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Heard nationwide:

20 Feb

Democrats saying, “Ruh-Ro Shaggy!”



16 Feb


If you think this kind of stuff would be happening if Hillary had been elected, you are a fricken’ moron.

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Eventually, you

15 Feb

get enough “crumbs” to make a loaf of bread!

Yes, I am well aware the Democrats have recently won some seats, and I think that is indeed worrying. And yes, I think voters have be mind-numbingly stupid in many of these cases. Totally stupid. But you know, sometimes people are stupid rubes. I have seen that many times before in other situations, too. And yeah, you have to be a  stupid rube to for Democrat in virtually all these cases. But there is a reason con-men steal–because people are fooled by fancy talk.

Still, I don’t see how such idiocy takes hold on a national scale. And as people see improved personal finances and the import of their actions becomes clear over the next few months, I doubt that we will be seeing a lot of Democrat gains. People are too smart for that.

So make sure you get out and vote in the mid-terms. Don’t let the bastards win. NOW is the time for all good and moral people to come to the aid of their country!


Obama’s was a

09 Feb

part-time economy. ALL wise people are very glad that he is gone.

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Yeah, pretty amazing,

05 Feb

eh? If you think this would have happened under Hillary or ANY the the 3rd-party losers, you are a certifiable blithering idiot and need to get educated.

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Wow, that

02 Feb

would be absolutely HUGE!

So why didn’t this kind of stuff happen when Obama was President? Oh yeah, because he was a total doof! DUH!

THIS is what happens with a decent GOP President. Now November is coming up, and Democrats want to put an end to all this winning and have you go back to being a miserable mendicant. NO WAY! Please don’t be a total fool and stop the Trump train.

Don’t be an idiot, like the Democrats want.

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01 Feb

we are finally leaving those really horrible Obama years. Businesses are moving forward. Restaurants are not closing. Our kids are getting employment. The stock market is hitting dizzying highs. Our homes have increased exponentially in value. Yeah, life is better.

If your hear someone say that Presidents have little effect on the economy, tell them (or at least know silently) that they are full of crap. Folks, it’s just not true. DUH!

There is, of course, weather in the economy. But the President sets the climate. Just look at the difference between Obama and Trump. It is night and day. And that is rooted in political philosophy. The climate is far different. The heel of the economic boot is finally off our necks.

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Look, the bald truth is

31 Jan

that Democrats totally suck in terms of economics. Admit it, they suck. Only a great fool or a Democrat (though I repeat myself) wants to stop Trump on this. The Nancy-Boy whiners ONLY see Trump’s rough edges. They would prefer the soft lies and dishonesty of Obama and Hillary to the rough-edged good judgment of Trump. Yeah, count me out of THAT! Enough of this effete crapola!

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29 Jan

it’s working. Regardless of whining and pouting and Mueller crapola, it’s working.

Eat it, Lefty Snowflakes!

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Yes, here’s

28 Jan

another way the Democrats are trying to steal your freedom. They are all spittle-lipped about getting rid of Trump by hook or by crook. They don’t care that the charges are bogus. They don’t care that Trump policies have made it so that for the first time in a long time the economy doesn’t suck. They don’t care that you can finally afford to buy that new ‘fridge. They don’t care one bit about YOU. They. Don’t. Care!

They care about their own power and that’s really about it. Never mind that the the economy and stock market are both going through the roof. They only care about their own power and they want it back. That’s what the Mueller charade is all about. Don’t be fooled yet again! The modern Democrats are NOT your friends!

Get out and vote in November! Please, don’t let the bastards win…

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