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24 Jan

sugar is bad for you. The problem is NOT dietary fat, people. It is sugar.

So cut the sugary sodas, the doughnuts, the cakes, tranches of bread with honey and butter, the big pieces of pie, etc. Know that ALL flour and grain products and white rice almost immediately turn to sugar in the bloodstream (which is why we all love them so!). Green vegetables (NOT corn), eggs, unprocessed meats, and water are what you want for intake. Mainly. There is a real reason why diabetics have to keep close track of carbohydrates in their diet! And that’s what they base an insulin injection calculation on!

Unprocessed and whole-grain is better as a rule, but even those are not without significant issues when talking about wheat or wheat-like products. Diabetic guidelines can be helpful, so look there. Here is some information from the American Diabetes Association. It’s important to keep the sugars/carbs low.

It’s starting to look like that is a major issue in brain health, as well. Glucose metabolism seems to be related to Alzheimer’s Disease. There are big hints of that, anyway. And ketone metabolism appears to be much less associated with inflammation than glucose metabolism, while Alzheimer’s (and many other diseases) seem to be strongly related to inflammation.

Say it with me: Green leafy vegetables with some unprocessed meat.

Your body (and brain) can burn ketones instead of glucose, though they really don’t want to. And it will take a few days (about 3) for the body to burn ketones instead of holding out crankily for glucose. So you have to force it. But it is very possible to dramatically decrease sugar intake, to the point that you are burning ketones rather than glucose.

Oh, and one final thing: Diet sodas typically report zero calories and zero carbs. But be VERY careful–there is a significant subset of people who react to the sweetness of artificial sweeteners in much the same way as they react to sugar. Yes, it may be less dramatic, but diet sodas can cause spikes in insulin and should also be rare. A couple a month probably won’t hurt you, and a 6-pack a day almost for sure will. In any case, water is much better for you.

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22 Dec

whoda thunk?

Oh yeah, anyone who is directed by science rather than every wind of trendy nutrition fashion. They are adrift on a Godless sea. They truly don’t know what they’re talking about.


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I have

27 Nov

very much suspected this for several years now, and I think I will change what I am doing now.

I had to get fasting labs. On the way, I stopped and got a diet (no calorie) soda, because another lab I needed required a urine test and I wanted to make sure I was, uh, PRIMED for that. The diet soda should have had no effect on blood sugar–I had no sugar at all!

Yet the blood sugar was indeed elevated an hour later. Not so much that it was pathological, but almost. The no-sugar soft drink had raised my blood sugar. In later fasting glucose tests where only water was consumed, the glucose level was not elevated at all. Ingestion of Aspartame was the only difference.

So at least for me, it was clear that the diet soda raised my blood sugar levels.

Now there is formal research show that that can indeed happen.

Look, diet soda is not as bad as full-sugar soda. But be aware that it can raise your blood sugar, just the same.

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19 Nov


In some ways I’m not surprised at all. A very large amount of things I have been taught as fact are just not, in fact, true.

I wish I had known the truth 30 years ago…

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19 Oct

interesting stuff.

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17 Oct

interesting. Very interesting, indeed.

quote: The rate of heart disease goes down with a high cholesterol diet which suggests any link between fat, cholesterol and heart disease can now be refuted.

Gee, carbs and not fat raise your risk of heart disease. Who’d have guessed?

There are some of us who have known this for a while. I sure wish I had known it in my 20s and 30s! It’s a dirty shame, and I was materially damaged in several ways. If I had known the truth, It very possibly would have made a big difference in my military career. Alas, I screwed up. I bought the standard explanation.

I was doing high-carb, low fat and lots of exercise and of course it didn’t help at all. If I had known the truth, things would likely have been very different.

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Next time you hear

20 Apr

some say the science is settled, think of this.

I am a victim of this crap! Who do I sue?

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22 Mar

the war against meat is just a Lefty agenda item. And like “global warming,” it is totally bogus. Don’t be snookered on this. Like “global warming,” it is simply an effort to snooker those of good faith. I don’t blame the little old lady, I blame the con man.

Look, if we pay attention to the actual research, we KNOW that a vegetarian or vegan diet is bad, especially (but by no means exclusively) for growing boys. It is just politically-motivated nonsense. I really wish I had known that 20 years ago. But alas, I believed the gov’t claptrap on this. And gained weight. More fool, me. At nearly 50, now it is a bit too late. Yeah, there is some very good improvement, but not even close to what it could have been. After two decades of getting to the gym by 5am four days a week, all wasted because of misinformation. I was a blithering idiot to believe the gov’t guidelines.

Sorry, but humans are meant and designed to live on animal proteins. That may offend your socio-political sensibilities, but that is the bald truth. We are not requisite carnivores like cats, but we need meat. I mean, ask ANY vegan or vegetarian (those who have done that for at least 6 months) whether they need supplements. 100% do, because they are not getting it from diet! It may be it politically correct to extol veganism and to pretend that all behavioral differences between little boys and little girls are mere social constructs, but it isn’t true.



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I find that seeing

14 Mar

the Vegan crowd get hoisted on their own petard pretty dang funny! And rather gratifying.

Look, no matter what you do, you living means that something else gets hurt or killed. We all need to come to grips with that. You only live because something else died, and probably quite unwillingly.

I remember as a young teen going on a survival campout with a VERY famous instructor. Yeah, Robert Redford was scheduled for that same trip, but had to cancel at the last second. This guy did all the wilderness survival work for Jeremiah Johnson.

Anyway, we had to live off the land. We carved and built traps for the chipmunks. We finally got one, and we were just starving to death by the time it happened! Anyway, the head guy talked to us after we killed the chipmunk. He talked about how that animal had died so that we could eat. And it was by no means voluntary on the part of the chipmunk. His talk was powerful and moving.

But sometimes you have to kill the chipmunk.

We need to understand that no matter what, some insect or animal will die in order for us to live. When you understand that, you are careful not to be profligate with stuff. You express gratitude for what you have because you know the cost.

Yeah, that cheap fast-food burger cost you a buck or two, but it cost some animal his very life. That apple cost many insects their lives–and it wasn’t grown here so there were human highway deaths as it came here, stretching far into the past and well into the future. There is just nothing that is “cruelty-free.” That sugar on your cereal came from farmed sugar beets and many people quite literally broke their backs so you could have it. And don’t even get me started on the gophers that were killed in that field! People died getting the oil that eventually fuels your car. Be aware. Be grateful.

YOU live the way you do because others suffer and die. Grow up and deal with that reality.

I mean, kittens are cute. But they are also requisite carnivores. They must eat other animals in order to live. They will quickly kill and eat all the cute little songbirds they can catch that are so unfortunate as to land in your yard. And they are extremely good at being a predator.  And so it is with us. In a very real sense, we are all vampires.



09 Mar


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