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Yeah, Trump Jr.

12 Jul

broke no laws. This is just another Lefty hysterical hissy fit.


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Ah, well,

11 Jul

never mind, then.

This is all stupidity. It is the mindless rantings of a “snowflake” Left who is not use to reality. They LOST.

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Another bad

11 Jul

Lefty idea hits the turf.

When will we EVER learn? Spoiler: ALL Lefty politicians suck when it comes to basic economics. ALL.

Don’t think that you can vote Lefty and have decent economics. You can’t. It just doesn’t and indeed can’t happen. Folks, we need to wake up, here. It’s NOT that there is more than one way to skin this cat, it’s that one way works and the other way horribly mangles things.

NEVER trust a Leftist with the economy. Never, never, never. DUH!

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10 Jul

keep trying, Democrats!

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Oh my!

09 Jul

Wicked funny.

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If you haven’t

08 Jul

been following the “Sean SpicIER” tweets these last few weeks , you are seriously missing out. I’ve rarely seen anything so funny. I’ve only posted the latest string of these parody tweets today–there are many more. These folks think it’s Sean Spicer they are talking to, but it’s actually Sean SpicIER. Hilarity ensues. And this has been going on for weeks.  It’s been just utterly and completely hilarious for weeks.

Reading comprehension is your friend…

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If Trump goes

05 Jul

all ape-crap  on the MSM they are totally hosed. They are fooling with fire. And they will come out the losers.

But then again, Journalism doesn’t exactly attract the brightest students…

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03 Jul

pretty much.

I think hoity-toity Leftists are making a HUGE mistake, here. People are sick to death of the MSM’s overweening arrogance, and the correct response for the MSM is NOT to double down on overweening arrogance. They are alienating the masses.

The disparagement here is stunning, and the MSM would be wise to pay attention to it. Alas, if they were wise the wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place…

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I read a couple

30 Jun

of pages of Schlicter’s recent book. I stopped because I really didn’t enjoy all the profanity–it seemed gratuitous to me. And I have served with Marines, so it’s not like those were new words for me. I just got tired of it. Meh.

But Schlicter’s drubbing of CNN is nothing but hilarious!

The sad thing is that we don’t have a mainstream watchdog media. I really wish we did. They sold their souls in sucking up to Obama. They were blatantly Obama toadies. Now, when they criticize Trump, one HAS to wonder if this is just so much self-serving crapola. Is what they say actually true or is it merely another manifestation of their mealy-mouthed suck-up-ism? Are they telling the truth or is this just more trash from bullying yet obsequious-to-power Wormtongue?


To quote

29 Jun

Mel Brooks, “It’s good to be the king!”


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