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It’s gotta

08 Aug

be good news.

Obama’s goal was to make the largest number of people possible dependent on the gov’t.

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This kind of crap

24 Jan

just drives me nuts!

Yes, I know very well that the Left responds with violence in sort of a self-justifying way whenever they are opposed in any way, but it is stunning to me that the women at the “women’s march” saw/knew what he did and helped him get away! They are accomplices to a crime, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves! <sheesh!> I just wish they could be prosecuted.

THIS is the heart of Leftism. So are you a Leftist and condone (or even engage in) such violence? Or will YOU turn another direction?

I know where I stand. Where do you?

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If you care

06 Sep

about the poor, you are conservative.

It is perhaps the biggest lie of Leftists–the idea that conservatives are a caricature-like Scrooge McDuck. It is second only to the bald-faced lie that the NAZIs were on the Right! People need to realize that they are being lied to. Lies, both damnable LIES. They are intended to fool the rubes, and with an assist from the execrable Lefty MSM they have done just that.

Time to wise up, people!

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There is a good deal of talk

10 Dec

about a “minimum income.” It is an intriguing idea. Thomas Paine was a big advocate of this. I’m having a hard time seeing the flaws in this plan.

Let’s say (for the sake of argument) that right now we spend about $3000 per month for every welfare recipient. What if we cut each one the check for $1500? That would put them well above the poverty line. No Social Security disability, no Social Security retirement, no nothing. Maybe the payment goes down a bit once you retire.

Up until age 18, children would get  $4000 a month or so if their parents qualify. Now, that assumes that we have a real dismantling of every other welfare program in the nation. The administrative savings would be huge. And this would have to be done on the constitutional amendment level. But there would be no buildings, and no employee costs such as salary and benefits.

In this case, everyone would choose whether to be on welfare and get the minimum income or not. Any earned income would just be subtracted out of the minimum income payment. And it would make no difference if you are married or single (freeing up  women who are in bad marriages). You choose whether to have your own income or to rely on the minimum income. Some of this would depend on whether you’re filing taxes separately or in conjunction with a spouse.

And the payment amount would be pegged to inflation. It should be re-adjusted every six months. So now, if you want housing, go buy it. If you want food, go buy it. Medical care might be totally separate. That does mean there  might be “indigent care” and may not be the most convenient thing. You could get that when you step up and pay your own bills, if you choose. And even indigent care would be plenty adequate. But that is already case today in the sense that you get much better service if you have of a lot of money than if you don’t. Really wealthy people have physicians who come to their home on a regular basis. You go to the emergency room when you have a real problem.

Now you might decide to take the money and spend all day every day fishing. OK. You start being eligible for payment at age 23 or when you are married. Just like Pell Grants (another form of welfare–one that does have some benefits to society as a whole).

If you blow all your money on beer and pizza the first day of the month, there are ways to address that. There would be “poor houses” in certain cities where you would sign over your check to them (if you still get it for that month) and then get room and board. It might not be awesome, but it would absolutely support life. No one would be left to go hungry or without shelter. And there would be payees for those who cannot manage their funds, as needed.

Okay, poke holes in that plan. What are the weaknesses? Where would be the problem areas? I only just started thinking about this.

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Even if it’s fixed,

14 Oct

this exposes some real problems.

One commenter was excoriated for saying that he went to three stores and could count the minorities on one hand (with fingers left over), combining all three stores. And these were stores that have always had a healthy mix of ethnic representation. All the stores had signs saying that the EBT was down He said it was like he had gone back in time. Stinkin’ racist!

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Hail, Britannia!

19 Aug

Er, well, what Britannia used to be. Now it is just a moral cesspool. Violent and thuggish, that’s England now. That’s really too bad. But it should be a cautionary tale for us. The best of intentions lead (often) to horrific outcomes. And intentions are not always good…

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Don’t we know enough

15 Aug

to avoid this? At the very least, we could learn from other people’s mistakes.

You know, it won’t happen in America the same way. Looters here could very well get a face full of shotgun. Of course, if Obama and the democrats have their way, you will have no means of self-protection. Don’t kid yourself, your 2nd Amendment rights are crucially important to your safety and that of your family. And given that the criminals don’t know who is armed and who is not, even those who never own a gun benefit. The more guns there are, the safer society is. It’s not hard to understand, and the data bear this out. Time to pay attention to the data and not be mushy-headed. I think the gun-controllers are fools. They would buy pretended safety by giving up their freedom. In the end they will have neither, and they will be gunned down or beaten to death like dogs. For Pete’s sake, just look at Britain. YOU LOOK AT IT! (SpongeBob reference). I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

An article you should read is here. Yes, it’s quite old. It’s fantastic. Please, read it. Please.

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Barbarians inside

15 Aug

Britain’s gates.

I think we all miss the Britain of yesteryear. I know I do. But it seems that Barack Obama wants to take us down the same path. Not wise. At all.

I also worry that eventually, unless things change, there will have to be a separation of the wise from the unwise. I really hope that doesn’t happen in my lifetime. It may be that chucking Obama and the democrats out will solve the problem for another 100 years.

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