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I think that

16 May

this is culturally really quite important.

It truly means that leaders have no “skin in the game,” so to speak. One acts quite differently when one is worried about kids and grandkids rather than just oneself. Religion becomes far more important. Certain traditional values become crucial. One’s whole world view is drastically changed with children. Nothing is more common than new parents who marvel at how their basic personality and existence have drastically changed.

It is the ultimate expression of narcissism to, out of choice, not have kids (I am certainly NOT talking about people who are childless through no choice of their own). It is the wholesale discarding of traditional mores. It is the ravenous eating of the seed corn because it is more convenient and WE have no children, anyway. We need to understand that there are corollaries that naturally accompany such actions–that choice is rooted in one’s very personality and doesn’t spring up ex nihilo.

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As Glenn Reynolds said,

02 May

the anti-Trump stuff is just boring. I mean how many times can you hear an oh-so-earnest 22-year-old dweeb impart the wisdom that Trump is the antichrist? Let’s see how “fresh” it is to say GWB is Hitler!

Look, it’s trite and boring.

I think the vast majority of us just roll our eyes and say, “Yeah, whatever…”

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In talking

29 Apr

with my sister, I realized that the culture is indeed changing. And there are several big things that have led to that change. These things are in many ways not obvious, but they all strike at the heart of our culture of Leftism in general.

The first is cell phones. There is a TON of freedom in being able to call whenever and wherever you want. You can play games or surf the web if you want. No one tells you what you have to do. You can call across the country as cheaply as almost anything. In fact, free in many cases.

Similarly, Internet phone has made a HUGE difference. National calling is free–no long distance charge. I have a local number in another state that my kids at college and in-laws can use and it is free. It is a local call. But it rings my phone in another state. The bill? It is not uncommon to pay $100 a month for a traditional land line. I pay that for a year.

Heck, I bought a mattress online. It was half the price of the one I bought ten years ago, a ton better, and I get to actually sleep on it for over three months and during that time I can get a full refund if I hate it. Done. Done, done, DONE!

Like many, many people, I have no cable or satellite right now. And I don’t miss it much at all. I can get pretty much everything I want via streaming. Or I can buy the DVD if I really want it. Live sports are still an issue, but I doubt they will be for long. If ESPN had an online subscription service (and they are hurting right now so they may adopt it), it would be totally over. And we are seeing satellite TV providers respond with things like SlingTV and several other similar services. SlingTV is about $20 a month, IIRC. That is perhaps $100 a month less than what you are paying now.

Finally, we are seeing an explosion of gun rights issues. From national reciprocity to “Stand Your Ground” statutes, times are very much changing. There are relatively cheap mills that sit on the kitchen counter and can fabricate guns out of a block of metal. And those mills (and 3-D printing–a search on Amazon brought up a category of 3-D printers under $300) will only get cheaper. The old gun control agenda is rightly seen as a Jurassic set of policy priorities.

But understand that all these things are an acknowledgment that traditional modern structures are unable to deliver. We just had to wait for technology to catch up. I mean, law enforcement agencies are unable to actually prevent crime, and at best can just track the perpetrator down after the fact. The damage has already been done. These are yet other instances where one takes the responsibility on oneself. I can think of several more off the top of my head. THAT is Conservativism in a nutshell, and it rightly is seen as an existential threat by the Left.

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What is

17 Apr

the Benedict Option?

Basically, it is the idea that one withdraws from a wicked society because the “gap” is just too big. So you withdraw and live in a community of fellow believers. In a close analogue, the biblical scholar Hugh Nibley called it “The Rehkabite Principle.” At some point the chasm between two sides becomes too wide to straddle and one has to jump to one side or the other. In other words, you withdraw and live your religion on your own or with largely like-minded people. And make no mistake, this is an extremely difficult decision. You don’t choose the Benedict Option lightly. You don’t go down the Rehkabite path without careful consideration.

Traditionalists on all sides want to just paper over the differences and put their heads down and do what their parents did. That seems “conservative.” But actually, it is logically inconsistent and not really Conservative at all. There is a gulf between the groups. And that gap cannot be bridged by happy talk, tolerance, and reliance on received wisdom.

At some point you have to choose. Choose wisely.

There are several good examples of the Benedict option in history. In the 1800s the religion group the Mormons had to go to Ohio, Missouri, and finally Illinois to escape murderous persecution. When that persecution kept following them, they eventually had to leave the United States entirely and start their own community in the unpopulated Great Basin (Salt Lake City). They exercised the Benedict Option. It was the Rehkabite Principle in action.

That city eventually became part of Utah and the United States. But the Mormons originally couldn’t stay in the United States so they left and went West, given that they were hunted and murdered in the United States. Of course, that city (Salt Lake) is minority Mormon now, but those are the origins.

A more modern example is home schooling. Many families have gotten to the point where they are no longer willing to put their children in the clutches of Lefty schools. That was never even heard of when I was a child. So that is pretty dang fast! Even as an adult it seemed unusual to me and only the “fringe” even considered it. But it is getting more and more common and popular, and even though that is no longer an option for me, it is not something that I would dismiss out of hand anymore.

There is chatter about Democrat states separating from Conservative ones. A “divorce” is kind of joked about by both sides. But there is a serious edge to the joking. Yet again, this is the Rehkabite principle in action. If you are not seeing it now, you are either not paying attention or you are turning a blind eye to the facts.

So this “Benedict Option” has gotten a lot of attention lately. This is good, IMHO. But the separation of groups because of divergent beliefs is very old, indeed. It goes back to time imemorial.

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Yeah, hardly

06 Apr

a surprise, isn’t it? I was thinking, “Yeah, DUH!”

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Yes, Hollywood’s

21 Mar

wounds are almost entirely self-inflicted.

The first and most glaring problem is that their movies suck. They are geared toward the “elites” on the coasts, and are not interesting at all to most Americans.

Another issue is that the “stars” of today treat the normal people as the dreaded hoi-polloi and as a smell of poop smeared under their nose–they can’t wait to get back to their mansion and tell the Hispanic servant to wash it off. For them, the masses truly ARE revolting!

When was the last time you wanted to see a movie? I wanted to see the latest “Star Wars” flick, and I liked the “Captain America” series. But apart from those, what has really attracted YOU? “Fantastic Beasts” totally sucked. And what else have I seen at the movie theater to see in the last six months? I dunno. Can’t think of one off the top of my head. Maybe I’ll see a movie DVD for sale that I want in the Walmart bargain bin. For five bucks. Or I can always stream it on Netflix. There is just not much worth actually owning. Or seeing at all.

But that is to a large extent also because  the “stars” are insufferable. The movies are bad and the “stars” lecture you and are themselves execrable. Add to that the many entertainment options available and it is no wonder they are tanking. I mean, do you personally know single person who saw the Emmy’s and talked about it? How about the Oscars? That one should be easy.

My answer: Neither.

If “stars” were smart they would just shut up and act. Why should I believe them over a dog-faced baboon? I mean, upon what grounds? Just shut up and act–no one cares what you think about monetary policy! We don’t pay you for that…

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There is virtually

20 Mar

nothing in Hollywood that you could be ashamed of or that could hurt your career.

Except being a Conservative.  THAT is unforgivable. Now if you have a bulletproof resume, like Tim Allen, you can probably get away with it. Probably. But note well that even Tim Allen does some fast explaining and is scared…

And THAT should tell you all you need to know!

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This is

15 Mar

Obama, not Trump.

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A well

05 Mar

thought-out argument.

As someone who spent his (mis-spent) youth in the Punker scene (it was a curious thing to hear “The Stepmothers” or “Suicidal Tendencies” blasting from my pick-up truck with a full gun rack in the back window and a shotgun in the seat cover–I might want to stop and shoot pheasants on the way home), I can tell you that there is indeed something very familiar to the Trump phenomenon. This is a revolt against the conventional. And Hillary Clinton was insufferably conventional. As well as appallingly criminal.

Just like I wouldn’t have been caught dead listening to Top 40 stuff (and Disco was an utter abomination), people didn’t want to be caught dead voting for Hillary. And for the same reasons.


I really don’t care

26 Feb

about the Oscars.  I haven’t watched for years, and I won’t tonight. I would urge ALL Americans not to watch.

The Hollywood limousine liberals are just sick. I don’t give a rat’s patoot about what they say. They are typically idiots.

They are trained monkeys–I pay them to act, and they are no more astute about other things than your average Joe. To think otherwise is delusion and self-delusion. They are experts in acting, but don’t necessarily  know ANYTHING about other stuff. So shut up and act!

It’s a little like the “nerd prom.” It’s just them patting themselves on the back, and I don’t give a crap what they say.

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