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08 Sep


But the truth is that she was just a really crappy candidate. But of course she is not adult enough to admit that.

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08 Sep

How stupid is this? These guys are morons.

Yeah, Iowahawk has it right.

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I think there is very good evidence

31 Aug

that the DNC “hack” was an inside job. There was never any actual evidence that there was a “Russian hack.” This was always grammaw’s self-serving excuse for how she got rejected by the American people. She could not stomach the thought that they hated her because she really was a corrupt and vindictive old bitty.

What almost for sure happened was that a staffer was angry about Hillary, the MSM, and the DNC conspiring together to torpedo Bernie Sanders (may he run again–please). So the staffer downloaded sensitive information to a “thumb” drive and then gave it to the public. There was no “Russian hack.”

Here’s a quote: Up to this point, Russiagate has been notable as an irrational, self-levitating media jihad devoid of any material-supporting evidence. Now, thanks to the VIPS experts, the Russia-hacking story — the very genesis of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory — appears to have been affirmatively and convincingly undercut.

Uhm, there was never a “hack.” There is not now and there never was a good reason for Mueller at all. Pack it up, Mueller! Your cakes and ale have officially run out. Now you’re just milking the system! If he had a shred of decency he would wrap this up tomorrow morning. Sure, he might throw some poor Scooter Libby type in jail for remembering things differently than they appeared in his or her day planner, but it is quite clear that there was no “Russian hack.”



30 Aug

is the currency of the Left. They have no reason, no logic, only outrage.

And they use that outrage to stymie efforts toward voter integrity. They love voter fraud! It is what keeps them in business.

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28 Aug

thinking is, shall we say, not their strong suit.

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Nothin’ but

24 Aug

freakin’ AWESOME!

Except that is WASN’T a rubber bullet, it was probably a pepper ball. Almost for sure. Gee, THAT’s ironic, eh?  Man, did I laugh and laugh! And laugh.

I can only hope that this is only the first of many such incidents. It’s the best and funniest thing I have seen for a long time…

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23 Aug

THIS is why you never vote for a Democrat.

You may know and like the person, but you never vote for a Democrat. Never. They will whine about obstructionism if they are in the majority, and do all the obstruction they can if the are in the minority. Yes, hypocritical. But such is the way things are. There is no foundational mooring, only immediate gain.

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Yes, that’s all true. But

22 Aug

I have yet to hear Democrats come out with any message. Any strategy. Trump hatred is their bread and butter. It is their go-to play. But it is NOT a winning strategy. Yet it’s all they have. If they are generally seen as the party of Antifa and tax-and-spend explosive diarrhea, and infanticide (and they are) they are TOAST. They just can’t afford to become even more “fringe.” Yet that is the way they are being pulled, by their own constituency. They are, in truth, fringe.

I understand that such policies are dearly loved by the fringe Left, but most normal Democrats are forced to pretend the modern Democrat Party priorities just don’t exist! When confronted, normal Democrats find themselves making mealy-mouthed excuses for such things. They harken back to the 1970s and Nixon in a frantic attempt to justify their current positions. It’s their glory days. They are the “Uncle Rico” of government, saying that if coach had just put them in, they would have won state. Yeah, I don’t care about Nixon. They couldn’t have thrown it over them mountains then, and they can’t now. Move away from the “glory days” of the 1970s, pal. All they need is a dilapidated old orange van with 1970s clothes and they are the complete package!

In other words, they are both delusional and on defense, not offense. To go on offense they would have to have actual policies and positions to argue, not just sniveling and logically bankrupt ad hominem attacks. They would have to do more than whine and stamp their feet angrily while holding their breath because they didn’t get what they want. That is the delusional part. No, they would have to have actual solutions, something they are, in actuality, bereft of.

And THAT is why there is such a crisis within the Democrat party. They just have no “there” there. At least, nothing most people would accept. People are not enthused about transsexualism and abortion and welfare and high taxes with uncontrolled and incontinent spending. Those are NOT winning themes.


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See, Romney

19 Aug

needs to shut the frack up. He has always been a RINO squish, and this just puts his disgusting McCain-ism on display. Really bad move on his part. And this from a guy who doesn’t often make really bad moves.

This just hardens the battle lines. It certainly does Conservatives no favors, and it absolutely does not win over any Leftists. All you hear is him sniff, “Not our kind, dear.” THIS is why Trump won, and Romney is showing a real tone deafness, here. He needs to jump at this chance to close his yapper.

Romney’s high-minded superciliousness didn’t help him against Obama, and it is not helping him here. At all.

Romney would have been an extremely competent President, and MILES better than what Obama was. He would have been honest and honorable and reliably good. But he was never a transformative figure. He was a very competent worker bee (and that has immense value), but he was not transformative. He has always been a little too hide-bound for that. Hence, the irrational McCain-ism.

I personally value Romney for his competence. But that’s about it.

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It’s really quite obvious to anyone but the terminally stupid.

17 Aug

Obama was a terrible negotiator, and others chronically ate his lunch. And he was too hide-bound and narcissistic to notice. The Iran deal is perhaps the worst of all. And that’s saying something! Either Obama was a total idiot or he sold us down the pike. So moron or traitor. but there simply are no other logical explanations. Or he is a bit of both (and that is indeed the most likely explanation).

This is why you never vote for a Democrat. Because they do stupid crap like this.

You may have a pathological dislike for Trump. OK, there’s no law against irrationality. But there is no doubt that he was the best option available. And the overwhelming proportion of people realized it, which is why Hillary got beaten like a rented, old mule. She WAS an old mule!

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