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If I were the hockey commissioner,

14 Nov

here is what I’d do: Make every game available for free on the Internet. The NFL is dying, and the NHL would be wise to step into the gap. NOW is the time to gain fans and develop team loyalties. In a year or two it may well be too late. People are leaving the NFL in droves NOW. Give them something to replace it. Give them the NHL.

If the NHL were to announce NOW that starting next year they will stream most or all games for free, it would be a serious kick in the teeth to the NFL, and the NHL would eat its lunch… Jersey sales would skyrocket, as would game tickets. Along with that, do a series of rule and play tutorials.

They need to strike while the iron is hot, here.


We are seeing

07 Nov

the death of the NFL.

It is surprising. Those of my generation never even thought this was a possibility. But it is happening before our very eyes!

The “protesters” were dim bulbs, indeed. They have cut off their noses to spite their faces. Well, I hope they are happy now…

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07 Nov

destroys the Lefty anti-gun narrative. I mean, TOTALLY destroys it. Leaves in a crumpled heap in the fetal position muttering the word, “Mama.”

As Twitchy has been reporting, the lefty narrative machine following the evil murderous rampage in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday has been working overtime to demonize the “gun lobby,” specifically the NRA and many Republicans. After killing and wounding many inside the church, the shooter was confronted by two armed citizens. One of the men has a background that that might give the #Gunsense alarmists a moment of pause.

Soooo, the guy who intervened and stopped the Texas massacre was a former NRA gun instructor. THAT is a brutal butt-whooping. Talk about being taken out back behind the shed and shown how the west was won!

They better put some ointment on that butt-whipping!

Ho-leee crap!

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The Right

03 Nov

is starting to wise up.

And do I need to mention the anger yet again? I’m telling you, the Left won’t like the Right when it’s angry… I’m not making threats–I’m just telling you the way things are. To the Left: See that sweet doggy over there? Quit poking it with a stick.

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03 Nov

in case you wondered.



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02 Nov

lots of anger. Yeah, he’s right, but he’s angry.

And it’s not just him. The electorate is angry, and for good reason.

Always remember, as Andrew Breitbart said, politics is downstream from culture.

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Remy is

01 Nov

always hilarious.



30 Oct

cultural shift.

I’m telling you, something is happening. I can feel it in the air. Now it may not actually take off, but maybe it will. It’s getting more and more likely. Something is going on. There is a reason that Weinstein was “outed” for his egregious behavior now. It has gone on for decades, so why is he in trouble now? What is different now? Culture.

I agree with the late Andrew Breitbart: Politics is indeed downstream from culture. Culture is the commanding heights. Conservatives need to embrace the culture, not just criticize it.  DO NOT CEDE THAT GROUND TO THE LEFT! Yes, there are some frankly disgusting aspects to it, but we have to get our hands dirty and dig in. The Trump election certainly showed us that–we cannot be so persnickety that we abdicate our moral responsibilities. THAT is not morality, it is a cunning counterfeit. It is faux morality. Conservatives are starting to wise up to this. There is a natural disgust from moral people about these things, but we are simply not going to make progress by retreating.

Now, if Conservatives actually take the cultural heights (or even creditably contend for them) the Left is totally hosed. They don’t have logic or reason on their side. They can’t win an actual argument. Culture is truly all they have. What will they do if I dispute their core premises? Retreat to their “Safe Spaces” where they are not challenged? Just calling names is all they can do, and there is not even an attempt at justifying a position. If Conservatives make inroads into the culture and there is actual choice, the Left is well and truly hosed. They hate moral agency/choice, and have from time immemorial. For them the issue is power, and moral agency diminishes their power. Hence, the Leftism.

See, my argument is that Conservatives don’t actually have to take over Hollywood. They just need to make a credible effort. And this is extremely important: This particular film is not going through typical Hollywood channels. In other words, an alternate path is being created. We first saw the shift away from the MSM and you saw the rise of alternate news sources. But this is fundamentally the same thing, only in regard to movies.

The election of Donald Trump. The fall of Hollywood big-shots. TV producers for Nickelodeon being “outed” for sexual abuse on iCarly. ISIS getting hammered. The economy waking from the deep Obama slumber. Crimes by Democrats finally being called out. The fall the MSM. Things are changing–the culture is shifting! This is NOT the world of Teddy Kennedy or of RINO squishes. This is NOT the world of iCarly. This is the world of Mike Pence not going out to dinner alone with a woman who is not his wife.

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Too often,

29 Oct

cynicism masquerades as world-weary wisdom.

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It is a very

28 Oct

good article. This guy is good in expressing these ideas.

But I note how much anger there is. Make no mistake, regular people are angry. You see it in this article. THAT is why stuff like this is getting traction. And they are angry about the cultural force they embody.  I’m telling you again, the Left needs to take this cultural shift into account. They need to take others’ position into account, and have the humility to understand that they could be wrong and others could be right.

And if they don’t, regular people will revolt against them. Snowflakes will increasingly retreat to their safe spaces where no one will challenge them. They will hear nothing but their own voices.

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