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But the Tea Party is dead!

17 Oct

Well, kinda.

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Hey, no one supports

27 Sep

the Tea Party anymore! Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of… well, you know the rest.

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I’m telling you,

02 Oct

the Tea Party is dead. Well, at least liberals and lefties of all stripesĀ wish that were the case. I have the sense that another tsunami is on the way. I could be wrong, but I hope not. There is good reason to have questions about some of the polls. Be skeptical.

When you have a very small percentage of the people who are even participating in the opinion polls, it makes it hard to be accurate. I hope they are not accurate. It is really unfathomable that Obama is not getting his trash kicked. I guess the partisan media cheerleaders are doing their jobs. Speaking of the partisan media, I wonder what “tingles” Matthews is up to right now.

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