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17 Jul

is a trade I would be happy to make!

But I am sensing a shift in the wind. Traditional button-down Conservatives are having the rug pulled out from under them, while Leftists are continually getting hammered. The culture seems to be changing.

Being a nerd is turning into “nerd-chic.” To be counter-culture is to be conservative in many instances–not socially conservative, but politically and fiscally. You are seeing the Kid Rock sort of Conservatives–vulgar and with stringy long hair and politically conservative. THAT is a sea-change. Suddenly, to be counter-culture is to be in many ways conservative. Not Joe Scarborough, but Kid Rock. Hmmm.

Donald Trump is the embodiment of this change. He is certainly NOT a “core Conservative” in the way Reagan was. But his personnel and policies certainly are conservative! So he is flamboyantly not superficially Conservative, but when you look at policy and personnel he is more conservative than Reagan!

There is a shift from Republicans to a pseudo-libertarianism. Not the Libertarianism of stupid foreign policy and smoking dope. This is the much more cogent libertarianism of good domestic policy. And Republicans are far closer to that than Democrats.

This is something the Left should fear. They have held the cultural high ground for generations, and there is a real possibility now that it is starting to slip away from their grasping claws. You are starting to see their white knuckles. The problem is that it is all they have. They long ago stopped arguing their points with any reason or rationality. In a fair fight, they lose, and badly. So they have long turned to culture (and specifically counter-culture) to replace rationality. If they lose THAT there truly is nothing left.

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I can tell you

14 Jul

very well why the Episcopal Church is near collapse. It is because in their frenzied search for pablum so bland that it offends no one, few now want to partake at all. I can stand for nothing while sitting on my backside watching the NFL and eating Cheetos™.  I don’t need to go to the Episcopal Church in order to believe nothing! I can do THAT on my own.

They thought that if they could just be bland enough they could keep members. Well, THAT was a horrible idea! To be Episcopalian is to adhere to… nothing. Quick, name a defining quality of Episcopalianism. Yeah, I didn’t think so. They are kinda like Catholics, only with no strong beliefs.

The leadership of the sect has made capitulation after capitulation in a frantic effort to get people to join them and it has resulted in a culturally transparent ideology–to be Episcopalian is to be vanilla times 100. If I say that I am Episcopalian, all you really know about me is that I breathe in and out. Can I get a “Woo-Hoo?” Please? Or just pass the Cheetos™ because the commercial is over and the game is back on.

I think it is painfully obvious that being bland is NOT the path to membership. People want something to believe in–even something hard. The Episcopal leadership thought that they could survive by being as milquetoast as possible. They were wrong.

Other religions and indeed all ideologies should learn from this. Don’t go down that dark path if you want to stay viable.

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As a (recovering)

11 Jul

University Psychology professor, let me be very clear that now Conservatives are just NOT welcome in the academy. That much is quite clear. When I was faculty, it was just the beginning of the Lefty student coercion. Now it has metastasized and infects the entire psychology endeavor. To be Conservative is to be “in the closet.”

You’d think that teaching stats, research design, and psychopathology would insulate you from the vicious and malicious “snowflakes.” But you would be wrong. The college teaching culture has become insufferable to me.

I’m glad I left that world. Very glad, indeed. My sister was not so lucky, and she faces regular issues.

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Does it seems to you

02 Jul

that there has been a cultural sea-change? I mean, I see the anti-Trump crap, but it just feels like there is no longer any “heft” to the protests. What you have now is only the loony Left protesting–“led” by doofy spoiled babies who are about done sponging off parents and loser celebritards.

The Mueller investigation is rightly seen as a meaningless witch-hunt. No one freakin’ cares what he eventually says–I know I sure don’t. This is a massive waste of money.

Yes, there is the Kathy Griffen contingent, but most rightly see her as a know-nothing, obscure trained monkey who doesn’t know her butt from a hole in the ground and who has grossly overestimated her own importance (I had to look up how to even spell her name!). The clock on her fifteen minutes of fame is at 14.5.

But the emotional power of “the opposition” just seems to have dissipated. Those who are still worked up are the “Occupy Wall Street” anarchists and usual thugs. Not exactly an attractive bunch. Even their shameful appropriating of “The Resistance” is seen as repugnant to many of us who know history. They are starting to be seen as spoiled whiners and this is the equivalent of them lying on the floor, kicking their legs and holding their breath.

I think most of us see them as idiots and see that Trump is doing a pretty good job and we just want to get back to our lives. We see them and don’t think we need to protest Trump–we think that they just need to go the heck away.


I’ve been warning you…

19 Jun

People are getting sick of this crap. I am warning and warning! Be careful, Lefties, about creating a culture of disrespect. You may well not like the results. YOU are not the only ones on this planet. I know that is a shock to you, but…

You can revert to form and try to forcibly squelch this kind of thing, but that is itself very likely to be quite counter-productive. You can become Darth Vader, but (ahem!) the harder you squeeze the more people will squirt out between you fingers.

It only takes one person to “break the mood” in a production like this and then the whole thing is ruined. And as this kind of stuff gets more and more publicity, it happens more and more. It starts happening every night. Just one person starts the ball rolling. But if just 10 people per performance did this would there even be enough security to escort them all out? And the production would be ruined, anyway. Surely 20 would be too much. And then what if they resisted leaving? If it takes 3 officers to drag 1 resisting person out, what if there are a half a dozen protestors? Hire 20 officers? Start shooting people? Can you afford that, either in monetary or PR terms? And what if there were 20 protestors? What if the officer has sympathies with the protesters? And even if you could remove protesters, how long of an interruption to the play would it take? And wouldn’t the message be sent and received in any case?

See, it would quickly become way too much for security to handle even in ideal conditions. The production company depends on people self-policing. Even a small resistance totally shuts the play down. Security and the production company should be scared.

When we look at the psychology of crowds, we find that it often only take a single person to go against the norm in order to bring the whole edifice down. Once that one person does it, others follow suit, and it is often a tidal wave. And this may well be the front edge of the tidal wave. Trust me, it is very likely that future performances will also be disrupted.

One person booing makes no never mind. But if 1 out of 20 boos, it totally drowns out what is happening. And if one person starts to boo, many others soon join in. And then once the protest gets a little publicity and the behavior is a bit normalized, it happens again the next night… This kind of stuff spreads like wildfire!

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Yeah. DUH!

19 Jun

I think we’re in a time when we can’t ignore the extremism from the Left

That’s just what I’ve been saying. The Right is not holding up replicas of a Presidential severed and bloody head! The Right is not shooting up congressman baseball practices because those practicing are in the other party. The Right didn’t freak out about Obama even though he was clearly and obviously a hard Leftist.

I fully understand that Leftism is at base a violent philosophy. I get it, though I think that is immoral. But even if you countenance such violence, it is in Lefties’ best interests to NOT sink to their philosophical foundation and become violent.

I’m telling you Lefties, this is a bad idea.

Don’t poke the sleeping Conservative tiger with a stick. Bad idea. And it is bad for all of us. So stop. Stop NOW!


So I was listening

16 Jun

to a podcast today, and I was shocked at the anger I heard. I don’t even remember the name of the guest, but the anger was clear and strong. They were talking (among other things) about the shooting of Steve Scalise at a baseball practice yesterday.

What struck me was the anger. Now I am not really into anger–I listened to Michael Savage a couple times in the early 2000s and was totally put off by it (and never listened again). He was angry and I got more than enough psychopathology in my day job and I didn’t need more of it outside of work.

But back to the ranch, here. On this podcast both the guest and the host were quite angry and energized. And of course, the MSM shills are parading their stupidity and bias. That happens most days of the week. Yeah, this is fake news

See, the Left has stoked anger in an effort to spin people up and get votes. Their MSM lackeys have been slobbering suck-up accomplices. But there has been a ton of violence as well as chronic nastiness toward Conservatism, and Conservatives are starting to just not take it anymore. They are getting mad as Hell.

Stop, Lefties. Stop now. You won’t like the Right when it’s angry. I really don’t want to see a culture of anger and personal grievance. It is a revenge ethic. And that is exactly what the Left is stoking. It won’t end well for anyone.

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07 Jun

it sounds good.

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I like

05 Jun

National Review and read the online version often. But you must admit that it is pretty anti-Trump, sometimes irrationally so. It is well worth looking at, but I am careful. Some writers are very definitely better than others. Some opinions are more reliable than others.

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02 Jun

there is a lingering distrust, along with a sense that one has to become self-reliant.

It seems that in light of several events we are witnessing a seismic cultural shift.

Not to mention the fact that on my kitchen counter I can now machine out of metal the “lower” that makes an AR-15. That is not even mentioning additive (3-D) printing. Cell phones represent a HUGE departure from prior norms and increased freedoms. Home school, also. Donald Trump is President and he won by a staggeringly large margin over a corrupt but traditional candidate. The Dems have lost the House, the Senate, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court.

Folks, the culture is changing!

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