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As a person who treats

21 Oct

pediatric sleep disorders (a lot) and who is trained by the pre-eminent sleep guru in the world (I spent a year with him), this is certainly no shocker.

But we need to understand that the good parenting that leads to regular bedtimes is globally good parenting. And kids do much better with globally good parenting. So this result is far from surprising. Limit-setting is indeed common sense.


Self-esteem is a

07 Jan

bunch of crap. The actual research bears that out. You get a lot of that in the public schools, but it’s really just trendy leftism garbed the robe of science. This is what you get when you get a bunch of people together who wouldn’t know science if they stepped in it. It’s a training problem. This will eventually be as popular as a cheesy synthesizer and disco, and almost as valuable, too. <shakes head>

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“Sybil” was a fraud

18 Oct

I guess we should have known that. But it’s true. Of course it was all a hoax, a diagnosis du jour kind of thing, with real victims. It was  blatant hoax, geared to aggrandize and enrich certain people. There’s a reason you don’t see that diagnosis now–it was never there in the first place.

I wish the same thing weren’t happening now, but it is (can you say, “bipolar?”). If you hang around psychology long enough, you see pretty obvious “trendy” diagnoses. Most often they lead to fame and fortune for the “therapist.” Or just fortune.

About 20 years ago I was on a radio show confronting an “expert” on multiple personality disorder. She got so angry and hostile toward me. Yet I was right–this was all a sham. I have been in practice for 20 years and I have never seen a multiple personality. And I know a lot of psychologists who have been in practice longer than I have that have never seen one.

Kind of like “bipolar.” Now I have made that diagnosis and there have been people who richly merited that diagnosis. But it is rare. We can talk another time about how people (especially psychiatrists, but an unfortunate number of psychologists) mistake the chronic mood instability of a Personality Disorder with Bipolar Mood Disorder.

I know that what I have said will upset some people. But I speak the truth.