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This is the truth:

09 Feb

It is easy to laugh at the current hysteria in the Democratic Party, and, perhaps, it is a moral duty to do so. But we are learning something very ugly about liberals. All that talk about democracy? Forget it. Their interest is in power, period. I seriously think they would throw us conservatives in jail if they had the opportunity. The Democratic Party, as currently constituted, must never achieve power again.

It’s hard to fathom, but the Left seems to have gone off the rails. Leftists are just note safe, and we would be very unwise to put such violent wackos anywhere near the levers of power. They would destroy the Republic. They are despots, and they are only too willing to use violence to obtain power and domination. They are not moral.

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30 Jul

It was NOT “treason.”

This is just a brouhaha ginned up by Hillary mindless myrmidons.

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Yeah, Wikileaks

05 Jul

got them, but I’m just sure the Russians and others didn’t have the resources or the technical know-how to get them! Uh, yeah. Whatever. You believe that? You must have the IQ of a baboon with a head injury. Come to think of it, that is pretty much¬†what Hillary is!

This woman is simply not fit for office, let alone the Presidency.

And yet, stupid people will vote for her.

And to think, THIS is what Trump and his stupid Trumpkins hath wrought! <shakes head in despair>

Wikileaks is Putin’s… stooge. That is well understood. So you got one guess as to how Wikileaks¬†got them.

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Look, Hillary really cares

16 May

about security, No really! Here is the “money” quote:

The emails were not included in the more than 30,000 messages released by the State Department in recent months.

When Hillary said that the retained emails only concerned Yoga workouts and details of Chelsea’s wedding, did you think that could be true? You fool!

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Honestly, what the crap

27 Mar

is Kasich doing? He really torques me off, even more than Trump. Yeah, Trump is a buffoon, but Kasich is a traitor. Maybe he’s just sucking up to DT in hopes of getting the VP nod. In any case, it is self-serving in the extreme. Kasich is a loser!

Get the crap outta there, Kasich! I know he hasn’t gotten much attention, but he is a turd. A total turd.

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25 Feb

I’m telling you now that the crap is going to hit the fan. This is surely not the only story you will see like this.

My guess is that they match because someone inputted them by hand so as not to have the “Top Secret” label on them and thus preserve a shred of deniability. Folks, this is treason. At least one person (and probably several) should go to prison for this.

I really hope Hillary gets the nomination, because I think she will end up being charged and convicted of a crime. If she’s very lucky it will only be in the court of public opinion. But that is quite unclear. Lots of stuff is coming out…

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13 Feb

it’s amazing. I am well and truly dumbfounded.

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Even the

04 Jun

NY Times notes that there are some very unsettling things about Bergdahl.

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How bad was

30 Oct


I’m really not one for conspiracy theories, but I have a good idea of what actually happens in certain cases. I’m not really a Pollyanna.

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I think it’s

20 Aug

frightening that Obama and his minions are willing to violate OPSEC rules (those that apply to others) and put lives in jeopardy for political gain. Disgusting and unpatriotic. Treasonous, really.

You know I hate positing videos, but you should watch this one.

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