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Yeah, I have

13 Nov

some pretty nasty stories about the TSA. One attractive young woman I know was on a return flight. Going through TSA she asked the lady when she should put her arms up in the “naked body scanners” for a long time and have a pat-down and then they would go get a supervisor to repeat the process. The TSA lady was confused. You don’t have to put ¬†your arms up, there’s no need for a pat-down, and we don’t need a supervisor; there’s no reason to even throughly scan you, she said. And we certainly don’t need to repeat it. But of course, that was exactly what happened on the first leg of the trip…

The TSA is a pathetic failure. Or worse. MUCH worse.


Really funny

01 Jan

reviews on this product. The “extra” photos are hilarious!



19 Mar

Keeping you safe. From terrified toddlers in wheelchairs.

I know that this kind of crap is not new, but I am heartily sick of it. What kind of moron does this? I mean, how stupid can you be? I’d bet a million bucks that it was a “just following orders” deal. The stupidity is at the top, and it is the manifestation of unintended consequences.

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TSA sure

08 Mar

makes you safer.

What a freakin’ joke! How stupid can you be? If you had a private entity in charge of security and paid a bonus for each potentially dangerous thing found, trust me, you wouldn’t have this kind of crap going on. But once you put mindless bureaucrats (and bureaucrat wannabes) in charge, look out! They don’t care about security, they care about when their shift ends and when payday is.

Like in all leftist regimes, that is the only safe way to go. Just keep your head down, don’t make waves, and hope that eventually you will be given a dacha in the country.

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This is a bit rough

22 Dec

But sometimes we have to confront the ugly truth.

The harsh truth is that our rights are being violated. Now if we just blink and bleat while suffering these indignations, we deserve to live in a totalitarian state. For my sake and for the sake of my children and grandchildren, I hope we will stand up.

You know, our ancestors risked a TON to resist tyranny. Can we do any less? They said that they risked their lives, their liberty, and their sacred honor. There’s no question that if the British had won the revolutionary war, George Washington and many others would have hung. And they very nearly did. What are YOU risking? To quote a famous person, “We are not descended from fearful men.”

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