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10 Aug

there are no problems with Hillary’s health!

Look, she is a gorked old lady. Hey, it could happen to anyone! But it is disqualifying as a person trying to become POTUS.


We’ve got to be

30 Jun

scientists rather than mere partisan hacks. Let’s pay attention to the data. Sheesh!

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You REALLY think

17 May

there is no rationing at the VA? You fool.

The single-payer system isĀ based on rationing! It is part and parcel of the system! It’s not an unfortunate addition, it is the defining aspect.

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Why gun control is utterly stupid:

05 Apr

Exhibit A.

I mean, have just a little bit of a brain, here.

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If you even care what Obama

28 Jan

says in his State of the Union speech (I know I sure don’t), keep this in mind. Obama only speaks one language: he talks rot. I just want him to be gone. Many of his cronies and sycophants should be gone, too. I guess we’ll have to wait until November…

Gee, I wonder if he’ll talk about this conservative plan? Nah–he’s too hide-bound.

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I’m telling you now,

27 Nov

gun control is dead. 3-D printers are only the latest reason for the demise, and there are far more fundamental ones. But it is dying–fading fast. And good riddance. Only the bitter dead-enders are still vainly trying to butcher that particular cow. It was always a stupid notion…

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What I’d like

10 Nov

to see is not limb regeneration, but brain regeneration. My guess is that the two are VERY related.


Badgering to live a

22 Jul

healthier life: Does it work? The answer is, “Not very well.” And what struck me was that these folks saw a physician and were initially badgered once a week. How many of YOU see a physician once a week? Once a year? Once a decade? I mean, if you’re not sick, why go? This was NOT normal treatment. Talk about comparing apples and oranges! If I had been a scientific reviewer for this study, I would have voted against it.

I think that it shows that even under extraordinary circumstances such “treatment” makes very little difference. In real-world scenarios, it almost for sure makes none at all. It is a waste of time and resources–that’s the take-home message. What is needed is conversion, not some stupid top-down “program” mandated by big brother.

Let’s give people the true facts, and then let them govern themselves.

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A really great

17 Jul

idea. So why hasn’t this been done for years? It absolutely makes perfect sense, and I responded with a, “Yeah, Duh!” I think we just really get hide-bound and can’t envision things in a new way. We get locked into a paradigm and just can’t see past it (ring any bells Obama?).

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Welcome to

17 Jun

the future.

Look, insurance is a middleman. Nothing is cheaper after it goes through a middleman. And government is the ultimate middleman. That’s why you know dang well that Obamacare will increase costs! Honestly, how could it be otherwise? It makes no logical sense to think otherwise. Any rational non-hack knows this–it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

Coercive and expensive. Yeah, that pretty much covers it… But it has to be; it is a feature, not a bug.

Now if one could buy true insurance (catastrophic), a lot of the problems would go away. But Obamacare precludes that option. What it is pushing is not insurance, it is merely more redistributionist taxation under the advertising-vetted name of insurance.

If a few doctors do this, it will change things dramatically. It’s already happening in some sectors, and I hope it will happen everywhere. Obamacare is based on a model that was old when I was born. It is frantically trying to be relevant, but like 3-D printers/machining consoles and guns, technology has made the model utterly obsolete. Just provide for the poor, and leave the rest of us alone!

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