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For the Left,

03 Jun

political differences are a good reason for violence.

We need to understand a few things, here. The first is that the Left is based on coercion and violence. It is NOT some unfortunate by-product, but it is the heart and soul of the movement. There has never been a Lefty government that is not violent. From the USSR with its Gulag Archipelago to NAZIs to Pol Pot to the Weathermen, it is violence all day, all the time.

And THAT is because violence is the heart and soul of Leftism. It may cloak itself in bunnies and kittens, but it is at heart coercive and violent. Too many are suckered by the images of bunnies and kittens and don’t realize that the glove is velvet but there is an iron fist inside of it.

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05 Jun

despicable. It’s pretty clear that the WI democrats are desperate, and they have officially reverted to form. Don’t kid yourself, we now see the the violence inherent in a lefty world view.

ALL leftism is based on the threat of violence, actually said or implied. From Hitler to Stalin to Pol Pot to Nancy Pelosi. There may be a smiley face currently, but look at history. If lefties knew history, they wouldn’t be lefties…

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