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It TOTALLY is hypocritical

07 Dec

for the Left to whine about Trump possibly going against governing tradition while they were just hunky-dory with it when the hard Leftist Obama did it. Oh pluh-leeze. Cry me a freakin’ river!

Harry Reid works to disenfranchise anyone who disagrees with him by using the “nuclear option” and then cries like a little girl who had her candy cane swiped once the shoe is on the other foot. You’d think that his “exercise band broke,” or something and he is beat up! Like the guy who shoots his parents and then begs for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan…

The hypocrisy is just sickening!

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Look, violence

11 Nov

has always been at the core of Leftist philosophy. It is what Leftism is. I find that immoral and disgusting. Funny how those calling others “NAZI” are the ones who are most like the Gestapo.

Lack of moral agency and force are the core concepts of Leftism. So we should not be at all surprised at what we are seeing.

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So when will

31 Oct

Democrats demand that Hillary step aside?

Oh yea, NEVER.

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Yes, but

31 Oct

they won’t.

Hillary is corrupt. On that issue there just is no reasonable doubt. But the lust for power is often very strong. Already with Bill Clinton the Left let him off when they themselves said they were for women. It was rank hypocrisy.

Now Hillary is also asking the Left to jettison its principles in order to boost her and gain some real or imagined point. Such are the wages of Clintonsism…

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It is really frustrating to me

17 Oct

that the media and others give such a “pass” to bad behavior by Democrats and actively justify it but have a freakin’ kitten at any hint of bad behavior by a Republican.

I mean, Robert Byrd was a former high-level KKK official who continued to his death saying racially problematic things. I mean, he said the N-word on national TV! But if a GOP person even hints at such things he or she is castigated and publicly flogged in the media.

There are extremely credible accounts of Bill Clinton forcibly raping women, and yet the morally upstanding Romney was pilloried for describing applications he got as “Binders full of women.” And Trump said some sexually crude things. He bragged And maybe he was a bit wrong in his physical relationship with a consenting adult. Huh? How can one stay intellectually consistent? Well, intellectual consistency is not their native tongue–they speak it like a second language.

Biden is a total blithering idiot, yet Dan Quayle was nastily said over and over to be an intellectual lightweight (he wasn’t) until it just became a “given.”

We need to understand that this is no mere mistake. This is a way the Left tries to discredit the Right. It is not fair, of course, but it is pervasive.

Huh? How can the Left stay intellectually consistent? Well, intellectual consistency is not their native tongue–they speak it like a second language. They know enough to get by…

That’s why I simply don’t care that the MSM is having a cow about supposed crude things Trump has said. First, he is who I thought he was, and this makes no difference to me. I already  thought he was crude. The political establishment has looked down on him as a grasping nouveau riche so why would I now think that he is or should be the ultimate model of decorum?  Second, who knows if the MSM is actually telling the truth this time? I mean, they pilloried Romney when he was clearly the most moral candidate in 100 years.

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It is now a few

09 Oct

hours before the second debate. I think we see now whether Trump is a hero or a zero. He needs to take it to Hillary NOW or he is done.

Yes, the MSM was horribly hypocritical on Trump’s crude comments. It truly is a mountain made of a molehill.

Even so, it is functionally the final debate for Trump. If he muffs this one, it is over. If he does well, he lives to fight another day. I think the final outcome is that Hillary becomes President in any case, though hope springs eternal.

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09 Oct

was never a good bet for the Presidency. But fools voted for him in the primaries. They let their anger override their good sense. Now it is everlastingly too late.

I am no Trump supporter, but the hypocritical response to his crude comments really torques me off. Not because I love Trump (he is a terrible choice) but because I hate unfairness. Bill Clinton raping women with his wife as a willing and enabling accomplice is OK, but Trump talking crudely about certain women in general isn’t? Huh? What color is the sky in YOUR world? If you believe that, your moral compass is totally broken. Grow up.

Look, I worked for too long with Marines to need a fainting couch about stuff like this. I am an adult. And the critics themselves hear far worse most every day. Do I like it? No. But let’s not swoon and pretend that it doesn’t happen all the time. GROW UP!

So I don’t mind the disapproval, it’s the rank  hypocrisy that rankles.  As one pundit said:

I was never under any illusions as to Trump’s character, his competence or his conservatism. I think he is a horrible Republican nominee. But he is still better than Hillary Clinton. His character is no worse than Hillary’s, he is more conservative (or less liberal), and he would make a better president. So I have every intention of voting for him as the lesser of two evils. I strongly reject the idea that there is some kind of moral obligation to abandon Trump

The hypocrisy is just sickening. Yeah, Trump is a jerk. And so was LBJ and most other Presidents. Uh, I knew that already. But Hillary is far and away worse. She is morally contemptible.



03 Oct

But one should never let a good attack go to waste…

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Do as I say but

20 Sep

not as I do. The gross hypocrisy is nothing short of sickening!


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It just

19 Sep

seems to be rank hypocrisy


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