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Look, Obama’s Iran deal

10 Aug

is sheer idiocy, and then to make this worse he goes on to whine about Israel’s reaction to an almost unbelievably bad Iran deal. Yeah, there hasn’t been such interference is a foreign country’s doings since… Obama sent his campaign advisors to Israel to try and get rid of Bibi!

This guy is a blithering idiot.

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A surprisingly

21 Jul

good article.

I grew up in the West, so I don’t have the same “gut” reactions that some people do on this subject. But I lived back East in both the North and the South. My wife (who also grew up in the West) was shocked when a fellow church member in the South disparagingly called her a “Yankee.”  It was after my wife expressed an opinion, and the other person said something like, “Yeah, but you’re just a Yankee.”

But you would be shocked at the discrimination I saw when I lived in Boston. I was in the military, so I was around Black people a lot. But many in the Boston area sure weren’t! There aren’t many Blacks with a home in Hingham, for example.

I was at a fast food place there once and heard the workers speaking Haitian Creole. Now I lived for several years in and around Port-Au-Prince and am fluent in Haitian Creole (I even co-wrote a textbook and did a fair amount of simultaneous translation). So I started speaking to them in that language. They were dumbfounded that a white guy sounded so authentic in a rather obscure language–I had lived in many places in their own country that they had never even seen! They refused to charge me for that meal…

And in perhaps the photo of the year, a Black state trooper helps an elderly neo-NAZI overcome with heat at an event and with a swastika on his shirt to safety. Regardless of what others do, YOU do what is right!


The rank hypocrisy

12 Jul

is nothing but stunning. Maybe you need to show you can stay dry before we give you big-boy pants! Leftists can’t even ride a bike without training wheels, so there is NO reason to give them a “crotch rocket” motorcycle.

The bald truth is clear. Government is NOT very good at forming and regulating societies. Leftism is for Losers ™! It rewards those who cannot produce but who are very good suck-ups, and punishes those who actually produce. That’s why Losers Love Leftism. No wonder virtually all societies who have tried Leftism have utterly failed–the fact that Northern Europeans have done reasonably well with Leftism is much more a commentary on Northern Europeans than on Leftism–they do well when they move to MN, too. It is NOT Leftism! I mean, have you seen Cuba?! Let’s try to be smarter than the shirt you are wearing…

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Yeah, she’s not really

09 Jul

a victim, but she plays one on TV!

Honestly, can’t the Democrats do better?

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It is undoubtedly true that (as Powerline said) the best

01 Jul

thing Ted Cruz could do to endear himself to conservatives is to have a very public brouhaha with the NYT. And the NYT has yet again shown themselves to be Democrat operatives who pretend to give straight news. Many of us have known for years that they are not reliable or remotely fair, but even the less educated and less intelligent people are beginning to understand–it’s starting to dawn on them. Better late than never, I guess. Many of us are saying, “What freakin’ took you so long? Sheesh!”

But to have Cruz so obviously treated unfairly by this Leftist rag can only help. Him calling them out on their utter mendacity and hypocrisy was sheer genius.

I’ve heard people say that Ted Cruz is too “extreme,” and yet they cannot on their own come up with a single example of him being “extreme.” Weak-minded fools, I say. I understand that there may in fact be disagreements with my Lefty friends, but his positions are not irrational, and not even all that extreme.

Here’s a clue: If you can’t come up with a single irrational or extreme position of Ted Cruz (off the top of your head–not resorting to Lefty fever swamps), perhaps you have been duped. Stop being duped!

The first step in your recovery is to acknowledge that you were wrong…

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01 Jul

I am gobsmacked. I just don’t know what to say.


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Never, never never forget!

28 Jun

the Democrats have long been the party of racism! They are trying the same old “NAZIs were on the right” ruse again in order to fool the rubes. Don’t be snookered again…

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Heaven knows

27 Jun

I would love to see this. Seems only fair. I think that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!

I’m sick to death of the hypocrisy.

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The Pope sounds

26 Jun

like a total nut. He has railed against firearms and firearm manufacturers. So let’s ask him, do his bodyguards carry firearms? Uhm, someone had to manufacture them.

Sorry, this is disgusting. He needs to shut his pie-hole. He may be an expert on Catholicism, but one would be a great fool to listen to him on other subjects.


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21 Jun


When the left takes ownership of the actions of Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin we can talk…

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