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The truth is

03 Mar

that a “Living Constitution” approach by Conservatives would almost certainly mean political death for the Leftists. They are very lucky that Conservatives don’t like legislating from the bench. They really wouldn’t like it if Conservatives acted like Liberals. They better pray (if they pray) that Conservatives don’t start acting like Leftists…

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A TOTAL butt-kicking!

27 Jan

These guys are just lucky they are not in jail–I have seen judges do that for such misbehavior (holding the attorneys in contempt of court). Just unreal.

It just becomes more and more obvious that the Obama suck-ups that HE chose were pretty dang incompetent.

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Look, divorce is terrible,

15 Jan

especially for kids. 

I do a ton of work for the family courts.

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Is there

11 Jan

equal protection under the law? Why is this guy getting hammered when Hillary got off scot free? And understand that “scot” in that phrase probably refers to taxes.

That is NOT equal protection under the law! We don’t have “nobility” who are not bound by the law in the U.S. and who are exempt from government rules. C’mon man!

It has started. By letting Hillary off you destroy the rule of law. I’ve argued that before–it seems plain and obvious to me. If I were a defense attorney, I might well advise my clients who are obviously guilty to use the “Hillary defense.” It probably wouldn’t work, but it just makes no moral sense to allow behavior by one but not another.

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Comey is

07 Sep

full of crap. He can spin all he wants, but he is full of crap. No one with more than room-temperature IQ doesn’t know that he is a hack and has put his weasely self-interests above the demand for justice. He just doesn’t like being called on it. But he is obviously guilty. He read the law in a patently false way in order to not charge Hillary. DUH!

So, Comey, you are a spineless hack at best. YOU got cowed and decided to save your own butt in the short term rather than pursue justice. YOU are a weasel. So now don’t start putting on hoity-toity airs that you are somehow NOT corrupt when it is plain as day that you are. You were rolled–OWN IT!

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But just remember,

05 Sep

YOU paid for Hillary’s illegal server. It was paid for with tax dollars.

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And so it begins…

22 Aug

This won’t be the last such case. And it failed. But it is a logically intact argument and it won’t fail forever!

See, you thought I was just being over-the-top and hysterical when I said the Hillary skating undermines our entire justice system. But now we are only seeing the thin edge of the wedge, here.

Hillary getting off does two things:

  1. It destroys equal justice and the claim to equal justice–“Hillary did a crime with no punishment, so why can’t I?” Think about that for a moment. Whether we are talking about speeding or taxes or bank robbery, the logic is iron-clad. If carried forward, it destroys ALL law. ALL enforcement is merely an application of force (the Left’s fundamental principle). You have to appeal now to some form of “natural law” in order to claim that anything is wrong. And we have to have mens rea and not just actus rea. That was Comey’s excuse for letting Hillary off. He said there was clear actus rea but no mens rea. Not at all plausible, but that was his story. This is the beginning of a police state and “thought crimes,” and eventually some group will get sick of it and break off the “mother” country and form “a more perfect union.” Don’t kid yourself, we are facing an existential threat as a country.
  2. It sets up a “nobility” class that is impervious to the law. There is a VERY good reason that the founders disdained titles of nobility. It totally undercuts the law itself. When some animals are more equal than others, the system is breaking down. The center cannot hold.

Those two very related things are anathema to a republic like the US. The Revolutionary War itself was in large part fought over those very issues! This is a very bad precedent. We are NOT just talking about some doddering old lady getting off for her crimes, we are talking about a dagger pointed at the very heart of our republic. This is an existential threat to the US–moreso than any foreign enemy.

That’s the main reason I’m so ticked and dismayed with the Trumpkins. They have a “burn it down” mentality but I’m not at all sure that they understand that “it” refers to the Union itself. They may want a fire and not realize that they themselves are going to get burned.


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As I have said,

09 Jul

the problem with Hillary skating is mainly in the fact that it gives others defenses and justifications for law-breaking.

The fact that Hillary unjustly escaped is, of itself and in the long run, pretty dang unimportant. But the idea that we are a nation of men and not laws, that there is no equal justice, that there is a “nobility” that is exempt from repercussions, is extremely dangerous in the long term. It means that there is no law, only things to be avoided. THAT is dangerous. There are serious long-term issues in play, here.

For example, there is no way the government could collect taxes without voluntary submission–that’s a major reason why there is withholding! If people en masse just refused to obey a certain law, it simply could not be enforced. Now don’t get me wrong–I’m not advocating that. But that is a fact.

So one way a person can defend the rule of law is to vote against Hillary.

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18 Mar

makes a whole lot of sense. On both counts.

And, I think it would be best if SCOTUS judges were term-limited. You have 2 8-year terms. You can be re-appointed for one, but of course you would face the Senate again. The age of Justices would drastically decrease and the competency would drastically increase. It just makes sense.

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This makes

29 Jun

a lot of sense. Regular judges face the voters every so often. There is no reason the SCOTUS should be different.

I know it is fashionable to mock Ted Cruz and pretend that he is “fringe,” but he is making an eminently reasonable point, here.

I would say to the critics, name ONE point that Cruz has made that is goofy or irrational. You know, something really extreme. Now don’t cheat and use Google to find weird crap that is (only) on Huffington Post or some other Lefty fever swamp–if he really IS extreme I’m sure you can name a single instance off the top of your head. No? Maybe you are yet again a victim of the NYT. You should be wiser, since this is probably not the first time you have been duped. You’d think you would learn…

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