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21 Mar


This was ALWAYS a crock of Lefty crap.

There is NO evidence of collusion because (wait for it, wait for it) THERE WAS NO COLLUSION!

Even the Lefty accusations were NOT that the vote totals were interfered with, but that by hacking into her emails and revealing THE TRUTH it may have hurt Hillary. Please don’t be confused (and the Lefty shill media has worked hard to confuse you), there was NEVER a hint of the actual election being hacked. It was ONLY that Hillary’s emails were hacked and they revealed some very unflattering things about her, which may have led to her losing some votes. So let’s not be confused, now, at least. There’s just no excuse for it.

And Trump won the cited states by tens of thousands of votes (IIRC the one with the lowest Trump margin of victory was just over 70,000 votes). And she would have had to have won a half-dozen more states to even sniff victory. So you are telling me that many hundreds of thousands of voters in several different states would have voted for Hillary if her dishonesty had not be revealed by Wikileaks or whoever?

Oh Puh-Leeze! Only a complete and total moron would believe that. Even Hillary and her campaign didn’t believe that, which is why they didn’t challenge the results! If there had been a credible way to challenge the outcome of the election, don’t you think Hillary would have done so? Hillary is evil, but she is not a complete and total moron. THAT is why she didn’t challenge the results.


Funny how

19 Mar

these guys get a pass.


Look, Trump’s claim

13 Mar

that Obama wiretapped him is entirely plausible. Obama is KNOWN to have done this before, so it’s not like we can just say that Obama would never do such a thing. He would and he has. It is a pattern.

I know the Lamestream media and the usual Democrat media hacks (though I repeat myself)  have tried to make this seem like just an example of Trump’s paranoia, but that is just not true. So did Obama “bug” Trump? Yeah, most likely. Highly likely. Obama is just a bad, immoral guy. THIS is who he IS.

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It is true.

07 Mar

The Left just can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas. So they make up cock-and-bull stories to try and buttress their totally indefensible positions. But the truth is that Leftism is logically and morally indefensible. THAT is the problem.

Leftists should be totally embarrassed about how logically and morally weak their schtick is. And it boggles the mind that so many are snookered by this ruse.

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On political matters, at least, it

06 Mar

is quite clear that Snopes plays fast and loose with the truth. Unfortunately, one cannot trust them. They are just shilling for a certain world-view.

Of course, that brings up the question of who you can ultimately trust. The answer? No one living on this earth.

There is no human source of unimpeachable knowledge. There is effort to be truthful, but not Cartesian certainty. There is no human Truth-Teller. There are only accounts, to riff off the Post-Modernists. So science is not a foundation for truth because it is dependent on human interpretation–a graph of numbers is totally meaningless until some human assigns meaning to it.

As Carl Popper so famously said, it is structurally impossible (due to the logical fallacy of Affirming The Consequent) to prove a theory correct (you can just rule out competing theories–thus falsification). And one can NEVER falsify ALL other known and unknown or even implausible explanations–it is logically and practically impossible. You can get approximations of truth from science (and that is indeed useful), but no Cartesian certainty. You get accounts, not immutable facts.

Journalism certainly isn’t a source of Truth–it is just the accounts and interpretations of the journalist. The only option is to turn to another source, or we are totally adrift on a Godless sea… In other words, the BEST sources of human-sourced knowledge have been incontrovertibly demonstrated to have feet of clay. They are ultimately unreliable.

Now Snopes has dutifully pooped in its own bed, following the lead of “climate scientists” and the MSM. You watch, this is the beginning of the end for Snopes. Their ONLY claim was that they told the truth, and that has been shown to be unequivocally false. They are shown to be just another axe-grinding hack. And ONE incident of demonstrable dishonesty ruins the whole thing–if it is 99% accurate, you can never be sure that any one item is not in the 1% false group. You can fish the poop out of the soup, but that doesn’t make the soup appetizing. It’s (to quote the original Iron Chef) OVAH! They are a dead man walking. I mean, on what grounds should I believe Snopes over a dog-faced baboon? I can’t think of one…

Yes, I agree that in the human realm there are no facts, only accounts. But one can STRIVE to give valid accounts. While that won’t fix the knowledge problem, it would be practically useful.

This Snopes thing is just another nail in the coffin of human truth. Already it is clear that only a great fool trusts the MSM. They abdicated their role of honest broker long ago.



04 Mar

what do we do with a liar like Pelosi?

She is a sad, pathetic clown.

I guess you could say that this was just an honest mistake. Though she does not give such quarter to those who disagree with her. Besides, that explanation is extremely unlikely. She has a staff…

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24 Feb

So the MSM media lackeys fail to report facts because by doing so it would prove Donald Trump right. At long last, have they no shame? I mean, really!

No wonder few give a rat’s patoot what they say. No wonder, indeed. We live in a post-modern world and they have given NO reason why I should believe them over a dog-faced baboon or some stranger creature still (to quote Socrates). In fact, they have shown themselves to be totally untrustworthy.

This is not just bias, it is rank dishonesty. No wonder people don’t believe them! They lie and otherwise deliberately deceive. They are just hacks with a particular socio-political ax to grind. Only a great fool believes them without other, independent proof. I am NOT a great fool. I know that very often they are full of crap.

Thanks. MSM! You pooped in the soup. Good job.


Here is the truth:

03 Feb

Democrats don’t give a rat’s patoot about comity. They don’t want to “get along.” They have never cared. They were just aiming to catch you with your guard down. No matter how friendly they seem to be, they will stab you in the back in a heartbeat. The sooner you get over wanting to be liked by them, the sooner  you can get moving in the right direction. They are NOT your friend, so give that fantasy up.

You may have good intentions. You may want to be polite. You may want to get along. You may strive for morality above all. You may value compromise. But they don’t. And they will quickly turn your good intentions against you. That is the core of all Leftism. They feel no compunction to be intellectually consistent. That is quite obvious in today’s Senate.

I am very sorry that some people you thought were your friends are in actuality not. They figure that in order to make an omelette one has to break a few eggs. You, my friend, are an egg…

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26 Jan

an epic beatdown. Epic.

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What a dang weasel!

25 Jan

Schumer is a… well, I can’t say here because it is a family blog. But there is no question that he is a weasel. What a horse’s patoot!

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