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08 Nov

ya think? 

Gee, most of us have know THAT for a long time! Good thing we have a moron like Perez to tell us that, eh?

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I give you…

07 Nov

your MSM!

And yet you believe them? REALLY? Sheesh!

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Byron York gives

07 Nov

a very in-depth explanation of the Trump/Russia hoopla. It’s all good stuff, but here is the executive summary:

[blank space]

This is blank because the jerk newspaper has set it up so one can’t copy it. Idiots. REALLY torques me off! Now I won’t even link to the article.

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DWS is

07 Nov

just not believable. At all.

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You know,

06 Nov

it’s kind of hard to keep the narratives straight. (hat tip: Powerline)

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05 Nov

says that she has seen “no evidence” that Trump got dirt on Clinton from Russia.

So tell me again, why the crap is Mueller even involved?


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05 Nov

slow learners!

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03 Nov

is critical of Trump, but he himself is responsible in large part for Trump. If Romney had not been such an insufferable squish and been willing to fight in response to attack rather than being a Mild Melvin Milquetoast, Trump never would have come to the fore. Blame Romney.

Now he just snipes from the sidelines. Not at all a wise move for him.

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Just so

03 Nov

you know.

But for the Leftist, hope springs eternal. They hope and expect that there will be some¬†criminal charges against Trump. They know that there must be a pony in there somewhere. The hope is now getting frantic…

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Part of the problem

03 Nov

is the rank immaturity of the losers.

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