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It’s really sad,

08 Dec

but true.

The problems is that this kind of crap totally undermines the United States and it precludes justice. For example, Americans virtually always pay taxes as expected. There just would be no way to deal with even a small minority percentage of scofflaws. There simply aren’t enough agents.

I mean, let’s say that there are 300 million taxpayers. Let’s say that you only had a 1% fraud rate. Could you prosecute 3 million people? And what if they mounted a defense? And what if it were 3%? It very quickly becomes totally impossible. Even now they only prosecute “big fish” and relatively easy cases. That’s why they make businesses legally responsible for collecting their employee’s taxes (they are easier to squeeze, for several reasons), though that is a subject for another day…

But that compliance rests upon an assumption of fairness and the law being applied fairly and equally. That’s why “nobility” is such deadly poison to U.S. society. Once people start saying. “Well, the law wasn’t applied to Hillary, so why should it apply to me?” we are hosed. Because, what is the answer to that question? Huh? Any fool knows she did the crimes, so why would she be exempt? Because she is Nobility?

Equal protection and application of the law: It’s not just a nice idea, it is the stabilizer of our society. Hillary getting off scot-free for her crimes is not merely unfair, it is destabilizing to our country. This strikes at the very heart of our social fabric.

Crowds didn’t chant, “Lock her up!” for no reason. They did it because she is guilty as Hell and this “nobility” crap totally undermines what we are all about.

And same with Mueller. If he is widely seen as having no respect for the law and the limits imposed by both the law and good sense/fairness, how will he enforce is rulings? Him going off the rails not only affects him. It totally affects the rest of us.

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06 Dec

I’m certainly glad the plot failed.

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29 Nov

it’s a really big deal.

This woman is just disgusting!

It is SOOOO nice to have Trump, not Hillary, as President. I am glad I didn’t vote for her or an equivalent (like McMufffin–the Grover Dill of politics).

McMuffin is busy fetching sticks and licking butt, now…


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This is a

27 Nov

TOTAL BS article.

The main point is fine, but the snide sub-text sure isn’t. Let me give you an example:

Even though, unlike most of the men who’ve been swept up in scandal the past month, he’s been accused of targeting a child.

Get it? Yes, many men have be “passively” “swept up” in scandal, but Moore is a child molester! And when you think of a child, you think of a six-year-old!

Total. Crap. Yes, a 17-year-old is deemed legally a minor in the U.S. (a “child”), but not in Britain! There it is 17 (read the “Harry Potter” books). Like the Beatle song: She was just 17, if you know what I mean… Yeah, I know what you mean. You mean that she, if fact, WASN’T yet 17. She wasn’t of age when you saw her standing there. You know, like KISS belting out the song, Christine, 16. But I guess the KISS were a bunch of child molesters…

Mrs. Bennett in Pride and Prejudice gloats that her daughter is MARRIED and she is only 16! No one batted an eye in terms of it being improper because of age. Additionally the girls joked about “Young Mrs. Forster,” who clearly was younger, still. If fact, she was good friends with Lydia, who was “just 16.”

In other words, this is NOT pedophilia. It may well not be socially sanctioned now and that may be for good reason, but it is not pedophilia. There is no sexual interest in pre-pubescent girls.


So Baltimore

17 Nov

has gun violence problems similar to Chicago. I guess they just need more gun control. <shakes head>

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12 Nov

more likely false than true. But it certainly could be either, though it seems very odd to me that Moore has been in Alabama politics for many years and this has never come up. Funny that we are just hearing this now. The account may well be true, but it is funny that we are just now hearing it.

Given the time periods involved and what has happened in the interim, it is very possibly false. It is indeed disturbing. It’s just that it was so long ago that it would be hard to know what is true, OR its current relevance.

Does something I did when I was 12 disqualify me now? That is 38 years for me. Is something I did in high school relevant? What about at age 28? 32? Last year? Where is the line, and why?

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The allegation

12 Nov

against Roy Moore is that he had sex with a 14-year-old girl. In 1979. So that was about 38 years ago, when Moore was in his very 30s. He is now in his 70s. And he denies it. That may or may not be true, but he denies it.

I am NOT justifying behavior, here, but we need to see the whole picture. There is no way he could defend himself against a 38-year-old charge. No way. That’s why there is a statute of limitations. The allegation alone was the “kicker” for the Democrats. This makes me really hope that Moore wins. I was on the fence before, but now I hope he wins.

How many of us, in our 50s would be able to defend against a charge that we smoked weed once when we were 14?  Bill Clinton famously admitted he smoked pot as a young man. There is good photographic evidence of Obama smoking pot–and he was the leader of the notorious “choom gang,” who openly boasted about smoking pot (and there were almost for sure other drugs involved). They called themselves the “choom gang!”

So before we get our knickers all in a self-righteous twist, we need to know the whole story. If YOU were a clergy member and heard a 70-year-old man confess to having consensual sex with a 14-year-old girl when he was 30, what would you say?



06 Nov


So, two questions for you, one far easier than the other. Brazile has described a clear violation. Here are my question:

  1. Will this be looked into by legal authorities?
  2. If there is a violation, will there be actual charges filed?

My guess is that the answer is “no” on both, but you can bet that #2 won’t happen, even if there are obvious criminal activities.

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Think about

06 Nov

this for a moment:

That’s a quote from her book! THAT is the source of the quote. It is reported in several places, but it is Brazile’s quote. The Seth Rich murder was NOT random. It was politically-motivated. It was a hit. DUH! Brazile certainly knew that. That’s why she behaved the way she did!

Yeah, the MSM are mainly lackeys and have not even followed up on it or even reported it–they are untrustworthy Democrat co-conspirators. If you didn’t have alternative media you would never even know about it, so whining about the source is like killing your parents and then begging for mercy on the grounds that you are an orphan. There is a very good reason Brazile was fearful. She knew she might commit “Arkancide” and she knew it only too well.

And THIS is what you support when you vote Democrat. Disgustingly and horribly immoral. Don’t support such immorality–don’t ever vote Democrat!

Now I know some of you will make some cheesy moral equivalence argument in response to this. Be off with you, you logic cretin! Get that weak crap away from me! Thanks, Bill Clinton. It was stupid then and it’s stupid now. But, unlike Hillary, he was a good liar.

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The next

30 Oct

big deal.

We have already seen some fluttering about a child sex abuse scandal in Hollywood. There have already been prurient stories about Nickelodeon and “iCarly.” Elijah Wood  (Frodo in TLOTR) has talked about pedophilia being prominent in the industry.

But if this really breaks (and it looks as though it very well might), Hollywood is toast. Think NFL on, uhm, steroids (OK, bad wording). People will ditch Hollywood in a heartbeat. The film industry is already walking with a cane and a heavy limp. This may just put it in a coma on life support. Plus, we are starting to see both foreign and domestic (from a different pipeline) films on the upswing. Hollywood’s 1950s lock on films is starting to slip.


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