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I think it is

14 Jan

quite clear that Liberalism/Leftism needs to change.

But I don’t think it will. Like the alcoholic who still has a job and family and driver’s license, Leftism hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. But it looks like it will. The 2016 elections were an infuriating pinprick to the Left, but there is still almost universal denial about the need to change. But that will change.


if you are

11 Jan

an employee of one of these companies, you have to be ecstatic that Trump pummeled Hillary in the 2016 general.

And if you are wise, you will vote Republicans in and Democrats out in 2018. Go vote. And bring a friend.

Democrats are NOT your friend, pal! They want to see you a poor, unarmed, dead-from-crime mendicant. DO NOT be so unwise as to stop the Trump Train! Do not be a fool.


I think that

07 Jan

it is unarguably true: We have a great experiment, here. Leftism and Conservatism cannot logically both be “true.” And never before have we had such a head-to-head comparison. THAT is why the Left is panicked and will do anything to bring Trump down.

Yes, the masses think this is just about style and manners, but the actual kingpins know that this is an existential struggle. If Trump prevails, the Left no longer can even pretend that they have a viable governing philosophy. If tax cuts lead to an improved economy, if staunch steel-in-the-spine negotiations lead to demonstrably better foreign policy and outcomes, what on earth will the Left say?

THAT is what the Mueller dog-and-pony show is all about. If it were about justice, Hillary and Huma would be in prison! No, it’s not at all about justice, it is totally about saving face and saving Leftism.

Make sure that you remember this come November! And bring a friend to vote. Don’t let the bastards win…

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Lefty “logic”

07 Jan

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Huh. How about equal justice under the law?

06 Jan

Weaver, Koresh, and Bundy are NOT sympathetic characters—far from it. And yet the government framed them and outright lied about them committing crimes in order to try and convict them and put them in jail (or kill them outright).

Yes, for some, government disapproval meant death. All the more reason to be VERY worried. These guys were jerks, but were also fundamentally innocent. And yet YOUR government treated them totally unfairly. And killed some of them. No wonder Bundy responded with armed resistance–those who didn’t protect themselves were killed by the gov’t! Take a hard look at the pattern…

And what does that say about any investigation of Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? The Las Vegas shooter? If the authorities are known to lie in order to absolve those they like and punish those they don’t, what then?

It raises real questions about whether there is equal protection under the law. Will I be charged if I have “unapproved” beliefs? And just who gets to decide what is “approved” and what is not? I mean, maybe I am “crazy” and believe strongly in the Easter Bunny AND the Tooth Fairy. Is that reason enough to kill me? Send me to a “re-education” camp? I’m just crazy, after all! And what if I believe in God and actually practice my religion? And what if I am Conservative and believe in the Laffer curve? Just where is the line?

The fact that these folks are so unsympathetic should make us MORE worried, not less. Because if they are not protected, just who is (besides Hillary, natch)? Do I need to be one of the “privileged class” in order to speak my mind with impunity?

The old USSR was famous for editing out folks whose views were no longer useful or sympathetic to the government. Is the “editing out” in the Lefty U.S. by bullet? Is it the gulag? Is this merely name-calling and character assassination, or does it go much, much deeper?

Don’t kid yourself, THIS is what Leftism is all about. Rise up and get rid of it! Remember this in 2018…

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You don’t think

06 Jan

things are better with Trump? You fool. You absolute and complete fool.

Don’t be a moron! This is BECAUSE of Trump and his policies. I know it is fashionable among the soi-disant “smart set” to say that Presidents (and especially this one) have nothing to do with economic booms. Uh, no. Don’t be a willful naif or a mindless partisan. Yeah, accident. Riiiiight.

Only a total moron doesn’t realize that the eight years of stagnation under Obama and the one year of boom under Trump are a pretty direct result of their political philosophies. It really is quite clear, and one has to be a total idiot not to get it.

Don’t kid yourself–political philosophies are of crucial importance. They override mere stylistic preferences.

Remember THAT come November.


I think this is

05 Jan

incontrovertibly true. The Left is not about freedom or human dignity now–it is merely about venting one’s spleen. It is ONLY about irrational Trump hatred. I think the MSM’s utterly pathetic covering of the Iran situation makes this conclusion unavoidable.

See, the modern Left is no longer mainly about freedom or well-being. It is not about policy. It is almost completely about spite and bile. It is about getting in a foaming-at-the-mouth rage because they didn’t get the shiny bauble they wanted and Trump won. It also shows that the people overwhelmingly rejected their Leftist coercion and that is a severe narcissistic insult to them (yes, big cities voted for she-who-shall-not-be-named, but normal people sure didn’t!). It is a personality disorder. It is psychopathology, pure and simple.

So the loony Left have spent time, effort, and money in the hopes of making this all go away. They are in the “bargaining” stage of grief, though anger is still immensely prevalent. It’s actually a combination of “Anger” and “Bargaining.” They would much prefer Felonia von Pantsuit to Trump. They prefer the economic misery of Obama to the economic boom of Trump. The fact that most people are much better off makes no never-mind to them. The Left, in short, have become immoral.

Honestly, I’m not sure how one can be both a modern Leftist and remain moral. You could 30 years ago, but I’m not at all sure that is the case now. In fact, I don’t think it is.

That leads us to the 2018 elections. We need to understand that this is a moral issue. The important thing is for moral people to get out and vote in overwhelming numbers in 2018. It is time for all good people to come to the aid of their country! Run through the tape, not to the tape.

Don’t be immoral. Don’t be a Lefty.

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I TOTALLY agree:

02 Jan

It’s time to pull the plug on Never-Trumpism.

It’s over, OK?  The fat lady sang long ago and is now home in her PJs and in bed. After a nightcap. Trump has done very well for Conservatives (far better than I ever dreamed of), and now it’s time for you Never-Trumpers to get over it. Kwitcher whining and man up to reality! We want your talents, so join us. Be part of us. Come, brother.

You may not like Trump’s style, but you can’t complain one bit about his substance. Not if you are at all Conservative, anyway.

In fact, here would be my message to the Evan McMuffin and Bill Krystal crowd: Get over it. Stop tantruming and kicking the floor and screaming at the sky and instead deal with reality. Trump is President and he is doing a great job. Deal with it. You didn’t like him. You still don’t. Deal with it. You would have preferred a horribly corrupt felon who would mostly maintain the status quo, but most people didn’t. Deal with it. But Trump is doing a very good job.

It’s over, pal.



31 Dec

It’s been cold.

(Thanks, Powerline)

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I think

25 Dec

this is incontrovertibly true:

The Democrats hate the Trump tax cuts not because they believe they won’t work, but because they’re afraid they will — that they’ll create so many jobs, add so much productivity and make the whole country so much richer that government receipts go up despite the lower tax rates. As that happens, the poor will become richer, but so will the rich. And to the Democrats of today, it isn’t “fair” for the poor to be better off unless the rich are brought down.

But I think there is another issue, in addition (and maybe the primary one): If tax cuts really help, Democrats are totally discredited. They are well and truly hosed. Their boyfriend Obama would be categorically shown to be a MAJOR loser who chose the misery of us regular people over seeing his outdated and shabby political philosophy publicly discredited. They can’t afford to have Trump succeed. Better (for them) for us to be miserable than to have Leftism discredited.

That’s why it is so imperative for Leftists to scuttle Trump’s fiscal policies–those policies, if fully implemented–would absolutely crush Leftism. So not only do they oppose all tax cuts and anything that might improve the lot of normal people just on general principle, not only do they attack Trump, but they facilitate Mueller and actively try to have Mueller get rid of him.

They just can’t afford to have Trump succeed. THAT would utterly discredit them.

And THAT is what you need to remember when you go to vote next fall. Democrats are NOT patriots, they do NOT want what is best for the country. Vote accordingly. Let’s get rid of these wrong-headed, rigid ideologues! They will masquerade as “reasonable,” but don’t be fooled again!