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07 Jul

I just want this to go to discovery! Oh please, oh please, oh PUH-LEEZ!

Yeah, the Hillary ‘bots in the DNC worked (illegally, or at least unethically) to get Sanders out of the way. DUH! They knew that he would have been absolutely crushed in the general.

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27 Jun

So it turns out that those sketchy (and anonymous, of course) Trump/Russian prostitute stories at least originated with (and were almost for sure created by) a shady Democrat opposition research business. Run by former journalists, no less. And the MSM was eager to breathlessly report it because it made Trump look bad. Shocker.

It was always a bunch of crap. That much was obvious to me from the beginning. It just never made sense! I was never fooled by this crap. Unfortunately, some were.

Don’t be a fool. Don’t just automatically take what the MSM publishes as true. Some of it is true, if only by accident. But the source is just not reliable. Now if the MSM says that a door is yellow, you have to ask if there are other reliable and independent sources to confirm it.

And this speaks directly to leaks, as well. So some NYT reporter gets a letter with no return address from an anonymous  purported “whistleblower” Who says X. No one has seen the issue. The fact cannot be confirmed by an outside source. And this was anonymously leaked to this single reporter. Yeah, maybe true, but color me skeptical.

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23 Jun

SOMEONE is lying.

And it is certainly no accident!

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I’m frankly disgusted.

29 May

This is far, far worse than Watergate. Obama is a moral dirtbag.

First of all, the Trump/Russia thing appears always to have been a pile of poop. It was just an excuse the Hillary suck-ups concocted once they lost the election. Of course there were attempts by the Russians to cozy up to a guy who could well be the next President. DUH!

But in no way was the election changed or interfered with. Yes, Podesta’s email had laughably crappy security and several real emails showed what a disgusting piece of crap Hillary was, but there was no interference in the actual election.

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Please understand,

18 May

the “Trump-Russians” story originated with Hillary’s frantic attempts to explain away her loss. It just was not an issue before.

There is NO evidence to support this opium dream. It is a creation of the whining losers, plain and simple. We are seeing the thrashing of a gaffed shark in its death throes. And that shark richly deserves to die.

The worst Hillary has is that someone (perhaps, but by no means certainly, the Russians hacked into John Podesta’s emails–which had laughably crappy security; they tried unsuccessfully to get into the RNC–and made public actual emails from Hillary that showed she was a turd. That’s it. No messing with the election totals or anything. So the “hacking” had nothing to do with election integrity and only lifted the cover on Hillary’s actual emails to John Podesta. That’s it.

Notice how there’s almost never an MSM explanation of that? That’s because they are in bed (shudder) with Hillary.


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The whole

15 May

Trump/Russia thing is just a bunch of crap. It was just a pathetic excuse by Hillary for getting totally waxed in the election. And the numbskull Democrat “leaders” kept the schtick up. It’s just a mess of manure; it is an excuse for poor performance. It is totally lame. There is not now and there never has been a shred of evidence to support it. It is a made-up, self-serving pile of dung.

Really lame. Hey Democrats, you lost. Now stop your infernal whining about it, you freakin’ losers!

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Slick Willy

24 Apr

looks stoned. I think they need to lighten up a bit on the neuroleptic…

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I think it’s

24 Apr

a very good question.

There’s just no logical reason for this. Not even vaguely sensical.

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So why

17 Apr

am I so skeptical?

You can easily buy an alarm that rings when a freezer fails or warms up. That is standard for any modern freezer. Standard. My 10-year-old garage freezer has that, and it was by no means on the “bleeding edge” of technology when I got it–I just got the cheapest one I could! I mean, I got it at Sears.

Yet we are to believe that this scientific freezer didn’t have that very common feature? And it was research equipment? And there was pre-existing worry about the freezers failing and then the researchers did nothing about it? They had no alarms and no back-ups? Puh-leeze. The explanation is stupid, makes no sense to anyone who has  been even peripherally involved in research (and to most people in general, as well), and is conveniently self-serving. It just makes no logical sense at all. And it is almost for sure a lie.

Here’s what most likely happened: The ice cores did not show global warming in preliminary tests so there was an “accident” where the ice cores melted and there therefore could be no more research on them because they disproved global warming. That is what happened.

THAT is entirely plausible, given the longstanding dishonesty of climate “scientists.” It would not be the first time they did something unscientific to throw shade on results they didn’t like. “The dog ate my homework” excuse is simply not believable at all.

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The bald truth is

28 Mar

if you would vote against Goresuch, you would vote against ANYONE nominated by a Republican. This is NOT an honest response.

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