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Don’t be confused:

20 Jan

The gov’t shut down is squarely on the heads of the DEMOCRATS. As this article plainly states, the Republicans were totally willing to fund the gov’t, while Schumer and the Democrats sunk it. And they did it in order to protect illegal aliens from the law.

Remember that come November!


Wow. Just wow.

09 Jan

The Bundy case was dismissed with prejudice. That means that not only was thrown out, but the judge then danced on its grave. With prejudice. It is OVAH!

What that means is the the charges cannot be brought up again–there is no appeal by the gov’t. It is a HUGE smackdown to the gov’t! HEEE-YUUUUGE! It is an open declaration of gov’t misconduct. I think it is easy to overlook just how big a deal this is.

But this brings up the other obvious issue: If the gov’t was outright dishonest in this case, how do you know that they are not just as dishonest in the Mueller/Trump case? I mean, they were shown to have lied in this case, so are they trustworthy in the Mueller/Trump case? Just why would you think that? What evidence is there? Don’t tell me what, tell me why. The gov’t needs to show that they are not full of crap! And THAT is why we have rules of evidence, due process, and very public procedures.

Unless Mueller has incontrovertible proof, I will be inordinately skeptical. And so should YOU be. Do NOT let your personal preferences trample justice. Maybe you hate Trump, but I hope you love justice. You need to be quite wary. And there is good reason to think YOU are being played for a fool.

Trump’s defense just got way easier. I suspect this is a turning point. We’ll see. It should be.

But YOU need to vote against despotism. Cliven Bundy is far from a sympathetic character. FAR. So what? Is justice blind? Vote these corrupt Democrats out in November of 2018! Get off your duff and go vote. And bring a friend. This nonsense needs to stop. It is time for ALL good people to come to the aid of their country!


Huh. How about equal justice under the law?

06 Jan

Weaver, Koresh, and Bundy are NOT sympathetic characters—far from it. And yet the government framed them and outright lied about them committing crimes in order to try and convict them and put them in jail (or kill them outright).

Yes, for some, government disapproval meant death. All the more reason to be VERY worried. These guys were jerks, but were also fundamentally innocent. And yet YOUR government treated them totally unfairly. And killed some of them. No wonder Bundy responded with armed resistance–those who didn’t protect themselves were killed by the gov’t! Take a hard look at the pattern…

And what does that say about any investigation of Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? The Las Vegas shooter? If the authorities are known to lie in order to absolve those they like and punish those they don’t, what then?

It raises real questions about whether there is equal protection under the law. Will I be charged if I have “unapproved” beliefs? And just who gets to decide what is “approved” and what is not? I mean, maybe I am “crazy” and believe strongly in the Easter Bunny AND the Tooth Fairy. Is that reason enough to kill me? Send me to a “re-education” camp? I’m just crazy, after all! And what if I believe in God and actually practice my religion? And what if I am Conservative and believe in the Laffer curve? Just where is the line?

The fact that these folks are so unsympathetic should make us MORE worried, not less. Because if they are not protected, just who is (besides Hillary, natch)? Do I need to be one of the “privileged class” in order to speak my mind with impunity?

The old USSR was famous for editing out folks whose views were no longer useful or sympathetic to the government. Is the “editing out” in the Lefty U.S. by bullet? Is it the gulag? Is this merely name-calling and character assassination, or does it go much, much deeper?

Don’t kid yourself, THIS is what Leftism is all about. Rise up and get rid of it! Remember this in 2018…

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Yeah, the Steele Dossier

06 Jan

is a thin gruel of lies. It is and always has been just a lame excuse for The Harridan losing. What a horrible Harpy she was!


“Maybe there is some innocent explanation for the inconsistencies we have seen,” Grassley continued, “but it seems unlikely.”

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People are getting

26 Dec

quite sick of the Mueller witch-hunt. And Lefties are starting to panic. And they should be panicking. But now, Mueller himself should be panicking. I think most people have been willing to give Mueller the benefit of the doubt up to now.

But this pig is dragging on and on. And on. Uhm, given the leaks, if there were something there we would know already. Now it seems that Mueller and his mindless myrmidons are just milking the system in order to get as much money as possible. This just seems like a wild goose chase. I think most of us are offended by that.

It now totally seems that this is not about justice at all, but almost completely about revenge and venting one’s spleen. It looks like a witch hunt. It reminds me uncomfortably of the old Soviet show trials.


Are you

24 Dec

happy yet? I’m just glad Trump won. It truly is one of God’s tender mercies…

But always remember that Mueller and his ilk are trying very hard to take this away from you!


The “independent” counsel is

15 Dec

not really independent at all. At all. From a moral perspective, I don’t really give a crap WHAT he says.  He certainly is not a fair and impartial investigator. No, he is a Javert, a captain Ahab, maniacally driven to seek his own particular Trumpian white whale–in fact, he has personalized license plates on his car that say, “Pequod” and he has a fake leg made of whale bone that he puts in his office.

Just call me “Ishmael.”  And may Mueller meet Ahab’s ultimate fate (professionally, anyway).

But this whole thing is a farce, an insult to intelligence, good sense, and justice. I am NOT amused…

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You want

14 Dec

a glimpse into Mueller’s investigation? Well okay, but it is ugly in there. Really ugly.

Be aware that this is what Mueller’s investigation really looks like. It’s what it is. You may think that this will all somehow shake out correctly in the end, but that is a very naïve and Pollyanna-ish position.

I understand and even agree that there are some significant political repercussions for firing Mueller that may not be worth enduring, but it is still richly deserved. From a purely moral perspective, this guy is a total dirtbag and ought to be fired immediately. But we all know that the world is not always fair or moral…


I can’t

12 Dec

get to the article, so I don’t know if you would be locked out, too. But the title tells you all you need to know. Except this:

Not only is licensing a job-killer, it is payola FOR professional groups. See, it artificially restricts commerce and thus jacks up prices. It also is payola for CE providers–that is BIG business! Oh, and it does absolutely NOTHING for public safety. It is nothing but a scam. Don’t be fooled…

This mangy dog needs to die, and soon. I, for one, am sick to death of it. It is like you stepped in dog crap and now can’t get it off your shoe–it just stinks wherever you go.


See, the problem (for the Left) is

12 Dec

that Mueller has NO evidence that would justify even the start of an investigation! If there is no Russian collusion, the case must be closed. Yes, Mueller could stumble upon OTHER crimes (many of which allegedly happened in the distant past and were totally unrelated to the allegations at hand). but these are fruit from a corrupt tree, so to speak. If I investigate you for murder and in fact, you provably were far away when it happened and we just got the wrong guy, the prosecutor can’t say, “Well, but in the course of the investigation we discovered that you shoplifted when you were 16 so we will charge you with THAT! See, this wasn’t a total waste! Those shoplifters deserve to be punished!”

And if you disagree, the response is, “Ooooh, so you morally justify shoplifting! Perhaps we should look into YOUR past…”

That is logically the “fruit of a poisoned tree.” While the evidence in this case was not necessarily illegally obtained (as is generally the case when this is brought up in legal contexts), the issue here is exactly the same. The investigation itself was bogus from the get-go and initiated on spurious and false grounds, so there is no legal validity to any of the subsequent findings. The investigation NEVER should have taken place, originally.

I’m telling you, this is a witch-hunt.

Don’t confuse moral with legal. And don’t try to impose legal sanctions on thing you find morally reprehensible, especially things in the distant past. Those are two very different things!

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