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This guy is

13 Dec

mostly full of crap (and I certainly didn’t waste time by reading the whole insipid thing), but he is correct in saying that Trump has put Conservatives into the lower courts. But he says that like it’s a bad thing…


Well, and I think

14 Oct

that this is indeed about the most important thing. Many of us voted for Trump almost exclusively on the court issue: There was no way in Heck I wanted a Hillary Clinton judiciary. And while I had questions about Trump, I knew for a fact that Hillary would be a disaster for Conservative jurisprudence. So it was far from a hard choice.

But this does something else. Yes, it stocks the lower judiciary with bright, young Conservatives and means that we will see more Conservative rulings from those bodies immediately. But it also gives a deep “bench.” It provides a proving ground for future SCOTUS judges. I think we are short-sighted to gloss over this. Sure, a judge on a circuit court of appeals may do a lot of good during his or her tenure, but it is also the pool from which SCOTUS judges are chosen.

We are NOT looking at just the next 5 or 10 years, here. We are looking at the next 30 or 40. I mean, these judges will eventually die or retire. but they have clerks who want to someday become judges. And those clerks will be chosen because they are bright and have philosophies like those who hired them.It also makes “original intent” and other Conservative legal theories both legitimate and in vogue. Even if such theories do not become universally dominant, they will naturally “pull” more Lefty rulings toward the center. Yeah, it has seismic repercussions far beyond the next few years.



26 Jun

Just wow!

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So NOW we’re learning

13 Jun

that Special Counsel Mueller has a dog in this fight. He has long been good friends with Comey, and the two were often “partners.” So if Mueller finds against Trump, I think that most thinking people can and will dismiss it as just more proof of criminals covering for each other and that the swamp really needs to be drained–that you just can’t trust these career apparatchiks.

Mueller should do the right thing and resign now. He can’t do the job he was hired to do. If he says that Trump did nothing wrong the deluded Lefties won’t accept it. If he says that Trump DID do something wrong, it can be rightfully chalked up to his bias and previous loyalties and seen as completely illegitimate. Mueller should do the right thing and resign now. Spare the country. There is NOTHING he can do to help, and much he can do to tear the country apart. And fingering Trump or Trump’s cronies would just spark a total rejection of Mueller. I mean can you just imagine the backlash? It would be epic. Cosmic, really. It could well spark outright rebellion. And then what?

And there is already evidence that Mueller is biased. And he is hiring Leftists who seem eager to ding Donald Trump. This will not end well…

Mueller just cannot administer justice. It’s not like either side will accept his pronouncements, no matter which way he goes. So he should just go away. If he loves America he will resign. Today. He never should have accepted the gig in the first place, and it was a real mis-step for Trump to have offered it.

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The truth is

03 Mar

that a “Living Constitution” approach by Conservatives would almost certainly mean political death for the Leftists. They are very lucky that Conservatives don’t like legislating from the bench. They really wouldn’t like it if Conservatives acted like Liberals. They better pray (if they pray) that Conservatives don’t start acting like Leftists…

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A TOTAL butt-kicking!

27 Jan

These guys are just lucky they are not in jail–I have seen judges do that for such misbehavior (holding the attorneys in contempt of court). Just unreal.

It just becomes more and more obvious that the Obama suck-ups that HE chose were pretty dang incompetent.

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Look, divorce is terrible,

15 Jan

especially for kids. 

I do a ton of work for the family courts.

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Is there

11 Jan

equal protection under the law? Why is this guy getting hammered when Hillary got off scot free? And understand that “scot” in that phrase probably refers to taxes.

That is NOT equal protection under the law! We don’t have “nobility” who are not bound by the law in the U.S. and who are exempt from government rules. C’mon man!

It has started. By letting Hillary off you destroy the rule of law. I’ve argued that before–it seems plain and obvious to me. If I were a defense attorney, I might well advise my clients who are obviously guilty to use the “Hillary defense.” It probably wouldn’t work, but it just makes no moral sense to allow behavior by one but not another.

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Comey is

07 Sep

full of crap. He can spin all he wants, but he is full of crap. No one with more than room-temperature IQ doesn’t know that he is a hack and has put his weasely self-interests above the demand for justice. He just doesn’t like being called on it. But he is obviously guilty. He read the law in a patently false way in order to not charge Hillary. DUH!

So, Comey, you are a spineless hack at best. YOU got cowed and decided to save your own butt in the short term rather than pursue justice. YOU are a weasel. So now don’t start putting on hoity-toity airs that you are somehow NOT corrupt when it is plain as day that you are. You were rolled–OWN IT!

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But just remember,

05 Sep

YOU paid for Hillary’s illegal server. It was paid for with tax dollars.

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