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Man, being a Socialist

18 Apr

is freakin’ NICE!


But then again, it has ALWAYS been the case that in Socialist and Communist countries there is a HUGE difference between being one of the proles and those who have a weekend dacha in the country.

Hey, SOME animals are just more equal than others!

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Kasich is a selfish idiot.

11 Apr

He is drawing most of his votes from Cruz. Even now Cruz would win NY if you add Kasich’s vote. What a butt! I think I hate him worse than Trump. Trump is a selfish jerk, but that is simply who he is and there is no effort to obscure that fact. We have always known what he is. Kasich is a selfish jerk who pretends he is not. The hypocrisy is sickening. Trump is a selfish jerk. But Kasich is also a selfish jerk and an imposter, to boot.

Get the crap out, Kasich. I hate him. He is a total butt. If he had a shred of concern for anyone but himself he would be out of the race.

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Birds of a feather…

31 Mar

Yeah. This is just who Trump is.

I have no non-vulgar words for Trump. This is a family-friendly blog. I personally will never debase myself enough to vote for him. I have morals. Of course, Trump assuredly does not. That much is obvious to the dullest among us.

I’ve spent too many years working in prisons and with the court not to recognize a psychopath when I see one. DT is very clearly one. I will never sully myself enough to vote for him. I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

Yes, Hillary is evil. But at least we know she is evil. And I will keep myself clean by simply not voting at all. Trump cloaks himself in the robes of morality, but it is just a ruse. The problem is, the GOP will get tarred with his personality pathology. We need to understand that he has hijacked our reputations, as well. Besides, Trump will lose to Hillary, as has always been his role. Queen cacklepants grabs the golden ring–because of Trump. This was an election she was sure to lose, and then Trump has changed all that–which was his role from the beginning. Conservatives could right the ship. Then Trump snookered a bunch of people in order to allow Hillary to win. <shakes head despairingly>

I would just say one thing to Trump pigeons: WAKE UP, SHEEPLE! Sheesh!

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Remember when Obama

23 Mar

said that we should not fight in Iraq? I sure do. Well, that promise has reached its expiration date. Basically, you can count on Obama to keep his word as long as it is convenient for him. After that, all bets are off.

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For the Democrats,

21 Mar

the chickens are coming home to roost, and it doesn’t do to have them whine now. They must think we are really stupid. They are like the proverbial dude who killed his parents and then threw himself on the mercy of the court on the grounds that he was an orphan.

I just think that the Democrats should stop whining. This was their tactic, and it just doesn’t make logical sense to now have them moan because their own tactics are now being used against them. The just hate being hoisted on their own petard…

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I know I really

21 Mar

shouldn’t even be mildly surprised by Harry Reid’s hypocrisy, but I expect better of him. And I am routinely disappointed in that expectation:


This guy is a total moral dirtbag. He is an embarrassment to Nevada and those idiots who voted for him. THIS is who Reid is.


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Pretty disgusting, eh?

24 Feb

Here we see the rank hypocrisy of the Democrats. It is truly sickening.

Of course, Trump is royally screwing things up and there are enough foolish Republicans who are snookered by his con act that SCOTUS may be hosed up for a generation. Stupid, stupid, stupid. STUPID!

I can understand if you just harm yourself with such stupidity, but this threatens ME. I get to share in such piss-poor judgment…

Man, I might as well cut off my nose because I don’t like the way it makes me look.

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I think the Pope was TOTALLY stupid to

21 Feb

whine about DT and walls. That is, if (as I think is true) he truly wants to see Trump lose.

The Pope’s hypocrisy is sickening. He himself lives behind HUGE walls in the country with one of the most restrictive immigration policies in the world and yet has the unbelievable chutzpah to say that DT is not really a Christian because he wants… (wait for it)… walls and restrictions on immigration. Wow.

The hypocrisy is just unreal. I couldn’t parody it more. This Pope should just shut the heck up about anything that is not explicitly Catholicism. He is an idiot. THIS is what happens when religious leaders are selected in a vote, and PC reigns.

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Hillary lost BIG in NH

15 Feb

and yet got virtually the same number of delegates. Huh. Why on earth would he think the Democrat process is rigged? But isn’t this exactly what Bernie is pushing for? I mean, it seems a little hypocritical.


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It is something I would dearly

25 Jan

love to see. I think it’s time for Leftists to either put up or shut up.

I really don’t mind peaceful having different opinions, but the rank hypocrisy sickens me.

Okay Emma, it’s time to put up or shut up.

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