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Lest we forget,

23 Nov

this is the real Hillary.

Don’t be fooled!

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Something to think about:

19 Nov


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I don’t think there

18 Nov

has ever been a doubt by thinking human beings that John Kerry is dumb as a box of rocks. Rich, yes, but really stupid.

As Dr. Drakken in the old “Kim Possible” cartoon said, “[He] wouldn’t last five minutes at karaoke night.”

It would be an absolute and utter embarrassment to have to admit that I ever voted for that total loser–an admission that my judgement is so poor that in a sane world I would be barred from voting in the future. Fortunately, I personally don’t have to admit that. I, for one, was never fooled! If YOU were, if YOU sullied yourself by voting for him, have a bit of humility and recognize your human fallibility. The first step in recovery is to admit that there is indeed a problem. Sorry, but this was plain to any of us following things. You got snookered.

Maybe you were blinded by the Lefty Bush hate, but that is certainly no excuse for exercising piss-poor judgment and voting for a total douchebag like Kerry. When I didn’t like the GOP nominee (McCain) I wrote in. Sure, it made little difference in the grand scheme of things, but at least I kept myself unsullied. Irrational hatred of Bush is simply no reason to have soiled oneself by voting for Kerry. That excuse is weak sauce, indeed. Weak, weak, WEAK! Holy crap it is weak!

And ever wonder why Cindy Sheehan made such a brouhaha about Bush sending young adults to war but is totally fine with Obama doing the same (and far worse)? Yeah, no hypocrisy there… <rolls eyes>  Don’t even get me started!

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The hypocrisy

04 Nov

is just stunning. I mean, beyond stunning.

I would bet that every one of these women would say that women should be judged on their merits and not their sexual attractiveness, yet they engaged in a childish and chickish squeal on Forina’s looks! Hey, that’s not the pot calling the kettle black or anything! Anyone who gets all rev’d up by Whoopi Goldberg is one seriously sick puppy, indeed.

What, are you still in high school? Grow up, you immature little mean girls. Sheesh!

The hypocrisy is just sickening. These women need to get a life. I’ve never watched The View. Now you can just bet that I never will. These ladies are clearly hypocritical idiots.

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21 Oct

much? Well, the Democrats certainly do!

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So let’s do a little thought experiment.

20 Oct

What if Romney were President and did exactly what Obama did?

The hypocrisy of the MSM is just sickening!

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09 Oct


It’s pretty disgusting. How do they live with themselves? Do they value internal consistency at all? You’d think that Washington, D.C. would be really safe given the draconian gun laws! And don’t pretend that such things only started because of Heller.

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Fiorina is getting some major heat

27 Sep

for supporting a form of individual mandate for health insurance.

Here’s why it doesn’t bug me in the least:

Fiorina proposed a mandate to have catastrophic insurance. You know, the kind Obamacare made impossible to even get.

So if there were a catastrophe, you were covered (which is what insurance is all about!). It is cheap and very effective. I would love to buy cheap catastrophic insurance, but Obamacare won’t let me.

In other words, this is not at all a big deal. But you can bet that the MSM and a very few others will exaggerate this as much as possible. Plus, it gives Carly a pulpit from which to explain, and she is VERY good. This may end up helping rather than hurting her. And the overweening hypocrisy is suffocating.

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I find it VERY

25 Sep

interesting that the Pope criticizes the US for having any border control at all when Vatican City has the strictest immigration policy in the WORLD. Wow. Hypocrisy much?


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Do as I say, not as I do…

23 Sep

Hypocrisy much?

As P.J. O’Rourke once wrote, “It’s impossible to get decent Chinese takeout in China, Cuban cigars are rationed in Cuba, and that’s all you need to know about communism.” 

It’s maddening to the normal person, but it seems to be the Democrat way…

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