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Please tell me how

17 Feb

this makes a lick of sense:

Uhm, it doesn’t. Yet total fools want us to buy this? This is room-temperature IQ stuff. It is sheer madness! The problem is that we have too many who are easily swayed by demagogues and charlatans and snake-oil salesmen, and too few who are rooted in facts and data. It’s time to be data-driven rather than mindless hysteria driven!

Honestly, why on earth would anyone believe that? I mean, really! C’mon, man!

Look, I care about children. Therefore, I want school personnel to be armed. How about you?


This guy

13 Feb

just got punk’d


So will this whole stupid

07 Feb

FISA/Mueller/Trump/Russia crap boomerang on the Democrats?

I sure hope so. The Democrats so very richly deserve it.

It really is threadbare.

There are partisan hacks that still count on Mueller to bail their sorry, sad-sack butts out. They like the dishonesty of Hillary, which is why they voted for her or some 3rd-party total loser. Those things are one and the same, by the way. OWN IT! Don’t lie–just say who you are and what you’ve done. The first step in recovery is to admit that you were wrong…

These folks are freakin’ delusional. Yeah, Mueller might “get” Trump. And monkeys might fly out my butt, too. Still, it’s just not very likely, for either one. Even the rabid Trumpophobe Peter Strzok knew THAT. But hey, it could happen! Right? Right? Bueller? Byoooler? Heeeere, monkey, monkey!

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31 Jan

the car was too new to be Ted’s!


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You want to get rid of Trump

30 Jan

and stop all this? Really?

Yet idiots like the NY Times tell us that Presidents have nothing to do with the economy. How stupid! How utterly moronic! They are just trying to pretend that they are not complete Krugian idiots! That is just mindless hackery, and I’m not fooled for a second. Morons and/or scoundrels!

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20 Jan

what kind of blithering idiot would eat Tide pods? Truly someone too stupid to live in this world! <shakes head>


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Pretty nice.

19 Jan

I guess the Trump tax reforms are working!

Tell me again why on earth you could possible want Trump gone?

Vote the Democrat bums out come November! Bring a friend to the polls! This looming shutdown is a prime example. Republicans want and have indeed voted for an extension. It is the Democrats who  want to shut the government down unless millions of illegal aliens are allowed to squat here. Disgusting! Vote these bums out!

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I think it is

12 Jan

quite clear that Trump just punk’d the media.

Honestly, these guys are  morons. Trump is playing them like a fiddle.

They are very obviously stupid. He is not.

Stable. Genius.

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04 Jan

well DUH! This was obvious to anyone with room-temperature IQ. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to think that increases in expenses will not lead to an increase in price? THIS is why you never elect someone who has never lived off the sweat of their own brow if you can possibly help it.

Honestly, how stupid is this??

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Well, now

29 Dec

that Obama is no longer POTUS, misery and poverty return!

Raise your hand if you were too stupid to see this coming. OK, those of you with hands raised? You are too stupid to vote.

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