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20 May


For this alone Ted Cruz is a god to me.

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You gotta admit,

01 May

that is freakin’ awesome! It is brilliant.

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Venezuela is a total mess,

27 Apr

If you really like the pain, suffering, and abject misery of humans, Venezuela is totally for you. And don’t be confused, THIS is the bitter fruit of Leftism. THIS is what you get. There simply are no excuses in this case. Leftism doesn’t work. And those who have been forced to drink out of that bitter cup are not anxious to again stain their lips.

I mean, how dumb or dismissive of reality do you have to be to be a Leftist now? If you are still a Leftist, maybe you just don’t care about human suffering. Or the horse you bet on long ago lost and yet you keep placing more and more money on it in the deluded hope that it will eventually pay off. Uh, that horse lost already, so quit putting money on it. Or maybe you just don’t know crap. But it’s evil, stupid, or hidebound to hold to Leftism. There just are no other choices. It is one of these or a combination of these.

Folks, Leftism is a doctrine of misery and human suffering. It is morally wrong. It is NOT merely a matter of preference–you know, you say “potato” and I say “potahhto.” I jury is NOT out–they have looooong ago rendered their verdict and gone back home to sit on the couch with a cold one and watch Jeopardy.  Leftism has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. We know the facts! It is not even debatable anymore.

Don’t be foolish and immoral. Don’t be a Leftist. It’s high time you just admit you were wrong and move on. Lots of people have been fooled by this, so don’t let your personal psychopathology get in the way of you changing.

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When it is

26 Apr

YOU, you know more about it. Now Nancy Pelosi is well known to be a very dim bulb intellectually.

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You know,

14 Apr

I am certainly glad to see the change.

This was stupidity and incompetence, a very bad combination…

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I am sad.

25 Mar

Yeah, it’s a sad day. But the gummint gonna grub out every dime out of you that they can.  Pay up, peasant! <sigh>

This whole thing is a bad, bad joke. I bet there are some record days in the next week (in these states), followed by lower sales. The gummint is a greedy bastard…

Just leave me the *&%% alone!

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I think

24 Mar

this is a HUGE tactical mistake for the Democrats.

First of all, they can kiss the filibuster goodbye. The will need it for the next SCOTUS nominee, and they won’t have it. This is madness. It is tilting at windmills. It is self-destructive. Quite likely this is what is being pushed by the very vocal but kooky Democrat fringe, and saner Democrats feel obliged to follow them off a cliff in order to keep their precious positions. Yeah, “Eat me last!”

Then again, it would happen next time, anyway. Republicans benefit from this happening with a highly competent and obviously qualified judge. If the ship is going to sink, it might as well sink on the high seas as a mile from shore! Right, Democrats? And maybe the next vacancy will be close enough to elections to wait. And maybe Democrats think they can win the Senate next time, even though the have far more vulnerable seats to defend.

But I still think it is a huge mistake. It may be that the SCOTUS nominee will be worse and it will be closer to the election. In that case the Democrats can incessantly beat that horse when they lose and thus rile up their base. That works. I think it would be better to be able to filibuster then, but whatever.

I think it would have been better to allow Goresuch and focus on the really important next nominee, but fine. Let’s finish this once and for all. This one doesn’t change the balance of power at all. The next one will. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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06 Feb

is there anyone more stupid than Pelosi? I mean, sometime I just marvel at how totally stupid she is. It truly is mind-boggling that someone so stupid could be repeatedly be re-elected. Then again, it IS San Fransisco. But this is Pelosi’s splinter skill.

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Once you have crossed the Rubicon,

31 Jan

the die (or dice) have truly been cast (thrown)We just can’t go back to the status quo ante. The Democrats were really stupid to have done this, but there is NO WAY Republicans should just unilaterally disarm. Oh, no, no, no.

Harry Reid made this bed, and Democrats richly deserve to lie in it! Stupid, stupid move by Obama, Reid, and the Democrats in general! Really stupid. Did they not think that they would ever be in the minority? Or maybe they just didn’t care what might happen in a year or two. THEY figured they would be gone, and that’s all they cared about! Well, now the bill has come due, and there will be payment…

Indeed, why not get rid of the filibuster now for SCOTUS justices? Do you really think that when the shoe is on the other foot that the Democrats will hesitate for a nanosecond? Let me fill you in–uh, no. What kind of moron thinks they will? What kind of moron thinks THEY would hesitate in doing it right now, if they could? So start now.

They started this, and the only reason they don’t like it now is because they are on the whipping end of it. But if they had the handle, YOU would feel the lash. Don’t fool yourself. Pity and protocol (in this situation) are for losers. It’s time for Republicans to stop being losers.

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Stein: Rhymes with

05 Dec

freakin’ idiot.”

It’s pretty clear. Any sentient being knew that this was delusional tilting at windmills from the very beginning. I’m sure Hillary paid her a pretty penny to get involved. Jill Stein’s 15 minutes of fame is very rapidly expiring. Thank heaven and good riddance! A week from now she will be pretty much gone from the collective memory. She’s already totally irrelevant.

She is a butt, and a mindless Hillary shill. Even now, I doubt that you could find one in 50 who could even name what party she was running for (no fair googling it!). And it’s only a couple weeks out. Was it Green? Or Libertarian?  No, wait. Maybe one of those–I am pretty sure. Huh.

Hardcore political junkies know that some guy named McMullin also ran. But this is all so confusing! I can’t keep all the losers straight…

P.S. I looked it up (I had to) and Stein was with the Green Party. Who knew?

UPDATE: Stein is not yet done being a total turd. Like bad crotch rot, she just won’t just freakin’ go away. To paraphrase a children’s book, Jill K. Stein, will you please go now? <sheesh!>

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