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26 Jul

I’m glad to see this.

Democrat apologists will continue to irrationally avoid getting the facts, but let’s hope that wiser heads prevail. Be wise, here. Don’t allow hack-ism to undermine the political process. And certainly don’t let political hack-ism destroy your good judgment.

Again, if there really were no problem, Lefties would have no problem at all with the investigation. The fact that they are having a kitten about it (even here) tells you that there indeed cause for concern. Again, Lefty behavior is the “tell.” You KNOW what is happening by the way they are acting.

But the facts are the facts. You can whine and engage in delusional fantasy all you want, but it doesn’t change reality. Sheesh! Wake up! Maybe I’m just too wedded to actual facts–far, far moreso than the shuffling NYT Leftybots.

The avoidance of the facts is just a ruse. Some are fooled. I am not. Please, don’t be fooled. I’m trying to warn you! Please, listen. For the love of all that is good, listen.

I would be embarrassed to have to admit that I was snookered in this case, given that there is SUCH a wealth of information (just like it would be an embarrassment and a total indictment of my judgment to have to admit that I voted for John Kerry or Al Gore). It would show a determination to NOT look at data, to be utterly unscientific and more than a little superstitious. Yeah, the High Priest of the NYT said it so I will believe it… Huh. This is NOT stupidity or low IQ. Usually it is a drone-like adherence to the memes of the Lefty media. These poor folks are getting worked and don’t even recognize it. The knife goes in so smoothly that they don’t even notice…


Yeah, voter fraud

24 Jul

is a HUGE deal with significant repercussions, which is why the Left so frantically opposes looking into it. The Left would regularly lose without it. They snooker regular citizens into buying it, even though what evidence we already have is absolutely incontrovertible. Opposing voter fraud measures is both irrational and unscientific. Yet there are those of otherwise good intellect and judgment who are fooled.

Hey, wake up! DUH!

There just is no rational and honest reason to oppose vote security. Even if you say, “It doesn’t happen” or the fall-back position of, “Sure, it happens, but it is not significant,” the ONLY reason to avoid looking into this is to make fraud easier. If you truly believe that it is insignificant, what harm is there in looking? Yeah, that behavior is the “tell.” They know dang good and well that there is a problem, here. If the roles were reversed, Leftists would be screaming bloody murder!

It is always the case that one can show up to the polling place with proof of citizenship and vote. Lacking that, the vote is made provisional dependent on subsequent proof. There IS no “voter suppression” of any kind! That is just a ruse, meant to fool the rubes.


You think there is no SIGNIFICANT voter fraud?

21 Jul

Don’t be a total fool.

It’s funny how dishonesty apologists have changed their arguments. At first they argued that there was no voter fraud. Now they have resorted to their “limited modified hang-out” and just say that there is no significant voter fraud. Of course, that is as bogus as the first one. Honestly, you have to be willfully blind not to see the voter fraud! I just don’t think there’s a way to both be informed AND dismissing. I think you either have to be a total rube and know nothing or you have to be a rigid ideologue. Given the incontrovertible facts, I just don’t know how a person can be both a voter fraud denier AND an honest broker.


It’s just nuts.

18 Jul

There is no way an honest person could be against vote integrity. Yet delusional people continue to say that there is no voter fraud–at least no significant fraud. Just ignore Washington State. Just ignore MN. Really? Really?

How stupid do you think I am? Honestly…

If Lefties were confident that there really was no (or only irrelevant) voter fraud, they would be more than happy to have it studied. The fact that they desperately oppose such action is prima facie evidence of their bad faith.

They know very well that there is significant and widespread voter fraud, and that is why they are panicked at the idea of it coming to light–they often win because of fraud and a crackdown on voter fraud would ensure that they both lose in many situations and have to drop their patently obviously self-serving objections to vote security. I am not fooled.

Trust me, hit pigeons flutter.


It is

04 Jul

nothing but irritating. If there really is little voter fraud (as we are constantly told by the Left), then why wouldn’t those who think that be happy to cooperate? You’d think they would be eager to cooperate and thus prove their point.

But no. VA is also refusing to give data. It’s like they know there really is voter fraud and they don’t want it proven. Hey, put up or shut up! The time for bluffing is over. Put your cards down and let’s see what ya got. Read ’em and weep!

Here’s what I think: There is indeed widespread voter fraud and the Democrats are totally panicked at the thought of it being revealed. So they both a) say there is no significant voter fraud and b) do all they can to prevent the facts from coming out. They can ridicule and demean victims of voter fraud as long as there is no absolute proof of it! So the key is to prevent any actual proof from coming out. THAT is what we are seeing, here. It is quite obvious.

The fact that they are waffling or outright opposing is the “tell.” If they believed what they say, they would want it to be proven. It is very clear that even they don’t believe their B.S. And that, folks. is why we are seeing the worm squirm!

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It’s true,

03 Jul

there really is only one reason to oppose vote security–intent to defraud.

You can carp and cavil all you want, but truly the ONLY reason is to make voter fraud easier. And while Conservatives would never do such a thing, Leftists have NO problem with it.

5.7 million faux votes? That should even make Fauxcahontis blush! How foolish does one have to be to believe there is no significant voter fraud? Uh, THAT is just stupid! And it’s not low IQ that leads many to buy this steaming pile of crap. It is because they would never engage in such a bald-faced lie that the think that others wouldn’t, either. But just because you are virtuous does not mean that there will be no more cakes and ale (apologies to Shakespeare).

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Huh. I thought

29 Jun

this never happened and was just the rantings of mad Conservatives!

Oh, I guess not. Let’s just say that unlike some I am neither stupid nor gullible…

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We do indeed

27 Jun

need to move to paper ballots. We just should not keep putting our Democracy at risk like this.


Yeah, voter

22 Jun

fraud just doesn’t happen!

Don’t be a fool.

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One word:

07 Jun


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