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There’s one important lesson

15 Nov

that we should take from Mary Landrieu’s frantic efforts to jump-start the Keystone XL pipeline (and thanks to the Daily Shot): Things are better when politicians are nervous. Landrieu simply didn’t care (or was hostile) to the Keystone XL when she wasn’t in danger. Now that she has felt the heat she has “seen the light.” Huh. That should tell us something. Something very important.

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05 Nov

just do what your celebrity masters tell you to, and don’t ask questions! The Left just hates being asked questions. I mean, the masses are truly revolting…

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The hypocrisy

03 Nov

is just sickening. Totally sickening.

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Oh, that is

17 Oct

rich. The gross hypocrisy just leaves me gasping!

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This is just

26 Sep

awesome. Some videos are not worth your time. This one is.

It appears that his turn to the dark side is complete. Or, just maybe, Bush was totally right and Obama was totally wrong. Obama will eventually do the right thing if he is cornered like a rat.

And yet a majority of people elected this imbecile. It just boggles the mind.

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The new bumper

22 Sep

sticker for Obama:


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Yeah, the “anti-war” left

12 Sep

was never anti-war at all. They were merely anti-Bush, mindless shills. They are utter hypocrites. I really don’t mind debate and differences of opinion. But I don’t like hypocritical lies. C’mon man!

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Hit ‘em

24 Aug

where it counts.

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See, the problem now

23 Jun

is that we really don’t know where or to whom or what Lois Lerner was emailing. THAT is a huge problem. We do know that her hard drive was destroyed 10 days after major questions started to be asked. I doubt that is a coincidence. We don’t know who those emails implicated. We just don’t even know where to look now. But there are very good reasons for Lerner to invoke the 5th. That much we do know. And of course the IRS would never in a million years blithely accept such an excuse from the target of one of their audits!

Obama himself has shown a reckless disregard for keeping a record of things (the times he gave his handlers the slip at least twice and… did what?). We just don’t know. But you can bet that there is a very good reason that Obama did not want his actions documented. Maybe he was just tired of always having people around. But the truth is that we now will never know.

So there is a history of such things, an example set by Obama himself. He has done things himself so that no one can know about them, and Lerner is reading from the same playbook. The media lapdogs have simply not done their jobs in investigating such things. Obama is, after all, their boyfriend. If he were a Republican they would have long ago eaten him alive.

Maybe these guys could find the emails.

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I say that you vote

21 Jun

for someone for President who has never been involved in Iraq and has never made a call about it!

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