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Don’t be an idiot.

26 Jun

OF COURSE Trump would counter-punch.

But of course this is illogic, hysteria, and hypocrisy. If Obama knew and did nothing, he is a criminal. If there just was no evidence, well, nothing has changed. They can either both hang or both be innocent, but logically they have to suffer the very same fate.

So make your call, Lefties. I would be perfectly happy with an enraged Mike Pence as President.



12 Jun

some animals are more equal than others.

I’ll tell you what, YOU get multiple arrests with assaults on police officers, then steal $100K via credit card fraud, and the see if YOU go to prison. Any bets?

Well, that’s exactly what happens if you are Joe Biden’s niece. We marvel at the psychopathology of her saying to the cop, “Do you know who I am?” but she is entirely correct–she get different treatment under the law because of who she is. Her reaction is entirely reasonable given the fact.

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Maybe there

06 Jun

are indeed some things we can do about global warming.

To quote Reynolds, I’ll believe it’s a real problem when people who tell me it’s a real problem start acting like it’s a real problem!

Until then, cry me a river, you loser…

I think we are all sick of the “Do as I say, not as I do” idiot celebritards. I want to say to them, “Just shut up. You really don’t believe that–your behavior rats you out!” This is just the “haves” making a bald power play.

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It is indeed

30 May

sad. And I certainly don’t approve. But this is entirely predictable. We Conservatives are tired of the crap and we’re not going to keep taking it. No more “manners leads to losing.” You show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.

The election of Trump shows the sea-change that is taking place. People are heartily sick of the Left and are starting to revolt. And it won’t be pretty. To quote a phrase, “You won’t like me when I’m angry.” Up to now the Left has been able to get away with their crap, but that is quickly coming to an end. People are lying to pollsters. They are voting to “Burn the whole thing down.”

This Lefty hypocrisy is dangerous. No one wants where it leads. But at some point the prisoner rips the whip out of the guard’s hand.

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29 May

staggering malfeasance.

I don’t want to hear a freakin’ word about the made-up Trump-Russia nexus! Real malfeasance and criminality went on and the lame media helped and are still helping to cover it up. They are total hypocrites and can kiss my butt. You have no idea of the depth of my disdain for them. They are scumbags. Now I want them in prison–they richly deserve it!

I am happier than ever that Trump won, and I will cheerfully vote for him again if he runs. If not, I will vote for Mike Pence. The Democrats need to die politically. In my whole life I have never felt that way before. But I do now. This is just disgusting! You have to be dead to all that is right to try and defend this!

I know not what course others may take, but I am against crime and malfeasance.

Happy Memorial Day. THIS is what patriots have died trying to prevent. Sic Sempre Tyrannus.

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This is nothing but

28 May

freakin’ AWESOME! Kwitcher whining, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…

I’m just sick of these fools. There are laws, after all! Have you no respect for the law?

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But understand

19 May

that things a different with Trump. The rank hypocrisy is nothing short of sickening!

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This whole Comey schtick

11 May

is just a scam. Comey just was not very competent and Trump fired him. Democrats had also been loudly calling for his firing. But once Trump actually does what Schumer and other have called for, they get the vapors and look around for a fainting couch.

I am not fooled.

Let’s be honest–they are full of crap.

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The feminist

28 Apr

Lefties are strangely silent about female genital mutilation. Why?

It’s almost as if they were just shills for Leftism and don’t actually give a rat’s patoott about women at all!

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I think it’s

28 Apr

a great question.

Where are the Democrats ideas and proposals about how to fix Obamacare? Do they just  not care about people who are being hurt?

I have no problem with criticism. What I do mind is pot-shotting from the bleachers and refusing to strap on the cleats and go to work. It just seems so hypocritical. Put your money where your mouth is, Democrats!

I think we’re all sick of the impotent whining.

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