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So Hillary says that her

26 May

“home brewed”email server was secure and was never hacked. That is a very obvious lie. But then again, she is well known to be a liar.

As is abundantly documented, “Guccifer” hacked into her “secure”server and published a few of her emails. Does she think we don’t remember that? And if “Guccifer” could do it, you can bet that virtually every country (both friend and foe) did, as well. Probably in real time as she typed. And much of what she emailed is now considered at least “Sensitive.”

She is a liar, and not a particularly good one, at that. Bill was a great liar–it was his native language and he was a master. Hillary has learned well from him, but while she certainly has no problem telling lies, she only does it with a bit of an accent–it’s relatively easy to tell that she is lying.

Unfortunately, we have a lap-dog mainstream press that pretends they believer her crap and tries to get US to believe it…



25 May

awesome! I suspect that ALL Oregonians are not total morons, just the majority of the voters.



The hypocrisy

18 May

truly is staggering. Anyone sucked in by the mainstream media is either a fool or a hack. This is Exhibit A and you would be very unwise to ignore it. Also, the idea that this is the first time such things have happened is laughable on its face. The only difference is that information is more free now–it’s harder to hide things. It’s important to understand that we would know nothing about this if he had not been”outed” by others. We don’t know about this because he was honest. We know about it because he was caught. Who else is in the same boat? I guess that is the big question. Whom do you trust? Why? Do you have a personal relationship with them? If not, why do you trust them? Is this is merely an illogical and unwise appeal to authority?

We truly live in a postmodern world. There are no facts. There is only an agenda driven by the speaker, events that are interpreted by a fallible human being with a distinct ax to grind. What that means is that you have to be extremely careful. It means there is actual and moral agency. It also means that you need to be a little bit humble in that you might get fooled. We can all be fooled.

But the bottom line is that we are all postmoderns now. An assertion is only defensible if it is based on belief and conversion. There is no Cartesian certainty, only relationships. We have seen that with science (though it may well give you a good base to argue your point from). We have always known that was the case in politics. But now we understand that this is universally true, at least in the human or meaning realm–anything other then mere trivia.

In other words, we cannot be saved by method, and we cannot get to truth that way. There is simply no sure abstract knowledge. Experiential knowledge is the only meaningful thing that actually is reliable. So the issue is whether the person tells the truth or not. You need a truth-teller. You can only know something because you have a relationship with them. That puts religious knowledge in a whole different light, eh? No more apologetics (like the church fathers).


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Yeah, it

18 May

should happen. But of course it won’t. Yes, it’s unfair. Yes, it’s maddening. Welcome to the party.

If the shoe were on the other foot, you can be certain he would be fired. But of course that is not even a theoretical possibility. ABC would never have hired a conservative hack in the first place. Yes, he is dishonest. Yes, he is a hack. But ABC knew what he was when they picked him up.

This is just one more brick thrown on the wheelbarrow. One more reason that the wise person NEVER believes what the MSM says. Sorry, I am not a great fool.

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Has there EVER been a

15 May

question that George Stephanopoulos is a miserable hack? The fact that a “news” company even hired him is a total farce. OF COURSE he is not a good, unbiased source! DUH! He it NOT a reliable source. And yet he has “interviewed” former President Clinton as an “objective” reporter while at the same time giving money to the Clinton Foundation! Un-Freakin’-believable.

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Do as I say, not

12 May

as I do. Drought restrictions are for the little guy!

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Why the Left

11 May

should be mad at Hillary Clinton.

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You know all the

01 May

brouhaha recently about the multi-millionaire Hillary Clinton stiffing the poor Chipotle staff by being stingy and refusing to leave a tip? Well, it’s not the first time. This is a mental disorder!


Bill Nye the

24 Apr

hypocrisy guy. It really is mind-boggling. Is he totally unconscious of his overweening hypocrisy? You’d think he would be a little more self-aware than THAT!

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Being a snot-dripping liberal

23 Apr

means never having to pay your taxes! The hypocrisy is truly sickening. As a victim of the IRS myself, I naturally have sympathy for them. But come ON! This is no accident, this is a pattern.

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