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Is that all there is?

16 Feb


A guy to be prosecuted for money crimes almost a decade before he met Trump. A guy who admitted to unnecessarily lying to Mueller’s attack dog. A couple of nobodies, also (who were not even involved with Trump). That’s it. Huh? Tell me  again why we needed Mueller and this could not have been over in a month?

Ho-Lee CRAP!


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Oh please.

16 Feb

oh please!

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If only

16 Feb

there had been signs!

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16 Feb

not all that consistent.

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I think it’s a

15 Feb

very good question. It’s like helping the poor and needy isn’t really the issue at hand!

Are the Democrats just using the poor for ideology fodder and votes? Because that’s what it looks like…

My wife (the Mendelian Spousal Unit or MSU) used to work as a checker in a grocery store. She has a lot of stories about food stamps…

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I remember when

13 Feb

it was only crazy far-right wingers who wanted secession! You know, ‘bacca-chewing rednecks from the deep woods of Alabama.

But in recent times, it is the Left who pushes for that…

Well, to be honest I wouldn’t mind one bit if CA left the union. Not one bit. I would say, “Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.”

It to too big and unwieldy to be a single state. Those in San Fransisco certainly are not attuned to those in Mexicali (or even San Diego). For the sake of Representative Democracy, the state should be divided into at least 4 and probably 6 states.

Nice quote: “The Resistance”™ may be ridiculous, but that does not make it any less malevolent or destructive.

My response to “The Resistance:”

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I have found

13 Feb

the six-fingered man!

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The one

11 Feb

on the right is Web Hubble’s daughter.

The one on the Left (naturally) is Chelsea Clinton. Wow.

Yeah, I think we ALL know what happened…


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The whole Mueller probe

09 Feb

is a steaming pile of crap.

He didn’t find anything, OK? This was all just a Hillary hoax–she pulled it out of her pantsuit trousers in order to give an excuse as to why she lost. NOTHING more. So Dems, it’s time to put on your big-boy pants and get to work! <sheesh!>

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You’ve gotta be

08 Feb

smoking dope!

Oh please, oh please, oh PUH-LEEZE! He would be crushed like a bug. But he won’t run. Why? Because he would quickly be roadkill, and he knows it. And besides, Trump would squish him like an annoying gnat.

But him running and losing would be a totally crushing blow for Obama. It would almost certainly be the end of the Democrats as we now know it. He won’t run.

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