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Obama was Hell-bent

24 Feb

to release Gitmo prisoners, and now one has been suicide bomber. Obama has blood on his hands…

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Yet another

07 Jan

known wolf.”

All I can say is this: No wonder Trump won!

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01 Jan


Let me say yet again: No wonder Trump won. You have to be a total idiot not to get what is happening, here. Even Angela Merkel is FINALLY coming around. It sure has taken her a long time! To quote a famous philosopher: Welcome to the party, pal!

Like one politician supposedly said: When I feel the heat, I see the light.

That is exactly what you are seeing with Angela Merkel. But of course she is a bit of a slow learner.

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And Trump is right.

22 Dec

Merkel and all the Euro-weenies are plain wrong.

This kind of stuff just stiffens the spine of those of us who are not blithering idiots. How about a little rationality, here?

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What, is

20 Dec

this an effort to get everyone happy and excited about Trump? Was it an effort to get regular people to hate Angela Merkel?

Well, it certainly does both things…

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This kind of stuff

19 Sep

will get Donald Trump elected.

The Obama/Hillary stance is to allow hordes of Muslims and others to come into the country without limit. But regular people are turning against such a policy. They rightly see that it is stupid.

It appears to me that we are seeing a shift in public opinion. It seems we have seen “peak Leftism.” All sorts of regulations are falling into disfavor. Trump is rapidly gaining ground. There is push back against the Lefty playground bullies. States have made changes–less regulation, more “Constitutional carry” in terms of guns, etc. State legislatures have turned Republican. Something like 30 governors are now Republican. There is no Democrat “bench.” Times are a-changin’. Let’s see what happens.

 Here is more. The truth is that we are under attack, and Obama is characterologically unable to react appropriately. And Hillary wants to be just like him…

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24 Aug

I wonder what on earth could have motivated this guy? It is truly a mystery! Well, it’s a mystery if you are a freakin’ moron!

Trump’s best campaign ad…

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Uh, no.

08 Aug

his motives are still unclear

What, are you stupid? Do you think I am stupid?

This is the only way Trump could win. If there is a “dirty” nuclear bomb in Brussels he gains. But he also has to fight the fact that the biased MSM won’t want to report these things out of fear of helping him. They are torn, and you can bet conservative outlets will carry the news. That’s why Obama and Hillary worked so hard to shut down free speech. THAT is why they pushed “net neutrality” so hard. It was always a ruse, cloaked by the robes of “consumer protection.” They learned their lesson well from the Internet, and now they can only choke off access. And YOU made thought they were your friend! You screwed up.

See, during the primaries the MSM boosted Trump as much as possible. They smeared his opponents to the point that some otherwise rational conservatives rejected them (see: Ted Cruz). Everyone knew that Trump was weak and stupid, they knew he was the only one Hillary could beat (and maybe a Hillary plant) so the MSM breathlessly reported on how he was gaining steam. They were his biggest boosters, and otherwise rational people fell for the ruse. He was sucky and they knew it–that’s why they wanted him!

Flash forward to the general. NOW they can unload on him. And they are doing so. McCain was too ignorant and full of himself to realize that he would go from lauded maverick to despicable Hitler-turd in the MSM. But Trump had seen that and knew it was coming, and only his own overweening and irrational narcissism made him think he would not get the very same treatment. And combine that with the disdain real Conservatives feel for him and he is a HUGE loser! And yet we are stuck with this loser.

Like the lady I saw who had an affair with a married man and once he left his first wife they married–and now THEY were now getting a divorce because he was unfaithful yet again! I would ask Trump the same question (unasked in reality) I had for her: “What made you think YOU were special? YOU, who knew first hand what the deal was! YOU got snookered.” And now we all get to suffer because of your bone-headedness.

And now they want us to believe that Trump is sucking it up because real Conservatives oppose him? But I thought he was good at making deals and getting things done! Oh puh-leez, don’t make me laugh bitterly! Maybe he is just a bad candidate! Still, there is a ray of hope. It’s really not much, but it is at least a little something. Maybe people will be so irate that they will vote against her. And maybe monkeys will fly out my… oh, nevermind.

Get ready to welcome your Hillary overlord, Trumpkins. Hope you enjoy it. Good job. Way to go.

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Yeah, lots

05 Aug

of anxiety.

I think the “normal” French way of life is over. It was thrown away by craven politicians who cowered in the face of threat. They are now Israel in terms of threat. They will become Israel in terms of preventing terror, or they will cease to exist as a nation. Hollande has talked tough, and now we will see if it was just all talk.

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The truth is,

01 Aug

it is NOT in the best interest of society to cower before an assailant. I understand that it is tempting because YOU are seemingly in less immediate danger if you hide (and you never think you will be found). But if YOU stand up, others probably will, as well. In any case, it is better to die on your feet than on your knees. “Let’s roll!”

This article argues that your best defense is to fight back.

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