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And it really IS

20 Jul

a problem for the Left.

Several of the Lefties I have as friends (and I, in fact, DO have friends, amazingly enough) cite welfare and the milk of human kindness as the reasons they are on the Left. In fact, all of them do. The fact that they have been “flipped” in sort of a moral Jiu-Jitsu is a conversation for another day.

They studiously avoid the characteristics like violence, dishonesty, infanticide, and sexual libertine-ism that are SO prominent on the Left. They don’t want to talk about fiscal issues, either. Tax issue are fraught with moral problems.

But they think that because their hearts are in the right place, they are immune from the other and very real moral criticisms. But it is important to recognize that their hearts are indeed in the right place, however misguided on the whole they may be. Let’s respect that.

Now, it is a damned lie that Conservatives don’t care about such things, but that is, in fact, the narrative that the MSM an other cultural authorities prattle on about. These sources tell people over and over that Conservatives are the embodiment of Scrooge McDuck. It is true that my Lefty friends are being snookered, but we also need to recognize that their good intentions are being turned against them–they are in many ways the victim, here.

See, the Left really DOES have a “hamburger problem.” It’s hard to be just a little coercive. It’s hard to be just a little intrusive. It’s hard to shoot someone in the head just a little. So the things that (rightly) attract many Leftists lead to some pretty dang unpalatable things. The logical ultimate destination is a real problem, but the first step certainly isn’t! Yeah, Leftism turns good into evil…

In times past the Left was 90% good, and decent people could ignore the 10% bad. They could dismiss that as an outlier. That was then. But now it’s more like 80% bad and 20% good, and it’s far harder to really associate with the Left and remain moral. It is still possible–just barely, but you now have to squint really hard to avoid seeing the immorality.


I think this is

11 Jul

an important point:

Right now, Democrats and their mindless myrmidons are 100% whining and kvetching and 0% proposing good or even workable ideas. They offer invective and pouting (with a souçon of violence), but certainly no solutions or even roadmaps. “Résistance” in this case is not a governing philosophy or even competing in the marketplace of ideas. It is merely the refuge of the incompetent. It is the wailing of the damned. It is just the death-throe convulsions of whiner-babies. It is a rattlesnake that is dead but one that can still reflexively inject venom.They can tear down, but they have no idea of how to build.

The truth is they got nothin‘!

So, I call. Quit wasting my time! Put your cards on the table and let’s see whatcha got! You better hope/wish that it is/were better than a pair of threes with eight high! I call. Now. Read ’em–and weep!


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The Left is

11 Jul

indeed philosophically dead, It has absolutely nothing to offer from a logical or reasonable perspective. Anything good it offers–like compassion and help for the less fortunate–is offered in spades by the Right. That’s why there is such a Lefty frantic effort to portray Republicans as “Scrooge McDuck.”

But let’s not be fooled–the Left is mortally wounded but still dangerous. It can still kill. The head of the rattler has indeed been cut off, but be careful because it can still inject venom. So don’t get too close.

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We need to

10 Jul

understand what Gramsican damage is. Professor Reynolds is big on talking about this concept.

The article is WELL worth reading (the formatting makes it look far longer than it actually is).

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I think it is very important

06 Jul

to understand that real news, as opposed to fake news, is a fundamentally conservative thing.

Look at the former USSR. They airbrushed out of photos for schoolchildren people that were once there but had fallen from grace. They changed the ship’s name where the WWII treaty was signed to a Russian name. In North Korea there is a whole school of economic “thought” that is mere slavish devotion to the Kim regime.

Harry Potter in literature pitted Conservative Truth against Leftist lies. From the government to Professor Umbridge, we see that theme over and over. Truth is naturally Conservative while Leftism is lies and force and is not constrained at all by the actual Truth (see Rufus Scrimgeour). In three out of three cases the Lefty politician (the author is herself very hard Left) is a liar and utterly ruthless manipulator. See, even in the fictional story they are liars! That is a core characteristic of the Left. That’s why is it so totally unrealistic that according to Rowling, Harry ends up as a mindless government  apparatchik–just what he hated and actively fought against, exactly what his mentor (Dumbledore) refused to do. Yeah, right. Puh-leezz! That horrible ending still rankles…

Let’s just pretend that last book never happened, OK? It’s better that way…

In the U.S., Leftists make sure that we refer to abortion as a “choice” rather than “infanticide.” Abortionists are “Women’s Health Providers” rather than “craven butchers and murderers.” See, appearance matters, as do the terms we use.

Conservatives can lie. Sure, but it is an aberration, a departure from the core philosophy. Leftism demands that outcome is the core of the philosophy, and whatever you do to get there is fine. A lie for a “noble” purpose (Leftism) is good.

To tell the truth is to be on the Right. In that system, we get the truth, warts and all. But Leftism simply cannot handle the truth. To acknowledge even the slightest wart is to discredit the whole kit and caboodle. It has to sugar-coat itself and talk about unicorns and fairies. And tell us to ignore that iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove that we occasionally glimpse behind the curtain…

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I thought it was

06 Jul

impossible for me to disdain CNN even more than I did.

I was wrong.

CNN is openly blackmailing this guy, saying that if he steps out of line they will “out” him. And they are doing this because they are almost unbelievably thin-skinned. Despicable.

Again we see the iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove with cute little smiley faces on it. THIS is the violent coercion of the Left.

I hope the victim files charges of blackmail, and sues CNN for HUGE civil damages. This guy has truly hit the financial jackpot. I bet it would be worth five million bucks to CNN to be out of the spotlight on this. I mean, this is blackmail pure and simple. There should be criminal charges, as well.


But Trump is killing them! In snarky social media fights, they are the young students and he is the grand master.

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It truly is

05 Jul

the Left’s worst nightmare. The Left is desperately hoping that the President will fail and that our nation is both impoverished and beaten down by others. Now what do you call that, again?

The Left desperately hopes for all that is bad for the U.S. They truly need it in order for them to survive as a political entity–and they have no problem with having bad things happen to the U.S. if they personally benefit from it. Trump doing well would be a total catastrophe for them. There are three words that they characterologically just cannot say: “I was wrong.”

That is the main and overriding reason for all the irrational Trump hate these last nine months. It’s not just that they wanted someone else–yeah, I did, too. It is that this is a threat to their very existence. If they are proven wrong now, how will they ever be proven right? Upon what grounds do I trust them if at this point they are found to be laughably wrong? They go the way of the Whigs. This is an existential crisis for the Left.

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Understand well,

04 Jul

Trumpism is NOT nostalgia. It is NOT a longing for an idyllic past, for a return to the Garden of Eden. It is NOT an effort to restore something.  In other words, it is NOT Conservatism. It is NOT meant to conserve or bring back something. It is an aggressive revolt against the perceived unfair status quo. It is an attack on those who have benefitted from what is seen as an unfair and “rigged” system. It is anger at a broken and exploitive arrangement.

See, Ronald Reagan was more the core ideological Conservative. And he spent years honing that. Now practically there may be little difference, and Trump’s choices have been extraordinarily good. But there is a big philosophical one.

So, true to who Donald Trump is, his election was NOT a return to Conservatism. This was a revolt. And that is why it is so subversive, especially to the Left (but to the Right, as well). His history is certainly NOT Conservative–not even close. Now Pence is more classically Conservative. But not Trump.

Trump was elected because he WAS subversive and iconoclastic. So his policies will not always be Conservative–that is not the heart of his governing philosophy. He leans that way, yes–of course. But that is purely on a practical basis. Any fool who looks at the facts of life is conservative. That’s why all great literature is inherently conservative. Look at Firefly and Harry Potter! See, the political philosophy behind Trump is NOT Conservativism per se. It is conservative in practice because it is based in reality, but don’t be fooled, the philosophy behind it is not Conservatism.

So now the challenge is to hang a little philosophical Conservative meat on those bones, assuming that is even possible (and I’m not at all sure it is). SCOTUS is a really great example that this is at least partially happening, but while Conservatives may like the policies (and I do), they are not, at heart, actually Conservative. They only look Conservative from a rather shallow perspective. Trump, like Mitt Romney, speaks Conservative, but with an accent–it’s a second language. Romney was always a foreigner to Conservatism. For Trump, that horse was never actually in the race and he never even tried to be Conservative.  Only the decisions are good.

See, I don’t know what Trump is. I know that he was a FAAAR better choice than Hillary, and that he is not a stupid, raging Leftist. I know that in practical terms virtually all of his picks have been good to great. I really don’t know much else about him.

But I’ll take that. And be pleased as punch about it. It is not where I live, but I will  certainly take it. Gladly.


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Yeah, this is a

28 Jun


These guys are just fools. Any moron with even room-temperature IQ knows that when you raise the cost of something you get less of it. DUH!

I mean, how could you NOT get that?

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ALL good literature

27 Jun

is at heart Conservative. Think about it, from Harry Potter to The Lord Of The Rings, good stories are Conservative. Name a single epic novel/series that has a Leftist bent. I mean, there are scads of Leftist books out there, but name a single one that is of the stature or cultural relevance of either of those two. How about one that is even close?

See, life is inherently Conservative. Conservative themes are in great literature because they are realistic. They are believable. Leftist themes are virtually always didactic, and are more of a nattering sermon than an engrossing story.

We clearly see that in J.K. Rowling’s sucky epilogue in Harry Potter. The books were quite good when Rowling stayed true to the Conservative themes of her characters, but at the end she was horrified that the books embodied a Conservative theme when she herself was on the hard Left. So she bastardized the series in order to indulge her own Leftism. Let’s just pretend that the last book was never written…

Say it with me: “ALL good literature is Conservative.”