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Uhm, this is

20 Nov

sabotage. THIS is your MSM at work!

If you think you are getting the straight scoop from the MSM, you are a blinkin’ fool!

Here is an extremely big deal, and yet the partisan MSM ignores it. Disgusting!

No wonder Trump just goes around them with Tweets. Good.


Welcome to

03 Nov

the age of Trump.

Is ANYONE stupid enough to think this would have happened if Hillary or ANY of the 3rd-party losers would have effectuated this?

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And you voted for Hillary or

03 Nov

some total loser 3rd-party candidate? Badly done. Very badly done, indeed.  How foolish was that? Just be grateful that others were far more wise than you were and saved your bacon.

Now go, and do better.

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I gotta tell you,

30 Oct

I’m really not surprised. At all.

I was driving around town with a friend and he said he was shocked at how many “Help Wanted” signs he was seeing everywhere around town. Also, in my area we are seeing a TON of new housing developments go up. This was a fast-growing area a decade ago, and construction totally died about a year after Obama took office, and it kept getting worse. 10 years ago I sold my home and built another one. The guy who bought my old home was a painter and he depended on new construction to make a living.

He lost the house. It went into foreclosure.

Things are a lot better now, economically, now that we don’t have Obama’s boot on our throats. My son just got a job at a new place that just built a store and opened up. The sky is lightening in the East and the long night of the Orc, with all it’s fears, is rapidly coming to a close. I’m just glad (relieved, really) that the country turned away from the Uber-Orc that ran against Trump in the general election.

Now we just need to get rid of the RINO Orcs left in congress (Left, heh). Jeff Flake is going, and that’s a very good thing. Flake is just bowing out because he is immensely unpopular and would have lost, anyway. He can’t leave too soon.

Flake pretends that he “fell on his sword” and will nobly will leave the Senate because of Trump. He tells us he is a “good guy” who was destroyed because of his principled opposition to Trump. Maybe he is so deluded that he actually believes it.

But it is horse hockey. Utter malarkey.

Flake was a reliable Conservative in the House, but once he got into the Senate (1 term) he voted for all sorts of Lefty stupidity. He was the prototypical “Swamp Dweller” who got to DC and his goal and then happily screwed over his constituents for a scrap from the NY Times table. He was going to be primaried, and he would have lost. THAT is the truth. His approval rating is like 19%. THAT is why Flake is leaving. Trust me, if it were 60% he would NOT move on. He won’t stay and fight Trump because he can’t. If he were really noble, he would stay and fight on principle. But no. To quote an old movie, “He bravely ran away.” See ya! (cough <loser!>cough)

This is NOT nobility. It’s just a weak excuse. Really weak. He was going to be beaten like a rented mule in the primaries and he knew it. He now hopes his nonstop bleating will obscure the facts, but the truth that he is leaving because he knows he would get pounded and he is a coward. If he were a man of principle, he would stay in the race. But he is just a low-life worm. HE is the kind of person who gives politicians a bad name!

And I would say to him, “Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.” Good riddance, Jeff “Freakin’ Pansy” Flake.

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RUH-ROH, Shaggy

24 Apr

So a friend of mine has retirement through CALPERS. I told him that I thought CALPERS was not safe or stable, but he was offended and ignored what I said. He has worked hard over decades. The agreement was that he would get that money and he did his part. He fulfilled his part of the deal.

But what I said was nevertheless true.

And as this article points out, CALPERS is certainly not the only entity that is in trouble because of pensions.

A very basic understanding of the simplest of ecomics tells the sad tale: Inputs have to be greater than outflows. When the money is gone, no amount of yelling that it is unfair will again fill the coffers. Retirees have long been promised the world, but that assumed a return rate that was neither reasonable nor likely.

I hope my friend is OK, and that his hard-earned retirement comes through. But trouble is very clearly approaching.

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Well, the

20 Mar

perceptions are correct.

Say what you will, whine and moan that Trump is not a good person and all that, but the economic facts are the economic facts. The economy is growing for the first time in a LONG time. The boot is at least partially off the throat of the economy.


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Yeah, the level of whining

13 Mar

by the Left is just cosmic. Huge. It is the death throes of a poisonous serpent. It is indeed dangerous and can still kill, but the game is up and the ultimate outcome is set. The snake appears to be mortally wounded. It may indeed come back, however. And even if it dies, what takes its place may be even worse. A cockatrice may come out of the Asp’s den…

It is poetic justice that Trump is making the economy go like gangbusters. Oh, and did I mention that the stock market is at historic highs? Interest rates are going up, which means that elderly people who need that passive income will do better. Yeah, things are looking up because we have a rational Presidency and government. As I have repeatedly said, the long night of the Lefty Orc is finally drawing to an end and we are seeing the first lights in the East breaking forth.

I guess this just makes me all the madder. It didn’t have to be this way. Obama followed policies that damaged us out of a hidebound and slavish adherence to Lefty political philosophy (next time you hear someone say that philosophy doesn’t matter, know that they are a braying donkey). There was no intellect involved.

The bottom line is that things could have been far better for me. Things could have been better for virtually everyone. This was madness. The madness of King Obama. It is a great reason to NEVER vote for a Leftist! Never.

And it is not just the damage that we all experienced, it is the lost improvement that we could have had if Obama had been rational (what economists call “opportunity cost”). Wow, that is aggravating!

Things could have been better. Obama was absolutely NOT suffering, but I certainly was! Yet he was willing to have you and me suffer so he could adhere to his old and tired Lefty policies. All the while he was golfing for free and taking expensive vacations and his wife was milking all she could. He was an exploitive king.

What a jerk! What a selfish bum! He knew his policies were causing misery yet he kept them up. He deliberately made Obamacare as painful as possible to remove–never mind that we were all suffering and will continue to suffer. And don’t be fooled, Obamacare will be painful and difficult to get rid of. It was designed that way from the start. It is a barbed hook.

And to make it worse, the Lefty Pols are even now resisting Trump and good economic sense! Still! We need to get rid of these bums–they don’t know Jack crap and are ONLY trying to feather their own beds. They are already set for a difficult election in the mid-terms. I think we ought to make it as painful for them as Obamacare is for us.

Throw the Lefty bums out!

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This doesn’t

09 Mar

surprise me on little bit.

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The unions

07 Mar

have made the people of SC winners and the people of WA losers.

It’s really simple economics: SC makes labor easily available and WA makes it onerous to hire and keep people.

Unions may have had a place in a bygone era, but they are merely leeches now. In my father’s day they were openly violent leeches (he was threatened with personal harm by the union if he didn’t shut up), but now they are just blood-suckers. It just makes no logical sense NOT to be a right-to-work state!

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Just call it

01 Mar

The Trump Effect.

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