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Yeah, Warren

13 Mar

is just not very relevant.

Of course, she is freakin’ old. But more than that, her ideology is freakin’ old. There is a reason that the old codgers such as Warren, Sanders, and Hillary Clinton are hardcore Leftists. Leftism is old and stale.

I’m sure there will be valiant efforts to resuscitate it, but those efforts will ultimately fail. There are a few people who are very hidebound who hew to the old Lefty ideas, but they are clinging to the vestiges of old ideology.

Gee, that is in many ways, uh, Conservative. Methinks there is a large section of Leftists that are within reach.

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Yeah, Chelsea

11 Mar

is a dog, both literally and metaphorically.

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A great

07 Mar

article. And the blogfather notes the problem:

But have you noticed? While all this head-spinning legal jibber-jabber goes back and forth, the foundation of the false narrative we’ve been hearing since November 8 has vanished. Now that we’re supposed to believe there was no real investigation of Trump and his campaign, what else can we conclude but that there was no real evidence of collusion between the campaign and Russia . . . which makes sense, since Russia did not actually hack the election, so the purported objective of the collusion never existed.

There either was good evidence given to the media or there was not. Either Obama was illegally leaking to smear a political foe or he wasn’t. So which is it? Follow me, here.

If Obama was not illegally and unethically gouging Trump, then how did the media get that information slamming him? Did opponents and the media and Democrats (though I repeat myself) just make it all up? Where did they get information? But then again, if all the lamestream media and Democrats said was just a damnable and made up lie, why on earth should anyone believe them now? They have admitted to just making crap up. Under the bus they go! Say “Hi” to all the others there…

But then if what they said was true (as far as they knew) and Obama was leaking like a sieve and they had illegal access to confidential information and details of Presidential persecution, doesn’t that prove that Obama himself is a criminal? Or at the very least a liar?

They are caught between the Scylla and Charybdis.

When you lie down with pigs, you inevitably get some mud on yourself… Now the MSM has to say where they stand, if they hew to any logical consistency whatsoever. Then again, logic has never been a strong point for these folks, eh?

If what they said is just made-up nonsense, then no sentient being gives a crap about what they say now. If what they say is true, their boyfriend Obama is a criminal. See, the MSM depends on the stupidity and illogic and apathy of the public to not get that (gee, sounds like Obamacare–this is a pattern for these guys).

I mean, Comey said that there was just no evidence of any connection between the Russians and the Trump campaign and then he said that there was no investigation. That is likely true–there was never any reason for an investigation.

But then just how could one know that unless an investigation had been done? I mean, you can’t say both that there was no Russian interference and that you didn’t do an investigation! If you know that there was no interference, you obviously did an investigation! DUH!

What they say is just not internally consistent. Methinks they are liars…

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Principles, schminciples…

04 Mar

So, now that there is actual skin in the game, things change. So now Kaepernick has decided to stand for the national anthem. Now that he is a free agent and wants to get paid, he has decided to stand.

Gee, why am I not surprised?

What a fool!

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Correct on

01 Mar

both counts.

I bet Pelosi cries big ol’ nicotene tears…

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The stupid celebritards

27 Feb

can kiss my butt. Who gives a flying fig what these morons say on the Oscars show? I know I don’t. Why on earth would I waste my time watching the Oscars? If I were to speak to them, I would tell them to shut the frack up. All they do is piss people off with their incessant narcissistic preening. It’s totally insufferable! Just shut up! No one cares what you say. Shut up monkey, and dance!

If they were smart they’d knock this crap off.

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24 Feb

they are really wacky. One is tempted to say that they are just fools, but it has crested into mentallyill-ville. They are no longer in the ‘burbs but in the center of town.

They are just spoiled brats, and freak out when they don’t get what they want.

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24 Feb

So the MSM media lackeys fail to report facts because by doing so it would prove Donald Trump right. At long last, have they no shame? I mean, really!

No wonder few give a rat’s patoot what they say. No wonder, indeed. We live in a post-modern world and they have given NO reason why I should believe them over a dog-faced baboon or some stranger creature still (to quote Socrates). In fact, they have shown themselves to be totally untrustworthy.

This is not just bias, it is rank dishonesty. No wonder people don’t believe them! They lie and otherwise deliberately deceive. They are just hacks with a particular socio-political ax to grind. Only a great fool believes them without other, independent proof. I am NOT a great fool. I know that very often they are full of crap.

Thanks. MSM! You pooped in the soup. Good job.


Oh my!

24 Feb

How can you explain this away?

This goes beyond mere buffoonery. We are into the realm of real disorder, here. MSE was not WNL (Mental Status Exam Within  Normal Limits), let’s just say. Yeah, she has always been dumb as a box of rocks, but now there is a real question of orientation. I really wonder if it was evening and she was “sundowning.” I can’t find that information, but for her sake I hope she was just sundowning. She was even making “clang” association errors, referring to “Martin Luther SING.”

I think she would not have scored well on the Glasgow Coma Scale at that time. Perhaps I’m wrong, but this looks more like an MSE issue than mere stupidity issue.

Pelosi began by thanking the person who introduced her for his “recanting of what happened at the time” Democrats and activist groups rammed through Obamacare.

“Recanting,” not “recounting.” Huh? Another “clang” association? What was that about MSE? Yeah, not WNL. Looks like it could be major (and new) word-finding issues. And that would be neurologically worrisome. It is probably age-related decline, but it could be something else, something far for sinister…

And yet there is this: Nevertheless, the liberal activists gave the House Minority Leader a standing ovation. Wow.

Say g’night, Nancy…


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What a bunch

23 Feb

of freakin’ LOSERS! Sheesh, get your crap together.

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