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As Glenn Reynolds

11 Apr

said about thisa man’s gotta know his limitations.

Yes. Yes he does.

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Stuff you

10 Apr

can believe in. If you’re stupid.

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Just horrible.

03 Apr

How intrusive is the FAFSA? Unbelievably.

I have a 23-year-old daughter who is just finishing college. She is NOT asking for financial aid in any form. Yet when she applied for a job as a research assistant she had to fill out the FAFSA.

They demand that the parents report what their income is, as well as their bank balances and any investments they may have. For a 23-year-old who is on her own and pays her own way. And not even for financial aid. Wow.

SOOOO intrusive! And she is an adult! I just want to say, “Who the Hell are you to demand my personal information?” <shakes head>

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Gee, whoda

03 Apr

thunk? I mean, I do something blatantly illegal and have to pay a price for it? Really?

School administrators need to get tough (though I realize that in most cases that is a contradiction in terms).

See, when you get caught breaking the law there are consequences. I guess they should have taught you that in college. REAL protesters know that and expect it. It’s these faux, “special snowflake” protestors who don’t get it.

So, we’re not sure exactly what will happen if you protest, But let me ask you, do you feel lucky, punk?


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The bald truth is

28 Mar

if you would vote against Goresuch, you would vote against ANYONE nominated by a Republican. This is NOT an honest response.

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How stupid is

27 Mar

direct election of senators?

Look, it  originally was that the legislative branch was both part of the tripartite separation of powers and was itself divided. THAT is why there is a bicameral system in the first place! And it worked great for years. Then we moderns stepped in and screwed it up. And this system is just stupid.

House members were (and still are) elected by popular vote in the states. They also had to stand for election every two years. They were rightly seen as being closest to the will of the people. But that wasn’t the whole story, like it foolishly is now.

Senators were once, in contrast, chosen by state legislatures. They represented the state. They were chosen every six years. The State legislatures were quite important. And only one third of national Senators were up for re-election (by the state legislature) in election years.

See, the states were sovereign nations that were united. Hence, the “United States.” The states themselves were represented in this way. The Senate was qualitatively different than the “People’s House.”

There was a good reason for the arrangement, and it preserved both Federalism and Representative government. Now it is gone and state legislatures are the poor and insignificant country bumpkin cousins. They are, at best, the minor leagues. They are just a step toward national office. They now have little to no national power. They are the backwater.

But there is simply no reason to have both parts of the national legislature be identical. Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense. You might as well have one big legislature. It it logically stupid.

But worse, it has led to some very bad outcomes. There is really no way that Leftism could have taken root without direct election of Senators. We almost certainly would not have had the barbed hook of Obamacare. And understand well that the original plan was to check sudden and drastic changes. Direct election of Senators short-circuits this and allows such change. Get rid of it! It is a horrible idea.



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21 Mar


This was ALWAYS a crock of Lefty crap.

There is NO evidence of collusion because (wait for it, wait for it) THERE WAS NO COLLUSION!

Even the Lefty accusations were NOT that the vote totals were interfered with, but that by hacking into her emails and revealing THE TRUTH it may have hurt Hillary. Please don’t be confused (and the Lefty shill media has worked hard to confuse you), there was NEVER a hint of the actual election being hacked. It was ONLY that Hillary’s emails were hacked and they revealed some very unflattering things about her, which may have led to her losing some votes. So let’s not be confused, now, at least. There’s just no excuse for it.

And Trump won the cited states by tens of thousands of votes (IIRC the one with the lowest Trump margin of victory was just over 70,000 votes). And she would have had to have won a half-dozen more states to even sniff victory. So you are telling me that many hundreds of thousands of voters in several different states would have voted for Hillary if her dishonesty had not be revealed by Wikileaks or whoever?

Oh Puh-Leeze! Only a complete and total moron would believe that. Even Hillary and her campaign didn’t believe that, which is why they didn’t challenge the results! If there had been a credible way to challenge the outcome of the election, don’t you think Hillary would have done so? Hillary is evil, but she is not a complete and total moron. THAT is why she didn’t challenge the results.


Google is a total

20 Mar

fool for doing this. If it wasn’t the CEO, the idiot who did this ought to be fired. If is was the CEO, the board should fire him. Probably he should be fired anyway–this happened on his watch.

This is just stupider than crap. Google Home is already rather intrusive, and having it play ads is a sure-fire way to make sure that current users get rid of it (there was one such post in the comments) or never get it in the first place.

In any case, a firing for gross incompetence is called for. This was just stupid. Who was the idiot who thought this was a good idea?


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20 Mar

pretty much. 

The truth is that there is NO evidence for this crap. It is the death rattle of losers.

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A couple of

20 Mar

great ones from Powerline’s “The Week in Pictures:”


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