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The crap-eating hypocrisy

17 Jan

is just sickening.

I think most regular people are sick to death of the Hollywood Liberal hypocritical hectoring.

Just shut up and act, you morons! You are merely talented (and highly paid) trained monkeys. I pay you to act, so just shut up and act! <sheesh!> when I say, “Dance,” you dance. When I say, “Sing,” you sing. When I say, “Act,” you act. There is simply no reason for me to take what you say at all seriously. With few exceptions, you don’t know crap.

The fact that you take yourself oh so seriously and you are oh-so-earnest is just an indication of gross personality pathology. It has NOTHING to do with the truth-value of what you say.

So shut up and dance, monkey. I freakin’ pay you to DANCE!

No wonder feature film takes are in the toilet!



16 Jan

rip. VERY nice.

Hey pal, clean out your own drawers before you go about casting aspersions at others!


You think

10 Jan

that because you are friends there will be no opposition? You think (in the words of the Bard) that because thou art virtuous there will be no more cakes and ale?

You fool.

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I don’t know

10 Jan

that Paul Krugman is a raging hypocrite. Maybe he’s just, uh, flexible. Gumby-esque.

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So it turns out

09 Jan

that Obama is building a wall around his new digs. Hey, I thought walls didn’t work!

Well, I guess they don’t work for the little people, anyway…

What a freakin’ hypocrite!

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06 Jan

the Dems totally own Obamacare. We should never forget that. They passed it in the dead of night with not a SINGLE Republican vote. THAT is the pile of poop that the Democrats foisted on us! I don’t want to hear a single whining word from them. Jerks…

They used the “nuclear option” to shut down the filibuster and now find themselves on the beating end of that stick.

This is sheer hypocrisy. Like killing your parents and then begging for mercy based on the fact that you are just a poor orphan…

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It TOTALLY is hypocritical

07 Dec

for the Left to whine about Trump possibly going against governing tradition while they were just hunky-dory with it when the hard Leftist Obama did it. Oh pluh-leeze. Cry me a freakin’ river!

Harry Reid works to disenfranchise anyone who disagrees with him by using the “nuclear option” and then cries like a little girl who had her candy cane swiped once the shoe is on the other foot. You’d think that his “exercise band broke,” or something and he is beat up! Like the guy who shoots his parents and then begs for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan…

The hypocrisy is just sickening!

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Look, violence

11 Nov

has always been at the core of Leftist philosophy. It is what Leftism is. I find that immoral and disgusting. Funny how those calling others “NAZI” are the ones who are most like the Gestapo.

Lack of moral agency and force are the core concepts of Leftism. So we should not be at all surprised at what we are seeing.

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So when will

31 Oct

Democrats demand that Hillary step aside?

Oh yea, NEVER.

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Yes, but

31 Oct

they won’t.

Hillary is corrupt. On that issue there just is no reasonable doubt. But the lust for power is often very strong. Already with Bill Clinton the Left let him off when they themselves said they were for women. It was rank hypocrisy.

Now Hillary is also asking the Left to jettison its principles in order to boost her and gain some real or imagined point. Such are the wages of Clintonsism…

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