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One thing Trump has done very well at

19 Nov

is reducing the regulatory burden faced by businesses of all kinds.

Maybe you don’t love Donald Trump. That’s OK, he doesn’t need to be your buddy. He doesn’t need to be someone you want to have a beer with. He doesn’t need to be the kind of guy you want to be snowed in with at a mountain cabin. He doesn’t need to be your Priest or your Pastor.

What I want is for him to nurture economic growth. What I want is for him to stand up to world bullies and to strengthen the US military. On these things he does very well. Exceptionally well, actually. By any measure, he has done well at this.

And we should all thank our lucky stars for that! A vote for Hillary was a vote for despotism mingled with bureaucracy. It was a vote for despair. A vote for Trump was a vote for competency and normalcy.


We have all heard

13 Nov

the old saw, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” but what about when there are tens of thousands of obscure laws? In that case, just why would ignorance be no excuse? How is it justice that I am prosecuted for a reasonable act that is contrary to some obscure law?

The argument is made that there are so many laws so as to make everyone a violator and thus subject to a sort of blackmail. “You shared your Netflix password with your adult son, so you are GUILTY of stealing Netflix!” You stay out of jail ONLY because you haven’t torqued the wrong person off. ALL will fear me!

THAT is despotism.

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It’s a really

06 Nov

great question. This is total despotism!

Mueller is a loose cannon. Look, I really don’t like the Podesta brothers. The seem as corrupt as an be. I would NOT unhappy to see them in prison, and think they richly deserve it.

But they should go free. Mueller has gone WAY wide of his mandate. He is an out-of-control Javert. I really don’t know what he is investigating, anyway.

Now some of the injustice apologists will whine that 25 years ago Ken Starr also went beyond his mandate, but that is just a mealy-mouthed excuse. The fact that they didn’t like when Ken Starr did it should give one pause. Vengeance is not a solid basis for looking the other way at injustice. If it was wrong when Ken Starr did it, it is wrong when Robert Mueller does it. Immorality is immorality, no matter who does it.

And THIS is injustice, plain and simple. There is no logical or moral way to justify it. And others are starting to object. But we need Leftist Democrats to find their moral footing and object.


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Look, it’s time

01 Nov

to rein Mueller in.

I am certainly no fan of the Podestas.  John has long been a known dirtbag, and I’m sure Tony was not one whit behind him. Tony was hip-deep in the dishonest money laundering scheme of Manafort. He is as dirty as can be.

But, but, but it was NOT Mueller’s job to show that Tony is a miscreant, any more than it was his job to show the Manafort did some very shady things a decade ago. Yes, they are moral midgets, but THAT was not Mueller’s duty to investigate, now was it?

Mueller had ONE job. He has gone way beyond it. I’m no fan of Tony Podesta, but this is wrong.


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23 Oct

Doubling down on despotism.

Let me ask you: Is THIS the kind of country and society you want to live in?

You need to vote the despots (almost all are Democrats) out of office, and NOW! This is the proverbial nose of the camel in the tent. EMERGENCY! Get rid of the Democrat scourge before it is too late! They are a threat to freedom itself.

If you don’t you can kiss freedom of speech, along with ALL Conservative web sites, goodbye.

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OK, so

02 Oct

why Mueller?

There is something deeply stupid going on, here. Well, stupid if one actually wants to find the truth. Not stupid at all if the point in to gratuitously harm someone and thus vent your spleen. The truth is, Mueller has nothing to do with 2016 “election hacking” and everything to with harming Trump. This is a vendetta, plain and simple. This is nothing but the dead rattlesnake reflexively biting and injecting poison. This is nothing but a toddler holding his breath in a temper tantrum. It is, to quote Shakespeare, all sound and fury, meaning nothing…

This is NOT about Trump misdeeds. You watch, there will not be a single charge against Trump. Oh, there will be pseudo-psychotic innuendoes by the loony left, but there will be no actual charges. THAT was clear from the beginning. And Javert Mueller has played his role well, just according to the loony Left script.

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Yeah, it’s

21 Sep

hilarious. Sorry about the vulgar language in the video…

But “Trigglypuff” is simultaneously disgusting and laughable. But let’s not be confused–this is despotism. And there is a very real whiff of violence in the air.

This is NOT the way you want to be.

But Ace is right. The Left has finally let the mask slip, and we see what they really are.

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Regulations are the opiates of the Leftists.

11 Sep

And they are addicted. It is a sickness.

Self-driving cars are a great example of why gummint regulations are restrictive, coercive,  and superfluous.

NO manufacturer wants to be known as producing inferior or dangerous products. No one wants to create the next Pinto. That is particularly true of a new technology. So there is already a very strong inducement to create a safe product. Ask Volvo. And no gov’t regulations were required! All we needed was a free and fair press (and since we don’t have that, the temptation is to turn to innovation-strangling regulations instead).

In other words, these regulations are at the very least totally superfluous and at worst also stifling of innovation. And even worse, once I am “in,” I have less on the line and so I may cut corners. I really  just want to pull up the ladder behind me. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to lose a license you already have. I mean, what would cause a flower arranger to lose his or her license–and ugly bouquet? How about a hairdresser? A manicurist? A hair braider? Does your barber lose his or her license for doing a bad job of cutting your hair? To be honest, I don’t give a rat’s patoot if my hairdresser is a tax evader–I just care that she cuts my hair well. I don’t care about her drinking or her religion or illegal drug use or even (for me) a little “salty” language. If I like how my hair is done, I come back. It’s that simple.

The regulations sound good on the surface, but even a cursory examination shows that they are a steaming pile of dung. They do NO good, and in fact prevent good from happening. They make things worse, both in terms of performance and in human (and financial) cost.

The idea that but for the regulations we would have rampant unsafe vehicles and bad haircuts is a tired old trope. Like ALL Leftism, it sounds good on the surface but in practice it is a total nightmare, it restricts quality-enhancing competition (as indeed it is designed to do), it does no good at all, and it is quite damaging in general. And then the failures inherent in this system are used to justify even MORE regulations… It’s the perfect crime! <shakes head>

But let’s not forget that these regulations are also restrictive of innovation and competition. Now, most often that is at the behest of entrenched players in the field, and they have the resources to, uh, make lawmakers glad they supported their interests. Very glad…

Understand that the higher the barriers to entry are, the worse the final product is. In fact, virtually ALL regulations do that. It restricts competition. That is the actual goal of regulation (though it is cloaked in naive “public protection” talk). Strip it of this happy talk and it is just a way for those with entrenched interests to restrict entrance to a field, thus making it possible for them to charge more. And that is why those WITH licenses want that system to continue!

Yes, Licensing is EXACTLY the same! It is just a barrier to the hoi polloi, the unwashed masses.  And just as licensing restricts competition and innovation to protect the privileged, so does regulation in general. The gov’t likes it because they get extorted money, but let’s not pretend that the general public is better off—it isn’t. Those already licensed like it because it financially benefits them and they are able to look down their noses and say, “There are THOSE…” Government likes it because it both is a cash cow and it increases their power and dominion.

And that is the hallmark of Leftism–it looks good on the surface but it actually a prettily painted pile of crap. Or, if you are religious, it is a whited sepulcher–it looks tasteful and “art-y”on the outside but inside is full of dead men’s bones and all manner of putrid stuff.

That is the Left in a nutshell.

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Oh yeah,

31 Aug

this is fair. Not.

The mask has slipped…

Look, I don’t give a crap what Mueller says. He is NOT a reliable source.


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I think there is very good evidence

31 Aug

that the DNC “hack” was an inside job. There was never any actual evidence that there was a “Russian hack.” This was always grammaw’s self-serving excuse for how she got rejected by the American people. She could not stomach the thought that they hated her because she really was a corrupt and vindictive old bitty.

What almost for sure happened was that a staffer was angry about Hillary, the MSM, and the DNC conspiring together to torpedo Bernie Sanders (may he run again–please). So the staffer downloaded sensitive information to a “thumb” drive and then gave it to the public. There was no “Russian hack.”

Here’s a quote: Up to this point, Russiagate has been notable as an irrational, self-levitating media jihad devoid of any material-supporting evidence. Now, thanks to the VIPS experts, the Russia-hacking story — the very genesis of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory — appears to have been affirmatively and convincingly undercut.

Uhm, there was never a “hack.” There is not now and there never was a good reason for Mueller at all. Pack it up, Mueller! Your cakes and ale have officially run out. Now you’re just milking the system! If he had a shred of decency he would wrap this up tomorrow morning. Sure, he might throw some poor Scooter Libby type in jail for remembering things differently than they appeared in his or her day planner, but it is quite clear that there was no “Russian hack.”