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But understand

19 May

that things a different with Trump. The rank hypocrisy is nothing short of sickening!


This whole Comey schtick

11 May

is just a scam. Comey just was not very competent and Trump fired him. Democrats had also been loudly calling for his firing. But once Trump actually does what Schumer and other have called for, they get the vapors and look around for a fainting couch.

I am not fooled.

Let’s be honest–they are full of crap.

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The feminist

28 Apr

Lefties are strangely silent about female genital mutilation. Why?

It’s almost as if they were just shills for Leftism and don’t actually give a rat’s patoott about women at all!

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I think it’s

28 Apr

a great question.

Where are the Democrats ideas and proposals about how to fix Obamacare? Do they just  not care about people who are being hurt?

I have no problem with criticism. What I do mind is pot-shotting from the bleachers and refusing to strap on the cleats and go to work. It just seems so hypocritical. Put your money where your mouth is, Democrats!

I think we’re all sick of the impotent whining.

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So just

12 Apr

who is the Russian stooge?

Understand that all this is merely an effort to distract from other issues.

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Definitely some

08 Apr

things I would like to see Trump do.

I would particularly like to see the first one happen. The rank and utter hypocrisy really sets my teeth on edge…

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It is quite clear:

31 Mar

If you use investigative journalism techniques against a Lefty organization, you will be made to suffer.

Use them against a putative Conservative organization, and you are a “freedom fighter” who is lauded to the high heavens.

It all depends on who your target is…

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Principles, schminciples…

04 Mar

So, now that there is actual skin in the game, things change. So now Kaepernick has decided to stand for the national anthem. Now that he is a free agent and wants to get paid, he has decided to stand.

Gee, why am I not surprised?

What a fool!

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04 Mar

what do we do with a liar like Pelosi?

She is a sad, pathetic clown.

I guess you could say that this was just an honest mistake. Though she does not give such quarter to those who disagree with her. Besides, that explanation is extremely unlikely. She has a staff…

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I find it a fascinating example of

27 Feb

hypocrisy that the court jesters of the Oscars claim to just love illegal immigration so much and yet don’t bus illegal immigrants in for a free meal and evening of entertainment! It seems like raging hypocrisy to me. REALLY?  They want a venue to pat themselves on the back while they wear gowns that cost more than an illegal immigrant will make in two decades, yet won’t give a penny to the downtrodden? How about you put your money where you mouth is, you stinkin’ hypocrites! Shame on you!

Trump should have spent 10 grand to bus illegal aliens to the Oscar presentations and see if they were turned away. That would have been totally hilarious! I can just imagine Triumph the Insult Comic Dog working the entrance. You think Star Wars geeks were funny? This would have been freakin’ hysterical! It would have lived forever on YouTube.

At the very least they could have a “sister event” where the room was full of immigrants and perhaps even terrorists! No need for ANY security of any kind, or any effort to keep the bums out. They could have an “all-comers” buffet beforehand, as well.

If they really cared, they’d do these things. But it is quite obvious that this is just another role they are playing–it’s not who they really are. They don’t actually care. It’s an act, and they are professionals at acting.

If they really cared, they would do ONE movie a year where they donated their entire salary to immigrants. Just one. OK, one movie every other year. Even half their salary every other year. But they don’t and won’t, because they are stinkin’ hypocrites.  They don’t actually care, they are just showboating, It is who they are.

Or have each studio give the profits of one of their top five movies a year to illegal immigrants. Yeah, I don’t see that happening, either. But they and the celebritards can sure spend one night a year patting themselves on the back! I know what the best picture that I can imagine is! And the celebitards won’t like it one bit.

For us regular people it is all so aggravating. The hypocrisy is just sickening! There is a very good reason that I will never again watch the Oscars without some significant changes.

It is high time that we call the hoity-toity actors out for their overweening and disguting hypocrisy. Until they do this, they can just shut the heck up.

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