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I agree

25 Nov

that this is a HUGE problem.

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“Organic” foods

31 May

are simply a menace to the environment. The produce sucks, it uses almost double the land to produce, there is a heck of a lot more wasted food, it is horribly expensive, and there is not a shred of evidence that it is any way better for you than “regular” food. In fact, it is demonstrably worse for the environment.

It’s like your car. You muster all you faux piety and look down your nose at your neighbor and their gargantuan Hummer. Yeah, but when you count all the “dirty” processes that go into making batteries, driving that gas-guzzler Hummer that gets a disgusting 10 MPG is in fact better for the environment than driving a Prius (though there is not the sanctimony dividend that one gets from driving a Prius)!

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Yeah, when our

28 Mar

self-proclaimed betters start acting as in “climate change” is a real issue, I will start to listen. But this just shows that “Global Warming” is now and always has been merely Lefty Hacktivism garbed in the cloak of environmentalism. They take the diversion of science and hope that you will argue on THAT ground, because they can more easily make it look like it favors them. It is just a way to get you off track. It is the intellectual version of rope-a-dope.

Don’t be tricked into thinking this is anything else, here. These folks are watermelons: green on the outside but red to the core. The hope for them is that they can “trap” you by playing a noble-sounding environmental tune and then spring 1984 on you. Don’t be fooled–it’s a ruse!

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27 Oct

one important thing.

I get tired of all the mindless bleating…

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Be ethical! Do what is right for the environment!

11 May

Use cotton diapers! Er… Please don’t tell me that this is yet another big environmental scam.

I used cotton diapers for my first child for about a year. They were inconvenient and not very effective at all, comparatively. And I went through a TON when compared to disposables–it certainly was NOT 1:1. My wife hated them. I stopped and never went back–life was way better that way. And for a poor struggling student, it was cheaper. And it turns out it was also much better for the child, the environment, and me.

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Do you love wildlife and birds in particular?

26 Apr

Then you have to just hate green energy! No? Then you are a hypocrite and a ghoul.

Me, I’m for conserving and protecting wildlife. That’s only one reason I reject the “Green Energy” agenda. There are many…

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Want to reduce greenhouse gasses?

14 Aug

Think of yourself as a very responsible environmentalist? Then don’t fly.

All those big-city environmentalists are more than happy to criticize large vehicles. After all, they don’t even have kids. But what about their conferences? How about their vacations? Yeah, sacrifice is great as long as it’s someone else who is doing it. With how good teleconferencing has become, I don’t see why all the travel is necessary at all. I think it’s time that real sacrifices start being made. Or shut up.

Stick that in your environmental pipe and smoke it.

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03 Jul

“go green!” I mean, what could go wrong?

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12 Mar

Here we have the worst nuclear accident in a quarter of a century, an old reactor in a worst-case sort of scenario. And the damage is remarkably light.  Does this buttress the case for (modern) nuclear power? I’m all for being careful, but we need to look at the data, too.

I think we need to understand that there are trade-offs and risks associated with a modern way of living, and most of us don’t want to return to the stone age. There are risks and benefits. Risks should be managed, not mindlessly avoided.

If you care about the environment, you are for nuclear power. Ask the founder of Greenpeace…


ALL oil is bad!

10 Jan


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