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Yet another

22 Nov

one down. He says he will be back in six months, but I find that very unlikely. If he could return in six months, he wouldn’t be being forced to leave now.

Folks, this is just starting. I really don’t know where it will end.

Again, I’m sure that a Conservative will eventually be justly accused. But have you noticed that it has not happened yet? Part of that is because there are just so few Conservatives in that line of work. It’s very far from a 50/50 sample. But it’s also true that coercion and moral turpitude are endemic to Leftism itself. This immorality is part and parcel of all Leftism.

When those on the Right are caught doing bad things, they are roundly and publicly denounced by… the Right. When Leftists are culpable, the Left tries desperately to hide the football. Be very careful about what side you pull for. There are moral implications.



13 Nov

pretty much.

Hat tip: Powerlineblog.

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Yes, I am disappointed

10 Nov

about the VA election. Still, I don’t see how this is a repudiation of Trump. It isn’t. Gillespie was NOT a Trumpian and was closely aligned with the Bush family. The fact that he lost is indeed disappointing, but it is far from a repudiation of Trumpism. Far. It is far more a repudiation of RINO squish-ism.

So Leftists don’t need to get too carried away. Yes, they won a battle. But there is a broader conflict, here.


Professor Reynolds

07 Nov

reminds us:

REMINDER: There Have Been More Attempted Mass Shootings by Bernie Sanders Campaign Volunteers Than There Have Been by Members of the NRA.

Yeah, remember that next time you are tempted to spout gun-control nonsense or the utter foolishness about how kind and gentle Leftists are. Utter poppycock. Leftism is immoral, plain and simple. They will happily put a bullet in your head if they think maybe you disagree with them. Ask Che Guevara.

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07 Nov

Just wow.

THESE are the actions of the peaceful Left…

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And yet

07 Nov

we keep swallowing the MSM lies.


Is it just a hide-bound adherence to the traditions of our fathers (many of which are not correct)? Is it a Pollyanna-ish refusal to take a hard look at the facts? Is it a psychopathological narcissistic defensiveness?

Honestly, I don’t know. But it’s one of those three–or more likely some combination of those three.

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Yes, it was written

07 Nov

about a year ago, but it is still really worth reading.

This is stuff the Left really needs to understand if they want to be a force in the future. In order to succeed, they need to stop whinging and take a hard look at themselves.

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This page

06 Nov

has a link to the whole article. And you should read it.

Basically, the article says the the 1960s liberalism built on white guilt is dead. Trump helped kill it, though he is by far not the cause of of the movement. He is just the current manifestation of it.

But it is totally true the Leftism as a political philosophy is old and weak. It really can’t stand up to to vigorous and strong modern Conservatism. And in the vast majority of cases it doesn’t even try.

There is some holdover from the tradition-bound entrenched voters–these are the same people who say, “I was born Catholic and I will die Catholic!” But it is based on a hide-bound and rigid adherence to tradition, not on rational argument. Leftism just can’t overcome rational argument. So they have to resort to name-calling and rather mindless social shaming. They make themselves feel better (and gain adherents from weak-minded fools) by pretending that Leftists care more for the poor and needy than Conservatives. But that simply isn’t true. It is just a ruse.

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Why we have Trump

24 Oct

Trump is a product of the left.  What do I mean?  Let me explain.

Conservatives had Bush as president.  He was a really decent guy.  He was way too far on the left for my tastes (at least in certain important areas), but he was a very decent guy. Result: the left labeled him as Hitler. They lied about him. They openly disdained him and called him names. He was chronically and constantly belittled by the mainstream media. Fools in the populace lapped it up. Like moths to a flame, they went toward it and then sucked it up. (1 strike)

Conservatives then nominated a guy who was quite far Left (McCain).  Real Conservatives did not like him (for obvious reasons), but the press had treated him with reverence for years and we thought they would be nice to us if he were our standard-bearer. We were wrong. The left totally turned on him and said he was Hitler. (2 strikes)

The next time, Republicans figured they would nominate someone who is in fact relatively far on the Left and was the former governor from a hard left state (Romney). Real Conservatives didn’t love him, but at least he was far better than McCain (and Obama).

The left said Romney was (wait for it, wait for it!) Hitler. Strike 3. We have the trifecta of asininity. Romney was in fact a Boy Scout, one of the most thoroughly moral and decent people who has ever run for president. Ever. Sterling character. Stunningly competent. And the spittle-lipped Left called him Hitler and said he was an evil Scrooge McDuck who cackled as he cruelly tied a dog with diarrhea in a crate to the roof of his car and then gave a woman cancer as a sort of nightcap. He apparently shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Wow.

Once is an accident.  Twice is a coincidence.  3 times is enemy action. These are the immortal words of Auric Goldfinger. In the last three elections, the Left has clearly demonstrated just who they are.

So this time, the conservative people were not about to play the Left’s silly game of “Kick the Republican” yet again (though talking heads like Bill Krystal were). They nominated the guy they thought would punch the hardest. That was the overriding issue. They thought he would lose, but draw blood on the way down. Turns out he both won and drew blood.

As Abraham Lincoln said of Ulysses Grant (his general with significant problems), “He fights.” Like Grant, Trump had some glaring faults, but, like Grant, “He fights.” So he won the nomination, rather decisively. And against some very good competition. Then he crushed Hillary in the general election. Yeah, “He fights.”

We knew they would call Donald Trump Hitler anyway.  THAT was for sure going to happen. DUH! And of course they did (and keep doing it). It does no good to try and appease the Left. That is the take-home message. Have no mercy, because the Democrats sure won’t! As the song says, “Arm yourself because no one else here will save you.” You know what they are, so don’t pick them up… That appears to be a lesson that is beyond John McCain’s psychological willingness to understand.

The truth is, the Left is totally responsible for Trump. They created him because they chronically acted in bad faith. They are Lucy and the football.  Well, we have finally come to the understanding that they are going to jerk the ball away no matter what you do. So stop trusting them. So you get the hardest puncher you can. You don’t kick the ball, you kick Lucy! Yes, the Left is responsible for Trump. Totally.


I think it’s pretty clear

02 Oct

that times are changing.

I don’t think we should  think that the game is over, but there are two minutes left and the Republicans are up by a TD and a field goal. It is certainly possible to lose (as Glenn Reynolds, who loves to quote Han Solo, says: “Don’t get cocky, kid!”) but it is no longer likely. Yes, possible. Possible, but not overly likely.

Still, it takes constant vigilance. The battle is far from over. It also almost for sure means that we not only have to defeat the Democrats, but we have to defeat the RINO “swamp dwellers,” too. RINOs like McCain have hosed us over and gone directly against the will of the people. Out.

If you’re not on board, get the heck out. And I don’t care WHO you are. We saw Luther Strange be endorsed by Donald Trump himself, only to lose badly. Folks were loyal to the undergirding philosophy, not to Trump himself. We need to understand that this is about ideas, not a cult of personality. We can call this the “Trump train,” but it really isn’t Trump’s train. He is just the elected leader of the movement at the moment. The bedrock is the underlying philosophy.

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