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This indeed

17 Jul

may be the cratering of the EU.

Italy is very clearly saying that if the EU continues to make them miserable, they will make the EU miserable. It is a very thinly veiled threat.

The EU just cannot survive for long.

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02 Jun

quite a shock. Well, not really…

If you don’t understand that there is an invasion in process, you are just too hide-bound to understand that there is more than one way to invade.

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06 Feb

so it’s NOT just Trump? Whoda thunk? Oh yeah, anyone with half a brain…

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26 Jan

this a tacit admission there are real immigration problems? And if there are problems, shouldn’t the president address them?

I mean, if there are not real problems, a wall is just not very important. If there is not a tidal wave of immigrants, then the wall is irrelevant–it is simply a waste of money! So just what is Mexico’s position?

Come on man! Just say what you really think and what your position is. Cowboy up! Don’t go all Lefty on us, here.

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When you start seeing

29 Aug

cracks in the dam, it is may well be too late to stop the flood there. The US should learn the lesson, or they will suffer the same fate.

It is clear that they should have been wiser. Now, will they get a second chance? I don’t know. It may be nigh near impossible to stop things now. Skin cancer is typically easy to cure right at first, but if you let it go, it is usually fatal. There is an immigration lesson, here.

Years of neglect and poor choices have weakened the dam. But when it breaks, it will be in an hour only. People downstream will be bewildered at how “fast” this happened. There was just no time to save anything except the clothes on your back!

Similarly, years of poor leadership and poor choices have led to a crisis. But the crisis happens in an instant. No one saw that the Berlin Wall would come down and that the USSR would fall. There were years of weakening, but then it happened in an instant.

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19 Aug

very nice.

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It is

02 Dec

starting. And really, we shouldn’t be at a surprised. At all. Such are the wages of the Left. This was freakin’ easy to predict! And yet the Left didn’t see it coming… Morons!

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Tell me again

23 Nov

why other Arab countries can’t take refugees.



It is

20 Nov

not at all surprising.

People are mad, and they consider themselves to have been victimized. So of course you are getting this!

If you are surprised one bit or didn’t see this coming, it’s because you simply don’t understand human beings…

I knew it was coming. And the Donald Trump deal is a manifestation of the same exact thing.

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Yet more Trump

19 Oct

stupidity. Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would actually support this idiot! No conservative would, if he were more informed than a sack of dirty diapers.


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