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Yes, I think

22 Sep

this is exactly what needs to happen.

Here’s a line from the article that made me laugh out loud: What we should think, and say, is “You’re stupid, so stop talking and finish filling my latte order, weirdo.” 

Oh my! I think this article gets it exactly right: We Conservatives are just too polite.

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So, are

20 Sep

Confederates cool? It’s just so confusing!

It’s all so confusing. As one comedian said, “You know, between the dames and the horses, sometimes I don’t even know why I put my hat on in the morning…”

Cabin Pressure is nothing but awesome.


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06 Sep

this is what real Americans do.

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I wonder.

04 Sep

Yes, I wonder.

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More from

03 Sep


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Here is something

23 Aug

written last year. It was true then. It is still true.

See, THIS is the kind of stuff that knee-jerk carping about how Trump is “not our kind, dear” act just doesn’t touch. One can sniff and turn up one’s nose, but regular people are torqued and have had just about enough. The “smarter-than-thou” set really don’t get that. There is a “Shut up, proles, and tote that load” know-your-place-ism about them, and regular people are sick of it…

Part of that is borne of sheer personality pathology (you can thank crappy parenting à la the “special snowflake” self-esteem crap for this generation of narcissists), but part of it is that these elites have directed things for so long that they just assume that is the natural order of things. As said in a movie (significantly paraphrased), “The ants gather the food and the grasshoppers swoop in and take the food–it is the circle of life.”

Well, the ants are rising up. We have had enough. Good.

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I gotta admit,

05 Aug

I find tattoos both trite and stupid.

Yes, I think there are some exceptions, particularly when there are cultural issues involved. My dad lived among the Maoris in New Zealand. I get it.

But for the most part, I think they are passé and kind of embarrassing.

I remember a young mom coming into my office with a young child. The mom was beautiful. No, I mean really stunning. She had this innocent “girl-next-door” thing going, and it totally worked for her.

But then I noticed her arms. She had tattoo “sleeves.” And I would assume that those arms are not the only places she had ink. Fortunately for her, she didn’t have ink on her face or neck. Yet. It was truly like someone had put a baseball cap with beer cans on the sides with a straw on “Winged Victory.” It felt like a desecration.

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The hand that wrings the hanky rules the world.

31 Jul

Many times you hear that one should “stick to the issues” and not engage in personal attacks, that logic is what wins elections, not invective.


That is merely what the Left says in order to trash you. It sounds good, but it is a lie. It makes you play the wrong game entirely, and of course you lose.

This is long. Sorry. But I can’t explain this concept without some length.

Donald Trump famously is devoid of a strong philosophical base, yet he absolutely crushed Hillary, who did have a strong philosophical base. He beat a large number of very established Republicans, too. Why?

Because he didn’t stick to the issues. He focused on mocking the other rather than putting forth a plan of government. He hung memorable monikers on the opposition, like “Little Marco” and “Crooked Hillary.”

Reagan instinctively did that, too. Yes, Reagan was firmly grounded in facts and good sense, but do you recall anything about his race with Jimmy Carter? If you do, it is almost for sure Reagan’s line in the debate of, “There you go again!” That was not policy. Yet Reagan was losing before and ended up winning—it was the pivot point of the entire election. I would argue that it was the most important thing Reagan ever said. This man was extraordinarily well-versed in policy and was intellectually brilliant, yet the most important thing he ever said (at least electorally) was NOT substantive, it was hammering Jimmy Carter in that way. Think about it.

I am in a wheelchair. But maybe you don’t understand the power of being a cripple. The joke with a good friend of mine at one place I work shows this. She is solidly mid-management. We often talk. She is pretty no-nonsense and is, in fact, an Administrative Law Judge.

One day I said something funny but rather cutting to her in private (not about her). It was rather “dark humor.” She laughed and then said, “Others should know how horrible you are!” I said to her, “You should tell them, but the question I have is, ‘Why do you hate cripples so? Is it that I remind you of your own frailties and mortality?

I told her to go ahead and tell on me. That will only make people think she is a brute and that I am the real victim, here. Go ahead. See, I will win any contest with her because I am in a wheelchair. So go right ahead. Tell on me. See if that helps you. See if saying the cripple is a liar and a jerk is good for you. She laughed bitterly, but it is obviously true.

The fact is that I may be a liar and a jerk, but if you say that I will just put on a “sad puppy” face and with a hitch in my voice say, “I’m sorry I am a cripple—I must be a constant reminder to you of your own weaknesses. I’ll try to do better!” Then let’s see how people react. Stick a fork in you, you’re done!

Note that I am NOT challenging the substance of the criticism. No, not at all. But understand that the hand that wrings the hanky rules the world. The power is in the name-calling, not in the policy.

Think of the Left and its electoral strategy and what has worked for them. They do NOT want to argue issues—their political philosophy stinks and is very weak and on those grounds they lose badly. They get crushed. So they say, “Why do you hate poor people and other races?” THAT is the route they take.

Now of course Conservatives don’t “get this,” and certainly are not “haters” of any kind, but now they are stuck explaining that they are not demons from Hell rather than discussing the policy issues. Game, set, match to Democrats. Here is the lesson: Don’t argue facts, put on the sad puppy face and ask why they hate cripples so.

Republicans NEED a candidate in a wheelchair, so to speak. And that wheelchair bound-ness needs to be quite open for the Republican. That is an overwhelming strength, not a weakness.

And if the other side points out that you are a manipulative jerk? Just get a quivering lip and say, “Why do you hate cripples so? I guess it constantly reminds you of your own weakness and mortality. I’ll try [hitch] to do better.”

The hand that wrings the hanky rules the world.

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17 Jul

is a trade I would be happy to make!

But I am sensing a shift in the wind. Traditional button-down Conservatives are having the rug pulled out from under them, while Leftists are continually getting hammered. The culture seems to be changing.

Being a nerd is turning into “nerd-chic.” To be counter-culture is to be conservative in many instances–not socially conservative, but politically and fiscally. You are seeing the Kid Rock sort of Conservatives–vulgar and with stringy long hair and politically conservative. THAT is a sea-change. Suddenly, to be counter-culture is to be in many ways conservative. Not Joe Scarborough, but Kid Rock. Hmmm.

Donald Trump is the embodiment of this change. He is certainly NOT a “core Conservative” in the way Reagan was. But his personnel and policies certainly are conservative! So he is flamboyantly not superficially Conservative, but when you look at policy and personnel he is more conservative than Reagan!

There is a shift from Republicans to a pseudo-libertarianism. Not the Libertarianism of stupid foreign policy and smoking dope. This is the much more cogent libertarianism of good domestic policy. And Republicans are far closer to that than Democrats.

This is something the Left should fear. They have held the cultural high ground for generations, and there is a real possibility now that it is starting to slip away from their grasping claws. You are starting to see their white knuckles. The problem is that it is all they have. They long ago stopped arguing their points with any reason or rationality. In a fair fight, they lose, and badly. So they have long turned to culture (and specifically counter-culture) to replace rationality. If they lose THAT there truly is nothing left.

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I can tell you

14 Jul

very well why the Episcopal Church is near collapse. It is because in their frenzied search for pablum so bland that it offends no one, few now want to partake at all. I can stand for nothing while sitting on my backside watching the NFL and eating Cheetos™.  I don’t need to go to the Episcopal Church in order to believe nothing! I can do THAT on my own.

They thought that if they could just be bland enough they could keep members. Well, THAT was a horrible idea! To be Episcopalian is to adhere to… nothing. Quick, name a defining quality of Episcopalianism. Yeah, I didn’t think so. They are kinda like Catholics, only with no strong beliefs.

The leadership of the sect has made capitulation after capitulation in a frantic effort to get people to join them and it has resulted in a culturally transparent ideology–to be Episcopalian is to be vanilla times 100. If I say that I am Episcopalian, all you really know about me is that I breathe in and out. Can I get a “Woo-Hoo?” Please? Or just pass the Cheetos™ because the commercial is over and the game is back on.

I think it is painfully obvious that being bland is NOT the path to membership. People want something to believe in–even something hard. The Episcopal leadership thought that they could survive by being as milquetoast as possible. They were wrong.

Other religions and indeed all ideologies should learn from this. Don’t go down that dark path if you want to stay viable.

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