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A couple of

20 Mar

great ones from Powerline’s “The Week in Pictures:”



Yes there

16 Mar

is optimism in the air. And for good reason.

The question I have is why the doofy Left wants to kill such optimism! Are they freakin’ nuts? They do all they can to damage Trump and any Conservative policy. Why on earth?

Look, people are far more optimistic than they have been for the last decade or so. The economy has been going gangbusters (so much so that Yellen is raising the interest rate). Businesses have started to move out of the defensive crouch that Obama and his crappy economy caused. Things are just much better all around.

So why would Democrats want to undo all this? There is ONLY 1 reason: They would prefer that we all suffer in order for their cherished beliefs to go unchallenged. They simply can’t afford for Conservatism to work–it would totally discredit them. So they must strangle it in its cradle.

In short, they don’t have the best interests of the country as the ultimate priority. No, their political/religious beliefs and their overweening narcisism take precedence. I’m not saying they don’t care at all about the country, at least in the abstract, I’m saying it is not primary for them. When faced with the choice between Leftism and the country, they choose Leftism. Just so you know where they stand…

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Yeah, the level of whining

13 Mar

by the Left is just cosmic. Huge. It is the death throes of a poisonous serpent. It is indeed dangerous and can still kill, but the game is up and the ultimate outcome is set. The snake appears to be mortally wounded. It may indeed come back, however. And even if it dies, what takes its place may be even worse. A cockatrice may come out of the Asp’s den…

It is poetic justice that Trump is making the economy go like gangbusters. Oh, and did I mention that the stock market is at historic highs? Interest rates are going up, which means that elderly people who need that passive income will do better. Yeah, things are looking up because we have a rational Presidency and government. As I have repeatedly said, the long night of the Lefty Orc is finally drawing to an end and we are seeing the first lights in the East breaking forth.

I guess this just makes me all the madder. It didn’t have to be this way. Obama followed policies that damaged us out of a hidebound and slavish adherence to Lefty political philosophy (next time you hear someone say that philosophy doesn’t matter, know that they are a braying donkey). There was no intellect involved.

The bottom line is that things could have been far better for me. Things could have been better for virtually everyone. This was madness. The madness of King Obama. It is a great reason to NEVER vote for a Leftist! Never.

And it is not just the damage that we all experienced, it is the lost improvement that we could have had if Obama had been rational (what economists call “opportunity cost”). Wow, that is aggravating!

Things could have been better. Obama was absolutely NOT suffering, but I certainly was! Yet he was willing to have you and me suffer so he could adhere to his old and tired Lefty policies. All the while he was golfing for free and taking expensive vacations and his wife was milking all she could. He was an exploitive king.

What a jerk! What a selfish bum! He knew his policies were causing misery yet he kept them up. He deliberately made Obamacare as painful as possible to remove–never mind that we were all suffering and will continue to suffer. And don’t be fooled, Obamacare will be painful and difficult to get rid of. It was designed that way from the start. It is a barbed hook.

And to make it worse, the Lefty Pols are even now resisting Trump and good economic sense! Still! We need to get rid of these bums–they don’t know Jack crap and are ONLY trying to feather their own beds. They are already set for a difficult election in the mid-terms. I think we ought to make it as painful for them as Obamacare is for us.

Throw the Lefty bums out!

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It is true.

07 Mar

The Left just can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas. So they make up cock-and-bull stories to try and buttress their totally indefensible positions. But the truth is that Leftism is logically and morally indefensible. THAT is the problem.

Leftists should be totally embarrassed about how logically and morally weak their schtick is. And it boggles the mind that so many are snookered by this ruse.

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Why does the Left

05 Mar

think that stifling free speech with violence is OK?

It’s almost as if violence is intrinsically bound up with the philosophy of Leftism itself! Oh yeah, it is

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A well

05 Mar

thought-out argument.

As someone who spent his (mis-spent) youth in the Punker scene (it was a curious thing to hear “The Stepmothers” or “Suicidal Tendencies” blasting from my pick-up truck with a full gun rack in the back window and a shotgun in the seat cover–I might want to stop and shoot pheasants on the way home), I can tell you that there is indeed something very familiar to the Trump phenomenon. This is a revolt against the conventional. And Hillary Clinton was insufferably conventional. As well as appallingly criminal.

Just like I wouldn’t have been caught dead listening to Top 40 stuff (and Disco was an utter abomination), people didn’t want to be caught dead voting for Hillary. And for the same reasons.



02 Mar

pretty much.

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It is QUITE clear

27 Feb

that once one sets the economy free from regulation and other Lefty controls, it grows like gangbusters and people’s lives are blessed. We have repeatedly seen that over the last century or so. I sure hope we see it again, and Trump gives me hope.

I mean, name one recent area where there has been less regulatory control.

The Internet.

And as a result, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Naturally, now the Leftists want a regulatory scheme (the so-called ‘net neutrality crapola) that impedes its growth and effectiveness through stifling and onerous regulation and taxation. Do you think that if people actually wanted what ‘net neutrality gives that there would not be companies willing to provide it? If it is a winner it will come forth no matter what. There is no way to stop it. If it is a loser, it will (eventually) lose no matter what–you would have to use force to MAKE people accept it, and that would work, but only temporarily. Well, that force is the foundational tenet of the Left. The Left can’t afford to have you exercise your freedom of choice. Leftism only works if there is force. Freedom or moral agency in any form is anathema to Leftism in any form.

So the Left covers their schemes in rainbows and unicorns and pie-in-the-sky, but that is just a sales pitch meant to anesthetize the masses so they don’t resist the knife. There may indeed be a beatifully embroidered velvet glove that you see, but it is covering an iron fist. It is a whited sepulcher. The art work on the outside may indeed look pretty, but inside it is full of dead men’s bones and the Cambodian killing fields and the National Sociatist Jew ovens and Venezuelan starvation and all manner of putrescence. Don’t be fooled. Don’t let your good intentions pave the way to Hell on earth.

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If you are a Democrat,

22 Feb

you just protest. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t have to be logical or wise, it just has to be aggrieved. Leftism today is all about the whining.

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Look, I understand

20 Feb

that Democrats rear like a spooked horse at the idea of working with Donald Trump, but most people expect them to do at least the minimal amount of cooperation with him. They should take their own advice and do their jobs! Yes, vote against what you think is bad, but just stop whining! The people have spoken.

The Democrat response reminds of the apocryphal quip from an incumbent who lost an election: “The people have spoken, the bastards!”

Well, the Left got the second part of that phrase, anyway. Maybe it’s too much to hope that they will eventually get the first part…

My response to Lefty tantrums is unasailable: SCOREBOARD!

Subterfuge and deceit are a BIG part of Leftism. If they revealed their actual plans and desires, it would be totally unpalatable to most people. They depend on making things seem what they are not.

For example, abortion is not about killing and dismembering a human being, it is about “choice.” See, brutal human dissection in the name of convenience won’t really have much appeal to most people. So the canard of “choice” is deployed instead, since that is far more acceptable to most people. But it is rhetorical slight of hand–it is meant to trick you.

When a philosophy has to pretend that it is something it isn’t, that should be a HUGE red flag to you.