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Look, you

20 Sep

are chronically being lied to by the MSM. They are just not a reliable source. Worse yet, their deception is deliberate.

If you believe what the MSM tells you, you are a blamed fool. Now it’s true that they may tell the truth now and again (hey, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!), but they are simply not reliable. I’m not saying any human could be perfect in that regard, but there could be an effort to tell the truth. I’m not asking for perfect, I’m asking for a good-faith effort. And we simply don’t get that from the MSM. So be aware that you are being lied to.



20 Sep

Liar, liar!


We, you gotta

11 Sep

be a little bit, uh, flexible.

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Uh, shouldn’t

04 Sep

Socialists be giving free shirts? I mean, there are those who can’t afford to “donate.”

Oh wait, they ARE “free.” But you MUST make a “donation” of a certain amount in order to get one. Yeah. Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?

This is very obviously just a ruse to avoid taxes. Will it work? I sure hope not. And with that 4-6 week ship time, what do you want to bet that it is some cheap crap from China?

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Gee, I wonder if

31 Jul

this will get much mainstream media attention.

No, just kidding! I don’t wonder. It won’t be the top story for months and lead the nightly news, like it would be if Trump (or any Republican)  were the actor in question. Since it is a prominent Democrat from a swing state, it will be barely a blip on the MSM radar if it is even mentioned at all. DUH!

I just wish we had a watchdog media, not a yapping lapdog media. There are (at least) two ways they promulgate “fake news: The first is they make an outright false claim. But the second is just that they fail to talk about events that are hurtful to their position. Both are forms of dishonesty and deception. There is just NO reason to believe the yammerings of the MSM. A lie is an effort to deceive, even a tacit one. No one has ever given me a reason to trust the MSM–it has always been assumed as a “given” but never actually argued. So tell me, just why should I believe them? And try to avoid the logical fallacy of “appeal to authority.” I’m not buying.

Oh, I found a photo of the MSM and their response to Trump:

They.. have… crazy eyes!

So just why did the gov’t allow his wife and kids to leave the country? It’s almost like there was collusion somewhere!

But the Democrats will tell us to move along and that there is nothing to see here. Nice. There is no voter fraud. Democrats care about the poor and minorities and Republicans don’t. There aren’t the ‘droids you are looking for…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a bellyful of Lefty hypocrisy. I’ve had enough. I am not susceptible to this “Old Jedi Mind Trick.” No wonder Trump won.


I think we are

28 Jul

ALL pretty sick of this. And indeed, it is time to route out the deadwood. There were a lot of “republicans” who voted for repeal of Obamacare–when that had no chance of passing. But it was just a hypocritical show meant to ride the popular wave and fool the rubes. They dishonestly pretended that they were against it, and snookered many. They never thought that they would actually have to govern. They had years to craft a good replacement and did… NOTHING. And there were a half-dozen of these slackers and half-wits.

I mean, come ON! It is un-freakin’-believable.

Well, the gig is up. It is time to either perform of get the heck out of the way. Primary. Now. It is time for all good people to come to the aid of their country (to coin a phrase).

See ya! Get these preening cons outta here! We can start with a woman in the Northeast and one in Alaska. And that is only a start. They can believe whatever they want–they can believe in fairies and unicorns and Y2K. But the rest of us certainly don’t have to go along with them. They are stuck in the 70s. But I personally don’t want to live there. Get. Out.

McCain will be dead soon. It’s time for Murkowski, Collins, and many others to beat feet away from government. Let’s help them. If I could personally run against either, I likely would. Good folks in those states need to get on the stick.

You want more Trump? Because this is how you get more Trump.



07 Jul

I just want this to go to discovery! Oh please, oh please, oh PUH-LEEZ!

Yeah, the Hillary ‘bots in the DNC worked (illegally, or at least unethically) to get Sanders out of the way. DUH! They knew that he would have been absolutely crushed in the general.

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27 Jun

So it turns out that those sketchy (and anonymous, of course) Trump/Russian prostitute stories at least originated with (and were almost for sure created by) a shady Democrat opposition research business. Run by former journalists, no less. And the MSM was eager to breathlessly report it because it made Trump look bad. Shocker.

It was always a bunch of crap. That much was obvious to me from the beginning. It just never made sense! I was never fooled by this crap. Unfortunately, some were.

Don’t be a fool. Don’t just automatically take what the MSM publishes as true. Some of it is true, if only by accident. But the source is just not reliable. Now if the MSM says that a door is yellow, you have to ask if there are other reliable and independent sources to confirm it.

And this speaks directly to leaks, as well. So some NYT reporter gets a letter with no return address from an anonymous  purported “whistleblower” Who says X. No one has seen the issue. The fact cannot be confirmed by an outside source. And this was anonymously leaked to this single reporter. Yeah, maybe true, but color me skeptical.

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23 Jun

SOMEONE is lying.

And it is certainly no accident!

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I’m frankly disgusted.

29 May

This is far, far worse than Watergate. Obama is a moral dirtbag.

First of all, the Trump/Russia thing appears always to have been a pile of poop. It was just an excuse the Hillary suck-ups concocted once they lost the election. Of course there were attempts by the Russians to cozy up to a guy who could well be the next President. DUH!

But in no way was the election changed or interfered with. Yes, Podesta’s email had laughably crappy security and several real emails showed what a disgusting piece of crap Hillary was, but there was no interference in the actual election.

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