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Yes, Hollywood’s

21 Mar

wounds are almost entirely self-inflicted.

The first and most glaring problem is that their movies suck. They are geared toward the “elites” on the coasts, and are not interesting at all to most Americans.

Another issue is that the “stars” of today treat the normal people as the dreaded hoi-polloi and as a smell of poop smeared under their nose–they can’t wait to get back to their mansion and tell the Hispanic servant to wash it off. For them, the masses truly ARE revolting!

When was the last time you wanted to see a movie? I wanted to see the latest “Star Wars” flick, and I liked the “Captain America” series. But apart from those, what has really attracted YOU? “Fantastic Beasts” totally sucked. And what else have I seen at the movie theater to see in the last six months? I dunno. Can’t think of one off the top of my head. Maybe I’ll see a movie DVD for sale that I want in the Walmart bargain bin. For five bucks. Or I can always stream it on Netflix. There is just not much worth actually owning. Or seeing at all.

But that is to a large extent also because  the “stars” are insufferable. The movies are bad and the “stars” lecture you and are themselves execrable. Add to that the many entertainment options available and it is no wonder they are tanking. I mean, do you personally know single person who saw the Emmy’s and talked about it? How about the Oscars? That one should be easy.

My answer: Neither.

If “stars” were smart they would just shut up and act. Why should I believe them over a dog-faced baboon? I mean, upon what grounds? Just shut up and act–no one cares what you think about monetary policy! We don’t pay you for that…


There is virtually

20 Mar

nothing in Hollywood that you could be ashamed of or that could hurt your career.

Except being a Conservative.  THAT is unforgivable. Now if you have a bulletproof resume, like Tim Allen, you can probably get away with it. Probably. But note well that even Tim Allen does some fast explaining and is scared…

And THAT should tell you all you need to know!

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This is

15 Mar

Obama, not Trump.

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A well

05 Mar

thought-out argument.

As someone who spent his (mis-spent) youth in the Punker scene (it was a curious thing to hear “The Stepmothers” or “Suicidal Tendencies” blasting from my pick-up truck with a full gun rack in the back window and a shotgun in the seat cover–I might want to stop and shoot pheasants on the way home), I can tell you that there is indeed something very familiar to the Trump phenomenon. This is a revolt against the conventional. And Hillary Clinton was insufferably conventional. As well as appallingly criminal.

Just like I wouldn’t have been caught dead listening to Top 40 stuff (and Disco was an utter abomination), people didn’t want to be caught dead voting for Hillary. And for the same reasons.


I really don’t care

26 Feb

about the Oscars.  I haven’t watched for years, and I won’t tonight. I would urge ALL Americans not to watch.

The Hollywood limousine liberals are just sick. I don’t give a rat’s patoot about what they say. They are typically idiots.

They are trained monkeys–I pay them to act, and they are no more astute about other things than your average Joe. To think otherwise is delusion and self-delusion. They are experts in acting, but don’t necessarily  know ANYTHING about other stuff. So shut up and act!

It’s a little like the “nerd prom.” It’s just them patting themselves on the back, and I don’t give a crap what they say.

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Here’s what I don’t understand:

30 Jan

Why on earth would any American Jew vote Democrat? I guess if they are Jewish in name only and don’t really give a flying fig about Israel or their family heritage, the would only focus on the tradition of Jews being Leftist. It is just culture.

But if you care one bit about Israel, why would you vote for a Democrat? I mean, Democrats are very clearly and vocally on the side of all things anti-Israel. Sure, it makes no logical sense for Democrats to hate the one democracy in the Middle East and cozy up to dictators such as the ones in Iran, but why do American Jews tolerate such crap?

The only thing I can think of is that it is cultural, not rational. I think it is just mindless hewing to tradition.

American Jews have bought the Leftist caricature of those on the Right as slack-jawed hicks from the Ozarks who hate them and would do violence to them and that only the “enlightened” Left will protect them. There is also a cultural issue in that they want to be associated with the “cool kids” and slack-jawed mountaineers are simply not cool.  Maybe there is a nagging feeling that they as Jews are not really in the “in crowd” in the first place, and they desperatly want to be part of the group.

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Sad, but true.

30 Jan

I weep for today’s “special snowflakes.” I’m really not sure how long a country defended by wimps, crybabies, and narcissists can survive.


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20 Jan

you can believe in!

It is a HUGE issue. People are spitting mad, and it’s not just in the United States. Great Britain has already voted to leave the EU. Several Eastern European countries are making noise. If Marine LePen is elected, France will leave the EU, too. And if that happens, the EU is fried, dried, and laid on the side. Stick a fork in them–they’re done.

Even now they are looking pretty shaky, but France leaving would bring it all to an immediate end. Germany simply could not heft the whole thing onto its back and just move on. Nor would the German people stand for the attempt. Already, Angela Merkel is seriously on the ropes.

I think that conventional politicians are in real trouble. Real people are mightily torqued with them, and in several different very important EU countries.  The MSM has shown themselves to be totally untrustworthy. The world has changed, my friend.

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Oh nice.

20 Jan

As Glenn Reynolds (the blogfather) said, “Welcome to the party, pal!”

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Very interesting.

17 Jan

Very interesting indeed.

I don’t really know Scott, though I have talked on the phone with him a few times. He published an article I wrote for the peer-reviewed scientific journal he edited, where I critiqued some reasearch. That research has since been discredited, no shock.

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