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The President is engaging in

09 Aug

bigotry, plain and simple. Whether he himself is a bigot is a different (though related) question.

Maybe he’s not a bigot and is simply a stupid shill! But we logically have only three┬áchoices: a) he is a bigot, b) he is a mindless shill who rigidly adheres to a certain mindset, or c) he is ONLY concerned about himself and so he does what he thinks will be best for HIM in terms of legacy. Or I guess it could be some┬ácombination of those three things. But none of them are good.

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There is a strong

28 Oct

tendency for Black people to be hard left and thus against guns. But honestly, I don’t know why. Nothing has been as crucial to Black liberation as the gun. Black people without guns are just victims–lambs waiting for the slaughter. I don’t at all agree with that. And that’s why I think 2nd Amendment rights are at least as important to Blacks as Whites. Nothing prevents violence like the ability to defend oneself!

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Benghazi was way worse

30 Sep

than Watergate. But the press has been shamefully silent on this. Shamefully.

Mark my words, the partisan press will be the downfall of this country. It is discouraging.

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27 Sep

that’s Oregon for you. What a disgrace! I think we’re all sick of such thugs. Remember, leftism has always been about force and violence. It just has a smiley face on it now. But don’t be fooled. Look at history, and you understand that leftism has always been about violence and force. Personally, I go for the freedom to choose.

We need to understand that this is a moral choice. It’s not merely a political or popularity issue. We need to understand that conservativism is the moral choice, not just the most effective one.


Republicans are NOT

29 Aug

diverse. Right? Right? Beuler? Beuler?

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Remember, the left

15 Jun

is against bigotry! Well, some of the time, at least. Not when their boyfriend is threatened.

I hope that good people of all stripes and religious traditions will stand up to such ugly hate speech.

When they came for the Jews, I was not a Jew so I didn’t say anything …

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