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Leading causes of death:

01 Jan
  1. Diseases of heart (heart disease)
  2. Malignant neoplasms (cancer)
  3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases
  4. Accidents (unintentional injuries)
  5. Cerebrovascular diseases (stroke)
  6. Alzheimer’s disease
  7. Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
  8. Influenza and pneumonia
  9. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis (kidney disease)
  10. Intentional self-harm (suicide)
  11. Septicemia
  12. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
  13. Essential hypertension and hypertensive renal dis­ease (hypertension)
  14. Parkinson’s disease
  15. Pneumonitis due to solids and liquid


(CDC) And the truth is, guns are nowhere to be found (it may be folded into the “accidents” category). This source said that there were 606 accidental gun deaths in 2010. They are careful NOT to break it out by age, so this includes both kids and adults.  606.

I find it fascinating that NOW it is hard to break the data out by age. It wasn’t hard 10 years ago! After a dozen searches, I could find nothing now. Why? I’m sure the information is there somewhere. I just don’t know how to access it.

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Look at

31 Dec


See, you can make fun of me…


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Read the

09 Dec

whole thing. Just feel the seething anger. And then remind yourself that this runs among regular people–it is NOT the rantings of some isolated and fringe guy living alone in the woods of Montana writing a goofy and non-grammatic article to other psychotics! No, no, no. The culture is changing.

The Tea Party was a warning, and it was squelched by a partisan Obama IRS. Trump is yet another warning. It would be wise not to ignore this one, but you have some ignorant Leftists and “Never-Trump” Republican weenies who just are not wise. Will there be a third one? Yes, almost for sure, but we are starting to get too close to the edge.

I think Lefties ignore this phenomenon at their peril. Conservatives are rapidly coming to a place where they are mad as Hell and just not going to take it anymore. Leftists would be well to stop poking the sleeping tiger. Beware!

There is a REASON this movie was conceived and made. It shows a very real aspect of modern life. I certainly don’t condone or recommend the violence, but I understand (but don’t agree with) the impulse.

A division among the people is coming. At some point you will have to decide and declare what side you’re on.

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Yeah, I think

29 Nov

it’s time to buck up!

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A new word has been coined:

27 Nov

“Pervnado.” As in, “There has been a literal pervnado of accusations of sexual harassment and abuse by Dems.” Anther one is, “Back in the great pervnado of 2017…”

Great word.

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We should be VERY careful

23 Nov

before we go about taking a wrecking ball to traditions. The explanation is that a Leftist sees a fence in the middle of a field  and thinks, “This is stupid. I see no reason that this is even there. I’m just going to knock this stupid fence down. Whoever did it must have been stupid–I am clearly way smarter.” But a  Conservative sees the fence and says to himself, “I wonder why this fence is here? What purpose is it serving?” After he figures it all out, he may well knock the fence down. But that fence didn’t get there by accident.

We see that with marriage and with sexuality in general.

There are many ways in which a marriage is the ultimate form of consent.  Think about it.  With marriage you are formally and publicly saying that you and your new spouse are “off the market.”  You are also promising that both they and you will have sexual relations with this one person and no other.  It is a very public event.  All your friends and others are told and in fact come to wish you well.  Your parents’ buddies are even coming! Everyone knows. Even if you move, you tell people “This is my wife” and “This is my husband”

All these people are helping you celebrate this event. They are helping to solidify it. There is no one who is not aware of what has been agreed to. Everyone is quite aware, and you have made a public declaration. In the old days, it was common to respond to fornication with “a shotgun wedding”–if the man was very lucky (rather than being found at the bottom of a pond). A rapist very literally took his life in his own hands. A female victim usually had friends or brothers or a father—to harken back to an old phrase, they were not at all “unprotected.” Uhm, that word very clearly implies some level of physical violence.

Infidelity was seen in the very gravest of terms. But there really was no question about consent if there was a marriage. So there was a rule:  No sex outside of marriage.  Nothing even in the same ballpark. Nothing even close to sex. Not even bad language! That protected the woman, but it also protected the man from false allegations. But it mainly protected the woman.

So before we tear down that particular fence, let’s understand why it was there in the first place.

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If I were the hockey commissioner,

14 Nov

here is what I’d do: Make every game available for free on the Internet. The NFL is dying, and the NHL would be wise to step into the gap. NOW is the time to gain fans and develop team loyalties. In a year or two it may well be too late. People are leaving the NFL in droves NOW. Give them something to replace it. Give them the NHL.

If the NHL were to announce NOW that starting next year they will stream most or all games for free, it would be a serious kick in the teeth to the NFL, and the NHL would eat its lunch… Jersey sales would skyrocket, as would game tickets. Along with that, do a series of rule and play tutorials.

They need to strike while the iron is hot, here.


We are seeing

07 Nov

the death of the NFL.

It is surprising. Those of my generation never even thought this was a possibility. But it is happening before our very eyes!

The “protesters” were dim bulbs, indeed. They have cut off their noses to spite their faces. Well, I hope they are happy now…

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07 Nov

destroys the Lefty anti-gun narrative. I mean, TOTALLY destroys it. Leaves in a crumpled heap in the fetal position muttering the word, “Mama.”

As Twitchy has been reporting, the lefty narrative machine following the evil murderous rampage in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday has been working overtime to demonize the “gun lobby,” specifically the NRA and many Republicans. After killing and wounding many inside the church, the shooter was confronted by two armed citizens. One of the men has a background that that might give the #Gunsense alarmists a moment of pause.

Soooo, the guy who intervened and stopped the Texas massacre was a former NRA gun instructor. THAT is a brutal butt-whooping. Talk about being taken out back behind the shed and shown how the west was won!

They better put some ointment on that butt-whipping!

Ho-leee crap!

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The Right

03 Nov

is starting to wise up.

And do I need to mention the anger yet again? I’m telling you, the Left won’t like the Right when it’s angry… I’m not making threats–I’m just telling you the way things are. To the Left: See that sweet doggy over there? Quit poking it with a stick.

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