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Dershowitz is mostly

26 Sep


As for Plame, she is an anti-semitic, uh, jerk. And don’t be fooled, this is the Left.

But where Dershowitz is wrong is in saying that the “extreme right” is also anti-semitic. No, that is demonstrably incorrect. What he calls the “far right” is not “right” at all! Neo-NAZIs are NOT on the right! NAZI is an acronym for “national Socialist.” Not on the Right in the slightest. The “right” is for individual rights and allowing others the same. It is for civil right and individual liberty in thought and deed. Anti-Semitism (and all racism) is a characteristic of the Left, not the Right.

So he was mostly correct. But he has this key misunderstanding.

The far Right might be a lot of things, but they are not anti-semites. This is just the “Old Jedi Mind Trick,” and the Left has been very successful at it. Even smart people who you would think would know better get this totally wrong.

And there is a lot of fluttering and squawking on the Left trying to dis-associate themselves from NAZIs. But it won’t do. It is QUITE clear. The truth is that the NAZIs were on the Left. There was and is a difference between NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL Leftism, but it all is Leftism. It might be non-Marxist Leftism in many ways, but it is indisputably Leftism.

And we see the seeds of that very same violence in today’s Left. Those on the Right will argue with you and if that doesn’t change the way you think they will just shrug and leave. Maybe shake their heads. Those on the Left will put a bullet in your brain if you disagree with them.

THAT should be quite clear to anyone who has two brain cells to rub together and has seen Antifa and other Lefty groups behave. THAT is quite clear to anyone who has ever had a Leftist boss or worked in a Leftist environment. You quickly learn to shut up and keep your head down. Those on the Right will tolerate dissent. Those on the Left will not.

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Yeah, if we

22 Sep

had an independent press, people would be “outed” for their bald anti-semitism. But alas, we DON’T  have a fair news media–they see their jobs as boosting and Leftist philosophy. They are merely political hacks with bylines.

Just remember this next time you are tempted to defend the MSM.

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Pretty much

12 Sep

Par for the course.

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Anti-Jewish dems…

06 Sep

Let’s face it, Obama and his minions are anti-Jew. This video amply demonstrates what it means to be a democrat.

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