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Now we see the REAL

19 May

intent of ‘net neutrality.

Folks, I told you this was a sham intended to allow Lefties to get rid of those who criticize them! I told you, I told you, I TOLD YOU! Holy crap, I told you. Sheesh! Some of you were just not wise enough to see things as they really were, and too cocksure of yourself to learn from anyone else. For the love of humanity, I told you. <shakes head sadly>

‘Net neutrality is a steaming pile of crap. It is just despotism. Let’s face that fact.

Maybe you will listen now. I sure hope so. Start your change process by publicly admitting that you were totally WRONG! Let’s see actual change. Go, and sin no more…

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29 Mar

Don’t be a frickin’ dinosaur. This is the wave of the future. 13 state have already gone this direction, and many more will. I would expect only the backward CA, IL and NY to eventually be the only caught-in-a-timewarp holdouts.

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Yet another

27 Feb

heartwarming story. 

I just love a happy ending! And we only have a happy ending because of civil rights. Gun rights. Good thing we have them, eh? Gee, I guess the framers of the Constitution were wise.

Now if we can just get the freaking dinosaurs in CA and Chicago to get with the times! What we need is national concealed carry. Gun control is SO 1989…

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This is

27 Jan

very interesting. There are some very basic things that I didn’t know. There really has not been advertising.

But the trend is unmistakable. Concealed carry is becoming popular, and Constitutional carry is becoming increasingly more common. It is no longer inconceivable that there will be a national constitutional carry arrangement. Weird restrictive schemes like in CA just can’t survive for very long.

Here is the danger for Leftists: That Consitutional carry will not lead to a bloodbath. Don’t kid yourself, the gun controller nuts are rooting for carnage. Because if there is no carnage, then what? Will people start asking what else the Left was wrong about?

Now, we need to understand that there will always be isolated accidents. Even now many, many times more toddlers are killed by 5-gallon buckets than by guns. So there is indeed risk in life. That won’t change.

But it’s quite clear which way the wind is blowing–and it’s blowing toward rationality and science. From Constitutional carry to suppressors, we know where we are headed. And right now the wind is blowing toward freedom and good sense. It is only good sense to have suppressors (to preserve hearing). and Constitutional carry. That is a scary thing for the gun controller whack-jobs.

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Just in case

14 Oct

you think these elections don’t really matter, look at this.

Look, I understand that you might not like Donald Trump. I understand why you don’t trust him much. I understand that he is an unpalatable character. I get it, and I agree in many cases. He was neither my first nor my second.

But we need to understand that the days of choosing a candidate are done. Time for you to get off the dime and face reality. There really IS a binary choice, here. No matter how you weasel around it, this is a binary choice. Let’s be an adult and take a hard look at reality and stop telling ourselves fairy tales. Either vote for Trump or vote for Hillary. You will do one or the other, no matter what you say or do (and even if you don’t vote at all). There just is no other explanation that makes a lick of logical sense. Trump is far more likely to protect civil rights than Hillary is. Therefore I want him to win. I think he almost for sure won’t (though Hillary is an epically bad candidate), but I want him to win.


Gee, it’s

09 Sep

looking like this is lawfare, not actual crime-fighting.

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And I think it

19 Aug

really does undermine the law. And that is very dangerous to our society. In letting Hilary go, Comey wrecked society and the law itself. That is NOT hyperbole! He screwed up, big time. Totally. Screwed. Up.

Not only the problems described in this article were created, but there is a significant equal protection issue in play: If Hillary is not prosecuted for obvious violations that damage the US, on what grounds can I be prosecuted for speeding or not paying my taxes? I mean, why is she exempt? I thought there was no “nobility” that was above the law in the US! Isn’t that a bedrock principle for us?

See, she goes free at the expense of the law itself. How is the law enforceable then, except by brute force? How does what happened not establish a privileged class, a “nobility?” And if people en masse start to disobey laws because the think those laws are morally invalid, what will the government do about it? Nothing. They can do virtually nothing about it. There aren’t enough cops and IRS agents in the world to enforce everything. And the more draconian you get, the more resentful and willing to rebel people in general get–so the more draconian you have to get…. There has to be voluntary obedience or the whole thing just comes totally apart.

And technology only makes enforcement exponentially harder. For example, who is the gov’t to say that I can’t have a gun? I will just 3D-print one or machine one myself and there is nothing the gov’t can do about it! It is a “ghost gun.” Already a great many people work “under the table” and pay NO taxes at all. No state, no Federal, no Social Security, no nothing. So the gov’t cracks down on cash (because it can’t trace it) and wants to do away with the $100 bill. They say it’s because of drug dealers, but of course it really isn’t–it is all about tracing income. Yep.

So other currencies (see: BitCoin) spring up. Untraceable money. Or at the very least quite difficult to trace, so one has to choose whom to go after because it takes so much time and effort. I mean, THAT is the primary reason for withholding in the first place! It is actually about enforcement, not convenience. And given the difficulty of getting a conviction, one might have to lower the legal standard required for said conviction. Civil rights are, of necessity, abrogated. So more innocent people are convicted and therefore there is more resistance to a despotic overlord (and it is more sneaky and hard to detect and people feel morally justified). It is the classic vicious cycle. Oh yeah, THAT “arms race” will end well! <sheesh!>

Government depends upon the consent of the governed, and it is extremely unlikely that US citizens will accept a nobility that is exempt from the laws. Yes, Hillary got away with major crimes, but the damage is quite general and the refusal to hold her accountable makes slippery the very foundation of the United States. So for personal gain she is willing to see the US collapse. Wow.

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You need to understand

18 Jul

that Citizens United (CU) was about a film that criticized… Hillary Clinton. So of course she has vowed to get rid of it if elected President. But Hillary’s position is a blatant attack on free speech. You just can’t criticize the queen! Know your place, peon!

I mean, let’s say you don’t have a lot of money. You have $100. But you have 9 buddies and they each think like you do. And they each can throw in $100. But once you do that, you are one of those evil “Corporations.” So now you are legally restricted in terms of speech. You would have to hire an army of lawyers to ensure that you are not doing anything legally wrong. Of course, that means that you can have no political speech at all. And that is exactly the aim of the Left. It is a modern day poll tax and it is used for exactly the same reason.

See, many just don’t get this. If you are wealthy you can speak. But if you are poor you cannot pool resources with others to speak you cannot, because then it is an evil Corporation. THAT is the issue. Romney famously said,”Corporations are people!” and he got mocked by stupid Lefty shills. Yet he was totally correct! And that certainly isn’t the only example of Romney being correct!

And that indeed is what this is all about–insulting some soi-disant royalty. It is couched in election finance language, but punishing those who dare criticize their “ruler” is in fact what it is all about. The fact is that many people are both totally confused and totally ignorant about the ruling. And it will be gone should Hillary get elected. So know the stakes. If you value free speech, you are NOT for Hillary.

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Here is the truth:

04 Jul

armed Gays don’t get bashed.

Understand me that I think ALL people should be free from violence. I am not Gay. I don’t agree with much that the Gay community thinks. But I do NOT agree with people being physically violent toward them. I can argue, disagree, persuade, etc. But force is a real problem on many levels. Violence in any form is just wrong.

Armed Gays don’t get bashed. Guns are the LGBT community’s best friend. Welcome to the party, pal!

Know who your real friends are. Real friends will tell you what they think, but urge you to take care of yourself. The LGBT community needs to know that Conservatives are their real friends.

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There is a good deal

14 Jun

of violence in the world. One this is obvious–gun control is NOT the answer.

When people use guns to attack others, the logical approach is NOT to prevent law-abiding people from exercising their civil rights. The stupidity of that approach is nothing but stunning.

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