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It’s good

23 Oct

to be the king!

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23 Oct

The Clintons are scaly.

The fact that she not in prison is truly a travesty of justice.

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See, the accusations

18 Oct

may well be true. But I just don’t know how they can be proven or prosecuted now. Without contemporaneous witnesses, I suspect we are sunk.

We are faced with a tough conundrum: We may think the Weinstein is probably guilty (I know I certainly do), but just how does an innocent person in that situation who is falsely accused defend himself? There really is no way. So I’m not worried so much about Weinstein, I’m worried about rule of law and fairness. This may be an example of letting a guilty person go free so as to protect innocent people.

I know that is a bitter pill to swallow. It sure is for me. But I worry greatly about incorrect convictions.

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17 Oct

the wall is starting to crumble.

I don’t want to hear another dang word about Trump’s crude banter!


On the LV shooting:

12 Oct

Something is just not right, here. It doesn’t smell right to me, an experienced shooter. I would bet that we don’t have the whole story.

Why bring dozens of rifles up to the room? Each time you bring some up there is a non-zero risk of being discovered. Now I fully understand that I might want 2 or 3 identical guns in case one jammed, etc. But there is a “learning curve” for each individual kind of weapon–and these were all different weapons. Plus, you would need a special range to practice–most indoor pistol ranges do not allow long guns. So you’d almost for sure have to drive to some out-of-the-way place to practice. Where was this guy practicing?

There were also different calibers that would have shot different ammo. You couldn’t just drop one and immediately pick up its twin brother. You couldn’t easily move a magazine from one gun to another. It just makes no sense to me. Did anyone see him practicing with many different guns? Contrary to what you see in the movies, this stuff isn’t as easy as falling off a log.

Plus, I could smuggle boxes of ammo up to my room with little risk at all! And if I had, say, three identical guns of the same caliber, I could easily use them interchangeably. I don’t want 30 different guns with 3 or 4 different ammo needs and 30 different operational characteristics! I want to narrow the range of variability, here. But we are being told he increased it! Huh?

And yet this was a guy who reportedly was doing calculations on how just much bullet drop he would get from shooting down on people from that distance! That just doesn’t fit–that is pretty dang advanced stuff, and also advanced math with a wide and deep knowledge of ballistics and varying gun characteristics. A guy who is that careful and informed does not have 30 different guns in varying calibers and with varying ammo and mechanisms. It’s just hard to imagine the same person doing both of those things. One is done by a real professional. The other is done by a rank amateur.

Something is not right, here.

Maybe there is indeed a good explanation, but we don’t have it.



27 Sep

I’m just SURE it’s the kids’ elementary school homework. I mean, most¬†elementary students have terabits worth of homework, right?

You must think I’m really stupid…


I’ve told you

18 Sep

before, there is obviously blackmail and spying involved here. I’ve said that before. It’s, uh, elementary.


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Why are Democrats so corrupt?

15 Sep

Now I’m NOT say that all Democrats are corrupt, but we sure keep seeing corrupt elected Democrats! Almost ALL corrupt politicians are on the Left.

So why? Humans are humans, and are at times quite corrupt. So what is it that attracts corrupt people to the Democrat party?

I suspect that the main issue is that there is a “culture of corruption” among the Democrats. You are not likely to get caught (Democrats are famously selectively blind) and then if you ARE publicly shown to have misbehaved, there is not likely to be significant repercussions.

Republicans have a long history of hammering the crap out of any corrupt or morally wrong behavior by someone in their party, while Democrats tolerated Teddy “‘Chappa-hic!-whatever” Kennedy and “KKK” Byrd for decades! And they have gotten away with calling Republicans¬†racist and abusers of women–and NAZIs were on the Right and who is Pol Pot, anyway? They call good evil and evil good…

They make an argument that sounds good. “We will make a society where everyone is “saved” and not a single person is disadvantaged. Therefore give us the power/glory!” And THAT is the philosophical basis of all Leftism. The argument fools even the very elect. It is a very old argument, but old because it is extremely effective.

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Uh, you haven’t

08 Sep

heard the last about this. Not by a long shot.

And it may well ensure Donald Trump being elected a second time. It is that big. It won’t be hard to say, “Democrats are filthy, corrupt whiners with terrible judgment–don’t vote for them.” There will be many ads of Democrats video recorded defending DWS. Republican ads. At the very least one can say, “Yeah, but DWS was for this, and you know what she was like!” VERY fishy!

It’s a real bombshell.

I find it rather incredible that Hini Alvi came back to the US. Why? She was relatively safe where she was, and there are obvious criminal charges that could and will be filed against her here. So why did she come back?

Just an uneducated guess on my part, but I would guess that she had been promised immunity (or a light sentence) if she ratted out DWS. And her husband is doing the same thing.

Dems and particularly DWS are teetering on the edge of the abyss.

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30 Aug

This kind of crap makes any thinking and moral person very glad the Hillary lost to Trump.

It is just horrible. Right, I’m just sure that the public has no interest whatsoever in this stuff. Do I look stupid? No, really. Do I look stupid?

Ho-lee CRAP!

This lady is as crooked and corrupt as the day is long. Anyone who says electing Donald Trump was not the only moral option is a blamed fool and certainly not in touch with reality. Anything else was helping the corrupt Hillary. It was NOT moral. To not vote for Trump was immoral, plain and simple. I’m not sure I can be any more plain. Own it! Say it with me: “I was bamboozled into helping Hillary by either voting for her directly or throwing away my vote on some loser charlatan and thus–helping Hillary indirectly. I’m sorry and I will be far more careful and wise in the future.”

There. Now go, and be bamboozled no more. You have to humble yourself and admit your mistakes before you can change…