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Sometimes it’s not fun

30 Apr

or pleasant to do your duty. It might not be popular with the hoi polloi. And you can bet that sniveling worms like Harry Reid will make as much hay as they can about any such thing. They will call you racist, a McCarthy-ite, and all sorts of bad names. They will impugn your integrity. Decent people may well come out against you out of ignorance (see: Job). We live in a world that very often punishes morality. You may sacrifice your good name and your reputation.┬áBut it still may be your duty! Don’t shirk from what is right. Doing what is morally right is often not at all easy or popular. I know that is hard for people like Harry Reid to understand, and pretty near characterologically impossible for them to actually do.

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The answer to the question

17 Feb

in the headline? “Yes.” “Yes, DUH!”

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It’s pretty clear

11 May

That the truth was scrubbed out. Obama simply can’t handle the truth.

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No matter how you slice it,

10 May

Benghazi is a major problem for Obama and Clinton.

Now I disagree with the author: this is WAY worse than Watergate, and it was borne out of the same impulse–to ensure electoral victory. Hence, the cover-up. But it took a while for Watergate to wend its way through the courts and public consciousness, and it will take some time for Benghazi. And remember, the media was hot on Watergate, and they are studiously avoiding Benghazi so as to carry water for Obama. If the media were onto this, it would be far worse than Watergate.


The lies

10 May

of the Obama administration are getting exposed. Hillary has long been known to be a liar. This is just the latest issue. She was certainly willing to carry Obama’s water. Now watch for her to get thrown under the bus. It’s the Chicago way.

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I think there’s

08 May

no question that there was a frantic effort to avoid ramifications.

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More on

07 May

Benghazi. Hillary is meat on the, uh, cankle.

Trust me, she’s toast.

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What’s that sound?

06 May

It’s the sound of the crap hitting the fan. And richly deserved, too.

Ruh-Roh is right.

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Watch for HUGE

06 May

fallout over Benghazi. The idea that Hillary Clinton is anything but a chronic liar is flat-out unbelievable. And the notion that the Obama administration is anything but corrupt is just laughable. How willfully blind do you have to be to go along with this? Hillary made her mark with the Watergate hearings. Now the sites are trained on her.

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Not really a

04 May

surprise, is it?

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