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Yeah, there’s

19 May

no voter fraud. <shakes head in amazement>

To quote a classic movie, “Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?”

I guess that’s what you get if you believe all the crap in the NY Times.

You gotta be a special kind of rube to miss this. You think that (in the immortal words of Sir Toby Belch) because YOU are virtuous there will be no more cakes and ale. To the pure all things are pure…

Yeah, voter fraud never happens (at least not significantly). But read the account!

And then ask yourself, “Why would someone do something illegal and even marginally risky if it were irrelevant? Why run the risk, even if that risk is pretty small? Why go to all the effort?” If there is no payoff, why even do it? I mean, if you’re 10 minutes early and there is a cop directly behind you, do you speed? Even if you can easily afford the ticket? Why or why not?

Because the truth is that it’s not irrelevant and there is indeed a payoff, that’s why it’s done! Only a great fool would commit voter fraud and run that risk (however small) if it were actually irrelevant. The fact that it is being done at all is proof positive that it is well worth the risk. It is NOT irrelevant. DUH! Wake up and smell the coffee!

I mean, the head-in-the-keister NY Times crowd needs to explain just why anyone would do it if it is irrelevant to the outcome of elections. That would simply make no sense at all. Would you have me believe in fairies and unicorns, too?

No really, do I look stupid?

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It’s a question

16 May

I have always had. We hear over and over by Democrat shills and those they have duped that there IS no significant voter fraud and therefore no investigation should be done. It is an article of faith for the Lefty crowd. Those two assertions are logically unrelated, but whatever.

OK, but why not do some real investigation to find out the truth? I mean, if there is only insignificant fraud, what harm is there in finding the facts about it? It’s not much money in the broad scheme of things, and it vouchsafes our election processes.

The best the Dems can say is, “Aww, we don’t need to go to all that expense and trouble! Look! A squirrel!” They want you to just avert your eyes and look somewhere else. While they slip a card into the deck, perhaps. When that doesn’t work they play the “poor minorities” card–and call you racist. Neither argument is at all persuasive.

As well said by Shakespeare, they really do protest too much. And by that alone you know for a fact that they are being disingenuous. If they were honest brokers they would say, “Fine, go ahead and look.” But they don’t say that. And there is a very good reason for that.

It is clear that they are panicked because it is quite likely that there is indeed real and significant voter fraud. I can name two situations in two totally different parts of the coutry, off the top of my head, where the outcome of an election was altered!

They are panicked because once there is proven fraud, they will be pressured to act, and that will lead to a net increase in Conservative votes. Lefties will win the states of California and New York, and that’s about it. It is a direct threat to their power. So they fight it and ridicule those who want it as being paranoid or otherwise mentally ill. They cow people of good will into supporting their Quixotic quest. They fool people due to their good intentions and then get them to go get others to join in. Nice.

Honest people who want to know the truth do not fear an investigation. If you are against it, look carefully at yourself. As Gamaliel once said, you don’t want to be found fighting against what is right out of a mindless and slavish adherence to tradition (Acts 5:38, 39).

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All I can say

08 May

is, “good.”

There simply is no good or logical or moral reason NOT to have strong voter ID laws. People oppose it mainly because they A) want fraud or B) are snookered by the fancy talk of those in group A.

It is truly morally disgusting to fight against voter ID–to be in group A. There are a ton of folks of good intent out there who are taken in by the con men of group A. I feel sorry for them, but they should be wiser. They have been warned. Be wise enough to learn from others!

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OK, Lefties,

03 May

do you want to know?

Shall we see who is right and who is full of caca? I know which way I am betting… Let’s just say that there is a very good reason the Left is so against this kind of investigation. It’s the exact same reason they are so against voter security/voter ID. I think that in their heart of hearts they know very well what is going on, and they inwardly smile. I, for one, don’t buy the claptrap they are selling. Not for one second…

I have long argued that if you don’t pay NET taxes, you should not be able to vote at all. Now I understand that the Left has made a fetish of voting and many non-thinking people mindlessly swallow the inane and jejune idea that everyone should vote, but it truly makes no sense for those who have no “skin in the game” to vote. It just is not logical. But that issue is neither here nor there in terms of this situation.

But if you’re against finding the truth about elections, you are just deliberately ignorant. Well, I have no use for you, then. Go back to the Lefty fever swamps from which you spawned. I can deal with disagreement, but willful ignorance is another thing entirely. And this kind of foolishness is out of fear and stupidity. So, Leftists, put your money where your mouth is! Let’s not be afraid to find out who is right and who is full of crap. It’s time to put up or shut up. I call. Let’s see what ya got–read ’em and weep…

I got a hundred bucks that says there is significant voter fraud. We already know of election results that have turned on fraud (Franken and Gregoire are prominent). So will you take that bet? And if not, just why not?

See, the arguments against vote security and assessment of voter fraud are just shams meant to hide the fraud and fool the rubes. Don’t be snookered…

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19 Feb

it’s high time that only citizens vote anywhere. Oh, and for Chicago, remember that they also have to be alive. That has been a real problem for them!

Look, the ONLY reason why Democrat shills fight against voter ID is because they want to gain by committing fraud. That is the only reason. And there are too many people of good will who are duped by them. They think that just because they would never do such a thing that others similarly would not. Nice thought, but it betrays a rather pathological naivete.

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No voter fraud, eh?

14 Feb

Right. Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid? (If you don’t know the movie that line comes from you are a sad little man or woman. OK, it was from that cinematic masterpiece A Bug’s Life)

The Lefty fall-back position is that voter fraud does indeed happen, but not so much that it changes elections–it’s not actually very important. Well, Christine Gregoire would beg to differ. And don’t forget that we have Obamacare because Al Franken “won” his election (he was the deciding vote even after the Scott Brown deal–that was NOT an election, it was a restraining order), though there is considerable concern about the validity of the Franken vote. Considerable. So don’t tell me that it doesn’t matter. It does.

Again, do I look stupid? Maybe one has to be informed…

Here is a quote–you know, actual data:

The most prominent recent example of alleged voter fraud has been in Indiana, where the head of state police said last week that an ongoing investigation of a voter registration project turned up evidence of fraud. The group under investigation, the Indiana Voter Registration Project, submitted 45,000 voter registration applications this year… 

“Alleged?”Really? That word doesn’t mean what you think it does. Get a dictionary, pal! And if you think this was just an off-occurance, you need your head examined. Sure, the Left is eager to call “Racism!” and to downplay any actual fraud–it is in their interests. But wiser heads know better. I, for one, am not duped.

There are other quotes, but that will suffice for now. Trump just won by enough that he overwhelmed the Hillary voter fraud, and it looked like he would lose anyway, so there was no need to hugely spin up the vote fraud machine–Hillary and her evil minions were less motivated. Those two underlying issues in this election rendered the fraud less important in terms of the final outcome.

Of course, the obvious and best solution is to get rid of the stupid “moter-voter” crap and have people bring actual ID to vote. There can and should be accommodations for the disabled, but not for the merely lazy. If you are interested, get your butt off the couch and go vote! And if you’re not, kwitcher whining.

And have a single absentee ballot sent to you if you are gone for that specific date. Hey, I have MS and getting around is hard, yet on November 8th I packed up my wheelchair and went to my polling station and voted. I had my son fill out the ballot under my direction because my right hand often doesn’t work all that well.  You can do it, too!

Jeff Sessions as AG is expected to address the huge voter fraud issue, and so it may be even harder for the fraud-meisters next time. But it is a dead give-away that the Left wants voter fraud that they fight so hard for it. It is also a “tell” that they need such fraud to stay relevant.



13 Feb

voter fraud doesn’t really happen!


But don’t worry,

11 Feb

voter fraud is a myth. <shakes head>


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Now, where

03 Feb

did I put my “shocked face?” Maybe I left it at Glenn Reynolds’ house…

Gee, whoda thunk? Oh yeah, anyone with two brain cells to rub together for warmth!

“Motor-Voter” laws are just plain stupid, and grossly add to this problem.

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Yeah, don’t worry.

30 Jan

Voter Fraud is not a problem. Right? … Right? … Bueler?… Byooooler?

I mean, honestly, you have to be willfully blind not to get what is going on. Just make the freakin’ thing secure and quit yer whining! Sheesh!

You know, it is starting to be pretty dang obvious that this is a dishonest ruse by Democrats. I personally am not fooled. Actually, it has long been obvious to some, but now it’s getting so that the push against voter security doesn’t pass the bitter laugh test. Guys, pull your heads out! CA is even trying to maximize voter fraud!

Those who want fraud in voting are either dupes or bad actors. Foolishness or malice: There really are no other choices. It’s really hard not to ascribe bad faith and malice to national leaders who oppose voter security–the kind every other civilized country has. So, are you for fraud or are you for free elections? The data are quite clear there is in fact fraud, so that’s not really a question. So just where do YOU stand?

So 800,000 votes were found. Gee, I wonder if that estimate is low. And if low, just how low. 10%? 50%? Already Trump won the popular vote outside of CA and NY. So is it at least plausible that with no voter fraud Trump would have also won the popular vote? I think that result is unlikely, but it is certainly within the realm of possibility. I mean, this 800,000 estimate only came out this morning. Is there another shoe to drop?

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