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Ever wonder why

12 Mar

prescription drugs are so expensive? Ever wonder why there are not new drugs that you want?

Wonder no more. As with most asinine things, gov’t is at the heart.



The word I have heard

16 Feb

is this:

Trump senses thing slipping away in South Carolina. In that state, you can be a Democrat and still vote in the Republican primaries. He is urging democrats to do just that, in order to help him win.

What a guy!

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Back to

11 Jul

the future! Huh, maybe it’s just better to do these things on paper. Well, that’s the way we are going.

There are many very good reasons to have small government. And THIS is one of them. 21.5 million? Really? <shakes head sadly>

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Yeah, leave it to Oregon

05 Jul

to do something amazingly stupid like this.

I think this is due in large part to the Oregon “motor voter” crap. You give people who are totally unmotivated to vote ballots by mail. Gee, THAT’s not a bad idea or anything! Yeah, they can’t be bothered to get on the horn and get an absentee ballot (let alone make the effort to go to a polling place on election day), and so they are more than happy to vote for people who promise to give them money earned by actual producers. The result is doofy crap like this. No wonder the Left just loves this kind of crap. Thinking people are NOT fooled.


Not at all surprising.

13 Mar

Confidence in gov’t and the media are at historical lows.

No, I’m not at all surprised.

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The truth is that

10 Jan

almost ALL licensing schemes are merely a racquet with the aim of protecting a privileged and credentialed few. You want to do surgery? Your medical license is meaningless–the hospital won’t let you operate without some kind of private credentialing. So tell me again, just what does licensing accomplish?

The case of hair braiders is only the thin edge of the wedge.

Licensing is a total failure. It doesn’t protect the public at all–I know many to whom I would not refer, and they are licensed! In fact, it makes things worse. Consumers don’t do their homework because they assume that state licensure is some kind of proof of competency. If there were none, people would be far more vigilant. And then licensing boards in most states demand that you buy Continuing Education in order to stay licensed, even though there is not a shred of evidence that such a scheme actually does any good. It is just a sop to the big CE companies. Licensing Boards are just lackeys for big business. New York and several other states have done away with it, as should everyone.

No, CE is totally bogus and worthless as education. It is ONLY payola for the CE companies. It’s just another tax. As I have said before, I don’t care if the presenter talks about fluffy bunnies as long as I get my CEs. So I get to pay for the seminar and then get to lose the money I would have made that day. All to make some bureaucrat feel important and powerful. Nice. Taking food out of my children’s mouths, what licensing does…

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19 Dec

maybe single-payer plans are not so good! You think healthcare is expensive now? You ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet. Just wait until it is “free.”

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Here’s the problem with

20 Nov

working for yourself. You don’t get paid to do nothing. That’s why working for the government makes more sense in many ways. If I work for myself, I can only eat what I kill. A slow day represents lost income. It may represent not being able to pay your mortgage. It may mean that your Accord from last century may need to go just a little bit longer. As an employee, a slow day is just a vacation, and nothing more.

Let’s take staff meetings, for example. Let’s say I have a small business. I only have 20 employees. I call an all-staff meeting, and it lasts just under two hours. With the benefits and everything, each person averages $20 an hour (I do contract work in a place where that is grossly underestimating the actual expense, and it’s more like $60 an hour, once you factor in benefits and expenses). So that meeting just cost me at least 800 bucks. And that’s not including the loss of income that these employees could have generated in that time. So I have to ask, “Does that meeting pay for itself, or are we just getting together to yack about diversity?” That is a very important question, and it’s one only a business owner would think to ask.

This is an extremely important question for government agencies that don’t have to meet a bottom line. Does that cool new chair pay for itself? What about the decorations? What about the toner in the printer?

See, as an employee I probably never even think of that kind of thing.

It’s kind of like what happened to me when a few years ago we passed some very small and run-down houses and a child asked me, “Why would anyone live there?” It’s a question borne of complete ignorance lack of life experience. And so it is when you ask a small business owner why he doesn’t have one of those cool saltwater fish tanks in the waiting room.

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Please, don’t

19 Nov

screw up the Internet. Everything Democrats do in this vein turns things to crap. Everything. Name one thing where it hasn’t been the case. If you DO find something, I bet it is not comparable in some very crucial ways.


These gaffes may indeed

13 Nov

be accidental, but the only “accident” is being caught telling the truth. It’s really sad. Telling the truth does NOT win elections for Democrats…

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