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And yet

07 Nov

we keep swallowing the MSM lies.


Is it just a hide-bound adherence to the traditions of our fathers (many of which are not correct)? Is it a Pollyanna-ish refusal to take a hard look at the facts? Is it a psychopathological narcissistic defensiveness?

Honestly, I don’t know. But it’s one of those three–or more likely some combination of those three.

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The “Never-Trump” folks

10 Oct

are truly insane. The idea that the 25th Amendment would be used to get rid of Trump is sheer kookiness. It is the frothing-at-the-mouth of the nutty NY Times and the Bill Krystal wacko birds. It is just nuts!

MacMullin is a moron–it would be a true embarrassment to have to admit that I wasted my vote on him. Fortunately, I was far too wise for that stupidity.

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When we take a hard look

19 Sep

at what is going on, we that this is a very insightful comment:

In the 1960s, the left was first cool – think JFK, Brando, Sinatra and Miles Davis, and later hip, with the Beatles, the Stones and Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. Today, they’re humorless PC scolds, tut-tutting anyone having fun – and that’s not a good look for anyone.

It was just stupid for the reporter to criticize this. Basically, it was an irrational impulse to kowtow to his own psychopathological goofiness–he wanted to hurl stones at Trump no matter what. I know psychopathology when I see it. And this is it.

I think the “reporter” needs to clean out his own drawers before he goes about casting aspersions at others. Physician, heal thyself…

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What a total LOSER!

11 Sep

Yeah, blame everyone but the one person who deserves blame–HER! That’s kind of who she is, that is her typical behavior. It is her reflexive response.

I mean, honestly, she is blaming the MSM? How stupid do you think I am? This is sheer madness. What, is Hillary saying, that there are some questions one just cannot ask The Queen? This is psychopathology.

And what if Democrats buy it? What would that say about them? Would that be a sad commentary on their judgment? See, Hillary is a dead, stinky albatross around the Democrat Party’s neck. If they don’t support her they are labelled bigots and misogynists and irrational Clinton haters. If they do, they back a sure loser and even further inflame the Bernie and more extreme types. Yet moving further Left even further alienates the general public (though their “base” is demanding it, which further complicates things). They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Now THAT’s what I call a win-win scenario!

But the Democrats have long set up such a scenario. They have kicked that particular can down the road for a very long time. They have focused on identity politics for so long that they have had no good policy positions. Their frantic attempts to please all the various factions that make up their party is no longer reliably producing results. Their “bench” is weak to the point of being ludicrous. The Republicans have been the party of ideas for 30 years, and while that has been slow, that is now coming to a head.

I really hope Hillary is alive (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) in 2020 and tries to run yet again–and gets the nomination. That would be freakin’ AWESOME! I’d love to see Trump kick her corrupt butt one more time. It would be … DELICIOUS!

And watching her and Kamela Harris (Kamel for short) duke it out would cause me to get popcorn and lean back and enjoy the show. It would be a fight to the (political) death. I think I would wet myself out of excitement! Whoever “won” would be seriously damaged for the general–probably mortally wounded. And to have them run (and lose) on a vacuous platform with a warring faction would be a dagger to the heart of the Democrat Party.

I don’t think that will happen, and I am doubtful the Hillary will even be alive for the 2020 elections. Maybe, though. But I don’t think I am that lucky (that she would run and get the nomination). But I would sure love it. It would guarantee another 4 years for Trump, who is also no spring chicken. It would also probably guarantee a first term for Pence.

And once a large swath of people have broken the nasty habit of voting reflexively for the Democrat, what then? Once there was 12 years of a Republican President and the sky didn’t fall, would people stop believing the catastrophic whinging of the Democrats? What if 15% or 20% of Black voters went Republican? Would Democrats even survive as an entity?


Oh, so now

11 Sep

it is Bernie’s turn. Gee, I guess we need YET ANOTHER “Spashul” Counsel to address Bernie’s collusion with the Russians! You know that it’s at least as valid as Trump’s alleged collusion…

This is an ill woman. This is psychopathology, plain and simple. She didn’t get what she wanted and thought she was entitled to and went bonkers. What is frustrating to me is to see otherwise unimpaired individuals jumping on this bandwagon of crazy!

Funny how people who were eager to spout off about alleged psychopathology in Conservatives are suddenly eerily quiet. Yeah, that’s not much of a surprise to us thinking people. It was always opportunistic. It was always just an excuse to disparage those who think differently than they do. There was never any substance to it and it was always a steaming pile of crap. Those who were fooled should a) admit it and b) beg for forgiveness.

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Here is something

23 Aug

written last year. It was true then. It is still true.

See, THIS is the kind of stuff that knee-jerk carping about how Trump is “not our kind, dear” act just doesn’t touch. One can sniff and turn up one’s nose, but regular people are torqued and have had just about enough. The “smarter-than-thou” set really don’t get that. There is a “Shut up, proles, and tote that load” know-your-place-ism about them, and regular people are sick of it…

Part of that is borne of sheer personality pathology (you can thank crappy parenting à la the “special snowflake” self-esteem crap for this generation of narcissists), but part of it is that these elites have directed things for so long that they just assume that is the natural order of things. As said in a movie (significantly paraphrased), “The ants gather the food and the grasshoppers swoop in and take the food–it is the circle of life.”

Well, the ants are rising up. We have had enough. Good.

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Folks, it’s a

24 Jul

witch hunt. And I don’t give a rat’s patoot now WHAT he says. He is just not trustworthy.

With all that funding and with a HUGE staff of Lefty attorneys eager to besmirch Trump, they got NOTHING. So Mueller “expanded” his fishing expedition to include Trump’s historical financial dealings. The expansion itself tells you that he found absolutely nothin regarding the real issue. But he just can’t leave empty-handed, so there is this “expansion.” It is truly a mania, an irrational impulse. He is Captain Ahab in the flesh.

And Mueller can kiss my butt.

Mueller is a TOTAL–well, I can’t say on this family blog. but I didn’t spend 7 or so years with Marines not to know how to describe him in the most vulgar of terms. And I really don’t care what this Javert says, now. He is a psychopathological moral midget. I think HE is the one that should be prosecuted and put in prison for fraud. His relationship with Comey alone disqualifies him and is immoral if not outright illegal. And yet he didn’t even demur let alone refuse the appointment? He didn’t even publicly disclose it? REALLY? What a horse’s butt! Anyone with morals would have disclosed the relationship and then refused the appointment. He did neither, and that should tell you all you need to know about his moral fiber. Or, in his case, his moral tissue paper.

Just get out of here, you idiot! You’re just here for the blood money. Be off with you!

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Ah, well,

11 Jul

never mind, then.

This is all stupidity. It is the mindless rantings of a “snowflake” Left who is not use to reality. They LOST.

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This truly is the bottom line:

10 Jul

Those arguments pushing for restriction of campus concealed carry are NOT based on logic, reason, or evidence. ANYONE arguing for concealed carry is virtually always more logical and rational than the gun-controller nuts. Own it, anti-gun nuts!

See, it’s not even a close call. It is simply easily seen facts. Easily seen by one side, anyway. The gun controller nuts are just too beholden to their tired old ideology to be flexible in looking at the facts. They are just too rigid and narcissistic to see that they are (and have been for some time) WRONG.

One can’t even give them the benefit of the doubt in this case–it is simply delusion. It is not an issue where reasonable people can disagree, because there are no data supporting their position; THERE IS NO REASON TO THE GUN-CONTROLLER-NUT POSITION! They believe nonsense. It is like someone who argues that at night 100 fairies come out and dance on their lawn, led by Santa Clause and Unicorns. What should you “compromise” and agree that 50 fairies come out and dance on their lawn? There is no conceptual “meet in the middle” ground, here. They are just wrong. Holy crap!

And this is a MAJOR issue with the gun control freaks: There just IS no actual data to support their pathetic and irrational assertions. Yet they hold those beliefs with delusional and/or even religious intensity. Religious, like with Global Warming. Those of us who are empirically-oriented and data-driven just shake our heads sadly.

Gun-controller nuts have to face one incontrovertible fact: THERE IS NOT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THEIR POSITION! They bring a can of Silly String to a gunfight… (to paraphrase).

Go soak your head, gun-controller nuts. This argument is for big boys and girls, not for intellectual panty-waists who can’t reason their way out of a paper bag. You don’t even have “big-boy pants” to put on, so get out of here–things are way over your head. Just be a good little boy or girl and go color in your “Safe Spaces.” Leave this to the intellectual grown-ups…

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Yes, it’s

25 Jun

a plague.

I personally find the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) both mindless and juvenile. I certainly understand not liking the policies of the current President, and even thinking the President is a despicable human being. Hey, I lived through the Obama years! And I even understand being under-enthused about Trump–he was not my first choice in the Republican primaries.

But TDS is something different entirely. A precious snowflake can whine that Trump is, “Not my President,” but in fact, he is. It’s not all abut you. Shocker, I know. One can whinge and carp about imagined Russia interference, but that is just delusion and avoidance of reality. Time to grow up. You may have gotten your overweening narcissism from your parents’ teachings and they way they parented, but at some point YOU are responsible.

These “protestors” were the same one that told those of us who disagreed with Obama to just shut up and toe the line and that patriotism demands it. But they can’t walk that walk! They were full of crap.

Part of being an adult is managing the fact that I don’t always get what I want. Our college-aged “precious snowflakes” are learning that now. But all too often their parents never learned that lesson. The deficit is multi-generational. So this generation is called to rise above their parents. I really hope they manage that.

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