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Yeah, it’s

21 Sep

hilarious. Sorry about the vulgar language in the video…

But “Trigglypuff” is simultaneously disgusting and laughable. But let’s not be confused–this is despotism. And there is a very real whiff of violence in the air.

This is NOT the way you want to be.

But Ace is right. The Left has finally let the mask slip, and we see what they really are.


Regulations are the opiates of the Leftists.

11 Sep

And they are addicted. It is a sickness.

Self-driving cars are a great example of why gummint regulations are restrictive, coercive,  and superfluous.

NO manufacturer wants to be known as producing inferior or dangerous products. No one wants to create the next Pinto. That is particularly true of a new technology. So there is already a very strong inducement to create a safe product. Ask Volvo. And no gov’t regulations were required! All we needed was a free and fair press (and since we don’t have that, the temptation is to turn to innovation-strangling regulations instead).

In other words, these regulations are at the very least totally superfluous and at worst also stifling of innovation. And even worse, once I am “in,” I have less on the line and so I may cut corners. I really  just want to pull up the ladder behind me. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to lose a license you already have. I mean, what would cause a flower arranger to lose his or her license–and ugly bouquet? How about a hairdresser? A manicurist? A hair braider? Does your barber lose his or her license for doing a bad job of cutting your hair? To be honest, I don’t give a rat’s patoot if my hairdresser is a tax evader–I just care that she cuts my hair well. I don’t care about her drinking or her religion or illegal drug use or even (for me) a little “salty” language. If I like how my hair is done, I come back. It’s that simple.

The regulations sound good on the surface, but even a cursory examination shows that they are a steaming pile of dung. They do NO good, and in fact prevent good from happening. They make things worse, both in terms of performance and in human (and financial) cost.

The idea that but for the regulations we would have rampant unsafe vehicles and bad haircuts is a tired old trope. Like ALL Leftism, it sounds good on the surface but in practice it is a total nightmare, it restricts quality-enhancing competition (as indeed it is designed to do), it does no good at all, and it is quite damaging in general. And then the failures inherent in this system are used to justify even MORE regulations… It’s the perfect crime! <shakes head>

But let’s not forget that these regulations are also restrictive of innovation and competition. Now, most often that is at the behest of entrenched players in the field, and they have the resources to, uh, make lawmakers glad they supported their interests. Very glad…

Understand that the higher the barriers to entry are, the worse the final product is. In fact, virtually ALL regulations do that. It restricts competition. That is the actual goal of regulation (though it is cloaked in naive “public protection” talk). Strip it of this happy talk and it is just a way for those with entrenched interests to restrict entrance to a field, thus making it possible for them to charge more. And that is why those WITH licenses want that system to continue!

Yes, Licensing is EXACTLY the same! It is just a barrier to the hoi polloi, the unwashed masses.  And just as licensing restricts competition and innovation to protect the privileged, so does regulation in general. The gov’t likes it because they get extorted money, but let’s not pretend that the general public is better off—it isn’t. Those already licensed like it because it financially benefits them and they are able to look down their noses and say, “There are THOSE…” Government likes it because it both is a cash cow and it increases their power and dominion.

And that is the hallmark of Leftism–it looks good on the surface but it actually a prettily painted pile of crap. Or, if you are religious, it is a whited sepulcher–it looks tasteful and “art-y”on the outside but inside is full of dead men’s bones and all manner of putrid stuff.

That is the Left in a nutshell.

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Oh yeah,

31 Aug

this is fair. Not.

The mask has slipped…

Look, I don’t give a crap what Mueller says. He is NOT a reliable source.


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I think there is very good evidence

31 Aug

that the DNC “hack” was an inside job. There was never any actual evidence that there was a “Russian hack.” This was always grammaw’s self-serving excuse for how she got rejected by the American people. She could not stomach the thought that they hated her because she really was a corrupt and vindictive old bitty.

What almost for sure happened was that a staffer was angry about Hillary, the MSM, and the DNC conspiring together to torpedo Bernie Sanders (may he run again–please). So the staffer downloaded sensitive information to a “thumb” drive and then gave it to the public. There was no “Russian hack.”

Here’s a quote: Up to this point, Russiagate has been notable as an irrational, self-levitating media jihad devoid of any material-supporting evidence. Now, thanks to the VIPS experts, the Russia-hacking story — the very genesis of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory — appears to have been affirmatively and convincingly undercut.

Uhm, there was never a “hack.” There is not now and there never was a good reason for Mueller at all. Pack it up, Mueller! Your cakes and ale have officially run out. Now you’re just milking the system! If he had a shred of decency he would wrap this up tomorrow morning. Sure, he might throw some poor Scooter Libby type in jail for remembering things differently than they appeared in his or her day planner, but it is quite clear that there was no “Russian hack.”


WA times find that 66% of people are

28 Aug

fearful of voicing Conservative opinions. 66%.

Think about that just for a moment. Then think about why I don’t use my real name on his blog. The truth is, I can’t afford financially to “come out of the closet.” It is far too risky. Maybe in America 20 years ago you could speak your mind without fear of reprisal. But today is not that day.

So we get “quiet” Trump voters–those who vote for Trump but who, for safety’s sake, pretend (when they are identifiable) that they are on the Left. No wonder polling was so abysmally wrong last election! I mean, are you going to voice an opinion that is potentially catastrophic to you and your loved ones to a complete stranger? Yeah, I don’t THINK so! They called your phone number–they know where you live…

Be safe. Understand that the core of Leftist philosophy is violence. We are seeing loads of it. And don’t kid yourself, this is NOT just a group of rambunctious kids. THIS is the Left, and you can identify them by both their actions and by the black ISIS-style masks. Disgusting!

It is totally safe to voice Left-leaning opinions in virtually any setting–the Right is not naturally violent. The same is NOT true for the Left. Leftist will “ding” you as much as they can get way with. It is in their genetics. It is congenital. Let me give you just one example:

A guy I used to know at one large workplace was a really hardcore Leftist. Really hardcore. He had a bunch of decorations in his office that showed his position and/or outright mocked the Right. As far as I knew, he was NEVER admonished by the higher-ups. He certainly didn’t ever take those things down in his office and he took every opportunity to tell others about his beliefs.

But there was also one guy who was quite active in Conservative causes. He would very occasionally talk politics with like-minded employees there, but it was discreet. He was found out and counseled about keeping private opinions away from the office and was ultimately (but subtly) forced out. Oh, and there were no mocking photos or cartoons in his office and he was fairly circumspect about politics. But he eventually found a position where his beliefs were not held against him, so he left.

It is often just not safe to be on the Right. Be safe.



26 Aug

ya think?

The motive behind this was to send a message, to intimidate. Plain and simple. It was Gestapo tactics, and the intent was to both punish Manifort and “pour encourager les autres.” There simply is no other explanation that passes the laugh test!

“Vee haff vays…”

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Understand well

14 Aug

that this is how it’s done.

The prosecutor has unlimited funds. But the target does not. So all the prosecutor has to do is drag this out in order to bankrupt the target and thus make him or her unable to defend himself. And don’t even think that the defense comes cheap. In my area, high-end divorce lawyers are $350 an hour! Just imagine what a high-end Washington attorney costs.

And of course you just can’t afford to be without one. So mortgage your house. Again. On the other hand, Mueller and his scabs have truly unlimited power and money.  And even if they lose the case, there is no particular consequence. They can bankrupt their targets and then if they lose they just shrug and move on. The targets, however, have the best-case scenario of being financially ruined. They could easily be financially ruined and go to prison!

This is what happens when the gummint prosecutors have no skin in the game. If the losers had to pay the winner’s legal fees, it would be far different. Yes, I fully understand that such an arrangement is not ideal in many ways. In some ways I don’t like it at all. But on the upside it would make Javertic prosecutors far more careful.

Yes, show me the man and I will come up with the crime…

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Given that

12 Aug

we know the Russia/Trump nonsense was created by Brennan, Can we just stop this stupid charade and get Mueller out of here? Now?

And if you don’t think so, just why not? Is it truth and justice you want? Or is it just a way to vent your spleen and let your inner Javert run wild for a bit? Is it that you just want a witch hunt of your “enemies?” Is it just that having them persecuted is far more important to you than the good of the country? Time to ‘fess up as to who you are and what you believe.

In a perfect world, Trump should fire Mueller. There just is NO reason for Mueller to be there. It is over. Now I fully understand that we don’t live in a perfect world, and that it might be advisable to leave Mueller alone. Still, justice alone demands that he be fired. This will not work out well for the country. Or for the Trump clan.

Here is what I’d like to see (though I understand it may not be the wisest course). Trump says something like this:

My fellow Americans, 

I fired Robert Mueller this afternoon. There just was no longer a reason for him to be in business at all. We all know very well that there has never been collusion with the Russians, and that fact has been fully established apart from Mueller. We all know he is a partisan hack who has filled his “investigation” with known enemies of anything Conservative and that he has a real animus toward me. Now all he can do is damage, and I am sworn to protect this country from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. And I will do what I promised to do. Let’s be very clear about this: We have done nothing wrong. This is only about hurting me, and that hurts the country in the process. Please be assured of that. This is just a witch hunt, a way for sore loser Leftists to tantrum about getting beaten like a rented mule in the 2016 election. And Mueller is their stooge. I really hope he is an unwitting one.

But in any case, YOU have spoken, and I will do my best not to allow the entrenched DC establishment to thwart your will. They cannot cancel out your vote. They are trying hard to invalidate your vote, and I won’t stand for it. Join with me–it’s time to change things. 

There is just no evidence of Russian “collusion” and strong evidence against it. I will side with the strong evidence and resist the no evidence side. So it’s over. Our long national nightmare is over. Let’s get on with life. We live in a dangerous and complex world, and I hope we can now just get on with things–we don’t need this distraction. It just damages us as a country, and we certainly don’t need that. Now especially.

Let’s repeal and replace the horrible Obamacare crap that was foisted on us in the dark of night. Let’s fix our horrid tax system. Let’s address immigration. Let’s make our country safe from bad actors around the globe who threaten us. There has been so much damage in the last decade. So very much. Let’s come together and make America great again. We have so, so much to do. Join with me.

We have things to repair and rebuild, and Mueller and his investigation is a stick in our spokes. It keeps us from moving forward. And understand, THAT is totally on purpose. But I, with your help, will resist that. Let’s resist together! Let’s make our country great again. Together. Let’s move forward. It is time to move forward. 

Let’s work together on this.

Thank you, and God bless America.


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If Mueller

11 Aug

makes allegations that are not directly tied to Russian collaboration, it is illegitimate. It would be pure Javert-ism. He very obviously has nothing so far. Still, the laws are so complex and numerous that a normal person just cannot know and follow them all. You have to hire an expert (as with taxes) in order to comply, and even then that is not enough to completely indemnify yourself–different tax professionals tell you different things, which in turn is often different from what the IRS says. The complexity itself is a way to make sure you are guilty, somehow. So you bow the knee to these power-mad scrubs at the IRS in order to avoid problems. It is all about power. Vee haff vays…

That’s what makes it a violation of due process. No matter who you are, YOU can be found guilty of some kind of crime. That’s why, in a famous statement, a USSR lackey told his master, “Show me the man and I’ll tell you the crime.” YOU are guilty. Of something. And with enough time and resources, I can find it. Mueller has unlimited time and resources…

And I, for one, would vehemently oppose such disgraceful behavior and see it as totally illegitimate. Look, loony Lefties, it’s OVAH!

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Hey! Mueller!

07 Aug

Leave that man alone!

Kinda catchy eh? At least to people of a certain age…

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