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Democrats do NOT

13 Dec

want CA to break up into smaller states. Why?

Because CA has a lot of electoral votes, that’s why. Like some other, nearby states, the “Left Coast” dominates, effectively rendering the other areas such as the interior voiceless.

If CA were to break into several smaller states, Democrats wouldn’t win the Presidency again for at least a generation. So the last thing they want to see is a dissolution of that impossibly large and diverse state.

Note, this composition of the state is force, not freedom. Given the origins and political philosophy of Leftism, one should not be surprised by the Leftist reaction. No, not surprised at all. They are all about force. THIS is why conservatives want more local governance–it more accurately reflects the will of the people.

And THIS is why direct election of Senators is such a terrible idea. We don’t need increased central control, and that is exactly what direct election of Senators does. It is the root of the evil, though breaking up California helps.

Senators should be chosen locally, by state legislatures. It is just stupid to also directly elect Senators–we already have that for House members. We see this redundant arrangement as “normal” just because we have lived with it so long, but it is a bastardization of the founders’ original intent. One house is to be directly elected and the other chosen by the state legislature. It’s high time we got rid of this pig. and give a little more power to the states.


To quote Freud

05 Sep

(which I rarely do), when told he had to vouch for the Gestapo before he could be let out of Germany, he said something like, “I highly recommend the Gestapo to anyone!” Why do I expect this guy to be sending “torture” messages in Morse code eye blinks? Let’s just say that they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse…

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The culture war

17 Apr

as policy. Again the Left has taken things to a new level. Indeed, every knee shall bend to them. Kneel, peon!

Of course, many of us Americans don’t really cotton to such despotism. We don’t like force, and that is the very heart of all Leftism.

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I think we need

20 Jul

to force people to do what they want. NOTHING could go wrong!


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By hook or by

09 May

crook! The left are gross hypocrites. They only want there to be freedom of speech when they benefit. When it’s their ox that is gored, they revert to type and are totalitarians.

You need to understand that such violence is inherent in leftism. It’s not an unfortunate and foreign addition, it is part and parcel of leftism itself. It is endemic to leftism. I think history has clearly shown that.

I am conservative. That is a moral position, and not merely a rational one (though it is that). I think that has to be argued over and over. It is blindingly obvious to many of us, and because it is so obvious we often don’t make the argument (we just assume that others see this plain fact). That is a mistake. We assume that the rational basis for conservative positions is so strong (and it is strong) that we don’t need to make the moral case. I think that is wrong, and the left has dishonestly co-opted the moral high ground.

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WWII vets

03 Oct

win yet another battle. Obama’s behavior on this is nothing but obscene.

Oh, and you think the White House just didn’t know? Think again, and don’t be a rube.

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Is violence EVER moral?

29 Jul

Of course it is. Only a fool thinks otherwise.

Let’s say you were witnessing someone being brutally raped, and there is no way to get the police there before it happens. You could stop the assault by firing a gun at the attacker. What is the moral thing to do?

Well DUH! The only moral thing to do is to violently stop the attack. Yeah, violently. Hopefully with a weapon (even if you are wicked tough you might get injured or incapacitated in the scuffle, and THEN where would the innocent victim be?). So there is one instance that took me about a millisecond to think of where violence is the right thing to do. So don’t give me some mindless crapola about how one is never supposed to be violent. That is simply not true, and every thinking person in the world knows it.

I think that one should avoid force and violence as much as possible. One should slaughter a hog with regret. But violence is indeed the right thing to do at times. I like hamburgers as much as the next guy. The fact that I pay someone else to slaughter the cow by no means clears me of moral responsibility. If slaughtering a cow is immoral, so is eating a hamburger. And vice-versa. If eating a hamburger is NOT immoral, neither is slaughtering a cow.

How you know what to do yet again brings us to the root of all morality–epistemology.


Basically, the

16 Mar

Obamaphiles have tragically over-reached and now they are getting serious blowback.

Think about it: the LDS church standards are to not drink coffee. It’s against the church’s teachings. Now coffee has some health benefits attached to it (as well as some issues). Let’s say Obama and his minions said that all LDS businesses had to provide coffee. You know, for the health of everyone. All LDS hospitals had to make coffee available. When there was an objection, the Obama administration dictated that the LDS hospitals had to pay into a fund and the fund would use that money to provide coffee. Would that be acceptable?

Yet that is precisely what the Catholic church is faced with. Now I may have no problem with birth control or coffee, but that certainly is NOT the point. The point is force (a lefty occupational hazard).

I know many Mormons who would rather go to jail than to violate their moral convictions. I bet there are a lot of Catholics who feel the same way (and in fact I know many). This is an egregious violation of civil liberties and and a work of despotism. All rational people should object. We are all Catholics now.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

This should be a major issue in the upcoming general election. Because while I personally may have no problem with contraception, and have a real problem with a government who forces people to violate their moral codes. And don’t kid yourself–You are next. Birth control or coffee may not be an issue for you. But my guess is that something is.

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