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What is interesting to me

30 Aug

is that I didn’t even know that Paul Ryan even HAD a book out, and yet he still outsold Hillary! Wow.

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In the spirit of

14 Nov

The Federalist Papers we have a new collection of essays. I hope they serve the same purpose–to change the direction of the society.

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Obama is full of lame

08 Aug

excuses, but I am sick of them. Basically, he at first looked good to a lot of people, but he is incompetent. I have one things to say to him. “You’re fired!”

Now the democrat lackeys are trying to blame the Tea Party for the S&P downgrade, but that lie is just laughable in the extreme. No one with higher than room temperature IQ should buy that crap. The Tea Party started as a protest against the spending. Obama has been a HUGE spender, and as a result the S&P has downgraded the US. Now Obama and his minions want to blame that downgrade on the Tea Party. Huh? The hypocrisy is just stunning, even for politicians. Uh, no. If the Tea Party had its way we wouldn’t be in this mess!

Get this bum out of here!


I guess there is something

27 Jul

good to come out of Obama’s petulant tantrum over the budget. He forced Congress to grow up. Like the child of an alcoholic has to grow up very fast, Obama has forced the Congress to grow up fast. So now they are talking to each other and Obama is, well, not very relevant.

I heard a comic talking the other day about how his dad was an alcoholic who used to get dead drunk and needed the kids to drive him home. One night he was passed out in the back of the car while the 12-year-old and 9-year-old drove the car. The 9-year-old was driving while the older child was in the fetal position, sobbing. They finally just about got home and they got pulled over by a policeman. Taking stock of the situation, the policeman said, “Why didn’t you have the older child drive?” The young driver said, “Duh! He doesn’t know how to drive a stick!”

I don’t know whether Obama is the guy passed out in the back seat (probably) or the incompetent older son sobbing in the fetal position. But it is clear that he doesn’t know who to drive a stick. Gee, it all looked so dang easy in the faculty lounge!

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The new Palin “tell all” book has

26 May

nothing to tell. Sorry.

I’m sure there will be Palin-haters who are willing to part with their money in order to buy the book, but what is in it? Nothing. You know what they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.

This is just a symptom of the disease that the MSM has in gnashing their terrible teeth and roaring their terrible roars over Palin. She scares the living crap out of them, and THAT’s the real reason they are so foaming-at-the-mouth about her. Their reaction is telling. The unfortunate thing is that there will be some otherwise decent people who are fooled. Sad, really. Those who are fooled are not all rubes. But the ones doing to fooling are completely dishonest. Not everyone can tell the difference–people who are generally honest often make the mistake of thinking that others are honest, too.


#1 on Amazon.

21 Apr

Whoda thunk? I guess the MSM-led meme of “they’re just crazy” is not really working!

Don’t kid yourself–this story has legs. I think there are bigger fish to fry here, but there’s no question that Obama has lied too often to make it unrealistic.

Do I think that Obama was born in Hawaii? Probably. The high likelihood is that HI just lost his birth certificate in the course of usual gov’t incompetency. And Obama certainly can’t have that coming to light! Also, if he were to say that he just doesn’t have it because HI lost it, there would be real presidential implications. So there is good reason for Obama to disparage those who think he is a foreigner and to hide this issue.

Now, that fact that Obama is such a man as would lie and cheat about this is just another nail in the coffin. I think that the additional fact that this book is #1 on Amazon bodes ill for Obama in his hopes for re-election. People don’t trust him, and the “thrill down the leg” is gone. Obama has been shown to be less than competent, and his policies seem to make it so America either dissolves or (at best) no longer has global leadership. People just don’t like that crap. No, I think that this is an indication of real problems for Obama. Sure, he has the MSM-ocrats shilling for him, but I’m not sure that is worth what is used to be worth. 2012 is very different than 1990. Heck, I wasn’t even blogging in 1990! That should tell you something. It wasn’t that I was not engaged, it’s that I had no outlet to voice my opinion. But things have changed…

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Right now I’m reading

28 Feb

the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism and it is surprisingly good. Especially those of you who have sympathies for the left ought to read it. I hope you will.


A great (though somewhat

02 Feb

dangerous) book. You can see a review here. I have the book, and I very much recommend it. I have two boys, and it is perhaps the most important secular book they will read.

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George W. Bush gives a

27 Dec

thank-you message and a holiday greeting to his fans. And there are many. He didn’t even gloat about selling more than President Clinton when Clinton had six years to sell his book! But GWB is nothing if not classy, so he didn’t gloat. While I certainly didn’t (and don’t) agree with some of what he did, there is no doubt that he is a classy guy. In contrast to Bill Clinton…


Read this from VDH.

02 Sep

It’s pretty good.

VDH is a classical history scholar (who has written many books–I thought this was was good, though I lived in Okinawa and love the description) and he has a good grip on what has happened in the past and the context for what is happening now. Many of our current leaders seem to be totally ignorant of history.

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