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VERY interesting.

03 Oct

Vitamin D3 is implicated in MS. Now we are seeing something very similar being implicated in Lupus, which is almost a twin of MS in many ways. They are both autoimmune disorders.

I have MS, and I am sure to take a Vitamin D3 supplement every day.


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It just

10 Jun

can’t happen soon enough.

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Pretty darn

17 May

interesting stuff. Trust me, it can’t happen fast enough for me. Also both of these drugs cross the blood-brain barrier, which is very rare. If this pans out, someone is getting the Nobel Prize for it. It is as big as Jonas Salk and the Polio vaccine. It is HUGE.

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Here’s an article

10 Nov

you may be interested in.

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I’m getting a

07 Nov

3-wheeled travel (motorized) scooter Monday, and it will (hopefully) be awesome. I have MS and it is not easy (or even possible) for me to walk unassisted. The rolling walker is getting to be not enough if any distance is involved, though it is fine around the house. I have an electric wheelchair, but it is bulky and REALLY inconvenient to transport. This scooter breaks easily into several pieces, with the heaviest weighing only 28 lbs. I can put it in the trunk of my car. So I’m looking forward to that. It wasn’t free or cheap, but one does what one has to do…

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Ginkgo and MS

04 Oct

There is some evidence that Ginkgo helps ameliorate symptoms of MS. This is a pretty good study, though it needs to have a much larger N.

Here is another article on the same study.

There are many studies that link Ginkgo to memory, but the findings are, IMHO a bit soft. I think that there are indeed herbs (and very likely Ginkgo) that improve memory. But I’d like to see more and better studies. Maybe I’m just a stickler for scientific rigor.

In any case, this is a great (and cheap) way to improve cognitive functioning in MS sufferers with hardly any side effect.

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I would REALLY like to see

21 Jul

huge progress in this. As a person who could benefit from repair of brain neurons, I like it!

The whole stem cell issue has to be marked by a conversation about how converted adult cells are different that embryonic stem cells (those that come from dead babies). I’m not willing to kill kids in order to be made well. I’m not a vampire. Or a democrat (though those two are basically the same).

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