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07 Apr

This is exactly what should have happened!

See, Obama was weak and feckless. He talked about a “red line” in Syria but he was, in fact, a total chump. He was all hat and no cattle. ALL the world leaders knew it, and Syria proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Trump is made of far sterner stuff. And he teaches people not to screw around with some things. This is also a message to ISIS. If you behead Americans, you will get a cruise missile down YOUR chimney!

Syria used poison gas when Obama is President and they get nothing. Just prancing and posturing and meaningless gibberish. They use poison gas when Trump is President and they get silence at first, but then a cruise missile down their chimney.

Uh, there just is no question as to which course of action is better. We don’t need to be loved (THAT will never happen anyway, no matter what!) we need to be feared.

What a breath of fresh air this is after eight years of talking tough while bending over!

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OK, so I am a geek.

11 Jul

I think a man has to recognize what he is.

But it is clear to me that Tolkien was very much changed and affected by his WWI experiences, and this is the main theme of The Lord of the Rings. He writes:

Frodo exclaims. “Why was I chosen?” Replies Gandalf: “You may be sure that it was not for any merit that others do not possess: not for power or wisdom, at any rate. But you have been chosen, and you must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have.”

Read the whole thing–it is very much worth it.

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This is

19 Apr

quite typical.

I think the comparison to the withholding of tax is entirely apt. The point of this was to do things without ruffling feathers. That is also the entire point of withholding. If the costs were clear and painful, there would be outrage and actual refusal. THAT is why there is withholding, and that is why Obama is doing the same thing in Iraq.

Transparency is the enemy of despotism. That’s why hard Leftists like Obama avoid transparency like the plague. As the the old Haitian proverb goes, “If you knew what chickens ate, you wouldn’t eat chicken.”

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Everyone loves

19 Jan

the Warthog!

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This is

08 Dec

pretty dang cool!


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Like MOST things

08 Jun

Obama, the “Air War” against ISIS is a sham. Everyone knows it, too. He merely wants to be able to say/pretend he is doing something, but in truth it is very little and not at all effective. Folks, it’s a sham. It’s like a morbidly obese person going on a diet and eating 3,900 calories a day instead of 4,ooo. Diet? Check. Now get off my back, Doctor!

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This very much

12 May

prodded my interest. I’ve never read it. I downloaded the free Kindle excerpt, and I’ll see how I like it. It sounds intriguing. I grew up reading sci-fi, and both my parents were HUGE readers (my mom was particularly into sci-fi). My mom said the first book of “Dune” was the best sci-fi ever written. I devoured Asimov–his robot and foundation series were stunningly good. The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy was stupid and tedious and insufferably self-indulgent–maybe it’s OK if you are stoned out of your gourd–I tried it again recently and turned away in contemptuous disgust. Still, I can’t recall ever reading Heinlein. I’m sure I did (I remember seeing it around the house), but I don’t recall any of it. Maybe I was just too young and inexperienced.

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10 May

Okinawa taught us that we needed to use the atomic bomb. Have you ever been to Hedo point or Suicide Cliffs? I have.


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I have lived in Okinawa.

08 May

I can’t imagine fighting in such a setting. The best book I’ve read on it is E.B. Sledge’s master work. But be warned, you need a bit of a strong stomach. Those who glibly claim that the U.S. should never have used the atomic bomb know nothing about Okinawa.


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I really do think

11 Mar

that the most important thing in a battle/war situation is to have a solid objective. One better have a demonstrable goal in mind, and an overall one at that. A war without goals is like a golf course without holes…

Having no goals (or vague ones) is a recipe for mission creep. Get in, accomplish the goal, and get out.

And THAT is a very significant issue for all who know war planning.


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