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Now we see the REAL

19 May

intent of ‘net neutrality.

Folks, I told you this was a sham intended to allow Lefties to get rid of those who criticize them! I told you, I told you, I TOLD YOU! Holy crap, I told you. Sheesh! Some of you were just not wise enough to see things as they really were, and too cocksure of yourself to learn from anyone else. For the love of humanity, I told you. <shakes head sadly>

‘Net neutrality is a steaming pile of crap. It is just despotism. Let’s face that fact.

Maybe you will listen now. I sure hope so. Start your change process by publicly admitting that you were totally WRONG! Let’s see actual change. Go, and sin no more…

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There is little doubt

17 Apr

as to why there is silence about this event.

It is quite clear: This was a heinous, brutal crime committed by an Islamist against a Jew. It would dramatically boost Marine LePen, so the media lackeys have to cover it up. It’s pretty simple.

I mean, do you think the coverage would be the same if a young Jew had brutally murdered an elderly and helpless Muslim? Don’t be a total idiot.

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Cut the cable!

06 Apr

Some time ago I cut the cable. No cable, no satellite, no nothing. I have Netflix and with college football in the fall I will get SlingTV for a few months. An OTA antenna totally completes the picture. That is everything I want.

I am free.

I find that neither me nor my family miss it at all. Yes, there are a half dozen shows me and my family like. But no more than that. Plus, TV is the main platform for Democrat Party advertising. I am blissfully spared.

Not only do I have Netflix, but if I really like a show I can get it on DVD. I also use AppleTV and it’s easy to stream (wirelessly) anything on the ‘net to my TV via Airplay.

So now I watch what I want.


The truth is that

10 Jan

almost ALL licensing schemes are merely a racquet with the aim of protecting a privileged and credentialed few. You want to do surgery? Your medical license is meaningless–the hospital won’t let you operate without some kind of private credentialing. So tell me again, just what does licensing accomplish?

The case of hair braiders is only the thin edge of the wedge.

Licensing is a total failure. It doesn’t protect the public at all–I know many to whom I would not refer, and they are licensed! In fact, it makes things worse. Consumers don’t do their homework because they assume that state licensure is some kind of proof of competency. If there were none, people would be far more vigilant. And then licensing boards in most states demand that you buy Continuing Education in order to stay licensed, even though there is not a shred of evidence that such a scheme actually does any good. It is just a sop to the big CE companies. Licensing Boards are just lackeys for big business. New York and several other states have done away with it, as should everyone.

No, CE is totally bogus and worthless as education. It is ONLY payola for the CE companies. It’s just another tax. As I have said before, I don’t care if the presenter talks about fluffy bunnies as long as I get my CEs. So I get to pay for the seminar and then get to lose the money I would have made that day. All to make some bureaucrat feel important and powerful. Nice. Taking food out of my children’s mouths, what licensing does…

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I just don’t have the words

26 Nov

to express my disgust for the NY Times after this. Any words that approximate my feelings are profane and vulgar. I think they should be liable for any damages. That would be the case if life were fair. They richly deserve it. They are flat-out disgusting. They make me want to puke. They are truly evil.


Why does the left hate

14 Jan

home schooling so much?

Wake up and smell the freakin’ coffee! It’s just a part of the violence and coercion of the left. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be a freakin’ doofus hick. Coercion is the primary doctrine of the left. This is only about force. And homeschooling threatens to create a generation of thinkers. They can’t afford that.

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State Department obstructing Benghanzi

17 Sep

investigation? DUH!

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Your tax dollars

25 Apr

at “work.”

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Are we seeing just

16 Mar

why we get nothing from Bengahzi survivors?

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I just heard that

31 Oct

George Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney. But I have one question for Lucas:

Why do you hate us so?

He has chronically bastardized those movies. Coercive bastardization.

Disney will do far better than Lucas ever did (he was/is a total idiot). You can’t even buy the originals anymore. Thanks, George, for foisting  your PC crap on us. Charming in a Gestapo sort of way…

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