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The hypocrisy

17 Jun

just never ends.

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I saw Elizabeth Warren

10 Jun

referred to as “Senator Cherokee Cheekbones.” Truly awesome. I wish I had thought of that!

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You know, if it

09 Jun

weren’t for double standards, the MSM would have no standards at all…

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Law schools

04 Jun

and Trump University: not all that dissimilar.

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We need

21 May

civility! We just need Democrat politicians to teach us knuckle-dragging Neanderthals how to act!

Che Guevara was unavailable for comment–he was re-loading. ¬†Others were busy burying the body…

If they couldn’t talk in obtuse hypocrisy, could Leftists talk at all?

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Here’s what I don’t get…

16 May

The democrats whine and wig when someone pays a little in taxes as possible, but isn’t that the point? I mean, why would someone pay more than you have to?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about tax evasion. I’m talking about legal means of minimize taxes. Yet the Lefties whine when a Republican does… (wait for it!)… the same thing they do. Nice. Hypocrisy much?

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It is just shocking

16 May

that Hillary is running against a womanizer! You’d think that she’d be very familiar with womanizers! At least Trump is not a convincingly-accused serial violent rapist.

What a freakin’ hypocrite! She is extremely unwise to bring up this old saw. THIS is how Trump can beat her about the head and shoulders and make her look like a sniveling Wormtongue. Voters themselves play the role of Theoden.

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07 May

pretty stinking’ ironic.

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Good thing

04 May

these peace-loving herbivores are so gentle, eh?

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Man, being a Socialist

18 Apr

is freakin’ NICE!


But then again, it has ALWAYS been the case that in Socialist and Communist countries there is a HUGE difference between being one of the proles and those who have a weekend dacha in the country.

Hey, SOME animals are just more equal than others!

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