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See, the problem now

23 Jun

is that we really don’t know where or to whom or what Lois Lerner was emailing. THAT is a huge problem. We do know that her hard drive was destroyed 10 days after major questions started to be asked. I doubt that is a coincidence. We don’t know who those emails implicated. We just don’t even know where to look now. But there are very good reasons for Lerner to invoke the 5th. That much we do know. And of course the IRS would never in a million years blithely accept such an excuse from the target of one of their audits!

Obama himself has shown a reckless disregard for keeping a record of things (the times he gave his handlers the slip at least twice and… did what?). We just don’t know. But you can bet that there is a very good reason that Obama did not want his actions documented. Maybe he was just tired of always having people around. But the truth is that we now will never know.

So there is a history of such things, an example set by Obama himself. He has done things himself so that no one can know about them, and Lerner is reading from the same playbook. The media lapdogs have simply not done their jobs in investigating such things. Obama is, after all, their boyfriend. If he were a Republican they would have long ago eaten him alive.

Maybe these guys could find the emails.

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I say that you vote

21 Jun

for someone for President who has never been involved in Iraq and has never made a call about it!

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21 Jun

rank hypocrisy.

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So was Bowie Bergdahl

03 Jun

a hero? Hard to tell. I think that is very questionable now. We do know that Obama gave up the farm to get him back.  Obama is a guy you definitely want to play “Monopoly” with. He seems to be a total sucker. He’s a guy when you play “Pit” is dying to trade you two cards. He is a cheap date. Forget marriage, a five-minute walk around the block is probably more than enough.

But the swap may well not have been legal. President Reagan got into some very serious trouble for this very thing. You can’t legally do these sorts of things in secret. And yet the Democrats don’t make a peep. I guess I should just accept that they are corrupt, and I should stop expecting fairness or legality.

But in any case, it’s quite clear that Obama broke the law. Even leftists acknowledge that.

Honor? Perhaps not.


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Yeah, the hypocrisy

22 May

is just sickening.

I mean honestly, how can these folks sleep at night? Have they no conscience? Are they psychopaths? I just don’t get how a normal person DOES this! It’s simply not normal.

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Long live

16 May

the NYT! Or something kinda like that.

Rank hypocrisy, but it’s not like that is anything new…

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I know the media is whining

12 May

about Drudge, but they ONLY have themselves to blame. They simply were not doing their jobs, and so someone else stepped into the breech. As Althouse says:

If Matt Drudge got out ahead of all that major media, it’s because they did not do their job. Ironically, it was really they who were not journalists. (emphasis added)

Yeah. They simply have abdicated their responsibility as watchdogs. We now have to rely on other sources to perform that function for us. But that is because of them, not us. So of course I am skeptical of the mainstream media (and the NY Times is arguably the worst offender–they are very often totally unreliable as a source). They lie and I therefore very much am forced by them to be on my guard. So the take-home message is: don’t blame others for your glaring faults! Clean out your own drawers before you go about casting aspersions on others!

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Pelosi is demanding that the split

07 May

on the Special Committee on Benghazi be evenly split between Republicans and Democrats . But remember, when SHE set up a special committee (on so-called global warming), she put 9 Democrats and 6 Republicans on it. She has always been a hypocrite as well as a moron (she may actually be the dumbest person ever to serve in the House–certainly she is the dumbest Speaker ever in terms of actual IQ).

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There is NO

25 Apr

formal collaboration!

Look, I think the vast majority of the campaign finance laws are stupid in the first place. Political speech is clearly protected by the first amendment. But to force the law on others and then violate it yourself is just scaly. I’m sure it is done all the time, by both parties. But it is intellectually and morally bankrupt.

Here’s what I would do: You can get money from any source in unlimited amounts. The only catch is that you have to disclose any and all contributions (or promises of contributions) within 12 hours (business days). Maybe have a cut-off a week before the election. You can report all contributions on a web site for ALL to see.

So let’s say I get a bazillion dollars from extremist group A. That might well become a campaign issue. That means that political money is free speech (and thus sacrosanct), and I believe that is the way it should be, the way it actually IS from an intellectual perspective–our current system is just unnatural, like vainly trying to jam a square peg into a round hole.

What would be the problem with that?


Hypocrisy, thy name is

21 Apr


I know that by now I should have seen so much of this stuff that I should hardly bat an eye, but this truly is breathtaking hypocrisy on a cosmic scale. I understand that he may have made business decisions that were not in accord with his personal preferences, but we need to be clear that he has only gotten press because of his business decisions and what he has chosen to do in that arena. No one would care one bit about his opinion if he managed a Burger King and grossed 30k a year. He is only even noteworthy because of his immense wealth.

I’m sure there is a decent (and important), non-hypocrite Democrat donor out there somewhere. I sure hope he or she steps forward soon. It’s not like they are thick on the ground. In the dark a candle is brighter than the sun…

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