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I think there is little question

11 Aug

that Hillary Clinton will turn on Obama for 2016. Her husband already famously hates him. She needs to blame him for the Benghazi fiasco (though of course in reality that was HER poor judgment as much as his). Oh, and why do we still not know where Obama was during those hours? Was he with a foreign spy? Was he with a mistress? Was he with a gay lover? Was he just watching TV? We just don’t know. Still. And that is a blot on the “Palace Guard” media.

But Hillary turning on Obama is already happening. And it will only increase. While she has to be very careful, she also has to do it. She is playing “Operation” for extremely high stakes. Touch a side and she is out.

It’s a hard line to tread: She must acknowledge the reality of Obama’s idiotic foreign policy, but then the bothersome issue is that she was in charge of that foreign policy for almost all the time in question. She might very well lose (or cause to stay home) the Obamaphiles if she hammers him. She can’t (politically) just kick him to the curb. So she has to figure out how to be seen as a loyal lieutenant but can’t afford to be seen as a suck-up toady. That is tough because she was a suck-up toady, and she showed incredibly poor judgment. And unlike her husband, she is just not very likable and not a gifted politician.

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Well, it’s certainly

10 May

about time! This should have been the case years ago. You can’t play nice with the lefty news media. Any conservative who thinks the lefty news media won’t stab them in the back as soon as they let their guard down is a blithering idiot and manifestly unfit to be President! Yeah, how can they deal with the likes of Putin if they roll over for every Candy Crowley that comes along during the campaign? Priebus should never have put Romney in such a spot. It was really poor judgment all around.

But Romney should have been totally unwilling to go out on that stage regardless of what Priebus agreed to. The beating Romney gave Obama in the first encounter probably made him too cocky. He should have refused and then made a big deal of just why he was refusing. People would have responded pretty well to an “It’s unfair!” argument, especially if he went around the media to do it. He should have demanded other moderators. It’s not like we didn’t know who Candy Crowley was before then! We knew her aim was to try and rehabilitate Obama after his pathetic performance during the first “debate.”

I remember that (her bias) being talked about extensively at the time. I very much think that Romney would have been way better off to say, “Not with her as the moderator!” He never should have agreed to it. Poor judgment. He could have used that refusal to endear himself to the base and to rile up the people in general. Real visionaries see these sorts of things before the fact… Romney was excellent as an administrator. He has always had and would have brought to bear many fantastic skills. But he was not visionary enough. He would have been a very capable President. He would have consistently shown good judgment. But he would not have been a visionary leader.

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We’re already

19 Mar

seeing the whining by the partisan media. Yeah, the Republicans taking the Senate is by no means for sure, but right now it is looking likely.

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Think the Obamacare site is secure?

20 Jan

Why on earth would you thank THAT? Only a complete fool would think that.

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Better freakin’

07 Jan

late than never, I guess.

Normal people saw this a long time ago.

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Just what

27 Dec

is Warner seeing? He’s acting very worried, and it probably is for good reason. As I have intimated, this is an albatross around the democrats’ necks. If Obamacare actually goes into effect, they may be completely hosed for several generations.

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If you don’t get the fact

14 Oct

that Civil Disobedience has simply become a huge problem for Obama, you just don’t know what’s going on. Don’t trumpet your ignorance. If we had an independent media, this stuff would be getting A TON of attention from all media. It would be on the proverbial front page. Unfortunately, we don’t, and we only get it from alternate sources. A storm is a-brewin’.

UPDATE: No more Barry-cades! God bless the vets. They seem to have yet another role to play in preserving freedom–the story isn’t over yet. We have long depended on them for our freedom, and there’s more to come. There is yet one more humiliation for the hippies and their modern sympathizers (and they certainly deserve it–they are weak tools who could NEVER have stormed Normandy or defeated the NAZIs. God loves us so he sent that generation).

Wow. I really hope shots are not fired. This is volatile. And these guys are old. They may come to feel that they have nothing to lose but their sacred honor. Then look out! The sleeping giant stirs from his slumber… Let’s hope he doesn’t fully awaken. It would be the end of the United States, as it was for NAZI Germany.

It calls to my mind the famous Patrick Henry quote (which is too often truncated):

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!


And there’s another issue: almost everyone has a cell phone and it takes photos and video. And with the Internet there is instant dissemination. It’s NOT 1996, and we are foolish to think otherwise.



01 Oct

Just wow. Think we have an independent media? You fool.

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The fact that Taranto

01 Oct

of the Wall Street Journal is calling (very plausibly) Obama “President Asterisk” is a major problem for Obama and the democrats. It highlights the fact of the widespread belief that his 2nd term is in some ways not legitimate. And that is poison to Obama and the democrats. When the Wall Street Journal starts this, you know it’s well beyond the “conspiracy theorist” stage. As a nation, we depend on people doing the right thing out of their own morality. Otherwise you must have a police state. This kind of poops in the soup, so to speak.

I think that out of sheer inertia things will continue for a time. People are often loathe to change. A decline is only discernible in retrospect. But honest people of goodwill are starting to get mighty cynical. Not good.

It is common that in such a setting there is a breakup, and beliefs are such that there is often a separation where one side cannot, in practical matters, live side-by-side with the other. So there is an unfortunate fragmentation, and the fall of a great power. There is a separation into “tribes,” and each person has to decide which side they’re on. Pray that doesn’t happen in our lifetime. But there is no question that Obama has accelerated that process. If Obama had lost the last election, it would have spoken against such an outcome. But he won, by hook or by crook. And that makes it even worse.There is a nagging sense that he is President now only because he cheated. Classic “Tragedy of the Commons” thinking on his part. In the long term, it is NOT in the best interest of the country. It has nothing to do with race, as stupid people will argue. It has everything to do with competence and corruption. It has everything to do with  trust.

Already you are seeing “jokes” about a “divorce” among the states. There is a faction in Colorado who wants leave and form their own state (North Colorado). Texas has talked about leaving the union altogether. The IRS scandal is a dagger at the heart of the republic. The NSA scandal is troubling in the extreme, and probably indicates corruption. There is an ongoing shortage of weapons as people seek security. This is serious. At some point (and I pray it is not now) like-thinking people will flock together and form their own association, unless things change drastically.

Conservative often don’t care what liberals do, they just don’t want to get stiffed with the bill…


Even some hardcore lefties

29 Sep

are getting fed up with the sycophantic, suck-up media. It’s pretty much the David Spade character in “Coneheads.”

But the media are in Obama’s pocket, and they simply won’t report anything that is negative about their boyfriend. But Obama doesn’t really like them; he just uses them for certain things. Like a battered wife, they just keep trying, thinking that it’s all their fault and they should just do more.. It’s psychopathology on both sides of the ball…

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