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Bill Nye the

24 Apr

hypocrisy guy. It really is mind-boggling. Is he totally unconscious of his overweening hypocrisy? You’d think he would be a little more self-aware than THAT!


Being a snot-dripping liberal

23 Apr

means never having to pay your taxes! The hypocrisy is truly sickening. As a victim of the IRS myself, I naturally have sympathy for them. But come ON! This is no accident, this is a pattern.


Yeah, FDR

22 Apr

and the Leftists were complicit with the National Socialists (NAZIs). I’m not at all surprised–they were kissing cousins.

The idea that the NAZIs were on the right is nothing but a sick joke. Quite frankly, I’m very surprised that any self-respecting Jew would have anything to do with them. It is truly a triumph of propaganda.


Just a sec,

14 Apr

I need to get my $12,000 solid gold iWatch out of my Gucci bag. Then I can fight against income inequality and get texts at the same time! I mean, one has to have priorities. It’s not like I want to be seen (by my friends) as a partĀ of those stinky unwashed masses. I mean, they are REVOLTING! Ugh. The hoi polloi! Horrors!

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Can you just IMAGINE

13 Apr

the media feeding frenzy that would happen if a Republican candidate did what Hillary Clinton did? I mean, it would be an apocalyptic meltdown. There would be stories about the end of the world, dogs and cats living together…

Of course, since it is HRC, the MSM says very little about it or even defends it. Sheer hypocrisy.


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The Left is

09 Apr

suddenly not overly concerned about money in politics. Disgusting.

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Just remember,

10 Mar

Hillary FIRED the Ambassador to Kenya for (in large part) using a private email system instead of the official one. Bitterly ironic, isn’t it? Well, as Glenn Reynolds often says, “Know your place, peon!”

Of course, there are huge gaps in the email record. That’s what you would expect from Clinton, right? So all the emails have been personally deemed to be appropriate for release. Even then, some of the emails are just too “hot.” Corruption.

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Classic Leftism:

06 Mar

Do as I say and not as I do. Freakin’ hypocrite…

Can’t the Democrats find someone else to run? Someone? This is really the best they can do? Really?

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06 Mar

but this is HILLARY! Of course she does the same things she fired others for…

She is the privileged master and they are the benighted peons. Any questions?

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I think this really

26 Feb

is dangerous. We don’t really know what will happen in the future, and we don’t want to ruin things altogether. That is only prudent. But we get the distinct impression that Obama would be happy to bring the whole structure down in order to get what he wants in the short-term.

Now Obama certainly doesn’t really care about such things–he has routinely done things that he would have a fit about if someone of the other party did. Hypocrisy just doesn’t bother him. But everyone else would be wise to pay attention.

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