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Wait, wait!

04 Feb

I am told by people who assure me they know that there IS no voter fraud!

The fall-back position is that it indeed happens but it is so uncommon as to be irrelevant. Yeah, whatever.

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And yet you’re

26 Jan

telling me that there is no voter fraud?

Puh-leeze. Don’t be a frickin’ moron!

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05 Jan

continue to stonewall the investigation of voter fraud. Gee I wonder why… NOT!

Honestly, if there is no voter fraud, why do Democrat writhe and do the Exorcist head-twist thing when you mention it? Why, indeed would they oppose even examining it? Yeah, there’s only one reason: Methinks they do protest too much…

Here is a quote:

Kobach, who served as vice chairman of the voter fraud commission, blasted organizations like the ACLU and NAACP, along with Democrats in Congress and on the commission who attempted to halt the panel in its tracks.

“They have absolutely no interest in stopping voter fraud,” Kobach said. “It’s truly extraordinary that one party in our system has made clear that they don’t care.”

“Some people on the Left were getting uncomfortable about how much we were finding out,” Kobach continued.

It truly is mind-boggling! But the Democrats are panicked that measures against voter fraud will be put into place before the 2020 elections–it is only way they can consistently win! And they have high hopes of getting rid of Trump.

If you don’t recognize that there is significant voter fraud, you are almost for sure just ignorant about what is going on. Plain and simple. You have been bamboozled by “fake news” sources like the NY Times. And it is a very safe bet that this is NOT the first time you have been bamboozled.

I think it is valid to ask: Without voter fraud would the Democrats be more than a vestigial rump of a party? Would they be any more of a force than the Libertarians?

I think it is a very good question. Now, I’m sure that in some urban areas and on the east (and west) coast Leftism would still survive, at least for 20 years or so. But I think it would be a far more “small ball” sort of party. They need voter fraud to even stay in the game.

I know talk of voter fraud aggravates some of you, but it seems undeniably the truth. Well, undeniable if one is both informed and logical.

Democrats see this as an existential threat–and it is. If people start to realize that Democrats with their old and tired philosophy is only perpetuated by voter fraud, the Democrats are in great danger of dying out completely. Logic and reason are their mortal enemies.

Trump is already proving them wrong in terms of the economy and foreign policy. The threat to them is very real. They are therefore desperate to stop the winning. Hence Mueller and the crazy-eyed “Never Trump” loonies, as well as the foam-flecked Left in general.

In 2018, Conservative voters need to turn out in droves. Democrats have abundantly shown that they will steal this from you if you don’t pay attention. Vote. And bring a friend. Don’t let the bastards win…


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Well, there’s

04 Jan

no question that we need better election security.

Funny how Democrats don’t care about voter security and in fact are quite hostile toward making the system more secure. Gee, now just why do you think THAT might be? I guess they know which side of the bread is buttered…

I think most normal people are sick to death of the voter fraud. It guts Democracy. Lefties have all sorts of noble-sounding excuses with which to fool the masses, but it is what it is. The sad thing is that it ensnares those of good will and morals. Yes, it turns good to evil…


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Yeah, voter fraud

20 Nov

doesn’t affect elections.

Don’t be a frickin’ moron!

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Many of you are

20 Nov

foolishly sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “La, la, la there is no voter fraud!” That is an unbelievably moronic position. Here is but one example. Do you really think there were not 312 fraudulent (net) votes for Franken? REALLY?

Oh, and we have Obamacare because of Franken’s vote. But just think, fraud defenders: YOU created the electoral climate that gave us Donald Trump. YOU! This is of YOUR making. Own it!

So before you again spout off nonsense about how voter fraud, if it even exists, is so minimal as to have no practical effect, think of THIS–stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it! What a bunch of crap! Minimal, my butt…

I agree that Tweeden was foolish to wait so long to reveal the truth. But if elections had been fair it would not have mattered, in terms of the election.

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Donna Brazile

06 Nov

by accident put her finger on the exact problem (though I’m sure she doesn’t even recognize it as a problem).

You might be able to persuade a handful of Real Simple magazine readers who drink gin and tonics to change their vote to Hillary, but you had not necessarily made them enthusiastic enough to want to get up off the couch and go to the polls.

See, when I’m too unmotivated to get my butt off the couch to go to the polls (and to register), maybe this whole voting thing is really not for me. I may not have all that good of judgment in terms of voting, anyway. THAT is why motor-voter and other such stupid schemes are such a terrible idea. Brazile puts her finger on it. We don’t want voting to be easier! That is a horrible idea! Who thought of THAT? For sure it was a Leftist.

So what will make them enthusiastic enough to want to put the Cheetos™ down, get my big butt up off the couch, and go to the polls? It’s almost for sure a desire to engage in the civic process. And you need a candidate people are excited about. Plus, the easier it is to vote, the more voter fraud you will have.

So with those schemes you get lots of those who are motivated by ease and to take stuff from others. Yeah, bad idea. Really bad. It sounds good on the surface (Hey! votes are sacrosanct and every person should vote!), but even a little in-depth thought shows it to be a steaming pile of crap. It’s a trap.


It is not really

25 Sep

a glitch. This is, in fact, the entire purpose of motor-voter schemes!

I understand well that there are those among us who are bamboozled. There are those who make a fetish out of voting. This is reason # 1,042 why “motor-voter” schemes are horrible and simply an invitation to fraud. <sigh>

But it is quite clear to anyone who is both paying and not a victim of the Left’s “Old Jedi Mind Trick” that Motor-Voter schemes are a terrible idea! I mean, really stupid. It is just not rationally defensible.

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And yet,

15 Sep

those who consider themselves smarter than the average bear keep telling us that the IS no voter fraud. At least nothing significant.

But the question is, “Just how do they know”? I mean, on what grounds should I believe them? If voter fraud can be done without any detectable indicator, how on earth could you even know it doesn’t happen enough to change election outcomes? Just why should I believe YOU? What is your evidence?

But the truth is that I think it is moronic to argue that there is no significant voter fraud (itself a fall-back position). It is lunacy. Actually, it is political hackism combined with gullible rube-ism. If the public effectively demanded voter security, the Democrats would be just a fringe appendage and would rapidly be replaced by something else.

That’s why people defend obvious voter fraud. Well, that and gullibility.


Wait, I was totally assured

13 Sep

that this was not actually a problem! Really?

Honestly do I look stupid? No, really. Do I look stupid? Because, in truth, I am not that stupid…

You’ve got to be a) a total moron, b) a naive rube fooled by the likes of the NY Times, or c) an inveterate hack to buy the “there is no voter fraud” nonsense. There just ARE no other possibilities. If you are a voter fraud denier, YOU fall into one of those three groups. So own it!

Motor-voter” laws just suck rotten eggs. Here’s a quote: New Jersey offers eye-opening lessons,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “A limited inquiry found that hundreds of non-citizens are documented throughout voter records, typically because a bureaucrat offered them an application. Some were even asked after presenting a Green Card. That broken system is propped up by an honor code proven repeatedly to fail. Many illegally voted. Some claimed they didn’t know they were registered until an immigration agent called.

Got it? Hundreds. And that is almost for sure a very low estimate. Tell me again how many votes Al Franken won by? And was he the deciding vote in Obamacare? And how many votes did Christine Gregoire lose by an WA state? Yeah, NOT insignificant.

Motor-voter laws are just a Democrat way of cheating–get folks who are on the dole and who aren’t motivated enough to vote to put the Cheetos™ long enough to go register to vote to actually put a paper in the mail (if they even do and some Democrat operative does not just do it as part of their fraud efforts). Then they lie and say that voter fraud is minor and insignificant. It truly is the fetishization of voting.

It’s really aggravating to have our Democracy/Republic maliciously screwed over like this. And it truly is both malicious and deliberate–though not on the part of most immigrants.

If there were no cheating would Democrats have any seats outside of CA and NY? Would they even exist as a party?

I know I get crap from the vote fetishists, But it should be that if you don’t pay NET taxes, you don’t vote, though ALL military veterans (and spouses and first-degree relatives)  are able to vote just by virtue of being a veteran or closely related to one.

Of course, that would be the end of the Democrat party right there. They wouldn’t win even in CA and NY!

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