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The media bias

21 Aug

is truly outrageous! I mean, really! How can any moral human being not be outraged?

If you ever told yourself sweet little lies that the MSM was not biased, this should cure you of it. If it doesn’t, own up to the fact that you are a mindless hack. Sheesh! This kind of BS is just disgusting.

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Your trusted

20 Aug

media at work:


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Remember, and don’t be fooled.

16 Aug

Socialism (and indeed ALL Leftism) is merely a method the rulers use to get rich on the backs of poor people. As I keep saying, the gambit or scheme is to make others think you “really care about the peons while you exploit them. So Bernie Sanders just bought his THIRD mansion. Al Gore make his billions by telling others to conserve while he himself lives in extravagant luxury with the carbon footprint of dozens of “regular” families. Say that you are for the “common man” while you spend the summer in your luxury summer home. That’s how it works!

But it is a lie. It is in the same mold as the NAZI lie.

I can deal well with disagreements, but this is just garden variety con-man dishonesty, though the scale is truly breathtaking. In the immortal words of Professor Reynolds, I’ll believe it’s a problem when the privileged scolds start acting as if it were actually a problem!

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I’m worried

15 Aug

that I am wearing out theĀ “hypocrisy” button on this blog!

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Look, walls just

14 Aug

do not work! Right? I mean, we all know that. Only the knuckle-dragging, bigoted neanderthals in “flyover country” want walls. Well, and thousands of years of history. China’s “Great Wall” was built merely for decoration.

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Hillary is a HUGE

11 Aug

defender of women and children!



Not really

08 Aug

much of a surprise, is it? Let’s just say that this is no accident.

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It’s the

25 Jul

rank hypocrisy that really gets me!

Leftists, shut your blooming’ mouths!

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21 Jul

big shocker…

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The rank hypocrisy

20 Jul

of this just turns my stomach. How does someone who makes this argument sleep at night? How do they look in the mirror?

I guess I am naive to be shocked, but this is just so blatant that it shakes my faith in humanity itself. It is truly mind-boggling.

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