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03 Aug



I think it is clear

14 May

that cable (and satellite) news is a dead man walking. First, they are terrible. Part of that is that they are horribly biased. FoxNews does better in getting opposing viewpoint represented, but CNN is abysmally bad–embarrassingly bad.

And there are just SO many other choices now! Cable/satellite  as a whole will be dead soon–or radically changed. And the day of the cable Orcs scabbing off regular people is rapidly coming to a close. A la cart is not coming because of legislation (they failed), it is coming because of sheer economics. How long cable can hang on to this outdated and exploitative model is, I think, something we will all see. Already Sling TV and Netflix are getting popular. It’s no longer 1982.

How bad is it? I called my satellite provider to cancel recently and they immediately offered to cut my bill in half (I was already on the lowest tier). Then they offered me to take a break for up to nine months. I didn’t even ask for either of those things, and I wondered where they were 10 years ago. Then they gave me a new high definition receiver. Yeah, they are really hurting.

Once the dam breaks it will be both inevitable and fast–there will be no stopping it..


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Here is what I’d like to see happen:

07 Sep

Local channels keep broadcasting free, as they always have. Heck, if you have an antenna you can get those channels free now. So nothing changes about that.

ALL other channels (like ESPN) have a subscription service. You buy that programming directly from them, and not exclusively through some “bundled” cable or satellite provider. Those will certainly exist, but they would not be the only options, as is the case now.

That is functionally a la carte. Right now, the only real problem is live sports. But that is totally artificial.

I think that within a couple years everything will be streamed. But today is not yet that day. That day cannot come soon enough.


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The cable companies

21 Mar

are now feeling the pinch. I know that I myself have cut the cable, and I am VERY happy about it. Streaming is the future, but the Cable and Satellite companies are just trying to eke out the last bit of capital that they can, now. Now I just want to stream ESPN. But that will happen soon.

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I just got Netflix,

20 Mar

and I have to admit that I am enjoying Dr. Who. I started at the beginning. But so far I liked the first doctor better. My son was offended by this, and told me that I just haven’t seen enough. He also told me that this is not the last change. Wow.

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Problems with Charlie Sheen

01 Mar

I want to be clear that I am NOT diagnosing Mr. Sheen and that I have never even met him.

Now, with that out of the way there are some indications that we are seeing a manic episode. The grandiosity, pressured speech, his age, etc. make it look very much like a manic episode. Maybe it’s just drug addiction or withdrawal, though those don’t seem to be as good of explanations. In any case, this is a train wreck and you are all witnesses to it. The MSM is certainly happy to have it.

The truth is, I don’t care much about Charlie Sheen and I have pretty much ignored the whole story until now. But his behavior seems so bizarre that one looks for an explanation. I don’t think this is just run-of-the-mill Hollywood narcissism. It may well be grandiosity that bespeaks a manic episode.

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A guilty pleasure

09 Nov

is this show. It’s perhaps the ONLY one worth watching on TV. I just get the DVDs and watch them that way. Much better.

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