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Leftist regimes

22 May

have always focused on the children. The NAZIs did it, the USSR was famous for taking kids from parents, etc.

But why? Why such focus on the children?

Here is the reason: Leftism depends on narcissism and traditional families don’t reliably inculcate that, so the gummint takes the kids away. One child only is ideal for that. See, there is a need to cultivate the desire for someone to match every want and meet every need. Gov’t is happy to fill that role–though of course they will need to control everyone and take from those who have.

Leftism in many ways is defined by narcissism and depends on such personality pathology in order to survive. So they take kids in order to “groom” that.

Parenting and political philosophy are closely linked.


I think that

16 May

this is culturally really quite important.

It truly means that leaders have no “skin in the game,” so to speak. One acts quite differently when one is worried about kids and grandkids rather than just oneself. Religion becomes far more important. Certain traditional values become crucial. One’s whole world view is drastically changed with children. Nothing is more common than new parents who marvel at how their basic personality and existence have drastically changed.

It is the ultimate expression of narcissism to, out of choice, not have kids (I am certainly NOT talking about people who are childless through no choice of their own). It is the wholesale discarding of traditional mores. It is the ravenous eating of the seed corn because it is more convenient and WE have no children, anyway. We need to understand that there are corollaries that naturally accompany such actions–that choice is rooted in one’s very personality and doesn’t spring up ex nihilo.

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It’s a good

02 May

article. Very good. Though I think the first section is by far the best.

But at root of this is an overweening narcissism. Rather than take an unflinching look at themselves, they seek to avoid personal blame by concocting a fairy tale conspiracy theory. And this “precious snowflake” narcissism is indeed the sickness of our time. They embody this ethos.

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Let’s be

11 Apr

brutally honest for a moment here: Hillary did NOT lose because she is a woman. She lost because she was an unbelievably sucky candidate. She lost because normal people wanted change and she was the poster child for the same ol’ same ol’.  She lost because people were sick to death of Obama and yet felt the cultural “tug” of not openly criticizing him because he is black. To blame it on misogyny is both wrong and stupid, and believing THAT story is a sure way for Democrats to miss the salient point entirely. It is, at heart, psychologically defensive. It is incredibly self-serving. The first step in real change is to admit you were wrong. Democrats have studiously avoided that first step.

But to acknowledge that a) Barack Obama sucked as President and b) that Hillary sucked as a candidate is, perhaps, too painful for many to do.  The misogyny excuse or the Russia excuse both allow one to frame the loss in some kind of a heroic narrative. People don’t have to admit that they themselves were snookered. But theses explanations also prevent people from making real changes. And that is the real damage.

See, if it’s all misogyny or all the Russians, I can avoid all that introspection. I can avoid real change. Nothing is my fault and there is therefore nothing else I can do.  It’s all the Russians or misogyny. I didn’t do it–it was those knuckle-dragging others did it (the theme of this generation). I can do nothing and need to change nothing (as my personality pathology already dictates). And THOSE are the wages of the Snowflake Generation.

THIS is the end result of a lifetime of believing that there are no losers and that everyone should get a trophy. But (as noted in Alice In Wonderland) when all have won and therefore must have prizes, the “race” is totally meaningless. As the villain in The Incredibles said, “When everyone is super, no one is super.”


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It is dang funny

21 Feb

that “Trump Derangement Syndrome” now involves frank pyschosis. I mean,  now the press is going around the twist. They are just nuts.


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There often is a

10 Feb

brief psychotic episode that follows a major trauma. That is indeed what we are seeing with the Democrats now. Well, one assumes that it will be brief. But sooner or later, if you are going to make forward progress, you have to face the facts and learn the real lessons from your catastrophic defeat.

But right now the Left is not moving on and learning. They are stomping their feet like a spoiled toddler who is denied some new toy during a quick trip to War-Mart. We went from wondering if the Republicans are in their death throes to wondering if it is in fact the Democrats who are the new Whig party.

And that is a problem for them. They can’t learn from their mistakes without honestly coming to grips with what those mistakes were. The first step to real change is to admit there is a problem and accurately diagnose it. If they continue to live in a fantasy world, they may find that they are alone in that world. The severe personality disorder simply doesn’t change–he or she just doesn’t recognize that the real world is different than his or her assumptions. “Confession” really is the first step to change. Well, Democrats need to honestly own up.

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Tell me again,

03 Feb

just who are the kooks?

Do they really want this? This seems like mental illness.

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When you look up

03 Feb

“bitter clinger” in the dictionary, there is a photo of Hillary Clinton. Freakin’ sore loser! Along with many of her “special snowflake” supporters, that is. And don’t kid yourself, the irrational anger we are seeing is borne of psychopathology. One can easily see the true nature of it by it’s very irrationality. Specifically, it is narcissism. This was a narcissistic insult for many. By responding this way, they broadcast their own psychopathology.

Look, Hillary is not President now because she was a horrible candidate and a clear criminal. She can blame others all she wants, but it doesn’t change the facts. The election was hers to lose, and she lost it due to her own mendacity, incompetence, and criminality. Oh, and because God loves us. Case closed. Next?

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Rather a shock.

23 Jan

After 8 years with Obama as Narcissist-in-chief, seeing a President not tooting his own horn is a new thing altogether. I guess I partially got used to the gross psychopathology. I just figured that it was the water that any POTUS swims in–just the way things are, and so it was partially transparent to me. Trump has opened my eyes on this.

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12 Jan

not much of a surprise, is it? This guy is psychologically disordered.

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