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01 Aug

heal thyself. You freakin’ IDIOT!

The first books of the Harry Potter series were quite good. The last one sucked, big-time. She should stick to writing, because when she opens her yapper she discloses that she is an idiot with a splinter skill.

Just keep your stupid maw shut and your thoughts to yourself, you nincompoop!


Well, if it

01 Aug

weren’t for double standards, she’d have no standards at all!

What a loser…

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I really hope

31 Jul

the link works. It is behind a stupid paywall. I hate that.

But the bottom line is that Trump is threatening to put a stop to the subsidization of congressional staffers so they actually bear the cost of Obamacare. They get to avoid the costs of Obamacare right now, while us plebs are forced into it. If that were to change, Obamacare would be gone within a month. That should tell you all there is to know. Of course, as it is now the rest of us have to bear the burden of this pig…

I mean, how hypocritical is it to say that your staff/employees get off scot-free while the rest of us suffer without that option? Truly, it is sickening hypocrisy.

The truth is that I very badly want this to happen. This is just not fair. What, are some animals more equal than others? This just reeks. I smell a sort of Monarchism, and it emanates from DC.

Activists including Heritage Action, the political arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation, have proposed that Mr. Trump’s administration change a rule promulgated by the Office of Personnel Management during the Obama administration that allows members of Congress and their staff to obtain subsidized insurance…

Obamacare totally sucks, and yet many of us are forced into it. The phrase, “Sic Semper Tyrannis” comes to mind. And I’m not even a Virginian.

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I think we are

28 Jul

ALL pretty sick of this. And indeed, it is time to route out the deadwood. There were a lot of “republicans” who voted for repeal of Obamacare–when that had no chance of passing. But it was just a hypocritical show meant to ride the popular wave and fool the rubes. They dishonestly pretended that they were against it, and snookered many. They never thought that they would actually have to govern. They had years to craft a good replacement and did… NOTHING. And there were a half-dozen of these slackers and half-wits.

I mean, come ON! It is un-freakin’-believable.

Well, the gig is up. It is time to either perform of get the heck out of the way. Primary. Now. It is time for all good people to come to the aid of their country (to coin a phrase).

See ya! Get these preening cons outta here! We can start with a woman in the Northeast and one in Alaska. And that is only a start. They can believe whatever they want–they can believe in fairies and unicorns and Y2K. But the rest of us certainly don’t have to go along with them. They are stuck in the 70s. But I personally don’t want to live there. Get. Out.

McCain will be dead soon. It’s time for Murkowski, Collins, and many others to beat feet away from government. Let’s help them. If I could personally run against either, I likely would. Good folks in those states need to get on the stick.

You want more Trump? Because this is how you get more Trump.


Don’t be an idiot.

26 Jun

OF COURSE Trump would counter-punch.

But of course this is illogic, hysteria, and hypocrisy. If Obama knew and did nothing, he is a criminal. If there just was no evidence, well, nothing has changed. They can either both hang or both be innocent, but logically they have to suffer the very same fate.

So make your call, Lefties. I would be perfectly happy with an enraged Mike Pence as President.

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12 Jun

some animals are more equal than others.

I’ll tell you what, YOU get multiple arrests with assaults on police officers, then steal $100K via credit card fraud, and the see if YOU go to prison. Any bets?

Well, that’s exactly what happens if you are Joe Biden’s niece. We marvel at the psychopathology of her saying to the cop, “Do you know who I am?” but she is entirely correct–she get different treatment under the law because of who she is. Her reaction is entirely reasonable given the fact.

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Maybe there

06 Jun

are indeed some things we can do about global warming.

To quote Reynolds, I’ll believe it’s a real problem when people who tell me it’s a real problem start acting like it’s a real problem!

Until then, cry me a river, you loser…

I think we are all sick of the “Do as I say, not as I do” idiot celebritards. I want to say to them, “Just shut up. You really don’t believe that–your behavior rats you out!” This is just the “haves” making a bald power play.

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It is indeed

30 May

sad. And I certainly don’t approve. But this is entirely predictable. We Conservatives are tired of the crap and we’re not going to keep taking it. No more “manners leads to losing.” You show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.

The election of Trump shows the sea-change that is taking place. People are heartily sick of the Left and are starting to revolt. And it won’t be pretty. To quote a phrase, “You won’t like me when I’m angry.” Up to now the Left has been able to get away with their crap, but that is quickly coming to an end. People are lying to pollsters. They are voting to “Burn the whole thing down.”

This Lefty hypocrisy is dangerous. No one wants where it leads. But at some point the prisoner rips the whip out of the guard’s hand.

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29 May

staggering malfeasance.

I don’t want to hear a freakin’ word about the made-up Trump-Russia nexus! Real malfeasance and criminality went on and the lame media helped and are still helping to cover it up. They are total hypocrites and can kiss my butt. You have no idea of the depth of my disdain for them. They are scumbags. Now I want them in prison–they richly deserve it!

I am happier than ever that Trump won, and I will cheerfully vote for him again if he runs. If not, I will vote for Mike Pence. The Democrats need to die politically. In my whole life I have never felt that way before. But I do now. This is just disgusting! You have to be dead to all that is right to try and defend this!

I know not what course others may take, but I am against crime and malfeasance.

Happy Memorial Day. THIS is what patriots have died trying to prevent. Sic Sempre Tyrannus.

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This is nothing but

28 May

freakin’ AWESOME! Kwitcher whining, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…

I’m just sick of these fools. There are laws, after all! Have you no respect for the law?

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