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The problem is that

15 May

Lefty protestors truly are delusional.

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This whole Comey schtick

11 May

is just a scam. Comey just was not very competent and Trump fired him. Democrats had also been loudly calling for his firing. But once Trump actually does what Schumer and other have called for, they get the vapors and look around for a fainting couch.

I am not fooled.

Let’s be honest–they are full of crap.

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Harf (rhymes with “barf”) admits

10 May

that Obama’s “red line” really hurt diplomacy there.

BTW, “harf” is a great word, and should be a verb for blowing smoke. To harf. You know, like, “I didn’t know the answer so I just harfed my way through as best I could.”

Or, to mangle that great literary masterpiece, “I said, and said, and said those words. I said them but I harfed them.” (Pale Green Pants–Dr. Suess, DUH!)

I’m sad to see that there is another slang meaning to that word. But that one could be a secondary meaning!

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No feel-good moment

05 May

is not ruined by Leftists.

Way to capitalize on you newborn son’s distress to make a crude political point. Wow.

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04 May


He is a doofus who doesn’t know crap about science. Go back to being a mere technician, Bill. Leave actual science to those of us who have a better grasp of the ideas behind it.


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I know Hillary

04 May

loves to pretend that Comey is the reason she lost the election, but it simply is not true. This is merely more efforts to fob off responsibility onto someone else. It is her narcissism talking. THIS is why, more than anything else, Hilary is not President today.

In the article:

...rather than smearing Comey, Clinton should be thanking him for not suggesting she be indicted.

Yes, she should have been indicted, and Comey was wrong to spare her. It is a total miscarriage of justice that she wasn’t put in jail. She is a criminal.

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Trump notes “Loyalty Day”

01 May

and the Trumpophobes quickly freak out.

Yeah, Loyalty Day predates the Trump Presidency by over 60 years. Trumpophobes in the fever swamp are just no good at all at history! D’oh!

(sorry for the profanity–the loony Left has little else. It is the Lingua Franca of the loony left)

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Sorry the article

01 May

is behind a stupid paywall. I really hate that!

But read this and you get a little insight into what is happening. See, Donald Trump may well not be ideal in many ways, but his opponents are a curious admixture of malice and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Trump is indeed lucky in his enemies. And there is simply no indication that the Democrats will change in any way. They have rope, and by durn there’s gonna be a hangin’! It’s just that what they fail to grasp is that the person to be hanged might well be them

Mark my words, there is a political transformation going on right now, and it is the Democrats who run the risk of ceasing to exist.

And I am certainly not the only one who sees that.

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Hey, I don’t think we should mock.

01 May

When you get elderly, you make these kinds of mistakes. Yes, like Hillary, she is an ancient relic. But unless we die of non-natural causes, we will all be there someday.

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Oh, so

01 May

just who is the scientist?


See, the Left wants to claim the modern priestly cloak of “scientific” knowledge .  They don’t believe in God so this is their religion. But it’s just a con game. Nye doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground in terms of science. He is just a Democrat shill.  Don’t be a rube…

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