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Pure slavery and theft.

19 Apr

The average time Americans spend doing their taxes is 17 hours. Think about that–17 hours. NONE of that time is paid. It is hard and complicated. And you go to prison at the point of a gun if the IRS thinks you did it wrong. The penalties are quite severe.

And if your accountant screws up, YOU go to jail! You signed and therefore you are responsible.

There used to be actual tax collectors, but no more. YOU (and your employer) are the tax collectors now, and your time is totally free to the government. You are unpaid “volunteers” for the government. That time is forcibly robbed from you, along with your money. So YOU have to pay both the taxes AND the cost (in time and/or money) of getting them done.

And your employer has to hire an army of people to make sure the HE pays part of your taxes! The boss can’t just pay you and let you fully comply or not. No, no. He or she is LEGALLY LIABLE to pay half of your tax bill. Hence the boom in 1099 employees.

Did you know that what you pay as an employee is actually half? Yeah, it’s called “payroll taxes” and your employer pays just what you do in order to have you as an employee and cut you a check. Maybe you didn’t know that–you’ve always been a “worker bee” who only needed to know what time your shift started and where to place the wires. And there’s certainly no shame in being a worker bee. But it is a very different job than being an executive. That’s why I say that you should never hold elected office unless you have been an executive.

So you have to pay the taxes and also pay an accountant or spend 17+ hours yourself doing taxes. And the more complex the tax code, the more you need an accountant. That you pay for. And THAT is why the tax code is so complex. The accountants just love the complexity! The dream of having a tax form on a postcard is pure delusion.

But of course, not everyone shares in the tax burden. I mean, all animals are equal, it’s just that some are more equal than others… I think there should probably be a minimum tax. Everyone should share the burden.


The effect of

10 Apr

regulations is often hidden. Sometimes it is death.

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Look, Trump’s claim

13 Mar

that Obama wiretapped him is entirely plausible. Obama is KNOWN to have done this before, so it’s not like we can just say that Obama would never do such a thing. He would and he has. It is a pattern.

I know the Lamestream media and the usual Democrat media hacks (though I repeat myself)  have tried to make this seem like just an example of Trump’s paranoia, but that is just not true. So did Obama “bug” Trump? Yeah, most likely. Highly likely. Obama is just a bad, immoral guy. THIS is who he IS.

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Few cartoons

12 Mar

have ever struck me as more true:

(Oh, and Powerline’s “”The Week In Pictures” is the source, and a great one.) Getting rid of Obamacare is HARD. It was meant to be that way. It was designed to be that way. This hook has a barb in it, and it will be painful to get it out. I think George Washington or Thomas Jeffeson said that slavery was like having a wolf by the ears–you don’t want to hang on, but then again you don’t dare let go.

Well, Obamacare is just like that. It is having a wolf by the ears. There simply is no easy way to get out of it. It was made to cause painful damage with removal. And that is perhaps the only part of Obamacare that actually works.

And understand well that this is 100% the Democrats’ and Obama’s fault. Yes, Trump and the Republicans take a bit of a whipping for trying to extricate us from it, but again that was by design. It was despotism from the get-go. And this kind does not come out easily or without pain.

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Licensing boards

17 Feb

are totally bogus. And we see that here.

These boards simply do not protect the public. They are a species of incumbent protection rackets and should be abolished. They can’t come even close to proving their utility–there is not a shed of evidence supporting them, and they should be abolished. No one can logically defend them!

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This is the truth:

09 Feb

It is easy to laugh at the current hysteria in the Democratic Party, and, perhaps, it is a moral duty to do so. But we are learning something very ugly about liberals. All that talk about democracy? Forget it. Their interest is in power, period. I seriously think they would throw us conservatives in jail if they had the opportunity. The Democratic Party, as currently constituted, must never achieve power again.

It’s hard to fathom, but the Left seems to have gone off the rails. Leftists are just note safe, and we would be very unwise to put such violent wackos anywhere near the levers of power. They would destroy the Republic. They are despots, and they are only too willing to use violence to obtain power and domination. They are not moral.

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25 Jan

May ‘net neutrality’ die. I mean, what total moron came up with the “brilliant” idea that we should regulate the ‘net like other utilities? Wow, that is an amazingly stupid idea!

Yeah, like MORE regulation would help! Wow.

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I think

18 Jan

this was just shameful. Outrageous. These are the actions of a raging despot. This kind of force is exactly what Leftism is all about. This is disgusting. You don’t have to be Catholic to be offended by this. You just have to be moral.

NEVER forget!

Happily, we are almost rid of this particular despot, but we need to maintain vigilance.

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I agree

16 Jan

that this is totally nasty.

I’m just sick of the eliminationist rhetoric coming from the Left. It is flat-out immoral. I just will not sully myself in associating with them in any way. It’s outrageous, and Democrats of good moral fiber (and there are some still left) should object. Strenuously. Their party has been taken over by barbarians, and they had better take it back soon!

The chasm is widening. You soon will be no longer able to straddle the divide and have to choose a side. Choose wisely…

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And I think it

19 Aug

really does undermine the law. And that is very dangerous to our society. In letting Hilary go, Comey wrecked society and the law itself. That is NOT hyperbole! He screwed up, big time. Totally. Screwed. Up.

Not only the problems described in this article were created, but there is a significant equal protection issue in play: If Hillary is not prosecuted for obvious violations that damage the US, on what grounds can I be prosecuted for speeding or not paying my taxes? I mean, why is she exempt? I thought there was no “nobility” that was above the law in the US! Isn’t that a bedrock principle for us?

See, she goes free at the expense of the law itself. How is the law enforceable then, except by brute force? How does what happened not establish a privileged class, a “nobility?” And if people en masse start to disobey laws because the think those laws are morally invalid, what will the government do about it? Nothing. They can do virtually nothing about it. There aren’t enough cops and IRS agents in the world to enforce everything. And the more draconian you get, the more resentful and willing to rebel people in general get–so the more draconian you have to get…. There has to be voluntary obedience or the whole thing just comes totally apart.

And technology only makes enforcement exponentially harder. For example, who is the gov’t to say that I can’t have a gun? I will just 3D-print one or machine one myself and there is nothing the gov’t can do about it! It is a “ghost gun.” Already a great many people work “under the table” and pay NO taxes at all. No state, no Federal, no Social Security, no nothing. So the gov’t cracks down on cash (because it can’t trace it) and wants to do away with the $100 bill. They say it’s because of drug dealers, but of course it really isn’t–it is all about tracing income. Yep.

So other currencies (see: BitCoin) spring up. Untraceable money. Or at the very least quite difficult to trace, so one has to choose whom to go after because it takes so much time and effort. I mean, THAT is the primary reason for withholding in the first place! It is actually about enforcement, not convenience. And given the difficulty of getting a conviction, one might have to lower the legal standard required for said conviction. Civil rights are, of necessity, abrogated. So more innocent people are convicted and therefore there is more resistance to a despotic overlord (and it is more sneaky and hard to detect and people feel morally justified). It is the classic vicious cycle. Oh yeah, THAT “arms race” will end well! <sheesh!>

Government depends upon the consent of the governed, and it is extremely unlikely that US citizens will accept a nobility that is exempt from the laws. Yes, Hillary got away with major crimes, but the damage is quite general and the refusal to hold her accountable makes slippery the very foundation of the United States. So for personal gain she is willing to see the US collapse. Wow.

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