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08 Jul

Who knew that poverty could be so luxurious! If you are classified as “poor,” there are some real advantages. For example, my daughter went to college. Her father (me) is a disabled veteran of the middle class. She had extremely good grades and very high entrance exam scores. But her father made enough money to not be “poor”┬ábut little enough to struggle mightily with the regular expenses. So she got no financial help at all. Nada. Zip. I paid for it all myself. Welcome to the middle class! Burdens will be thrown on your back shortly. The nation really depends on you!

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Who REALLY cares

24 Oct

about the poor? Romney.

It’s like Social Security. I really care about that program, and I want it to continue. Therefore, I want Romney to win. Obama, I think, will continue to run it into the ground and destroy it. That is the last thing I want to see.

If you care about the poor, if you care about Social Security, you will vote Romney.

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18 Oct

Your tax dollars hard at work. On robo-squirrel.

Well, I guess there could be a reason..

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I couldn’t have said it

14 Nov

better myself. For the entire life of this blog I have been stressing self-sufficiency. Low to no debt, a small garden (even if it is a tray in the window sill), food storage, and prudent spending. Those are keys to the good life.

See, debt is a gnawing problem that never rests. If you have a couple of month’s buffer (with food storage and money), you are happy. I was listening to a financial program on the radio the other day (Dave Ramsey) and he was talking about how you need six month’s cash at all times. That is probably a very good idea. Bottling and canning has recently become very popular, and for a good reason. I don’t know how many times as a kid I went down to the “fruit room” and got a bottled jar of tomatoes. And while I hated doing all the prep work required for bottling the produce, and I didn’t think twice about it once it was there, the truth is that it was a luxury. We had a large garden (which I hated) and parents bought produce when it was in season and cheap.

Now maybe you don’t have room for a large garden (I know I don’t) and thinking about bottling produce gives you hives. Maybe I don’t have much room in my dwelling. Well, canned goods are fairly cheap, and I can buy one extra can each time I go to the grocery store and save it–it adds up!. I can get a rack to put in my bedroom and put the extra cans of food on it.

If I know I can pay for my quarters and food for six months, I probably feel pretty secure. And THAT feeling is worth all the self-denial and effort in the world.

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Romney: right

09 Nov

on Medicare.

This is actually a big deal. If Romney does much more of this, he wins walking away. Actually, he already wins, but this makes the margin of victory much bigger. I mean honestly, when you ask most Americans who can beat Obama in 2012, do most people respond, “Gingrich?” Uh, no.

Answer that question with any Republican hopeful other than Romney and see if it make even one iota of sense. Uh, no.

We need to keep our eye on the ball, here.

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