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So, was the

06 Oct

Las Vegas mass murderer “radicalized” into Islamist terrorism? I have doubted it, but details are starting to leak out that make me wonder. I have figured that ISIS was lying when saying that this guy was one of their terrorists. I still think they probably are lying, but things are getting mighty strange, and it seems pretty clear to me that there are real questions.

Now ISIS lies. At least sometimes. And they are very likely lying about this, too. But…

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Yeah, but

06 Oct

is it true?

It certainly could be true, and it would make several things make sense. But ISIS lies.

Now we can cast aspersions all day about “conspiracy nuts,” but indeed there ARE some questions that need answers. I mean, how does a guy who isn’t really into guns get more than one hit/kill a second? For five minutes? I mean there would have to be virtually no misses. Now it was shooting into a crowd, but still… Even with a bump stock, could YOU keep this up for over five minutes? And also change guns? I think we need ballistics testing on the bullets. Did they all (or mostly) come out of the same barrel?

And here’s another question. I mean, I can understand that he may not have used it, but it wasn’t even there! So where is it?

I just have some real questions.

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Uh, yeah.

05 Sep

They are terrorists.

And I don’t think it’s even a close call.

But then that leads to a very tough question: What are we doing as parents/teachers/college professors that turns kids into terrorists? I think it’s more than past time for the Left to engage in a little introspection. They need to ask themselves some tough questions. They need to ask themselves what they actually believe, and what is justified and what isn’t. They need to ask themselves who they are and what they believe in.

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Another day,

21 Jun

another terror attack.

This is brought to you (yet again) by “The Religion of Peace.” Huh, it doesn’t really seem all that peaceful to me, actually.

Gee, Presbyterians sure don’t blow people up. Maybe that is the real religion of peace!


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Another day,

20 Jun

another “known wolf” attack in France.  

Sheesh! No wonder Donald Trump won!

Yeah, cross France off the list of place for me to ever visit.

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I think we’re all

07 Jun

heartily sick of the stupid Leftist policies that have led to Terrorism. This really is a HUGE and glaring weakness of the Left. It may very well lead to their downfall.

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06 Jun

we get reduced.

And this is our own blooming’ fault.

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What the crap

05 Jun

happened to Britain?

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05 Jun

something should be done.

I agree that most Muslims are not 7th-century knuckle-dragging barbarians in Levis,  but some are. And almost all look the other way, and often. And Muslim doctrine not only doesn’t preclude that violent interpretation, but can easily (and in some cases necessarily) be read that way.

So now what do we do? How do we deal with the religion of peace?

I can tell you that in many ways this latest London Terror attack was the “tipping point” for me. We need to DO something. Otherwise, I fear that there is blood on our hands. Join me, moral Muslims!

My solution: Bomb the crap out of any terrorist training camp. Don’t have permission from the host country? It might provoke an International protest? I don’t care one little bit. Kiss my rosy red butt. Drop a MOAB on the site. If they would leave us alone we would not kill them. But as they WON’T leave us alone, let’s bomb the bejeebers out of them.

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Wonder why

04 Jun

Trump was elected? Don’t be a moron. And this kind of crap will ensure that Trump gets a second term, and then Mike Pence will be elected.

Dems have shown that they are NOT reliable and that they can’t/won’t keep you safe. It is quite clear that you should never vote for a Democrat or help them by voting for a third party (which is essentially the same thing). Any fool with one iota of self-preservation instinct gets that now. It is now painfully obvious to even the dullest of citizens.

I really would not be shocked to see the Democrat party dissolve entirely. Many people are still trapped in a hidebound past where “we can all just be friends” and there is no moral valence attached to party affiliation. But those days are over. Waaayy over. The Dems support immoral things–and I will not sully myself by encouraging or supporting them. I don’t support groups or individuals whose teachings oppose or are contrary to what I think is moral. I’m sorry, I don’t pray that way…

Sure, most Moslems are peaceful. But still even then they are too often collaborators who wink at Jihadists. THIS kind of violent nonsense is ultimately brought to you by “the religion of peace.” Until rank and file Moslems publicly condemn such actions, they will be tarred with the same brush.

So, you decent Muslims, stand up and condemn this crap! Show what side you are on. Are you with the evil people or are you with the forces of civilization? Show your hand…