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Principles, schminciples…

04 Mar

So, now that there is actual skin in the game, things change. So now Kaepernick has decided to stand for the national anthem. Now that he is a free agent and wants to get paid, he has decided to stand.

Gee, why am I not surprised?

What a fool!

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04 Mar

what do we do with a liar like Pelosi?

She is a sad, pathetic clown.

I guess you could say that this was just an honest mistake. Though she does not give such quarter to those who disagree with her. Besides, that explanation is extremely unlikely. She has a staff…

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I find it a fascinating example of

27 Feb

hypocrisy that the court jesters of the Oscars claim to just love illegal immigration so much and yet don’t bus illegal immigrants in for a free meal and evening of entertainment! It seems like raging hypocrisy to me. REALLY?  They want a venue to pat themselves on the back while they wear gowns that cost more than an illegal immigrant will make in two decades, yet won’t give a penny to the downtrodden? How about you put your money where you mouth is, you stinkin’ hypocrites! Shame on you!

Trump should have spent 10 grand to bus illegal aliens to the Oscar presentations and see if they were turned away. That would have been totally hilarious! I can just imagine Triumph the Insult Comic Dog working the entrance. You think Star Wars geeks were funny? This would have been freakin’ hysterical! It would have lived forever on YouTube.

At the very least they could have a “sister event” where the room was full of immigrants and perhaps even terrorists! No need for ANY security of any kind, or any effort to keep the bums out. They could have an “all-comers” buffet beforehand, as well.

If they really cared, they’d do these things. But it is quite obvious that this is just another role they are playing–it’s not who they really are. They don’t actually care. It’s an act, and they are professionals at acting.

If they really cared, they would do ONE movie a year where they donated their entire salary to immigrants. Just one. OK, one movie every other year. Even half their salary every other year. But they don’t and won’t, because they are stinkin’ hypocrites.  They don’t actually care, they are just showboating, It is who they are.

Or have each studio give the profits of one of their top five movies a year to illegal immigrants. Yeah, I don’t see that happening, either. But they and the celebritards can sure spend one night a year patting themselves on the back! I know what the best picture that I can imagine is! And the celebitards won’t like it one bit.

For us regular people it is all so aggravating. The hypocrisy is just sickening! There is a very good reason that I will never again watch the Oscars without some significant changes.

It is high time that we call the hoity-toity actors out for their overweening and disguting hypocrisy. Until they do this, they can just shut the heck up.

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21 Feb

times change, eh?

This should be a campaign ad.

Is it gross hypocrisy? Oh, yeah. But you should be used to it by now.

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Yeah, but when

21 Feb

you lose your job because office software effiency, there is no problem at all!

What a moron. Gates should stick to what he knows and butt out of things he is totally ignorant on.

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You know, it’s time

21 Feb

to either put up or shut up.

Otherwise it is just gross hypocrisy. Put up or shut up! I mean, I liked the Harry Potter books (though the ending was stupid and abysmally bad and not at all true to the story–Harry as a mindless government drone? After he fought against a typically incompetent and malicious government? Puh-leez!), but this lady clearly doesn’t know her butt from a hole in the ground on the issue of immigration. She should just take her piles of money and shut the heck up! The books were good (though Fantsic Beasts was a horrible movie and it soon died). But heaven knows that that fact doesn’t mean crap in terms of her being politically astute. On political and policy issue  she doesn’t know diddly.

I bet she has a ton of land on which to put housing, and plenty of money to build it! So do it, J.K. YOU show us how it should be done! Until then, I will assume that you are just another stupid limosine liberal.

She is a freakin’ hypocrite. Clean out your own drawers, JK, before you go about casting asperstions at others…

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13 Feb

is frequently very good.

Let’s be clear: I have lived up and down the East Coast. I have counseled in private and with total confidentiality with thousands from various parts of the country (I was a psychologist in the Navy). I myself  grew up in the Mountain West. But I have been quite involved in state and national politics of all sorts and in several parts of the country for decades.

Yet I have never heard anyone say blatantly racist things. I did hear a woman in Southern Virginia voice some things that were fine but could be interpreted as borderline (she was from the deep South). My wife was called a “Yankee” once when we lived in the South (and she was born and raised in the Mountain West, as well). But that is as extreme as it ever got.

I’m not saying racists do not exist–I’m sure they do. I saw some huge bearded guy in a jacked-up old pick up with the Stars and Bars tacked to the interior ceiling of his truck as a sort of headliner. That was in Virginia, and I never talked to that guy. It was so unusual that my sister visiting me in Southern Virginia  (visiting from California) excitedly pointed at him when we were at a stoplight, “Look, there’s a redneck!” I drove off quickly so as not to get killed…

So I have no doubt that racism exists in small pockets. But hearing anything about it was a very rare or non-existent event, even in the South! So it is clearly a fringe phenomenon. You can say that I just didn’t run in those crowds, but the fact that I didn’t even hear about it while talking confidentally to people from all over the South as a psychologist and then as a clergyman speaks to the fact that it isn’t all that prevalent or accepted by typical people. It is fringe. I don’t drink beer, but you can bet that I can name half a dozen brands of beer off the top of my head! Yeah, it’s in the culture. Racism seems not to be the same at all. The Left tells us that racism is rampant, and yet I have never personally seen a public display of it. Have you? If not, why do you think it is rampant?

So all this focus on the KKK and widespread discrimination against blacks seems a bit misguided (and rather self-serving). And add to that the fact that Donald Trump is vilified as a racist, yet no one can name a single racist thing he has said or done! And if he did 40 years ago (I’ve never heard that), so what? Attitudes can change. I have two words for Democrats: Robert Byrd. Byrd was an actual leader of the KKK and used the N-word on national TV within the last few years (while he was a sitting Senator)! Yet he was a Democrat Senator so he was given a pass by the Lefty shills in the media and his Democrats co-conspirators in congress. They just said, “Look, a squirrel!”

Conservatives are NOT the people who discriminate, here.

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13 Feb

it’s pretty rank hypocrisy. I think we’re all sick of Leftist crap.

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Some things

08 Feb

I would dearly love to see. Wrong is wrong. Make them live by their own standards. Because they can’t.

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It’s funny,

05 Feb

I don’t recall there being an issue back then! I guess these are different times, eh?

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