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FCC scraps

15 Dec

the execrable ‘Net Neutrality” rules . They are gone.

Good. They were a total nightmare. Utter foolishness. Utter.

Having looked into it, I can tell you that it is clearly and obviously a pile of crap. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just wrong and at best sorely and sadly mislead. They may well be technically brilliant, but are theoretically lacking.

I’ve certainly seen that combination before.


One thing Trump has done very well at

19 Nov

is reducing the regulatory burden faced by businesses of all kinds.

Maybe you don’t love Donald Trump. That’s OK, he doesn’t need to be your buddy. He doesn’t need to be someone you want to have a beer with. He doesn’t need to be the kind of guy you want to be snowed in with at a mountain cabin. He doesn’t need to be your Priest or your Pastor.

What I want is for him to nurture economic growth. What I want is for him to stand up to world bullies and to strengthen the US military. On these things he does very well. Exceptionally well, actually. By any measure, he has done well at this.

And we should all thank our lucky stars for that! A vote for Hillary was a vote for despotism mingled with bureaucracy. It was a vote for despair. A vote for Trump was a vote for competency and normalcy.


NEVER change, Hillary!

30 Sep


The Democrat party is not out of the woods, yet.

I really hope she runs for President again. She has said she won’t, but she is a liar.

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21 Jul

no surprise there.

My bet is Mueller couldn’t find anything on the Russia deal so he has done what Special Counsels do: he has expanded his investigation. He got a bigger net. Here, fishy, fishy!

This is just lawlessness–it is nothing but a fishing expedition. And it it really aggravating. Does Mueller have actual power to prosecute? He must, because people are fearful. But if not, I would just ignore him. I don’t give a crap WHAT he says in any case! He had one job, and it wasn’t to go on a carte blanche witch hunt!

Mueller could have saved his reputation. Now he just looks like a delusional Javert. Get this clown out of here!

Sessions should have done his job. If he could not preside because of a rigid interpretation of conflict of interest (one Leftists most certainly do NOT share–see Mueller) he should not have taken the job. That was truly a mistake on his part.

Oh, and Democrats delenda est.


It is

10 Apr

indeed very hopeful.

But understand that many of us were Trump voters out of hope. Hillary was a obvious dead-ender who only offered more boot on your throat, so it wasn’t exactly a hard choice. No, not at all.

So though I had significant reservations about Trump, he was the only logical or rational choice. Yes, I could have stupidly thrown my vote away on some goofy 3rd-party candidate, but I am far more rational than that.

In any case, Trump has done far better than expectations so far. And I think he is entirely correct to focus on the entrenched bureaucracy.

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Ever wonder why

12 Mar

prescription drugs are so expensive? Ever wonder why there are not new drugs that you want?

Wonder no more. As with most asinine things, gov’t is at the heart.



The word I have heard

16 Feb

is this:

Trump senses thing slipping away in South Carolina. In that state, you can be a Democrat and still vote in the Republican primaries. He is urging democrats to do just that, in order to help him win.

What a guy!

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Back to

11 Jul

the future! Huh, maybe it’s just better to do these things on paper. Well, that’s the way we are going.

There are many very good reasons to have small government. And THIS is one of them. 21.5 million? Really? <shakes head sadly>

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Yeah, leave it to Oregon

05 Jul

to do something amazingly stupid like this.

I think this is due in large part to the Oregon “motor voter” crap. You give people who are totally unmotivated to vote ballots by mail. Gee, THAT’s not a bad idea or anything! Yeah, they can’t be bothered to get on the horn and get an absentee ballot (let alone make the effort to go to a polling place on election day), and so they are more than happy to vote for people who promise to give them money earned by actual producers. The result is doofy crap like this. No wonder the Left just loves this kind of crap. Thinking people are NOT fooled.


Not at all surprising.

13 Mar

Confidence in gov’t and the media are at historical lows.

No, I’m not at all surprised.

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