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I find it fascinating.

21 Dec

Jonah Goldberg (whom I value very much) has been as reflexively anti-Trump as almost anyone. But now he seems to softening his stance just a little bit. Good. He should. His previous stance has been irrational, and that is not at all like him.

I think many of us came to grips with the reality of the situation far earlier than others. But reality is what it is. It’s just hard for the “Never-Trumpers” to climb down from their high horses and admit that they were wrong. It’s a lack of humility.

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Why are Lefties

19 Dec

such sexual abuse enablersI mean, I don’t get it. Is either perpetrating or enabling sexual abuse part and parcel of the Left? I guess that they fight against moral agency, so coercion is de rigueur for them. Sexual abuse is only different in form.

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So here, for you “deep state” deniers,

15 Dec

is an example of Tump-hating misbehavior. Yes, it is a loony Left pile crap, but the spittle-lipped Left, though indeed unhinged, is indeed dangerous.

Don’t be fooled, they are a real threat. This is no longer just a relatively unsubstantial preference (like it was 30 years ago). There is no more just politics. One will soon be forced to make a stand, to declare where one is. I know not what path others may choose, but as for me, give me liberty or… (to steal from Patrick Henry).


This kind of

11 Dec

stuff tells us the truth about the world.

Here’s what I don’t get: It makes zero sense for American Jews to vote Democrat. The Left is NOT your friend, American Jews! I know that it is tradition to vote Democrat, but times have really changed…

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It’s really sad,

08 Dec

but true.

The problems is that this kind of crap totally undermines the United States and it precludes justice. For example, Americans virtually always pay taxes as expected. There just would be no way to deal with even a small minority percentage of scofflaws. There simply aren’t enough agents.

I mean, let’s say that there are 300 million taxpayers. Let’s say that you only had a 1% fraud rate. Could you prosecute 3 million people? And what if they mounted a defense? And what if it were 3%? It very quickly becomes totally impossible. Even now they only prosecute “big fish” and relatively easy cases. That’s why they make businesses legally responsible for collecting their employee’s taxes (they are easier to squeeze, for several reasons), though that is a subject for another day…

But that compliance rests upon an assumption of fairness and the law being applied fairly and equally. That’s why “nobility” is such deadly poison to U.S. society. Once people start saying. “Well, the law wasn’t applied to Hillary, so why should it apply to me?” we are hosed. Because, what is the answer to that question? Huh? Any fool knows she did the crimes, so why would she be exempt? Because she is Nobility?

Equal protection and application of the law: It’s not just a nice idea, it is the stabilizer of our society. Hillary getting off scot-free for her crimes is not merely unfair, it is destabilizing to our country. This strikes at the very heart of our social fabric.

Crowds didn’t chant, “Lock her up!” for no reason. They did it because she is guilty as Hell and this “nobility” crap totally undermines what we are all about.

And same with Mueller. If he is widely seen as having no respect for the law and the limits imposed by both the law and good sense/fairness, how will he enforce is rulings? Him going off the rails not only affects him. It totally affects the rest of us.

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The Trump haters (“Haters,” for short)

08 Dec

are playing a very dangerous game. THIS is how you destroy the country. De-legitimize the Constitutional “rules” we all play be and we devolve into a might-makes-right society. We devolve into a society ruled by the Samurai with “kill-and-depart” ethics. We can indeed disagree, but unlawful resistance is really devastating. Totally devastating. Otherwise you have to have a strongman (like Putin) at the top to hold things together by force. And those millstones grind exceedingly fine…

And lots of folks on the Right are talking about things like a “divorce” among states. They are “Preppers” and moving to Montana and building retreats. They are mad as Hell, and we get a glimpse of that in the writings of Kurt Schlicter and other cultural barometers. And they are getting far more common. I mean, if I had said, “Prepper” 10 years ago you would not have known what I meant. But now you do. THAT alone should tell you something! It is getting widespread.

Please understand that these snowflake tantrums are cumulatively damaging. THAT is why you are seeing Conservative push-back. THAT is why you are seeing “Preppers.” Once those snowflake tantrums become culturally acceptable, what then? If I don’t feel that a speed limit is right for ME, why should I bow to enforcement authorities? I mean, it’s easy to mock these whiney snowflakes, but we don’t want to miss the HUGE threat that they actually are to our society. They are indeed an existential threat, and the mindless and doting and supine parents have pretty much caused this. This is a result of what I call PPP–Piss-Poor Parenting. But be that as it may, this was very predictable. This is the legacy of the 60s! Uh, they were NOT the greatest generation…

Like ALL Leftism/coercion, it sounds good on the surface. It fools those of good intent (and it fools MANY, some of whom you wouldn’t expect to be fooled). But the end result is still damnation.

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Aaaaaand another one

08 Dec


Do I need to mention that this is yet another Democrat? Sheesh, what’s with these guys?

Oh yeah, force and coercion are the fundamental footings for ALL Leftism. I am moral, therefore I am not a Leftist. OK, that clears it up.

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03 Dec

tend to progress.

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27 Nov

a list of men accused of sexual abuse in the pervnado of 2017.

But notice that not a single one is Conservative. THAT is no accident. Far from it. The Left at least tacitly condones sexual abuse. It is an abuse of power, and Leftism is based on the exertion of power and the concomitant destruction of moral agency. That’s what Leftism is. From NAZIs to Pol Pot to Stalin to Hillary Clinton, ALL Leftism has been about force and an abrogation of moral agency.

So it is certainly not at all a shock to see Leftists act in this way. This is totally in accord with the foundations of Leftism itself!

Understand that choosing between Left and Right is NOT a morally neutral choice. It is NOT just choosing between green and yellow. No, this choice is fraught with moral implications.

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Times are indeed

26 Nov

different now.

The issue is the Conservatives think it is important for us all to become responsible adults. Leftists want you to be an infantilized beggar.

Understand that this is the point of Leftism. Infantilized people are easier to control, and Leftism is all about control (which is why they fight against moral agency).