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And yet,

15 Sep

those who consider themselves smarter than the average bear keep telling us that the IS no voter fraud. At least nothing significant.

But the question is, “Just how do they know”? I mean, on what grounds should I believe them? If voter fraud can be done without any detectable indicator, how on earth could you even know it doesn’t happen enough to change election outcomes? Just why should I believe YOU? What is your evidence?

But the truth is that I think it is moronic to argue that there is no significant voter fraud (itself a fall-back position). It is lunacy. Actually, it is political hackism combined with gullible rube-ism. If the public effectively demanded voter security, the Democrats would be just a fringe appendage and would rapidly be replaced by something else.

That’s why people defend obvious voter fraud. Well, that and gullibility.


Wait, I was totally assured

13 Sep

that this was not actually a problem! Really?

Honestly do I look stupid? No, really. Do I look stupid? Because, in truth, I am not that stupid…

You’ve got to be a) a total moron, b) a naive rube fooled by the likes of the NY Times, or c) an inveterate hack to buy the “there is no voter fraud” nonsense. There just ARE no other possibilities. If you are a voter fraud denier, YOU fall into one of those three groups. So own it!

Motor-voter” laws just suck rotten eggs. Here’s a quote: New Jersey offers eye-opening lessons,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “A limited inquiry found that hundreds of non-citizens are documented throughout voter records, typically because a bureaucrat offered them an application. Some were even asked after presenting a Green Card. That broken system is propped up by an honor code proven repeatedly to fail. Many illegally voted. Some claimed they didn’t know they were registered until an immigration agent called.

Got it? Hundreds. And that is almost for sure a very low estimate. Tell me again how many votes Al Franken won by? And was he the deciding vote in Obamacare? And how many votes did Christine Gregoire lose by an WA state? Yeah, NOT insignificant.

Motor-voter laws are just a Democrat way of cheating–get folks who are on the dole and who aren’t motivated enough to vote to put the Cheetos™ long enough to go register to vote to actually put a paper in the mail (if they even do and some Democrat operative does not just do it as part of their fraud efforts). Then they lie and say that voter fraud is minor and insignificant. It truly is the fetishization of voting.

It’s really aggravating to have our Democracy/Republic maliciously screwed over like this. And it truly is both malicious and deliberate–though not on the part of most immigrants.

If there were no cheating would Democrats have any seats outside of CA and NY? Would they even exist as a party?

I know I get crap from the vote fetishists, But it should be that if you don’t pay NET taxes, you don’t vote, though ALL military veterans (and spouses and first-degree relatives)  are able to vote just by virtue of being a veteran or closely related to one.

Of course, that would be the end of the Democrat party right there. They wouldn’t win even in CA and NY!

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08 Sep

there is no voter fraud. Puh-leeze. Don’t be a frickin’ moron! There are people in office right now who are there only due to voter fraud.

Here’s some more.

Please, don’t beclown yourself by parroting the NY Times line that there is no significant voter fraud. I’m embarrassed for you…



30 Aug

is the currency of the Left. They have no reason, no logic, only outrage.

And they use that outrage to stymie efforts toward voter integrity. They love voter fraud! It is what keeps them in business.

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Wait, but

14 Aug

I’m told over and over that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen! At least (the “limited modified hang out” position) that it is not significant. Yeah, I’m just sure that this is an isolated event and was by no means part of a broader practice. Yeah, THAT’s the ticket! <sheesh, how stupid do you think I am?>

Look, you may only see one cockroach. But, of course, there is not just one around. Yeah, the guy was caught in this case. But it is pretty clear that there is a structure there. And that structure is not there just for decoration. DUH! It’s not easy or typical to get caught for voter fraud, let alone be punished. So when the cost goes down, the frequency goes up. It’s elementary economics.

Oh, and did you notice that this guy fraudulently voted for Democrats? That also is typical. Conservatives don’t usually engage in voter fraud–Democrats do. Heaven help you if you are a Republican in a tight race! You have to beat your opponent, but you also have to cover the fraudulent votes. If it’s close…

You can read all about this in the New York Times. It is an above-the-fold front page blockbuster. Oh wait, no you can’t! Must not be news that is fit to print…

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Huh. Voter fraud

07 Aug

in California.

If you are shocked, you are stoooopid.

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Scandal after scandal

31 Jul

after scandal for the Dems. Yeah, well it’s who they ARE.

Oh, and did you notice that there is a voter fraud case mentioned here where over 300 votes look bogus, and the election was decided by 62 votes? What? And yet you say that voter fraud is so minimal as to be practically insignificant? Huh?

You think that fraud doesn’t change elections? Then you are a blind fool. Wake up Bud!

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So what makes

31 Jul

you think that there is no significant voter fraud. Huh? Just how do you know? On what logical grounds are you standing? Why should I believe YOU over a dog-faced baboon?

Why on earth would a rational person think there is no voter fraud? If you care one whit about data and science, you know that OF COURSE there is significant voter fraud. DUH! All the available evidence show very clearly that there is a bunch of fraud, and only intellectual midgets or total rubes are fooled by the likes of the NYT on this. <shakes head>

If Lefties were not scared spitless, they would have no problem with an investigation. But they are dropping brinks in their pants right now because they KNOW that there is indeed massive fraud and this investigation is the “click” they hear right before the trap door on the scaffolds swings free.

Some states are refusing to give data, but that is just the death throes of the stupid ostrich folks. They are frantically having a seizure in hopes that this diverts attention and it is not revealed, totally discrediting them.

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26 Jul

I’m glad to see this.

Democrat apologists will continue to irrationally avoid getting the facts, but let’s hope that wiser heads prevail. Be wise, here. Don’t allow hack-ism to undermine the political process. And certainly don’t let political hack-ism destroy your good judgment.

Again, if there really were no problem, Lefties would have no problem at all with the investigation. The fact that they are having a kitten about it (even here) tells you that there indeed cause for concern. Again, Lefty behavior is the “tell.” You KNOW what is happening by the way they are acting.

But the facts are the facts. You can whine and engage in delusional fantasy all you want, but it doesn’t change reality. Sheesh! Wake up! Maybe I’m just too wedded to actual facts–far, far moreso than the shuffling NYT Leftybots.

The avoidance of the facts is just a ruse. Some are fooled. I am not. Please, don’t be fooled. I’m trying to warn you! Please, listen. For the love of all that is good, listen.

I would be embarrassed to have to admit that I was snookered in this case, given that there is SUCH a wealth of information (just like it would be an embarrassment and a total indictment of my judgment to have to admit that I voted for John Kerry or Al Gore). It would show a determination to NOT look at data, to be utterly unscientific and more than a little superstitious. Yeah, the High Priest of the NYT said it so I will believe it… Huh. This is NOT stupidity or low IQ. Usually it is a drone-like adherence to the memes of the Lefty media. These poor folks are getting worked and don’t even recognize it. The knife goes in so smoothly that they don’t even notice…

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Yeah, voter fraud

24 Jul

is a HUGE deal with significant repercussions, which is why the Left so frantically opposes looking into it. The Left would regularly lose without it. They snooker regular citizens into buying it, even though what evidence we already have is absolutely incontrovertible. Opposing voter fraud measures is both irrational and unscientific. Yet there are those of otherwise good intellect and judgment who are fooled.

Hey, wake up! DUH!

There just is no rational and honest reason to oppose vote security. Even if you say, “It doesn’t happen” or the fall-back position of, “Sure, it happens, but it is not significant,” the ONLY reason to avoid looking into this is to make fraud easier. If you truly believe that it is insignificant, what harm is there in looking? Yeah, that behavior is the “tell.” They know dang good and well that there is a problem, here. If the roles were reversed, Leftists would be screaming bloody murder!

It is always the case that one can show up to the polling place with proof of citizenship and vote. Lacking that, the vote is made provisional dependent on subsequent proof. There IS no “voter suppression” of any kind! That is just a ruse, meant to fool the rubes.