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I think

17 Jul

that this is something that the beltway crowd and their MSM lackeys just don’t get.


Yes, there are some Demophiles and collaborators and fellow travelers who hang grimly on by their fingernails to this clap track. But most regular people just see nothing wrong and correctly judge this to be just more mindless rantings of a butt-hurt group of hacks. Unfortunately, many decent people are snookered by this. The MSM, of course, is yelping fit to beat the band, but it is in fact a death-rattle.

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Inquiring minds want to know.

17 Jul

So just what is the alleged problem with the meeting between Trump Jr. and a Russian person? Even if this woman has ties to the Russian government (which she unconvincingly denies). Just what is the issue? I know that one may not like Russians and totally hate Donald Trump, but what is the problem, here? What law was broken? I have NEVER heard anyone explain that.

Jr. met with a Russian who said she had dirt on Hillary. So what? Like THAT doesn’t happen all the time. And, it turned out that she didn’t even have dirt on Hillary! She wanted to talk about international adoption.  It just seems that this is frothing-at-the-mouth about nothing. Is this just sore-loser-ism? This seems like loser whining on a cosmic scale.

So, what is the problem, here? Or is this merely the loser Lefties gnashing their teeth and venting their spleens? It seems like this is pure stupidity and just another excuse for the losers to whine.

Would I care if Hillary had done it? It’s not like it even would have been mentioned. But Hillary is so corrupt that I would not have even blinked an eye if it had been. It would have been a vast improvement for her.

What irritates me is that there are so many REAL problems and the Dems are ignoring them and working hard to undermine the President, instead. THAT is what is most harmful, here.

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16 Jul

pretty much. Can the wacky Left just shut up and move on?

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The first issue

10 Jul

is that the Trump/Russia crap is just that–crap.

Read this.

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I was going to

10 Jul

include some of the more brutal CNN memes, but someone has done it for me.

Uh, don’t torque off the Internet, CNN…

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I just don’t think

07 Jul

that there are other decent options left.

But just let me say that the problems are at least grossly exacerbated if not caused outright by the foolish course we took with direct election of Senators.

Like for most stupid things, we can thank the Left for this.

If Senators were chosen by state legislatures we wouldn’t be in this mess. The House was to be directly elected, but the Senators were to be chosen by state legislatures. That increases the States’ power and made laws closer to the people. It was a combination of madness and stupidity to change this. Maybe there was a pinch of malice, too.

The founding fathers were RIGHT! This was genius, and we have been too stupid to follow the simple plan. That really is sad…

Get rid of direct election of Senators!


Look, I’m quite

16 Jun

sure that ALL Leftists are not stupid. I mean, if these folks were dogs they would get lost on the end of a leash.

But it is nothing short of hilarious. Comic genius, there.

Long live Spicier!

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I think the Left has made Trump stronger,

10 Jun

almost untouchable.

They have whined and carped incessantly, and now James Comey has testified and… they got nothing. They shot their arrow at the king–and missed. Now the king is far stronger. If you’re going to shoot the king, for heaven’s sake, don’t miss.

Now that all this has all gone down, is there any charge against Trump that will stick? His associates? Yeah, maybe if something is obvious, but even if there were malfeasance it would certainly not be obvious. But now no one cares what the Lefty MSM says. People were skeptical before, but now they roll their eyes and mock. I mean, who gives a rat’s patoot what they say?

Lefties have just cried “wolf!” too many times to be taken seriously. The result is that Trump is nearly untouchable. The Special Counsel will nail that coffin tight if he doesn’t find an impeachable offense (and he almost for sure won’t).

So here we have the classic issue of being hoisted on one’s own petard. The Left angrily smacked that racquetball against the wall and it bounced back and hit them in the face.

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05 Jun


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Here’s what I just don’t get:

04 Jun

CA is threatening to go to a single-payer healthcare system. The problem is that their entire budget is something like $180 billion and the single-payer system alone would cost well north of $400 billion! Uh, the math just doesn’t work. I don’t get it.

What I don’t get is how rational people in the legislature (of whatever party) could go along with such patent idiocy! Uh, 400 is MORE than 180. It’s not really that hard of a concept. If the goal is to get as many jelly beans as you can and I say you can have 180 jelly beans or 440, which would you choose? And if you could get at most 180 jelly beans would you agree to give your friend 400 of them? How?

So please fill me in. I am genuinely confused!

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