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if you are

11 Jan

an employee of one of these companies, you have to be ecstatic that Trump pummeled Hillary in the 2016 general.

And if you are wise, you will vote Republicans in and Democrats out in 2018. Go vote. And bring a friend.

Democrats are NOT your friend, pal! They want to see you a poor, unarmed, dead-from-crime mendicant. DO NOT be so unwise as to stop the Trump Train! Do not be a fool.


We need to fully understand

07 Jan

that the economy has absolutely BOOMED since Trump was elected! Absolutely boomed. Only a great fool would want to put a halt to this (if their goal was economic prosperity). Unfortunately, most of the elected Democrats are indeed great fools. HUGE fools. And those who are not fools don’t have economic prosperity as their goal.

Remember that come the 2018 elections! They want you to be miserable. That way you are dependent on them for your very existence! As the song goes, they’ll turn us into beggars ‘cuz they’re easier to please… So make sure you vote. Get out there! And be sure to bring a friend.

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You don’t think

06 Jan

things are better with Trump? You fool. You absolute and complete fool.

Don’t be a moron! This is BECAUSE of Trump and his policies. I know it is fashionable among the soi-disant “smart set” to say that Presidents (and especially this one) have nothing to do with economic booms. Uh, no. Don’t be a willful naif or a mindless partisan. Yeah, accident. Riiiiight.

Only a total moron doesn’t realize that the eight years of stagnation under Obama and the one year of boom under Trump are a pretty direct result of their political philosophies. It really is quite clear, and one has to be a total idiot not to get it.

Don’t kid yourself–political philosophies are of crucial importance. They override mere stylistic preferences.

Remember THAT come November.


Good thing

05 Jan




I know that it is “trendy” among the nose-in-the-air soi-disant elites to proclaim airily that the President has nothing to do with how the economy does, but that is just not true. Will there be ups and downs? Of course. But there is a very good reason why this is happening during Trump’s first year and it didn’t happen at all during eight years of the dismal Obama regime. DUH!

And then once the country dodged the bullet of Felonia von Pantsuit (which virtually no one thought would happen), the economy was unleashed!

ALL Presidents will see ebbs and flows to the economy. But a President can depress the economy through bad policy. With Trump we are seeing what the economy would have been but for the stupid policies of Obama.

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It’s ABSOLUTELY not surprise

03 Jan

that there is a great deal of optimism right now. The truth is that only a naif, a person who has never lived off their own business, doesn’t understand this. It is very obvious to the rest of us.

There are some who say the the President does not control the economy and is a purely passive recipient. He’s just a passenger on the roller coaster. Well, there is some truth to that.

But a sense of optimism is quite directly related to the President and the extant and expected policies. In this case, there has been eight years with Obama’s boot on the neck of business, and to have that gone is a major relief and the economy is going gangbusters as a result.

So yes, I agree that in general the President himself does not make the economy better. But his policies can indeed make it worse, and even the expectation of crappy policies makes it worse. And then when you get a different President who won’t continue those crappy policies, we see what we are now.

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More winning!

29 Dec

More and more winning.

and more.  Gee, and Obama said ISIS was a long-term problem! He was unable to do anything about that. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! What a knuckle-head! If Obama and the Democrat suck-ups had a shred of honesty and decency, they would admit they were wrong and abjectly apologize for being such fools. But of course they won’t.

Remember this in November of 2018. These idiots didn’t know their butts from a hole in the ground, and yet they want to be put back in charge? Honestly, why on earth would I do THAT? They have already been weighed in the balance and found wanting!

There is NO reason to trust them, now. None at all.


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Yeah, not

27 Dec

much of a surprise, is it? Not one bit.

Only a total fool would want Trump gone from the White House. Total. Fool.

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It’s really

27 Dec

not at all surprising. I mean, not one bit.

And THIS should be a lesson to us all: Democrats just suck in  terms of the economy. Remember that in November of next year. The MSM will try their hardest to make you discouraged so you don’t vote. Bank on it–it will happen. Just ignore them. They only they win is if YOU lose! Don’t let them win. And, of course, they “win” when you are saddled with Lefty crap!



27 Dec

he is totally correct. It is simple economics.

But here is the other bonus: It totally discredits Lefty “blue-state” assertions. And if, as is likely, there is a huge economic boom in May and June, Democrats will be beaten like the proverbial rented mule in November and Trump will have sealed a second term.

But Conservatives need to get out and vote. The spittle-lipped Left is thrashing around in its death throes, and it lashing out it can still damage the country. They are still dangerous and they still have sharp teeth. So now is NOT the time to get complacent. The stake is poised above the heart of the monster. Now (in the famous words of Margaret Thatcher) is NOT the time to go wobbly.

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You don’t understand

26 Dec

that the Trump tax reform lead to higher wages and employment? Then you are a total fool. TOTAL. Fool.

And yet, THIS is exactly what Democrats, weasel “Never-Trumpers” and snowflakes are trying to crush. See, they don’t dare let it go because the boom totally discredits them. It exposes them as the total economic idiots and mindless self-interested hacks that they are.

Remember this when the 2018 elections come around–Democrats and Lefties of all stripes wanted something that would make YOU worse off. They care much more about their allegiance to a horribly outdated political stance than they do about your ability to feed your family!


So be sure to lie to pollsters–always say that you are voting for the Lefty Democrat. But actually vote for the Conservative instead.

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