people no longer give a crap about the incessant yapping of the MSM! No wonder Trump was elected. Maybe the MSM should try telling the TRUTH. I know that is not in their nature, but they could at least try… I might as well believe an itinerant hellfire-and-damnation TV evangelist as the NY Times! They are both in it for the money, power, and prestige. Tale as old as time…

Sorry, we live in a Post-Modern world where there is no Truth, only opinion. And that is exactly what the MSM are dishing up (though ultimately this vicious dog turns and mauls its owner). It has long permeated academia and is now becoming part of the culture. OK, I buy it. You’ve convinced me. But now you cannot defend yourself.

Isn’t Post-Modern academia itself vulnerable to the very same critique as the objects of its criticism? Doesn’t this double back on itself? Nice work, Post-Modernists. You have convincingly pointed out the logical flaws in Positivism, but in doing so you yourself have open up the means to your own logical destruction! Yes, the Positivists are wrong, but aren’t YOU just as wrong and for the exact same reasons? Are YOU not vulnerable to the exact same criticisms? Methinks your are hoisted on your own petard…

So the ONLY rational approach is that I need to find a Truth-Teller–a real person with whom I can have a human relationship. Of course, that puts me out of the secular realm entirely, though it seems that there is no way to both hew eclusively to the secular realm AND believe in Truth.

And if there is indeed no Truth as the Post-Modernists say, on what grounds should I believe THEM over a dog-faced baboon or some stranger creature still? If all there is is opinion, on what logical grounds is their opinion better than mine? We all have a face, so why is yours better than mine? See, here is where the dog turns on its master and mauls him…

Sure, there may be socially constructed standards of beauty, but that is merely to argue that truth is socially constructed–including… YOURS! Some cultures value big butts and find them attractive. Others value the slim-hipped look. But is one fundamentally better than the other? If so, how do you know? It’s just your preference. You like curvy women and I like thin “athletic” ones. At best it is a culturally-familially-determined preference rather than Truth, but there are other cultures! There are other families! Don’t be so ethnocentric and chauvinistic, you knuckle-dragging mouth-breather…

See, if I reject categorically the existence of a Truth-Teller, I just drift rudderless on the Godless sea of modernity. Let’s say that religion is not my cup of tea. Well, then I have ruled out the very possibility of Truth. Yeah, THAT approach is “scientific!” It leads me again to ask why I should believe YOU over a dog-faced baboon? On what rational grounds are YOU standing?  (thanks, Socrates).

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