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OK, so

05 Dec

now what? There are options, though none of them are at all attractive. Still, I think the days of sitting around and doing nothing are over.

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The truth is

21 Nov

that I really don’t think that North Korea is in any shape to fight and win any battle. Let alone a war. That’s why Jong-Un is so keen on nuclear weapons; Jong-Un is truly a paper tiger without nukes. He’s doing this in a frantic effort to save himself. In a conventional battle South Korea would wipe the floor with them. I think it would take about a week.

Look at these two sentences: The soldier was malnourished and riddled with parasites. He is among the nation’s elite soldiers.

NK just cannot match the South in terms of conventional military might. That’s a big reason (though not the only one) why the North has nuclear weapons.


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20 Oct

pretty much.

Look, it’s quite clear that Trump is a competent administrator and Obama just wasn’t. Obama was a failure–he was no good at this job. Fortunately, we now have Trump, who is a real executive.

This is why you don’t ever vote for a person (if you have a choice) who has never lived off his (or her) own business. Just knowing what should happen intellectually won’t cut the mustard. Again, it’s not IQ. It is knowledge that is part and parcel of executive experience. It is the fruit of lived experience. And if you don’t have the experience, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Here’s a quote:

The result of this shift seems pretty obvious. In July, ISIS was booted from Mosul, and this week Raqqa was liberated. For all intents and purposes, ISIS has been defeated. Trump did in nine months what Obama couldn’t in the previous three years.

How do you argue with that? It is a plain fact.

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I think Japan (and the U.S.)

09 Aug

are learning the age-old lesson said again in “The Lord of the Rings” from North Korea: “Those who do not have swords can still die upon them.”

It’s a lesson we better understand, and quickly. The silly days of the Obama fecklessness are over. A President with a selfie stick. Is there a more symbolic representation of Obama? And THESE are the wages of weakness. He ought to be ashamed!

Time to get SERIOUS. And this idiot is NOT serious. Yet we ALL get to partake of his stupidity! Yeah, it’s because of him that we are now in a mess.

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Was this really

19 Jun

an accident? It may well have been an act of war. In any case, it looks really fishy…

I am just not convinced that a container ship could accidentally ram a destroyer. Yeah, it’s conceivable, but it seems pretty dang unlikely. The odds are just so steep that one wonders.

This just smells wrong.

(yes, I am former Navy, but I never served on a destroyer and have no inside information as to what actually happened)


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Yeah, Asia

08 Jun

is a HUGE powderkeg.

I lived in Okinawa. I didn’t know China was asserting ownership of it.

But this won’t end well. And the last eight years of American lassitude and wimpiness has NOT helped. That has only made things worse. NK knew that Obama was a mark, a pigeon. Kim acted accordingly.

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08 Jun

sounds like Go-Time. I wish them well.

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07 Apr

This is exactly what should have happened!

See, Obama was weak and feckless. He talked about a “red line” in Syria but he was, in fact, a total chump. He was all hat and no cattle. ALL the world leaders knew it, and Syria proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Trump is made of far sterner stuff. And he teaches people not to screw around with some things. This is also a message to ISIS. If you behead Americans, you will get a cruise missile down YOUR chimney!

Syria used poison gas when Obama is President and they get nothing. Just prancing and posturing and meaningless gibberish. They use poison gas when Trump is President and they get silence at first, but then a cruise missile down their chimney.

Uh, there just is no question as to which course of action is better. We don’t need to be loved (THAT will never happen anyway, no matter what!) we need to be feared.

What a breath of fresh air this is after eight years of talking tough while bending over!

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OK, so I am a geek.

11 Jul

I think a man has to recognize what he is.

But it is clear to me that Tolkien was very much changed and affected by his WWI experiences, and this is the main theme of The Lord of the Rings. He writes:

Frodo exclaims. “Why was I chosen?” Replies Gandalf: “You may be sure that it was not for any merit that others do not possess: not for power or wisdom, at any rate. But you have been chosen, and you must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have.”

Read the whole thing–it is very much worth it.

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This is

19 Apr

quite typical.

I think the comparison to the withholding of tax is entirely apt. The point of this was to do things without ruffling feathers. That is also the entire point of withholding. If the costs were clear and painful, there would be outrage and actual refusal. THAT is why there is withholding, and that is why Obama is doing the same thing in Iraq.

Transparency is the enemy of despotism. That’s why hard Leftists like Obama avoid transparency like the plague. As the the old Haitian proverb goes, “If you knew what chickens ate, you wouldn’t eat chicken.”

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