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The unions

07 Mar

have made the people of SC winners and the people of WA losers.

It’s really simple economics: SC makes labor easily available and WA makes it onerous to hire and keep people.

Unions may have had a place in a bygone era, but they are merely leeches now. In my father’s day they were openly violent leeches (he was threatened with personal harm┬áby the union if he didn’t shut up), but now they are just blood-suckers. It just makes no logical sense NOT to be a right-to-work state!

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Just like the Military:

24 Feb

Up or out.

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I couldn’t agree

09 Oct

more. Watch this short ad. I agree it is devastating. Well, to people who are cognizant.

Millenials are just stupid for voting for Barack Obama.

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Maybe we

26 Aug

should be more like Europe! Obama is certainly taking us there…

Yeah, Britain is sure doing a bang-up job!

It is truly frightening.

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13 May

to the real world, graduates! Hope you like living in mama’s basement and making lattes at Starbucks! Maybe you can move up and be a stocker at Wal-Mart someday…

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“Economic Destruction” is

25 Mar

just not pleasant or fun for those who are rigidly attached to the practices of a bygone age. But in the long-run it is good. I think you ought to shop where you want. As for me, I don’t want to pay more for the same product. At times my family shops at a place that is more expensive than other places. But it is closer and more convenient. So you roll your dice and move your mice…

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You will be replaced!

07 Dec

Look, there’s little reason to have waiters at restaurants other than to fill your water. There should be terminals at each table to order and to pay–your credit card should NEVER leave your possession. So most things would be automated. And I can’t fathom that fast food wouldn’t do much better with automation. Obamacare only speeds up this process.


The truth is, you better

01 Oct

dang well get your own business. It’s a safety issue.

That business should probably be sales. I guess ALL businesses are sales in a sense. But it’s just not safe to put all your eggs in one basket (traditional employment). You might well be OK. But then again, maybe not. Yeah, I wear set belts too. And for the same reason many carry a concealed weapon. Safety and wisdom.

Get a garden. Put a little away for emergencies. Each month. Avoid consumer debt like the plague. Be wise with your resources. Don’t buy more house or car than you need or can afford. What else can I say?

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Velcome to the

09 Sep

pleasure dome!

Now just WHO are the morons who voted for Obama in the last election? Really stupid…

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Don’t kid yourself,

07 Sep

this was a very bad jobs report. You can’t just put lipstick on that pig and call it Miss America.

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