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It is not clear yet

12 Dec

what will happen in Alabama. But before we wet our pants at  the thought of a 35-year-old man dating a girl under 18, understand well that this is merely a modern conceit. All this whining is pretty dang anachronistic, often ignorantly so. And there is a pretty strong partisan hackery aspect to it…


Talk about

12 Dec

being hoisted you your own petard!

But again, note the anger in this article. Leftists, please stop!


So when Senator Bob Menedez

11 Dec

was VERY credibly accused of sexual relations with minor girls on the “Lolita Express” going to “Sex Island,”, our vaunted “moral superiors” said… NOTHING. See, a Republican Governor would have replaced him, and they couldn’t have THAT, now could they? Oh, and this was last month.

But when Roy Moore faces very sketchy, at least somewhat disproven, and 40-year-old accusations of dating girls who were not yet 18, Conservatives are supposed to freak out, turn up their noses, and elect a Lefty baby killer in moral protest.


And you buy this crap? I sure don’t.  This is bogus, It is crap-eating hypocrisy. Any fool with room-temperature IQ sees that. The Lefty schtick here is really pissing me off!

As Professor Reynolds said, Weird how none of these paragons of moral leadership got all upset about reports of underage prostitutes and Senator Menendez (D-NJ), when Menendez would be replaced by a Republican governor. . . .

Yeah, weird. You can’t really understand it. If you are stupid!



08 Dec

life imitates art.

There IS no “peace process.” Yasser Arafat could have had peace 20 years ago. He didn’t want it!

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There is a HUGE

07 Dec

difference between what Al Franken actually did and what DJT bragged theoretically doing in what he thought was a private conversation.

Don’t lose sight of this difference–it is very important.


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The truth is

05 Dec

that the FBI truly is in tatters. And it’s in tatters for precisely the same reason that the MSM reputation is in tatters:

They lie.

They are just not trustworthy. If they just told the truth without regard to position or political affiliation, we would not be in this mess. But no, they give deference to “nobility” and thus sully their own reputation beyond repair. Goodbye, equal protection under the law!

This is embodied by Robert Mueller–well does the article state that a large proportion of people (almost for sure a majority) see Mueller as a hack who is in a Javert-like frenzy to find something, anything to pin on Donald Trump.

There is a growing sense that this is NOT justice, it is despotism. It is naked revenge. Donald Trump committed the “crime” of humiliating Hillary in the general and now he must be punished. There was never an underlying crimeSo it is JUST like the Scooter Libby case–there is no actual underlying crime and the only issue is testimony content. In Libby’s case, his recollection did not mirror his day planner. The issue is lying to investigators or decades-old financial crimes, not Russian collusion.

Not everyone is there, yet, but the pool of skeptics is growing by leaps and bounds. So whatever Mueller “finds” will be viewed by many or most as illegitimate to the current investigation. He may indeed have force behind him, but not reason or good sense. Let’s just say that might does not make right…

Oh, and did I mention that the Mueller investigation has already cost more than five million dollars?

Gee, good work, if you can get it…

I wonder how many starving children could have been fed for that? I mean, don’t you care about starving children?



04 Dec

pretty much.

You know, that is TOTALLY the truth. The politics totally drove the smarmy Bill Clinton defenses. But now even jolly old Bill is taking a bit of a beating. The hypocrisy of the Democrats is nothing short of staggering.

Even now, Al “The Groper” Franken is still in the Senate while he incontrovertibly sexually assaulted women and yet all the political hacks are having a hissy fit over Moore having a very distant past of dating older teen girls! I guess KISS was playing, “Christine, Sixteen” then. But it hey, it was just fine for KISS–ask any Leftist!

Hey Lefties! Clean out your own drawers before you go about casting aspersions on others!

I just get sick of the hypocrisy.

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I think that

01 Dec

it is pretty dating clear that the Ronan Farrow story was deep-sixed because Matt Lauer and NBC were vulnerable. This is the “elite” covering for their own.

I don’t want to hear another danged word about Roy Moore! I think these Leftists have enough of their own poop to clean up without looking around for others who have diarrhea.

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There is

29 Nov

really no getting away for Democrats. They totally own this.

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So just why

29 Nov

didn’t Cokie Roberts say anything to protect other women? What a stinkin’ enabler! SHAME on her!

And what else will come out in the next week or so?

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