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25 Sep

Socialism in one lesson.

I think it is quite clear that Socialism produces human misery. And I think that is immoral. It is immoral to cause human suffering, and I am totally against that. Therefore, I am against Socialism. We need to understand well that this is a moral issue, and not shy away from that. Make the moral argument!

Like all philosophies with a horrible horrific human cost, it sounds good on a superficial level. It seems like wisdom, but it is not. It get adherents because of the inherent goodness of people. They don’t want a single person to suffer. But it is a ruse, and it fools even the very smart and very moral. In a sort of moral jiu-jitsu it turns your good intentions into evil things.

As Gandalf said, “Understand Frodo, I would use this Ring from a desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.” Remember, Galadriel had the very same temptation (and also passed the test). But just as one could not use the ring to do good, one cannot use force morally. It cannot be bent to your will.

And THAT is the story of Socialism. YOU are not its master. You would use it out of a desire to do good, but it would result in untold misery. Say it with me: Socialism is Satanic.


Obamacare is

25 Sep

a steaming pile of crap. And Obama very well knows it, or should recognize it. He is not low I.Q. But he is just a partisan hack. Any fool with half a brain knows Obamacare stinks. It was a fit of partisanship on his part to ram it through–it was the victory of party line over reality.

As with ALL Leftism, it was force. It was an abnegation of free choice. THAT is what Leftism is, at heart. Take away all the happy talk (meant to fool the rubes) and it is the Gulag Archipelago. It is a bullet to the brain for all dissenters.

I look forward to the day that the economy is freed from the millstone of Obamacare hung on its neck. Obama and his mindless Myrmidons (like Schumer and Pelosi) rammed this down our throats in the dead of night. I remember it well.

But thanks to the way it was done, it is dead for at least a generation. Maybe two. No one will want to go there again, even if they can. Now it is a “third rail” of politics. Everyone knows it sucks. No wonder Obama is freaking out!



18 Sep

is racism OK?

The Left has always been about racism. From the NAZIs to the USSR to Black Lives Matter–it’s all the same. And it’s immoral.

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What a total LOSER!

11 Sep

Yeah, blame everyone but the one person who deserves blame–HER! That’s kind of who she is, that is her typical behavior. It is her reflexive response.

I mean, honestly, she is blaming the MSM? How stupid do you think I am? This is sheer madness. What, is Hillary saying, that there are some questions one just cannot ask The Queen? This is psychopathology.

And what if Democrats buy it? What would that say about them? Would that be a sad commentary on their judgment? See, Hillary is a dead, stinky albatross around the Democrat Party’s neck. If they don’t support her they are labelled bigots and misogynists and irrational Clinton haters. If they do, they back a sure loser and even further inflame the Bernie and more extreme types. Yet moving further Left even further alienates the general public (though their “base” is demanding it, which further complicates things). They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Now THAT’s what I call a win-win scenario!

But the Democrats have long set up such a scenario. They have kicked that particular can down the road for a very long time. They have focused on identity politics for so long that they have had no good policy positions. Their frantic attempts to please all the various factions that make up their party is no longer reliably producing results. Their “bench” is weak to the point of being ludicrous. The Republicans have been the party of ideas for 30 years, and while that has been slow, that is now coming to a head.

I really hope Hillary is alive (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) in 2020 and tries to run yet again–and gets the nomination. That would be freakin’ AWESOME! I’d love to see Trump kick her corrupt butt one more time. It would be … DELICIOUS!

And watching her and Kamela Harris (Kamel for short) duke it out would cause me to get popcorn and lean back and enjoy the show. It would be a fight to the (political) death. I think I would wet myself out of excitement! Whoever “won” would be seriously damaged for the general–probably mortally wounded. And to have them run (and lose) on a vacuous platform with a warring faction would be a dagger to the heart of the Democrat Party.

I don’t think that will happen, and I am doubtful the Hillary will even be alive for the 2020 elections. Maybe, though. But I don’t think I am that lucky (that she would run and get the nomination). But I would sure love it. It would guarantee another 4 years for Trump, who is also no spring chicken. It would also probably guarantee a first term for Pence.

And once a large swath of people have broken the nasty habit of voting reflexively for the Democrat, what then? Once there was 12 years of a Republican President and the sky didn’t fall, would people stop believing the catastrophic whinging of the Democrats? What if 15% or 20% of Black voters went Republican? Would Democrats even survive as an entity?


Regulations are the opiates of the Leftists.

11 Sep

And they are addicted. It is a sickness.

Self-driving cars are a great example of why gummint regulations are restrictive, coercive,  and superfluous.

NO manufacturer wants to be known as producing inferior or dangerous products. No one wants to create the next Pinto. That is particularly true of a new technology. So there is already a very strong inducement to create a safe product. Ask Volvo. And no gov’t regulations were required! All we needed was a free and fair press (and since we don’t have that, the temptation is to turn to innovation-strangling regulations instead).

In other words, these regulations are at the very least totally superfluous and at worst also stifling of innovation. And even worse, once I am “in,” I have less on the line and so I may cut corners. I really  just want to pull up the ladder behind me. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to lose a license you already have. I mean, what would cause a flower arranger to lose his or her license–and ugly bouquet? How about a hairdresser? A manicurist? A hair braider? Does your barber lose his or her license for doing a bad job of cutting your hair? To be honest, I don’t give a rat’s patoot if my hairdresser is a tax evader–I just care that she cuts my hair well. I don’t care about her drinking or her religion or illegal drug use or even (for me) a little “salty” language. If I like how my hair is done, I come back. It’s that simple.

The regulations sound good on the surface, but even a cursory examination shows that they are a steaming pile of dung. They do NO good, and in fact prevent good from happening. They make things worse, both in terms of performance and in human (and financial) cost.

The idea that but for the regulations we would have rampant unsafe vehicles and bad haircuts is a tired old trope. Like ALL Leftism, it sounds good on the surface but in practice it is a total nightmare, it restricts quality-enhancing competition (as indeed it is designed to do), it does no good at all, and it is quite damaging in general. And then the failures inherent in this system are used to justify even MORE regulations… It’s the perfect crime! <shakes head>

But let’s not forget that these regulations are also restrictive of innovation and competition. Now, most often that is at the behest of entrenched players in the field, and they have the resources to, uh, make lawmakers glad they supported their interests. Very glad…

Understand that the higher the barriers to entry are, the worse the final product is. In fact, virtually ALL regulations do that. It restricts competition. That is the actual goal of regulation (though it is cloaked in naive “public protection” talk). Strip it of this happy talk and it is just a way for those with entrenched interests to restrict entrance to a field, thus making it possible for them to charge more. And that is why those WITH licenses want that system to continue!

Yes, Licensing is EXACTLY the same! It is just a barrier to the hoi polloi, the unwashed masses.  And just as licensing restricts competition and innovation to protect the privileged, so does regulation in general. The gov’t likes it because they get extorted money, but let’s not pretend that the general public is better off—it isn’t. Those already licensed like it because it financially benefits them and they are able to look down their noses and say, “There are THOSE…” Government likes it because it both is a cash cow and it increases their power and dominion.

And that is the hallmark of Leftism–it looks good on the surface but it actually a prettily painted pile of crap. Or, if you are religious, it is a whited sepulcher–it looks tasteful and “art-y”on the outside but inside is full of dead men’s bones and all manner of putrid stuff.

That is the Left in a nutshell.

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The truth is

07 Sep

that reading the Constitution is like reading an old recipe. You have to know what the words meant at the time. Maybe the recipe calls for “two teaspoons” of something, but the actual measure of a teaspoon was quite different then than it is now! Gee, that would be important to know…

This “original understanding” approach is the only one that makes a lick of sense. Now, one can just throw the recipe away and decide that it is no good and you don’t want that, anyway, but if you want to create the dish you MUST hearken back to the original understanding expressed in the recipe.

See, the argument is NOT about whether referring to an original understanding is the only logical way to go. It quite clearly and obviously is. Any fool can see that. No, the question is whether to accept the Constitution as it was written and amended or not. Shall we follow that blueprint or leave it entirely? There really is no middle ground, logically.

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See, I’m not

06 Sep

at all sure that this is a winning platform.

And yet they WILL do it. That is why I strongly suspect that the Left will be gone as we know it in 20 years. Their ideas are old, tired, and disproven. They are getting to be ridiculous.

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Let’s be honest.

29 Aug

The Left is congenitally violent. It is who they are, and who they have been from time immemorial. This is NOT a new conflict. In fact, it is the original one. If you are on the Left, you are getting totally snookered. Open your eyes, for Pete’s sake!

Yeah, Leftism fools the rubes. It talks about caring for the poor and being kind and all that, but it is all a big lie. At heart it is all about force and violence and lack of moral agency. And it fools those with the very best of intentions. In fact, it preys on good intentions. How sad!

Don’t be immoral. Don’t be a Leftist. It’s time to wake up. You think you are being moral, but you’re not. You have been “flipped” in a sort of moral Jiu-Jitsu.

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I keep telling you,

29 Aug

the Left is violent.

Please, don’t be confused. This is who the left IS. It is totally in line with their political philosophy.


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WA times find that 66% of people are

28 Aug

fearful of voicing Conservative opinions. 66%.

Think about that just for a moment. Then think about why I don’t use my real name on his blog. The truth is, I can’t afford financially to “come out of the closet.” It is far too risky. Maybe in America 20 years ago you could speak your mind without fear of reprisal. But today is not that day.

So we get “quiet” Trump voters–those who vote for Trump but who, for safety’s sake, pretend (when they are identifiable) that they are on the Left. No wonder polling was so abysmally wrong last election! I mean, are you going to voice an opinion that is potentially catastrophic to you and your loved ones to a complete stranger? Yeah, I don’t THINK so! They called your phone number–they know where you live…

Be safe. Understand that the core of Leftist philosophy is violence. We are seeing loads of it. And don’t kid yourself, this is NOT just a group of rambunctious kids. THIS is the Left, and you can identify them by both their actions and by the black ISIS-style masks. Disgusting!

It is totally safe to voice Left-leaning opinions in virtually any setting–the Right is not naturally violent. The same is NOT true for the Left. Leftist will “ding” you as much as they can get way with. It is in their genetics. It is congenital. Let me give you just one example:

A guy I used to know at one large workplace was a really hardcore Leftist. Really hardcore. He had a bunch of decorations in his office that showed his position and/or outright mocked the Right. As far as I knew, he was NEVER admonished by the higher-ups. He certainly didn’t ever take those things down in his office and he took every opportunity to tell others about his beliefs.

But there was also one guy who was quite active in Conservative causes. He would very occasionally talk politics with like-minded employees there, but it was discreet. He was found out and counseled about keeping private opinions away from the office and was ultimately (but subtly) forced out. Oh, and there were no mocking photos or cartoons in his office and he was fairly circumspect about politics. But he eventually found a position where his beliefs were not held against him, so he left.

It is often just not safe to be on the Right. Be safe.