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Yeah, it truly IS

10 Feb

scarier. And it is scary because an “opposition” media existed in past events, but now there in only a “Lapdog” media in regard to Obama. That makes thing far more dangerous! We can manage opposition, and that is in fact healthy. But a milquetoast Democrat media who engages in Democrat boosterism is just plain dangerous!

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We need to fully

09 Feb

understand; The whole TRUMP/RUSSIA thing was a scam from the get-go. Now it is just the MSM frantically trying to hide their gross dishonesty.


YOU know what to do come November…

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You want to get rid of Trump

30 Jan

and stop all this? Really?

Yet idiots like the NY Times tell us that Presidents have nothing to do with the economy. How stupid! How utterly moronic! They are just trying to pretend that they are not complete Krugian idiots! That is just mindless hackery, and I’m not fooled for a second. Morons and/or scoundrels!

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Wow, Hillary really IS

28 Jan

a HUGE champion for women!


She’s a champion for ONE woman–herself.

I mean, really, is everything this creature says a  lie? I can only be grateful I neither voted for her nor threw my vote away on some 3rd-party schlub and and thus helped make a Hillary Presidency more likely. One is marginally less immoral than the other, I agree. But only very marginally. They both really sucky moral behavior.


Oh, the dog

22 Jan

ate my homework! Riiiiiight. Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?

C’mon, do YOU really believe this? Really? I sure as heck don’t, But then again I’m neither stupid nor gullible. Nor am I a mindless hack. But maybe YOU are and YOU buy this load of crap. Okey-dokey, then…

Look, I don’t doubt that the texts have, uh, conveniently been destroyed. But it very certainly was no accident. It was a conspiracy. There is a freakin’ mountain of circumstantial evidence for that. In the immortal words of Auric Goldfinger, ONCE is an accident, TWICE is a coincidence. But THREE times is enemy action. We are way past three, here.

This kind of blatant corruption/criminality is just maddening. And yet no one goes to jail. And THAT, my friend, is why it keeps happening. “Wipe it? Like with a cloth?” Wow. “I didn’t know about all those classified emails!” I didn’t know I caused all those people in Benghazi to get killed!”

Uh, OF COURSE! It is just disgusting. Why someone isn’t going to jail over this is a straight-up miscarriage of justice.

Remember THIS come November. Vote the bums and criminals out! And bring a friend. Don’t let the bastards win. Get rid of these criminals!

It is time for ALL good people to come to the aid of their country!

Here we see the face of corruption (appropriately dressed in orange):

Uh, I dunno! Like with a cloth?


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I think the

19 Jan

MSM dishonesty is amazing. Trump is making HUGE strides.

You’d hardly know of his accomplishments by watching cable news, which continue indulging its perverse obsession with Russian conspiracy theories, West Wing intrigue and the president’s Twitter feed. It’s exhausting — and also largely beside the point.

And THAT is exactly the problem with the irrational never-Trumpers and the spittle-lipped Democrats/MSM (and those two are the exact same thing). They, and others, are blinded by their irrational Trump hatred and their Obama worship. And those two things are quite related.

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Look, Schumer

19 Jan

has always been a dishonest buffoon.

We need to vote the idiots out!

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19 Jan

GPS admits that it went public to salvage Hillary’s campaign. Wow. Read it carefully. And weep for the Republic. HILLARY has inflicted all this on us! Even those of us who are honest are damaged by her corruption. It’s a total bombshell.

And Democrats in Congress lied about it. Think about it–they lied to you. And they want you to vote for them in November. Wow. Talk about chutzpah! Now there is an out-of-control “Special Prosector” because of that (and he sure is “special“) .

Vote the Democrat filthy bums out of office! Be sure to go vote, and bring at least one friend. Don’t allow these bastards to win! Ho-lee crap! Get rid of them. NOW!

It would an absolute moral humiliation to be in any way associated with the Democrats these days! I really don’t mind disagreement, but this is rank dishonesty. It didn’t used to be this way, but it sure is now.

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Yeah, Bill Clinton

15 Jan

gets totally worked.

Brutal. Just brutal.

I think BC should just shut the heck up and enjoy wallowing in his millions, doing his “Scrooge McDuck” thing.

Oh, and money is fungible, so money used in on area frees up money for other things. So OF COURSE money in the Clinton Foundation was not used directly to pay for Chelsea’s wedding! But let’s not kid ourselves as to what happened!

Maybe BC just gave himself a bonus for, say, $100,000. Then the “princess” wedding cost… $100,ooo! Yeah, NO Clinton Foundation funds were used!

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It was

15 Jan

just a ruse.

He didn’t say it. But the truth is, I don’t care if he did. It is true.

So even if (as seems likely) Trump never said it, it is the bald truth. If he didn’t say it, he should have.

But think about it: Some little weasel turd went crying to the Lefty press, tattling in a juvenile effort to get Trump in twubble: “Mommy, he’s breathing my air!” AND, he appears to have lied about it. TWO people in the meeting don’t recall that ever happening. What a total loser! Grow a pair, pal!

Vote these freakin’ losers out come November!

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