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Let’s just say that

17 May

being a person who knows the bad things the Democrats have done is hazardous to your health. You might commit suicide by shooting yourself in the back of the head!

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I’m sure

04 May

we all like that Comey admitted that he was investigating Hillary and thus cast a shadow on her campaign. But the truth is, he is no friend to justice.

Hillary’s crimes were blatant and egregious. She richly deserves to be in prison, along  with several of her co-conspirators. Comey did as little as possible to address her outlandish culpability. So pardon me if I don’t fall down extolling Comey’s choice to re-open the investigation. It truly was the least he could do…

And there is NO doubt that Hillary is and was culpable. None at all. Even total fools know that!

Democrats: “Our candidates have not yet been indicted for their crimes!” Well, not by a court of law, anyway. The court of public opinion is a totally different matter…

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17 Apr

and why not? Something to hide?

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When do we

05 Apr

finally get a reckoning? When will the cultural narrative change about Obama? Will his race ultimately insulate him from wrongdoing? What about Susan Rice?

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Ruh-Ro, Shaggy!

04 Apr

So now we know who authorized the Trump surveillance and the cover-up. It was Susan Rice. Obama’s closest consigliere. And I’m sure she acted totally on her own and Obama knew nothing of such shenanigans and crimes. Riiiiiight.

The truth is that the Obama cabal was a criminal organization.

And now Rand Paul wants her to testify before congress. If she lies (and it can be proved) she goes to jail for perjury. If she doesn’t, Obama himself may go to jail, or at the very least be totally discredited.


One thing is for dang sure:

03 Apr

this is criminal.

No, I’m not speaking metaphorically. This is literally a crime. And unlike Joe Biden, I know what “literally” means.

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It really

07 Mar

isn’t out of the question.

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A great

07 Mar

article. And the blogfather notes the problem:

But have you noticed? While all this head-spinning legal jibber-jabber goes back and forth, the foundation of the false narrative we’ve been hearing since November 8 has vanished. Now that we’re supposed to believe there was no real investigation of Trump and his campaign, what else can we conclude but that there was no real evidence of collusion between the campaign and Russia . . . which makes sense, since Russia did not actually hack the election, so the purported objective of the collusion never existed.

There either was good evidence given to the media or there was not. Either Obama was illegally leaking to smear a political foe or he wasn’t. So which is it? Follow me, here.

If Obama was not illegally and unethically gouging Trump, then how did the media get that information slamming him? Did opponents and the media and Democrats (though I repeat myself) just make it all up? Where did they get information? But then again, if all the lamestream media and Democrats said was just a damnable and made up lie, why on earth should anyone believe them now? They have admitted to just making crap up. Under the bus they go! Say “Hi” to all the others there…

But then if what they said was true (as far as they knew) and Obama was leaking like a sieve and they had illegal access to confidential information and details of Presidential persecution, doesn’t that prove that Obama himself is a criminal? Or at the very least a liar?

They are caught between the Scylla and Charybdis.

When you lie down with pigs, you inevitably get some mud on yourself… Now the MSM has to say where they stand, if they hew to any logical consistency whatsoever. Then again, logic has never been a strong point for these folks, eh?

If what they said is just made-up nonsense, then no sentient being gives a crap about what they say now. If what they say is true, their boyfriend Obama is a criminal. See, the MSM depends on the stupidity and illogic and apathy of the public to not get that (gee, sounds like Obamacare–this is a pattern for these guys).

I mean, Comey said that there was just no evidence of any connection between the Russians and the Trump campaign and then he said that there was no investigation. That is likely true–there was never any reason for an investigation.

But then just how could one know that unless an investigation had been done? I mean, you can’t say both that there was no Russian interference and that you didn’t do an investigation! If you know that there was no interference, you obviously did an investigation! DUH!

What they say is just not internally consistent. Methinks they are liars…

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06 Mar

is more than just meaningless window dressing and mindless repression. Reputation means a lot. We are seeing that in spades right now.

So Obama is accused of doing illegal “dirty tricks” on Trump.

Does anyone think that Obama really would not do such a thing? I think that most everyone figures he probably did do it. He may well get off scot free, but he likely did it. It totally fits with what we know about him. There is absolutely no reason to think he would be morally opposed to such a thing.

This goes way beyond personal politics and into personal morality. I have not seen a single defense of Obama saying that he would never do such a dastardly deed. There may indeed be issues of proving it, but no one thinks he would never actually do it. Guilt or innocence is to be decided by facts on the ground, but it is clear that Obama would certainly DO such a thing if he thought he could get away with it. His own morality does not defend him, here. Quite the opposite.

In other words, he is weighed morally in the balance and found wanting. Yes, there may be a legal technicality that keeps him out of prison, but we all know the cut of this man’s moral jib.

That’s why this accusation, true or false, is so damaging. It is totally in line with the Obama we know. In other words, the chickens are coming home to roost.


This is

06 Mar

dang ugly.

I have NO difficulty at all believing that Obama did this. He is a moral dirtbag.

But if true, it is despicable. It is totally criminal and should result in jail time.

Trump is far more likely to be the one telling the truth, here. And Obama is far more likely to be a criminal.

I’m quite certain Obama will get away with it, but he appears to deserve a stiff prison sentence. He is, in all likelihood, guilty as Hell. This is exactly the kind of thing he would do. His overweening and pathological narcissism would quickly lead him there. It’s just not hard to see this happening. And many of his people, when threatened with prosecution, will squeal like a stuck pig. They will suck up to the new boss and try to keep their fancy mansions (and stay out of jail).

Additionally,  this is exactly what makes it likely for conservative fence-sitters to fully come on board with Trump. Defending Trump against Obama in this case is very easy. So this kind of crap may end up making Trump even more popular and opposing him even more difficult.

If there is a good reason to think that the Obama actually did this (even if–maybe especially if–he is not prosecuted), it will be hard to criticize Trump for any perceived misdeeds or shortcomings. It will make it hard for Obama to effectively snipe at Trump from the sidelines, as he is planning on doing. It will also kill Obamacare and the Iran deal. And it is the end of all the Obama supporters in Congress. If true or even probably true, they are facing an electoral bloodbath in two years.