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17 Oct

the wall is starting to crumble.

I don’t want to hear another dang word about Trump’s crude banter!


Do Texas Democrats

15 Oct

hate gays? It sure seems so. But really, why?


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09 Oct

Feminism is dead.

Our Feminist icons have shown themselves to be dirty hypocrites. They are NOT one of us.

They ALL knew about it (some, like Ashley Judd, first-hand) but refused to call this guy out, all out of lust for money, power, and fame. They sold Feminism out, plain and simple. They knew what this guy was and they collaborated with it out of greed.

These folks are turds, and there’s no reason to ever again pay attention to what they say. Our ONLY response to them should be, “Dance monkey, dance! I want to be entertained, and that is your job. Dance for your supper.”

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What a shocker that this

06 Oct

Hollywood bigwig was a hypocrite!

But it truly IS the epitome of hypocrisy that this was “an open secret.” Ashley Judd never said a word. Nor did hundreds of others. Everyone knew, yet no one said. Wow.

Gee, too bad there’s no punishment for collaborators.

Remember this next time some Hollywood celebritard lectures to you.

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Yeah, it was

06 Oct

all a virtue-signaling scam.

Here’s a tip: When someone has to tell you just how “cool” they are, it is because they really aren’t all that “cool.”

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McCain is a

25 Sep

hypocritical turd.

I’m am just really tired of his smarmy and hypocritical schtick. He is the typical Washington swamp creature. I don’t care that he was honorable during the Viet Nam war–good on him. But he is nothing but a hypocritical turd now. If Obamacare is “a complete failure,” how can one in good conscience torpedo the replacement? Even if the replacement is 90% a failure, isn’t that better? Stupid. I’m really glad that I was never fooled into voting for him for President. I wrote in–Romney. I may not agree with Romney on several important issues, but at least he’s not a hypocritical turd!

I think ALL thinking people have reason to be torqued at him. I despise him.

What a camera-hound dirtbag! The only good thing is that he can’t live for much longer and then we will finally be rid of him. I would say that this recent behavior is a result of his brain tumor, but he has always¬†been a horse’s butt. It’s not the tumor, it’s HIM. The people of Arizona ought to be ashamed of themselves!

Similarly, Rand Paul needs to wise up. I know he is a rather rigid Libertarian, but we have seen some pretty severe black-and-white thinking with him. Both stupid and extreme. And we are all suffering for it. He has decided that he either gets all he wants or he will poop in the soup that is for everyone. He just doesn’t play well with others. Despicable. Does he really not grasp the fact the this bill is far closer to what he wants than Obamacare? I mean, most of the authority goes to the states, and not the Federal government. I thought he was for that kind of thing! Sheesh! This kind of crap makes me far less likely to join in any way with the goofy Libertarians. He is acting like a spoiled brat kicking his legs while lying on the floor because his parent wouldn’t get him a pony. His behavior is appalling. And sickening. GROW UP!

Thanks John McCain. Thanks Rand Paul. Way to go, losers. Way to go.


Oh my,

05 Sep

that is a hilarious headline. Hilarious.

Warren disgusts me. I don’t mind debate–I like it. But lying and hypocrisy sickens me.

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Uh, shouldn’t

04 Sep

Socialists be giving free shirts? I mean, there are those who can’t afford to “donate.”

Oh wait, they ARE “free.” But you MUST make a “donation” of a certain amount in order to get one. Yeah. Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?

This is very obviously just a ruse to avoid taxes. Will it work? I sure hope not. And with that 4-6 week ship time, what do you want to bet that it is some cheap crap from China?

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These are

03 Sep

some great questions.

But the truth is very obvious: The Left is all hat and no cattle. If I were truly in a bind, I guarantee you that some gun-toting hunter would help while the typical black-clad and masked Antifa wanna-be lumberjack goon would quickly turn away because it might mess up his hair.

All hat, no cattle.

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Her dad is dead,

25 Aug

so he won’t mind being thrown under the bus.

See, I wouldn’t mind at all if Pelosi were to say that his actions were wrong. But the silence is sickening.

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