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12 Jun

some animals are more equal than others.

I’ll tell you what, YOU get multiple arrests with assaults on police officers, then steal $100K via credit card fraud, and the see if YOU go to prison. Any bets?

Well, that’s exactly what happens if you are Joe Biden’s niece. We marvel at the psychopathology of her saying to the cop, “Do you know who I am?” but she is entirely correct–she get different treatment under the law because of who she is. Her reaction is entirely reasonable given the fact.

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Yeah, the hypocrisy

22 May

is just sickening.

I mean honestly, how can these folks sleep at night? Have they no conscience? Are they psychopaths? I just don’t get how a normal person DOES this! It’s simply not normal.

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13 Oct

there has to be a scapegoat. Obama is sure as heck is not going to take the blame!

Hillary, meet the undercarriage of the bus. What, did you think you were special? “He won’t beat¬†me! Me!!!¬†This time it’ll be different.” I’ve seen it way too often…

It just makes me laugh, bitterly. Like the woman I once saw in another state. She was mad because her husband was unfaithful. When I asked how she met him, she said that she had had an affair with him when he was married to another woman. I nearly guffawed out loud. Oh what, did you think you were special? Did you think that leopard would change his spots? You fool.


You thought that

01 Oct

media bias could not get any worse. You were wrong.

Now we’re out of mere unfair bias and into purposeful and pathological lying. And people are dead because of it. Shameless, psychopathic behavior.

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