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This makes some

17 Sep

good sense.

Of course, that would require some kind of national ID, and some Americans oppose that. But it also would solve a myriad of problems. And that has to be in conjunction with the spigot of illegal immigration being turned off.

You can stay, but you can never vote. You may never get federal benefits of any kind. You are here to work, and that is it. You are not a citizen.

In addition, we stop the foolish and (almost) uniquely American practice of birthright and location citizenship. I don’t care that you were born in San Diego, if both parents where not citizens, neither are you. Virtually all other countries are like that, as well. I mean, my son was born in Japan on Japanese soil. But he is certainly not a Japanese citizen! He is an American citizen who was born in Japan to two American citizens. He’s not even eligible for dual citizenship!


Again, not much

04 Jul

of a surprise, is it?

It is pretty obvious–when the cost of anything (including crime) goes up, you get less of it. I’m not sure what about that is so hard for a person with normal IQ to understand.  Honestly do you not get that?

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Gee, Trump’s

25 May

policies are already working!

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You know

17 Dec

I hate videos, but if you care about the country, this is worth watching.

You wonder why Trump has gotten traction? This is why. It is a total disconnect, and it is NOT just the Democrats.

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Yeah, Rubio

13 Mar

is very intriguing. I was initially put off by his Gang of 8 fiasco, but now he is saying the right things and may well recover. For me, he is certainly moving in that direction. I think he is saying that he is both wiser and sadder now. Good. He seems to have done a bit of a mea culpa on that issue. Good, because I think he got worked. Lefties often have a sort of moral jiu-jitsu that flips your good intentions to bad ends. Rubio was a victim of that.

I think he could be a very strong candidate, and I am warming to him.

I think he, Scott Walker, and Bobby Jindal are all very good options.

Jeb Bush is establishment money, but not very compelling. Fine, but not at all exciting in any way.

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Interesting. There has been a gradual change…

20 Feb


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I think Republicans

19 Feb

are in a major bind right now. They promised to nix Obama’s amnesty if they were elected. OK, they won in a landslide. Now if they don’t come through…

They gotta stop weaseling and do the right thing, or they are toast.

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I think

15 Jul

the fallout could be absolutely huge.

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The true casualties

11 Jul

of Amnesty.

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The Republicans

31 Jan

are are on the brink of a  shellacking of the Democrats in the 2014 the elections. Naturally, they are talking about something that will dishearten and de-motivate their base and give away the win. They act like they want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They seem to be really trying to do that. So they start talking about Amnesty. Honestly, you’d think these guys would be smarter than that! Holy Crap!

This is a really stupid ploy. They will certainly not gain any votes, and they will only alienate their base. Honestly, what are they thinking? <shakes head>

In the past I have not been a big John Boehner critic. He has a very tough job. But it is really hard to ignore this stupidity. This wound is self-inflicted, and I therefore don’t have a lot of sympathy. Maybe he needs to go.

UPDATE: Honestly, I don’t know why they’re doing this. It seems mind-numbingly stupid. THIS is how a third party takes off. It’s an implosion of absolutely epic, cosmic proportions. It’s jaw-droppingly stupid. They have a gun to the head of a hostage, and the hostage is…THEM! You’ve got to be KIDDING! If they continue to screw this up, if they insist on this utterly assinine path and it is the cause of us losing the Senate, they are done. They are causing HUGE damage just by bringing it up. It has already started. The Republicans will go the way of the whigs if they’re not VERY careful. And they don’t have much time.

Already we are seeing damage from the infighting. It may be necessary to cleanse the inner vessel before we can take care of the outer one. I never thought I’d say this about Republicans. Until now I’ve been very critical of third party talk. It seemed nutso to me. I’m not sure I feel the same now. I really hope they come to their senses before it’s too late. And already it almost is. They don’t have a ton of time. I mean, if they are losing me, they are seriously hosed up.

UPDATE II: Maybe they just don’t want to win.Maybe they are content with getting crumbs from the master’s table.

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