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The Moore allegations

13 Nov

are just not believable. Yes, it could be true, but there is a very good reason for a statute of limitations–it’s hard to imagine that the recollections are veridical after some 38 years, especially when there are significant political issues involved. And the mother says that some things are just not true. I mean, could YOU defend yourself against something that allegedly happened 38 years ago?

I understand that “To the pure all things are pure,” and that the naïve are likely to believe anything (especially when it fits with their biases), but there is a real odor about this. Uh, there are times when people lie

In any case, there are reasons to think this allegation is really not true, or at the very least significantly distorted. Add to the time aspect as well as the obvious political gain issues, and I think we can safely dismiss this stuff out of hand. The most likely thing is that this is just a political hit job. The timing alone pulls very strongly for that. On the merits of the allegations alone, there is no reason to believe these things. The fact that you believe them tells us far more about YOU than it does about Roy Moore.

I deal all the time with the courts. And people often often lie to me to my face. I can tell you that this story may, in fact, be true. It may tell us something important about Roy Moore. And maybe not. But it certainly does smell bad. It has the odor of a smear. It looks like a smear.

In any case, what does what allegedly happened 38 years ago have to do with now? Just what is the link, here? And why is this just coming up now when it never has before (even though this is NOT Moore’s first public race)? Fishy. Very fishy.

UPDATE:  The Post hounded her to get the story in the first place. This was a political hit. Virtually for sure.

UDATE II: This is said very well.


Lesson #1 of Democrat party support:

11 Nov

Never tell the truth. Never, never, NEVER! You’d have thought Warren would have gotten that by now. Maybe she just momentarily forgot.

Leftism is based on dishonesty! First it fools you. Then once it sucks you in it “turns” you, morally. People are in varying stages in that journey.

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Yes, no wonder why

11 Nov

Viet Nam vets are up in arms about the Ken Burns Viet Nam “documentary.”

They are angry because Ken Burns is both dishonest and full of crap. Yeah, of course they are angry.

This is classic dishonesty masquerading as “straight” information. The truth is that without an aggressive Communist North, there never would have been a Viet Nam war at all. Burns fails to make much of a point of that rather inconvenient fact. That is because he is a Lefty and the truth totally destroys his argument. So he harnesses the ugliness of the late 1960s and early 1970s in the service of his own particular political ax. No wonder vets are angry…

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Look, even the “pneumonia” excuse

09 Nov

was just a pile of crap. It was a lie, but think about it. A grandma exposing her vulnerable grandbabies to a serious illness? Huh. Certainly possible with Hillary, but it not like we can get the truth from either the Hillary campaign or the MSM!

Now, I don’t doubt that Hillary would do such a thing if she thought it would help her electorally. That’s just who she is. But I doubt Chelsea would stand for it. This explanation just doesn’t hold much water–either she is a callused monster or she is just a sick old woman–sick with age-related things that are not communicable. So which is it?

Either way, she shouldn’t be President. And Brazile recognized that. Now Brazile is just throwing Hillary under the bus so she won’t/can’t run again, but still…


I wanted

09 Nov

to cite an article, but I won’t because I think the sidebar is frankly offensive.

But the Donna Brazile exposée of the horrible dishonesty of the Hillary Clinton campaign (the in truth, what else would you expect?) also shows the staggering unreliability of the MSM. They are liars, flat-out. If you stupidly thought you could trust the MSM, this should disabuse you of that foolish notion.

Basically, Hillary lied about her fragile health. The whole campaign organization stunk. Brazile was the interim DNC chief, and she noted that DWS ran it into the ground. Hillary offered to engage in election fraud violations in order to save it. Brazile meekly went along, and Hillary continued to totally controll the DNC. This was long before Hillary actually got the nomination, and of course they cheated Bernie out of the win that he so richly deserved.

Even so, in light of the repeated Hillary health problems, Brazile seriously considered replacing her with “Creepy Uncle Joe” Biden. As if Brazile could unilaterally choose the candidate! Of course, she didn’t in the end. And she “forgot” to mention that she had passed Hillary the questions at the CNN debate with Trump beforehand.  Yeah, she just “forgot.”

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Why you should

07 Nov

NEVER trust the MSM.

Uh, they are flat-out liars. LIARS!

No wonder Trump won! Only a great fool buys what the MSM are selling. I, for one, am not a great fool…

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Well, the

03 Nov

double standards are obvious, as is the hypocrisy.

I couldn’t call myself a Democrat and look myself in the mirror.

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Yeah, Hillary didn’t know.

30 Oct

Riiiiiight. One would have to be totally stupid to believe that.

I, for one, am not stupid.

So YOU believe that the campaign spent 9 or 12 million dollars without Hillary knowing? You fool. You blithering idiot.

If you believe that it really calls into question your cognitive ability to run a microwave without close supervision. Can you brush your own teeth? Are you independent in toileting?


So this is the time line

26 Oct

for the Las Vegas shooter:

Before ANY attack out the window starts, the security guard (unarmed, as per policy) Campos finds the shooter. That is six minutes BEFORE the attack begins.  He is shot in the leg. Then a maintenance man reportedly says that the shooter fires a couple hundred rounds down the hallway and the maintenance guy escapes. This maintenance guy calls the dispatcher and reports that the guy is spraying the hall with bullets. Again, this is six minutes before the attack began. The attack lasts 9-11 minutes. Then about 65 minutes later, SWAT kicks down the door and finds the shooter’s  body.

So SWAT enters the room  and finds Paddock’s body 65 minutes AFTER the attack finishes. And they knew exactly where he was right from the beginning. Huh. Curious. Uh, what were they waiting for, Christmas? Did someone else leave the room in those 65 minutes? Oh no, that’s crazy talk. It’s perfectly reasonable to have that 65-minute gap! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

So in that 65-minute window was there a second gunman who then shot him? What happened? i just don’t know. EVERYTHING is videotaped in LV, so where is the footage from this hotel/casino? It certainly exists, and it is time stamped. Yet Mandelay Bay is very careful to not release it. Why has Campos not been on any news programs? Why on “Ellen” only (after disappearing for some time)?  Turns out that his handlers at MGM didn’t want him to go anywhere where he could be pressed on the time line. That is what they SAID.  They feared that he would shift the time line yet again.

The hotel made sure security guards were not armed. They don’t want Campos talking because then they could be liable for those people dying—their “security guard” was unarmed because of THEIR policy. And therefore those people died. Sounds like a tort action, to me. But you gotta admit, the time line itself is VERY screwy.


With Hillary,

25 Oct

there is always a question about what the truth is.

It isn’t paranoia, it is the wisdom of experience.

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